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Amazon Also Making Android-powered Set-top Box for Gamers, Controller Pictures Leaked

This morning, a new report is out concerning Amazon, as the online retailer might have plans for its very own living room set-top box for gamers. A couple of pictures for the reported console’s wireless controller have been leaked, showing a pretty square-ish design, as well as buttons that look very similar to those found on Android. 

As we can see on the controller itself in the photos, there is a Home, Back, and Settings button, much like you would see on an Android device, which leads most to believe the console will be running a type of forked Android, just like the Kindle line of tablets.

The console will more than likely be used as a store front for Amazon, as the device will allow gamers/users to access Amazon’s content right from the comfort of their couch. Amazon also has its own Cloud gaming service, for saving game data, accessing game achievements, and much more.

There is no word on when we can see this console hit the market, but with controllers now popping up, it may be soon.

I was giving ASUS a hard time for coming out with a set-top, and I won’t spare Amazon either. The only difference is that Amazon has an entire ecosystem to support the box with, while ASUS doesn’t have squat in terms of its own content for the device. Maybe we’re completely out of touch and set-top boxes are the way of the future.

Your thoughts?


Via: The Verge
  • Frettfreak

    WOw.. just imagine, kindle UI on your TV… SHOOT ME.

  • Higher_Ground

    They should just sell the controller as an accessory to the kindle. It would make more sense that way. People who might not like the conrols and UI of a tablet game would find a lot more use for a tablet if they could use a normal controller.

  • gambit07

    I’ll just leave this here..

  • igotgame

    Wow the back of that controller looks almost identical to am Xbox 360 controller.

  • Prime7

    Cool. I’ll stick with PlayStation. Thanks.

  • Arty McBert

    How cute, now all of these companies think they can make it into the home console industry with their popular, mostly unoriginal IAP games.

  • Greg

    PhoneJoy.com is cool

  • joe

    kind of looks a bit like this

    • The Narrator

      So what you’re saying, it looks like every controller.

    • James Hill

      If you mean they both have a d-pad and four buttons I agree. It actually looks more like this:

  • Menger40

    I’d much rather just pair one of my PS3 controllers and MHL it up with my phone.

  • pezjono

    And I will do to this thing what I did to my Kindle Fire. Hack and ROM it to run stock!

  • JasonWhite

    That controller does not look like something I’d want to hold for hours. They have not scored two points in a glorious dunk with this.



    I think once this comes out, there’ll be an Amazon Instant Video app for Android!

    • Kevin

      Why would you think that?

  • Jason13L

    I am pretty sure this is based off of the Onlive controller. Obviously there are a lot of differences, but the play controls and overall look say Onlive.

  • monkey082506

    No Amazon, just no. A kindle based gaming console? Yea how about you don’t.