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Blurone Wallpaper App Gives the Effect of Muzei, Minus the LWP Aspect

If you love the effect that the Muzei live wallpaper brings to your device, but get the feeling that a live wallpaper is no bueno for your device’s battery, then Blurone is your new best friend.

The main feature that Muzei brings to your homescreen is a blurred effect on any given wallpaper. If you double tap on the wallpaper, it comes into focus. It’s a very simple, yet powerful feature. Blurone is even more simple, as all it does is blur your existing photos and wallpapers, but doesn’t allow any type of tapping on them. It’s just a static image on your homescreen. 

Once you select which image you would like to blur, you use a dial button to select the amount. Once selected, you can save the image to your gallery, and from there, set it as your wallpaper. Again, it’s very simple, but adds a new element to any wallpaper you already have.

The app is completely free and very straightforward. Go check it out.

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  • Philip Brain

    Anyone know what widget is being used for the clock in the third picture?

  • BrianCherry

    Live wallpapers aren’t my problem but wallpapers only showing the 1/3 of the left side is. Really annoying, using the Reddit plugin.

  • hyperbeatser

    I can’t believe this is actually a thing…

  • CreasingMass

    Not compatible with GingerBread u.u

  • Defenestratus

    Ohh.. worrying about battery is soo…. 2009.

    • Guy Pierce

      Not if you had a Galaxy Nexus like I did. I swear that thing was on the charger all day.

  • RaptorOO7

    Where do you find the theme/icons in the screenshnots?

  • paulmike3

    Are all these permissions necessary to set a wallpaper? Honest question, and I haven’t installed so I dunno if it’s ad supported or what other functionality it brings.

    Network communication
    – view network connections
    – full network access
    Phone calls
    – read phone status and identity
    – modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    System tools
    – test access to protected storage
    Affects battery
    – control vibration
    – set wallpaper

    • Guest

      The phone call one appears to be the odd one while the rest deal with accessing your storage for wallpapers. The network access probably has to do with them displaying an ad upon exit. I’m certainly no expert on app permissions though.

  • Raven

    Static wallpapers are so boring, blurred ones even more so. I just don’t get it. Each to their own I guess. Decently made LWPs have so little effect on battery life of modern devices why not have something beautifully animated to look at? My personal favorites are ones from maxelus.net https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=maxelus.net, but Kittehface https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Kittehface+Software is also another great author.

    How about some reviews of good LWPs that look awesome on those high res screens that everyone wants instead of yet another way of making boring blobby backgrounds?

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Use Tholotis, it’s better

  • Mark Schiller

    “If you double tap on the wallpaper, it comes into focus.” = Won’t play nice with LG G2!?!

    • Scott Tucker

      Reading is hard. “Blurone is even more simple, as all it does is blur your existing photos
      and wallpapers, but doesn’t allow any type of tapping on them.”

  • JSo

    The blurry wallpaper is really becoming a popular thing. Personally, I like making my lock screen wallpaper blurry and a clear home screen wallpaper. It gives the effect of going from blurry to clean when unlocking.

    • combi06

      +1! If I only I knew how to do this on a Moto X. If someone does PLEASE let me know how…I can’t find the setting to do this anywhere on this phone. Thanks!

      • Tony Pettinato

        It’s not a stock Android feature. It’s in a lot of OEM and custom ROMs.

        • JSo

          Or root, Xposed and Gravity Box. 🙂

        • combi06

          Ahh no wonder… Thanks!

  • Brian Diaz

    “is no bueno”… Tim the spanglish man… viva mexico!

    • elemeno

      viva movil!

  • Adam W

    Where can I get the background on the phone shown here?