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Production of Google’s Nexus 8 Tablet to Start Around July-August

According to IHS Technology, who recently spoke with CNET, Google is readying an 8.9″ premium tablet device, with volume production set to take place in July or August. The price tag, as said by the source, will carry quite a bit of weight, as Google plans on packing top tier specs into the tablet. With price set to be over $299, IHS states that the production volume would be rather low in comparison to other tablets.

The device, which we know as the Nexus 8, is reportedly manufactured by HTC. If HTC is indeed making the tablet, then this would mark the company’s second opportunity to create a Nexus device alongside Google. 

No details were released as to what type of top tier specs we can expect, but it could be safe to assume we can expect no less than a Full HD display, quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a bit more on top of that.

CNET also reports that a new Nexus 7 (2014) is in the works, but no contracts are known at this point. With that being said, there is no additional information as to which company is actually manufacturing the next Nexus 7.

Let’s hear your opinion – yay or nay for a Nexus 8 from Google and HTC?

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  • wellhayhay

    I really hope they don’t abandon a 10″ tab. It’s the perfect size IMO. 7/8″ tabs are just too small.

  • Kristopher Daia

    F $# yes I would

  • UncleFan

    Horrible news. I want a true 8″ Nexus without HTC’s unnecessary bezel and bling.

  • Trysta

    When samsung came out with their galaxy tab 8.9 ages ago I thought it was the perfect size for a tablet and i still think if you can only have one tablet this size is very good. Personally I like having a high end 10inch for work + a very small cheaper tablet for ereading (i prefer buying or sideloading my own books with google than being stuck in amazon’s ecosystem).

    Crazy as it sounds I hope google comes out with an even smaller Nexus 7 or perhaps a cheap wifi only phablet? I’d buy a GPE sony Z ultra that was wifi only and cheaper in a heart beat. Probably I am the only one interested in such a device…

  • prateek0

    Looks like i’ll be buying a nexus 7 every single year…..sell the old one, buy new one etc

  • lightninglion

    How about sony make a nexus tablet, I would love for a xperia nexus

  • Jane Doe

    I’d like to see an SD Card slot in the new nexus 8

    • Melvin

      I would like to see an SD slot on all Nexus! Thank god for Nexus Media Importer!

  • mattj78

    Right so before we get too excited who really is this person predicting this? Do they have proof or is this just an analyst with a prediction. The only other place taking about a 8.9 inch nexus is digitimes and we all know how atrocious they are.

  • Brian Menius

    Make it hap’n, cap’n. My Xoom is dragging serious sack. It’s time.

    Between this, the Moto X v2, and the Moto 360, it’s clear I’m going to require a reallocation of resources this summer.

  • JMonkeYJ

    I’m just happy to hear that the N7 will stick around.

  • mcdonsco

    I’m still bent that I can’t find my nexus 7

  • 8.9 is more like a nexus 9 like others have said…i love my n7 size -the thickness(have an og n7)…id love an ipad min type thin nexus 7…my n7 is ready to be upgraded as much as i love it the 1gig ram just isnt enough now…id love an 8″ tablet…but only if in the same size as the nexus7 body…i love how i can hold with one hand no problem and fits in pockets i take it everywhere with me

  • D.Moto.X.

    Who needs a Nexus 8 when you can have a Moto X! Moto X is all you need!

  • To date, the best Nexus device was made by HTC.

    • Epic Tea

      Nexus 5 > all

  • Sounds like Nexus 9 would be a more accurate name, and the size further suggests the 10 is dead.

    Meanwhile, the 7 is still the perfect form factor for me. I love my current one, although I noticed I have a chip in the plastic frame now, so I think I’ll wait for the next-gen 7 in LTE and buy that. I can hold out for it since unlike the performance issues I was having with my first-gen 7, my 2013 is still perfect, so doesn’t really NEED an upgrade.

    The only way I’d consider getting this 9 is if it has some new bells and whistles related to newer builds of Android that bring it closer to being usable as a full-on PC. Android inches closer by the day to being a usable PC replacement for a large percentage of what I do, with a lot of tasks being easier on it than my PC. At that point a 7″ wouldn’t cut it. Although I’m not sure a 9 would, either.

  • Eric Blackman

    it makes sense to me. the existing nexus 10 specs are still ahead of a lot of what’s out there in the ten inch market.

  • Josh Rahn

    HTC needs this business deal. I would try it, but I do like the 7″ because it’s just small enough to fit in my pocket nicely.

  • ArclightX

    IHS = International House of Sausage.

    True story!

  • Devi8

    my og nexus 7 is getting a little long in the tooth, battery life is down hill, might be my replacemnet

  • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

    Given how much I love my GPE G Pad 8.3, I’d say YAY to a Nexus 8.

  • zepfloyd

    Nexus 8.9? Sounds a lot like Kindle Fire HDX (8.9in 2560×1600)

  • danix180

    8.9 sounds like the sweet spot. I remember my good old Samsung 8.9 from ATT form factor was pretty nice. Too bad Sammy never update it


    Love my N7 2013… I also entertain the idea of an N8. My N7 will suffice for now. However my greedy ass wants a Note Pro 12.1 so what do I know :-/

    • r0l

      I can’t see getting the Note 12.1 over the 10″ version. At 12 inches I think I would just get a touch laptop/chromebook.


        Ehhhh potato patato

        • r0l

          Just trying to make you feel less greedy. 😛

  • Eric Boston

    Can’t stand htc……..

  • SplashMTN

    As long as it’s a well made device and isn’t too expensive then I’m all for it. I’ve never owned an HTC, but if this is reasonably priced ($350 or so) then it’ll probably be my first.

  • Craig P

    All I want is a “Nexus 7 with less bezel and more screen”

    • Michael Chediak

      Agreed, the Nexus 7 could easily have more screen real estate. I loved the N7 but I sold mine in favor of the LG G Pad mainly for the larger screen.

    • Josh Jones

      exactly. I love everything about my N7 except the screen size. I have an LG g2 and the 1.8″ screen difference is not enough to make me want to use my tablet.

  • supremekizzle

    Google play LG G pad. Boom. Nexus 8

  • Chris Doerman

    Where is the new Nexus 10? 8.9 is just a bit too small…. 🙁

    • guest

      Thats what she said

  • r0l

    Sounds like the Nexus 10 is dead, at least for another year.

  • MistaButters

    I really like the Tab Pro 8.4 size, so hopefully this ends up being in the same ballpark. It’s still easy to hold with one hand, but offers significantly more screen real estate than my Nexus 7.

  • Zargh

    Eh, “Nexus 9″ is the more likely choice of name for a device with a 8.9” screen.

    Plus wasn’t the rumored “Nexus 8” supposed to be Intel/ASUS? That other Nexus 8 seems like a different device all together (or could even turn out to be a Google Play edition).

  • M3D1T8R

    Yes please!

  • Louie

    I say skip the Nexus 8 tablet and give us a new Nexus 10 tablet

    • r0l

      Can’t see them making a 9″ and 10″ tablet, especially both being premium. Goodbye Nexus 10.

      Edit: Well goodbye for this year at least since this one won’t be out until the fall along with the new Nexus phone it sounds like.

    • Orion

      Yeah I would like another Nexus 10.

      • Richard Jackson

        You are not the only one brother. I gave my old Asus Transformer to my mom and want another 10 stock tablet. I was amaze on how much reading I did on it and miss it now.

    • j

      an actual 8″ tablet would be great.. an 8.9 is not so great, and I’d rather have a more usable 10″.

      seems like a poor move.

    • Epic Tea

      8 is sweet spot 10 is too big.

  • Justin

    PLEASE no sense.

    • malcmilli

      why would it have sense, its a nexus

    • Cory Pitkavish

      Why would sense be on a nexus tablet??

  • Dan

    meh. I need a Nexus 5 (2014 edition) and on Verizon. Yes I can dream can’t I?

  • TSON1

    So… a Nexus 9?

  • Michael Chediak

    I’m an HTC fan, so I’d be interested..

  • Practical Pete

    Boom Sound speakers on a Nexus 8.9″ tablet…YES!

    • Miguel

      I’m all in with HTC and those front speakers, $350 for an aluminun body and boom speakers plus Pure Android= win.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        Hell to the no on aluminum. Have you ever set an iPad, with its cold aluminum back on your lap? Better to have a rubbery texture like the original Nexus 7.

        • michael arazan

          Some type of anti-slip surface is just common sense for something you may need to walk around with, with one hand. I want a Nexus tablet with boom sound, and why not throw in a dedicated phone too so I’m not carrying a sleuth of devices.

          • Epic Tea

            Or just make a Nexus Note lol.

            My wife has a note 3 I have a Nexus 5 I’m envious of her screen size.

    • nexus 7 user

      Yes! Boom sound on the front, and boom battery i hope ( 12-14 hours of use) and pleaaase: hdmi out

  • Ajmcnicol

    They wouldnt need to make this if they simply hired LG to make it and basically release the GPad 8.3 as the nexus 8 with a Snap 800 vice the 600

  • H.R. Pierson

    Google allowing HTC to work in this product, does much for HTC as well as Google.
    Brilliant move for both. Esp. Google.
    The wide assortment of choices. Possibilities. The Apple phalanx is being blunted more and more, every day.
    Just another reason, the Android playform is the go-to platform of choice. For the World.
    But as in war, continue the March Androids. Relentless.

  • Patrick Horne

    I just want it to have a screen like the Xperia Z Ultra…..don’t need to have an N-Trig or Wacom input panel but to be able to use a pencil to write notes would be AMAZING! Most ppl don’t care but I promise you, if you ever use the S-Note application to take notes, you’ll never want to use a tablet without pen input again. I switched from the Note 8 to the Venue Pro 8….granted their first iteration of the pen was TERRIBLE but now it’s spot on.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sounds about right. Very interested in an HTC made anything. ….Anyone want to sell me a Nexus One?

    • M3D1T8R

      I think my brother still has his, would probably sell it if you’re serious. Incidentally, I still have it’s twin, the Incredible.

    • KingofPing

      Just recently bought my N7 (2013) but would sell it and buy this 8.9 from HTC in a heartbeat if t’s anything like the One in terms of quality and has some decent hardware.

  • Just don’t have a useless black bar on it

  • BTLS

    Boy this is going to get confusing when the nexus 7 phone reaches a 7.9″ screen…

    • r0l

      I know it was a joke, but I also hope they do stop at 5″.

  • ITGuy11

    The moar Nexi the better.

  • mike dunham

    I will buy it if HTC makes it

    • Kyle

      hmmm….aluminum body?? 🙂

    • T4rd

      As long as it’s not Asus, I’m happy. They make decent hardware, but you better hope it doesn’t break because their customer support is complete garbage. I had to return a TF300T and its keyboard three times and had to pay $20 shipping and wait 4+ weeks every time. Along with the other consistent complaints I see in (PC) hardware forums I frequent, I’ve written them off.

      • prateek0

        this is true there customer service is bad, but they make the best products in my opinion hardware wise, and I never have had to get in touch with there customer service except once after buying there products for years now.