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Google Hangouts is Currently Down. (Updated)

Again, it’s not you, it’s Google.

Hangouts is currently down, though the apps status dashboard doesn’t reflect the situation.

Update 9:36AM:  Google has updated their dashboard to show that there is a service interruption. They are “investigating reports of an issue with Google+ Hangouts” and “will provide more information shortly.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.36.38 AM

Update 9:49AM:  The Google Voice site is also completely down, returning a 502 error.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.49.27 AM

Update 10:03AM:  Google Drive is struggling as well.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.03.17 AM

Update 10:38AM:  Hangouts, Voice, and Drive are coming back up for some. Hangouts is still out for us in our Google Apps account. Google says they will have more info to share at 11:15AM.

Update 11:11AM:  All back on our end. How are things for you?

Update 11:23AM:  Scratch that, we are still having issues with Hangouts.

Update 11:29AM:  Google had this to say on the situation – “Google+ Hangouts service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users in the near future. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change.”

Update 12:27PM:  Things seem to be good around here. Finally all good for you?


  • mortuus

    google talk is still not working, endless loop of trying sign in and contact list is empty….

  • mortuus

    Still down i cant sign in on Talk client on desktop windows.. stuck on signing in 5min every second then it goes normal but all contacts are gone wtf is this nonsense ??????

  • MacNificent

    Dear Google,
    Please make a dark theme for hangouts!
    Thank you in advance.


  • Iryman


    Status of google apps. Just seen this today.

  • Edp

    Voice still down…

  • Wayne

    Unable to make phone calls through gmail.

  • Daniel

    at 2:30pm it’s back for me, but I’m not seeing anyone online in Pidgin, though messaging someone who I know to be online, works, and they get my messages and can reply, but may not actually see users online yet. So it’s slightly working anyway…

  • NTchrist

    XMPP for talk/hangouts is still broken, even though chat is mostly online

  • Aaron

    Hangouts is working for me.

  • Blue Sun

    11:13 AM PT, I got Hangouts back in GMail.

  • Julet

    Google voice is working for me now.

  • Hangouts is back up!

    • Michael G

      Not for me.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop is also down.

  • Havoc70

    Play services is killing my battery today, related to outage?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Oh Monday.

  • Jason Brown

    for the people that use hangouts as their default sms app, does that effect them in receiving texts? just wondering even though I haven’t made the switch to hangouts as my default app

    • Matthew Merrick

      Nope, luckily

  • Joe Blo

    The Malaysia Air pilot did it ?

  • Joe Blo

    Google Live…Is , um , dead ?

    • athom07

      what is Google Live?

  • Russ

    I’ve made the decision to port my Google Voice number and make it my actual cell number this week, for exactly this reason. It’s down more frequently than any other Google service, and will sometimes go through whole days of slow messaging. As in, it gets stuck queuing a message and won’t send for 20-30 minutes sometimes. That bit me in the behind this week when I needed to contact someone fast and could neither get a text or a call through. Sent it with SMS and it worked immediately. Haven’t had this trouble with Hangouts and the app is actually nice, so I give it a pass this time. I have been patient with Voice and hoping they would integrate it, but I’m sick of dealing with frequent let downs with the service. Also, I need to not miss group texts from bosses/clients because after a few years it STILL does not support MMS.

    • BK

      I’ve considered this as well. Sticking it out for now in the hope that Hangouts integration will fix things. But the unreliability and lack of group texting remain, huge, glaring issues.

      • Russ

        I’ve been sticking it out since Hangouts came to be. But no time frame has ever been announced for integration, and I just don’t want to keep waiting forever.

  • Joe Blo

    I rely on it for texting to phones and all my phone calls ! Yes , I am cheap. Saves me a lot of money. Carry a decommissioned phone for 911. Pay phones can call 800-type #`s for free !
    It`s free so I guess I can`t complain.: ) PS…I use a PC.

  • bkosh84


  • Matthew Merrick

    I’m just glad SMS isn’t affected

  • Driximus

    I love the services that Google provides, but times like this make me wonder…. I’m still gonna keep drinking the Google Kool-aid though.

  • my95z34

    YouTube was down for me last week, for about 10 minutes. What’s going on with Google lately!?

  • Alex siuda

    maybe it has something to do with the earthquake?!

  • Eddy Edd


    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Badumm Tsss

  • Google Voice is down also.

  • codemonkey85

    The Google Voice website is down too…!

  • jaredgreenwald

    It also affects drive docs.

  • dan

    hopefully this is to fix my problem i’ve been having since thursday. when hangouts with SMS is enabled, i cannot send or receive any messages, both texts and regular hangouts. having two separate apps for everything to work right is killing me at the moment.

  • Asimoalex

    will you still get sms via hangounts ?

  • Daniel

    Oh good, I was worried they had finally broken ability for clients like Pidgin to connect…. hopefully it’ll come back for all of us, and we’ll get Voice integration into the Android app finally

  • Shawn John

    It’s not down, the NSA is just checking it’s listening port google approved for them. It’ll be back on and listening/recording in a minute, hold tight.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      NSA quips are getting to be about as annoying as ‘First’ posts.

  • JSo

    I was just able to send a message with the Chrome extension. I’m not sure if the receiver got the message yet though.

  • Alex siuda

    google voice down toooooo….. good sign of both being down for what to come?!

    • dapoktan

      google is ‘investigating’.. so i doubt theyre investigating a planned feature update

      • Michael Johnson

        That doesn’t really mean anything. There easily could’ve been unexpected failures during testing/preparing for an upcoming or future update.

  • bboyairwreck

    Hope this means they’re finally combining SMS and online messages =] (probably not but here’s to wishing)

  • Shawn John

    Not Down for me! Working fine. Nexus 5 32 GB

    • JessePinkman

      You fucker.

      • glimmerman76

        my n5 and the wifes htc one with hangouts works fine for sms on hangouts

  • Jem

    Drive is currently acting up for me as well.

  • WhereTheDoNoEvilGoogle

    Hangouts is and has always been a big turd. Google now seems to be in the business of ruining the good things they previously created: Google Chat, Google Shopping, etc…..

    • Tim242

      Google Wallet…

    • Brian Garlick

      Don’t know what you’re talking about, but hangouts is awesome. SMS works wonderfully, and there’s plenty of awesome features on it. This is the first I’ve heard of any type of outage with the app, and even then, it’s working fine for me, so this must be regional, or not based on everyone. Google does make bad apps, but this ain’t one of them.

      • Brian

        While I love using Hangouts, I’ve experienced a number of issues that aren’t dealbreakers, but are definitely annoying. I use hangouts exclusively for SMS (I don’t know anyone that really uses hangouts).

        Every once in a while if someone I’m texting has a G+ account, I’ll start getting texts from their G+ account (instead of their phone) so when I reply it goes to G+ instead of their phone and they never get it (unless they check G+ for some reason).

        This creates two conversations with the person, one from G+ and the other from SMS. After this happens, I’ll catch on and switch back to SMS and all is fine, until a few days later Hangouts seems to catch the glitch and deletes the SMS conversation and persists the G+ conversation, so the messages I want to keep are gone completely!

        I experienced another weird one this weekend where I started getting texts from myself! The name on the conversation was my own, but the underlying phone number was for the person I was actually trying to talk to. Replying didn’t work. I reboot the phone and then both conversations (the original and the new one with my name) are both deleted.

        • Brian Garlick

          I haven’t experienced any of those issues at all, and I use G+ extensively, and have multiple contacts set up like you’re talking about. My SMS messages, stay SMS messages unless I manually change them.

          The issue with texts from yourself is strange as well. Same thing, never experienced anything like that.

          I use a Moto X as my regular phone. Non-rooted currently, maybe things will change when I root it. I just haven’t found a real reason to do that yet.

          My previous phone, a GS4 had all kinds of issues, but those weren’t really related to hangouts, and was more the issue of the Samsung overlay and OS causing all kinds of problems.

          • Brian

            I’m on a stock G2, I too am suspect that it’s the manufacturer skins interfering, especially since LG has their own text message app with some added features that may be intercepting the messages occasionally and interfering with something.

    • Shawn John

      Yeah, because everyone loves stagnation. Keep the same services, don’t update them. Keep the same look and feel so that nothing gets updated. Brilliant idea.

    • obstruction

      They used to do a web search as well, if memory serves…

  • Brian Garlick

    Mines working just fine. I just received a message from someone. Is it just the video portion that’s down??

  • Scott

    Oh noez.

  • Nathan Bryant

    Chrome browser has been acting fishy lately for the desktop, YouTube as well, Google is having battery drain issues in KitKat, and this.

  • Chahk Noir

    GV has been acting up lately too, delivering messages with 10-15 minute delays. Either they are merging the two, or axing both. 😯

  • BK

    Please let this foreshadow the full integration of Google Voice this week (finally)!

    • PSU_DI

      This can’t really happen till May 15th at the earliest, that is when Google shutters the XMPP service for Google Voice. HangOuts doesn’t support XMPP at all so Voice and Hangouts can’t become a single app until XMPP is discontinued.

      • BK

        My understanding is that XMPP could be kept on temporarily even as the integration rolls out. It may be wishful thinking. But then again, GV is currently down for me too.

        • Alex siuda

          voice down for me as well

          • Ras

            voice isn’t working still!

    • ChrisGriffin_

      YES! I was thinking the same thing! I like the way you think.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Part of me wants this, but another part of me is scared that they’re going to butcher it.

    • John
  • Kevin

    haha, i have been refreshing DL to see if something was wrong with it, knew i could count on you guys!

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    SMS still works.

    Edit: Actually it works fine for me in all respects.

    • jbdan

      Me as well. Nothing wrong with hangouts here

  • dapoktan

    is this happening more often? I feel like just a couple weeks ago my friend was bothering our group of friends that we should be moving to fb chat.. i fought him off.. but the chrome hangouts badness plus another outage leaves me with little leverage everytime this comes up

  • slampe

    Is google docs working for anyone?

    • Colin Huber

      Opening spreadsheets was down for me, and then switched to just being slow.

  • Literally went to tweet you guys after google search turned up no current results. <3 droid-life.

  • Thanks for letting us know with a whole article page 😀

    Even though a simple tweet would’ve sufficed.

    Joking :P. Any idea when it’ll be back?

    • PhillipNorris

      some of us don’t twitter

      • PyroHoltz

        Wish I could up vote this more than once.


      • Shawn John

        What is twitter?

        • T4rd

          It’s something you use solely to enter contests with. =p

          • PhillipNorris

            “what is something you use solely to enter contests with”….can not forget the “what is”

      • I understand that hence the ‘Joking’ word near the end 🙂

  • Zach B.

    G+ is taking it’s time to refresh for me on top of this. Others are saying Drive also isn’t working.

    • G+ being slow for me as well.

      • codemonkey85

        I’m finding that Google+ notifications aren’t working either.

  • Jeremy Wray

    Hopefully we can still text. I haven’t gotten one all morning which is kinda quiet for my phone but I haven’t tried to send any either

    • Weber

      My girlfriend stopped hasn’t texted back for a half hour, which is HIGHLY unusual. I’m wondering if it has any effect on SMS, because we both have N5s.

  • moelsen8

    maybe they’re integrating google voice!! haha

  • Richard Giordano

    Doesn’t seem to be down for me XD

    • Justin

      Click bait? all is good here.

  • cjohn4043


    • sc0rch3d