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Dot View Case for HTC One (M8) Now on Sale, Priced at $49.99

Unlike the phone itself, which was launched on the day it was announced this past Tuesday, the Dot View case for the One (M8) from HTC is finally available for those who are interested.

The case is actually quite neat, as not only are you protecting your gorgeous new device with its plastic back and front flip cover, but it also brings a bit of added functionality with it. The case allows users to swipe and tap on it, bringing voice dial actions as well as gesture commands for when new notifications and phone calls pour in. 

The case is $50, which seems sort of steep, but the added functionality is quite neat. Also, announced at the time were different colors of the Dot View case, but for now, only the Black version seems to be available.

To get a sense for how the case looks and feels on the M8, take a look at our hands-on video below.


  • deepak

    whorst review ever on web. what’s the benefits if u can’t able to demo all type of features like call text emails in this long review for a small less feature products. plz don’t waste others time by posting this type of reviews

  • Kevin N

    This case sucks dont waste your money!

    • fritzo2162

      I agree. After forcing myself to use it for a weekend it’s going back tomorrow. Absolutely terrible.

  • DeannaKPelletier

    Didn’t HTC just rip Samsung on cheap plastic and dimples? I think it looks tacky and ugly. Everyone praises HTC and their build quality and then they go and slap this ugly plasticy rubber case on their beloved HTC One. With any luck for 50 bucks it’ll magically turn your 4UP cam into an 8. http://qr.net/rtcX

  • rogue05

    I’m going to wait for a 3rd party case and see what they come up with first.

  • Chuggowitz

    Well, if I wasn’t bleeding money I’d pick this up with the phone, but alas, I bleed.

  • schlanz

    its 45 bucks from Verizon

  • tyler

    I don’t like using cases. I’ll take my chances.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Got 6 months for that screen

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Yeah but the rest of the phone isn’t covered. I take care of my Blue One but somehow I got a ding on the top corner.

  • Allen Kowal

    How is this phone? Im still rocking the original droid razr maxx and i’m looking to upgrade here in 2 weeks.

    • BigAl1825

      I have not tried the M8. But I think the HTC one is brilliant. My gf got a razr, and my friend has the razr maxx, and I feel like my phone blows both of them away.

    • kevin

      i had the original razr maxx too and just got this phone the other day on release so i could give you some insight, first off you’re going to notice how tall it is compared to the razr maxx, the battery is smaller at 2600mah compared to 3300 mah but the processor on the phone is alot more efficient, in the end it will be pretty much almost identical in how long the battery lasts since you know how long the razr maxx lasted on a charge depending on your usage. i really like the aluminum body, pretty nice if you care about build quality. the m8 is pretty much just as wide as the razr maxx, just taller.

  • William Oh

    HTC conference:
    ‘behold, the world’s most beautiful and innovative phone, an entirety of which is 90% metal ! ”
    “OH, and here’s a functional and hideous case that brings the GS5’s signature plastic and dimple to the front of your phone for a mere $50 ! rendering our aluminum design completely worthless ! ”
    -smile 🙂
    ./end conference

    • Barrett Justice

      It’s optional.

    • malcmilli

      if you dont use cases… the phone is pretty and nice to hold… if you do use cases… here’s a super functional flip cover case… i dont understand what’s so hard to understand

  • Chris Clark

    On SALE for $50?? You’re out of your damned mind!

    • Dennis

      Some dialects of English use “on sale” when they mean “for sale”. I have no idea how they say that something is *on* sale.

  • kevin

    I’m sure another third Party company will design a better case utilizing the dot view For a cheaper price… Lol i waited for the same exact thing with the nexus 7

  • ThatGuy

    *FOR sale, not *ON sale

    • Blue Sun

      ThatGuy get’s it!

      • Dennis

        “get is”, “get us” – I don’t get it.

  • tu3218

    Mimics features my Moto X can do without a case. I actually wouldn’t mind if Moto gave some options to add to the screen like weather.

    Case does look cool though but wouldn’t say it’s worth the $50. I do like companies utilizing the double tap screen on feature. I have it as a gesture on my moto x to turn off the screen.

    • Chris

      Moto x nerds are so useless.

      • tu3218

        How so? Does this not resemble feature of the Moto X? Features that can be though without a case. Which I don’t think is a bad thing at all. It’s a great direction to move in.

  • Kevin McClave

    Ugliest. Case. Ever

    Hey, anyone know where I can get a dot matrix printer ringtone to go with this?

  • Ryan N


    I have a complaint about one of your newest products. It costs too much for what it does. And I only see bits and pieces of what I want to see in a phone…

    Oh, and I don’t care for the dot cases either.”

    • Chris

      then don’t buy it.

      simple huh?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Could have SWORN VZW had this in stores for 45

    • alex drum

      i got mine for 34.99… idk why/how but it happend

      • Ryan N

        they’re probably on clearance already. The way that verizon has them buy 1 get 1 right out of the gate, they’re already desperate to move them.

        • The Narrator

          Or every accessory is 20% off when buying the phone. Stop your nonsense talk.

          • alex drum

            you hit the nail on the head my friend!

          • Really? I bought mine today in L.A. at a Corporate Store and they had no such promotion. Also, no cases.

        • alex drum

          got another car charger for 20% off also… sooo… maybe they are desperate to move those also haha

      • schlanz

        corporate discount would take it to 33.75, add in tax

  • me

    Didn’t HTC just rip Samsung on cheap plastic and dimples? I think it looks tacky and ugly. Everyone praises HTC and their build quality and then they go and slap this ugly plasticy rubber case on their beloved HTC One. With any luck for 50 bucks it’ll magically turn your 4UP cam into an 8.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      its………..a case. It’s…………..optional

    • The Narrator

      No, they made a case that’s useful. Not some plastic junk with a hole in it and sell it for $50 like Samsung.

      • Yeah, it’s a plastic case with a hundred holes in it for $50.

        • The Narrator

          That has plenty of features. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to notice.


          • I watched the review… Both cases have features. The Samsung one lets you see part of the display which has the time, weather, calls, notifications, etc.

    • Dave

      I played with the M8 and although it’s metal, it feels like awfully thin and flimsy metal. Even the iPhone feels more solid 🙁 unfortunately.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It’s brushed metal. Get the silver or gold if you don’t like that feel.

        • Eric R.

          The silver feels better?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Feels Different. Feels like the original one.

          • Chris

            of course. learn to touch it…

      • The Narrator


      • LionStone

        No worries, fortunately the Solid External Construction improves durability. The M8 won’t bend or warp like the waif iphone.

      • faggerstrom

        you’re crazy.

  • LSH99

    Check out my gorgeous phone, everybody! Well, you can’t actually see it because of this ridiculous case, but trust me, it’s gorgeous.

    • Maxim∑

      if it were to be AMOLED this would make partial sense

      • Bro

        Your stupid the htc one m8 has an amoled display

      • Alex Boro

        Yeah I wish moto did this

      • Adrynalyne

        Yeah, not really saving any power here, so its just a gimmick. My wife would find it useful, because she wears hearing aids which squeal when the phone is at her ear. So she ends up talking with the phone not quite to her ear, which naturally turns on the display. She has hung up on me so many times that way.

      • malcmilli

        it still makes partial sense for those who like cases… now you dont have to open the flip cover to do things.

    • malcmilli

      plenty of people dont use cases… so yes gorgeous phone… and for those who would never not use a case… here’s a functional flip cover case… what’s so ridiculous?

      • LSH99

        The looks. And the price. And judging by several other comments on here, the functionality.

        • malcmilli

          I mean if you dont like the way it looks you dont like the way it looks (i personally don’t think any case looks particularly attractive) and yeah i think the price should be closer to $30, but i don’t see how one could argue the functionality. You can answer your phone and check stuff without opening the flip cover.

  • I got it and my only complaint is it makes it very uncomfortable to type ..may actually prevent me from using it long term

    • Also i forgot to mention the hinge is way too small..causes the phone to not lay flat on a surface..it lifts it up a bit..same thing when u hold it in ur hand