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MarkAsRead Updated to Version 1.21, Allows Users to Mark Emails As Read and Archive With One Touch

A while ago, we ran a feature asking Gmail to implement a third button to allow users to mark email as read straight from the expanded notification shade. One developer decided to take the idea and run with it, and went on to create MarkAsRead to let users rock a third button. Its latest update to version 1.21 brings with it the ability to mark an email as read and archive at the same time, plus there are design tweaks.

The update is fairly meaty for an app of this sort, and the most major change is likely the ability to mark emails as read and archive with one button press, a feature I see myself using.

The other major tidbit is a new “Extended Notifications” style that keeps Gmail’s features like cross-platform sync intact. Also added is LightFlow support for Extended Notifications, and the developer mentions that we’ll be seeing support for regular notifications in a future LightFlow update.

What’s New

  • MarkAsRead AND Archive in one action!
  • Updated look
  • Changelog
  • New “Extended Notification” style for that better preserves gmail notification settings (Moto X, cross-platform sync, etc.)
  • Supports all labels
  • Notification & Lightflow support fixed with new “Extended Notifications”. Regular Notification setting will also support Lightflow in Lightflow’s upcoming update

Anyone rocking this app?

Play Link ($1.31)

  • DanSan

    ive been dying to do this for the longest time, especially with gmail and hangouts. i miss using aosp messaging because i had tweaks in the pull down to mark as read and delete.

    wish somebody had an xposed module that did that cuz i cant find anything on my GS4 running cm11

  • Chippah

    OR!, just get Aquamail for free that lets you delete from notifications plus more.


  • Skittlez

    i’d get this if it did the same options for hangouts

    • Bradon

      Yes, exactly!

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Hopefully this update fixes one thing, when I actually read an email, the notification is still there until I click “mark as read”

    • try using the “Extendend Notification” mode! Should help

  • Ben Bond

    The new feature doesn’t work on my N5. Read & Archive will only mark as read.

  • huskerhog

    If you long press on a message it will do the same thing.

  • Stephen Loosli

    VZW HTC One (M7/2013/OG1) – Liked the idea, paid the $1.31 (less than a bottle of soda), and installed. The setup script was a little wonky, but got through it. Now I use it all the time. Can’t wait for multiple account support, but for my main account filled with 2nd tier emails, it is ideal. Worth the money, hope Google buys the app for $1,000,000 to pay the dev for his hard work, then makes it free in GMail.

    • Intellectua1

      Google won’t buy this.. It use to be included in a couple roms I’ve used

      • Stephen Loosli

        I wasn’t serious about Google, more wishful thinking for the dev. Google could probably throw this feature out there in about 15 minutes, if so inclined.

      • j

        Yah it’s been in multiple roms.. I disable gmail notifications now though and rely solely on dashclock.. get too many emails, was driving me nuts!

  • Michael Benvenuti

    A free alternative is to make a Google Drive Script and have it run on an hourly trigger.

    function cleanArchive() {
    //Get All unread threads not in the inbox
    var threads = GmailApp.search(“is:unread -in:inbox”);

    //For each thread mark as read
    for(var i = 0; i < threads.length; i++) {

  • bibousiq

    As seen on Google Play store:
    “Currently only supports 1 Gmail Account! Multiple account support is on the way!”

    Ok, it’s not for me…yet.

  • Mick

    No trial/free version? Pass…

    Dev needs a trial version so we can see if we want to buy or not.

    • SplashMTN

      It’s $1.31. Plus if you really need a trial install it and send yourself some emails to see if you like using it since you have 15 minutes to get a refund.

      Edit: I paid for it to support the Dev. I don’t find it super useful, but I don’t mind having it either.

      • Thank you for the support! Just know, I’m trying really hard to listen to all of your guys’ feedback. Keep it coming! more features on the way :0

    • cmdub

      I haven’t paid for an app in months ever since google came out with the rewards thing where you just answer surveys. even still dude its $1.31 …

      • niuguy

        Me too!

      • John Hillers

        I love this except since I got the Moto X a couple months ago I haven’t received any surveys. Probably not related just timing.

  • Robert Willis

    Does anyone know of a device/OS compatibility chart for this app? It won’t let me install it on my Verizon GNex (Stock 4.2.2 OS but unlocked and rooted)

    • Pedro

      VZW hasn’t certified the app yet.
      Typical certification takes 4-6 weeks.

      • Robert Willis


        • Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think Pedro was being sarcastic. ‘Twas a reference to Verizon’s stupid certification policies for hardware. 😛

          • Robert Willis

            Damn! 😉

    • Joseph Rocheleau

      Same. I thought this sounded like a cool little app when they first covered it, but the store said it wasn’t compatible with my Verizon G2 or my rooted GNex. I was hoping maybe it was just an error, since it had just come out, but it’s still incompatible after this update. Maybe this only works with 4.4? Hopefully the G2’s KitKat update comes soon so I can see if that’s the case. If 4.4 lets me use Wallet again (as it was MEANT to be used) and this app, then 4.4 can’t come soon enough. lol