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Leaked HTC Document Claims 2013 HTC One to Receive Sense 6.0 Update in May/June, One Max and Mini in June/July

Now that HTC’s latest software enhancements in version 6.0 of their Sense software skin are soon to be made official, it’s time to start talking about updates for older devices. The most obvious candidate for some update goodness is HTC’s 2013 flagship, the OG One. According to leaker @LlabTooFeR, we’ll be seeing the update (presumably only for unlocked and developer models) sometime in May or June.

The other devices confirmed to be receiving the update are the dual-SIM One, One Max, One Mini, and Butterfly S, with the 2012 One X and One X+ smartphones currently having no plans for an update.

htc one m7 sense 6

As far as the actual enhancements in the update, we know pretty much everything — a video leak of Sense 6 and ROMs for the original One have told us what we can assume is all there is. The main points include new gesture features to wake up the device (a la LG) and enhancements to the look of stock applications. Also updated is the Camera app with a couple tweaks.

A video showing off some of the Sense 6.0 features is embedded down below.

Via: LlabTooFeR
  • Lonnie Murray III

    Given the fact that my droid dna is rooted i could care less whether or not i get sense 6 because i have had kitkat since December and will comtinue to have the latest version of android until it is no longer supported by developers. However since i got the dna 1 month after launch, when that does end up happening i’ll have a new Daily Driver anyways, Anybody with a DNA running 3.06 firmware check out Rumrunner S-OFF

  • Nicholas Alexander Perez

    I’m sad because the droid DNA has so muuuchhhh potential… I hope the last update will be the best update…

  • kevin

    So… No Android 4.4 for the Sprint One Max in March like they said earlier?

  • Robert Boluyt

    HTC needs some serious Kudos for their software support on the 2013 One.

    • Eric R.

      Dropped the DNA like a hot potato. I’m pissed, but not surprised.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        They have the 4.4.2 update as March/April, but looks like it stops beyond that and won’t be getting 6.0, which sucks pretty hard.
        HTC and Verizon exclusives have never gone well. That said, carrier exclusives, especially with different hardware, will always be the step-child, just because they simply aren’t as attractive when you have limited resources. The smartest I’ve seen so far was Motorola with the 2013 Droids, which are very very close in hardware and software to the Moto X, so the extra work for updates is minimal, but it is still the last to be updated in every round.

        • hkklife

          True all around but considering HTC’s prior track record (huge delays for the Thunderbolt ICS update, total abandonment of the Rezound, Incredible 4G LTE, Incredible 2, and the Rhyme), the DNA has received Moto-like support in comparison!
          The Inc2 and Rhyme were really infuriating because VZW and HTC publicly announced that they would both get ICS.
          I personally thought the DNA would never get updated past 4.2.2 and Sense 5 (and I have to admit being even a little bit stunned that it got THAT!). So 4.4.2 and Sense 5.5 is pretty solid for a carrier-exclusive device that came in between HTC’s other flagships and launched in, what, Nov 2012 and reportedly sold in underwhelming numbers.

      • Ianto

        Um the DNA is getting KitKat you idiot.

        • Eric R.

          It’s only Sense 5.5, it won’t be a noticeable difference. The phones only 2 months older than the One.

        • Balix Martin

          Is it… But only with Sense 5.5…

      • Shadowstare

        I like Sense, but I don’t need Sense. I’m just happy to get 4.4 on my DNA. Besides, if you really want Sense 6.0, it will be upgrade time sometime this year if you used your last upgrade to get the DNA close to launch like I did.

        Sidenote, HTC should be applauded for the work they did to upgrade 12 to 18 month old phones to the latest versions of Android and Sense (where possible). They’ve done a better job then any other non-Google owned phone OEM.

    • Ammar

      Yeah. Such a big heart to support phones released less than a year ago.

  • Cael

    And support for the Droid DNA/Butterfly is gone after it gets its last update!

    • David Dudovitz

      To be fair, it’s probably the best treated carrier-exclusive phone to date. Luckily, carrier exclusive phones are a dying breed.

      • Eric R.

        iPhone 3GS, because Apple has way more power and enforces things. Something Android manufacturers need to start doing, but first they have to realize sitting around doesn’t do anything.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Hard to compare though, even though it was exclusive to AT&T in the US, Apple is a special butterfly in the smartphone world because they control every bit of code from the bottom up. The only one who could ever come close is Samsung, but they don’t really care about longevity; they are about volume and getting into every niche that pops up.

        • Jamie

          Maybe so, but iOS 7 on the iPhone 4 makes the phone useless. I’ve never seen such lag in my life.

    • M3D1T8R

      I actually wish it was staying on the current version, and not getting KitKat at all, since the coming 4.4 update is going to break the awesome FoxFi free wifi hotspot app that I completely rely on for internet. And the phone is working great as it is now. I will try to deny the update forever, but they always manage to push it eventually. I’m really going to need to root/rom soon before this update comes.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Was getting ready to complain about unnecessary music in videos like this……then I realized, I kinda like it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This video has Beats(see what I did there?)…assuming this is a ROM based on 4.4.2 /Sense 6 running on the original One

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    GOOD GUY HTC! Woo! I love this company.

  • Chris

    So far Sense 6.0 is pretty good!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Yes, Yes it is.

    • Chris

      yep, though for me personally I’m leaning towards a note 3. I used to be a htc fan, but the note 3 has caught my eye recently. 😉