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Google Cuts the Price of Drive Cloud Storage, Starting at 15GB for Free

Still in shock from the price increase of Amazon Prime this morning? Google has your back. Today the company announced that it is decreasing the price of having your cloud storage through its service. You can now get 100GB of Google Drive storage for only $1.99 a month. 

All Google accounts get 15GB of free space when they use Drive, but all of the other tiers have been lowered in price. 1TB of cloud storage will only run you $9.99 per month, and if you need a ridiculous amount of space, 100TB and up starts at $99.99.

Just for a bit of reference on how much 1TB of storage is, Google explains it as “enough storage for you to take a selfie twice a day for the next 200 years and still have room left over for… shall we say… less important things.”

Current Drive users who already have a storage plan will be “automatically” moved to these new prices. If you haven’t signed up yet, hit the link below to get more storage space in your life.

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google drive storage prices

Via: Google
  • Chris Wis

    Traditional file share resources do not work well with
    QuickBooks. As an alternative, please visit the website for Qbox and read about
    an application that was designed to work specifically with QuickBooks. (in
    addition to a handful of other file types)

    With Q Box, accountants and their client’s continue to use
    the same desktop version of QuickBooks. However, using Q Box, they have a
    locally hosted copy of the file that is continually synchronized with their
    remote client’s copy. In other words, no more sending QBW files back and forth,
    no more screen sharing, no expensive cloud hosting and no more
    downloading/uploading of QuickBook files.

    With Qbox, there is also a locking technology that avoids
    the creation of conflicting copies. Additionally, if you ever do end up with a
    corrupted file (unrelated to Qbox) Qbox keeps ten different versions (updates)
    of the file so you can easily restore a previous copy with just a few clicks.

  • Kevin T. McLaughlin

    Perhaps Dropbox will match the price of g drive. For 2bux I signed up giving me 100g

    • GovGeek

      Nope. I emailed the ad to DropBox and offered to continue being a customer if they competed just a little. They declined to offer anything other than what is on their site. Goodbye DropBox

  • Maars
  • LTE4G

    100TB for 9.99 WOW – I think you mean 10TB

  • I thought we already had 15 GB? I’m at 92% in my gmail inbox and what to do. I like keeping my old e-mails but don’t want to pay $24 a year for…the rest of my life!

    • David Parrella

      Pay $2 a month for 100gb? That’s cheap as hell, man!

      • But for life…..?! Idk, coming from a broke college student its tough to just shell out $24 a year on space for email lol

        • AbbyZFresh

          Get a job while doing your classes or do a work-study. Simple.

          • I will. After medical school. Thanks for the tip 🙂

        • gkinsella2

          A&E’s next show should be called eHoarders. They could start out giving tours of what 15GB of email looks like! Seriously though, might be time to start deleting those emails…no sense in paying storage fees for that!

          • I’ve been trying to go back and delete some of those silly spam advertisement emails but still at 92% 🙁

            Delaying the inevitable unless Google raises even more

  • BeLogical

    I want to use this Google, but I can’t add folders from my hard drive!

  • Geran Smith

    Can you sync folders outside of the Drive folder yet without using symlinks?

  • Ryan George

    I’m on a 20GB plan legacy plan, with +16GB of promo storage… 36GB for $5/year. Or, $0.14/GB
    If I upgrade to the 100GB plan, I’ll have 116GB for $24/year. Or, $0.24/GB.

    So… I’d actually pay more per GB than I do currently.

    But… $2/month for 100GB is nothing, even though I’m only paying $0.42/month now.

  • Phil

    LOVE IT!!!! just changed my plan

  • Jason Kahn

    I have, 46GB of storage, that included the 10GB, Drive Bonus which expires in October of 2015, the 10Gb of Paid subscriber bonus, and the 1GB earlier adopter bonus. I am on the legacy plan so it only costs $5 per year. I am utilizing 56% of that. I was nervous, when I upgrade from my GNEX to a higher MP camera phone that I would use up that storage quickly. These new pricing plans are great news when I need to finally upgrade.

  • SA_NYC

    I’ve barely used Google Drive, but use Dropbox extensively–could someone explain to me the pros and cons of each? I do know about Google Drive apps (spreadsheet, etc.) Thanks in advance.

  • Kevin

    Courtesy of the NSA. 😛

  • Intellectua1

    I still have 50gb free from Dropbox from the S3 days, if I grab the S5 I’ll likely get another free 50gbs. But 100gbs for 1.99 a month doesn’t sound bad at all. I’ve always been against the cloud because I have a fear of my personal info being on someone else’s server but on the other hand I have over 1400 pics on my 64gb sd card most of them are of my son so I’d hate to lose them. I’ve had pics go corrupt over time.. Mind you most these pics are from my BlackBerry Tour days and I just transferred them when I got my first Android phone..

  • CBNforum

    I have 80GB/$20 – legacy plan and tempted to go with the 1TB plan and start auto back up all pictures at full resolutions.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’m on the free 15GB plan and already have the auto backup of all pictures at full resolution and I’ve only used up 6GB in the past 2 years so far.

  • Silver Veloz

    This is great. I’m just now starting to utilize Drive more and more. I’m finding out how useful it is. Thanks Google.

  • The Narrator

    Hasn’t it always been 15gb free?

  • Robert Macri

    What does everyone put on the cloud? I personally like to keep everything on my own personal raided nas share. I really don’t want all my personal photos etc on the cloud. After photos and music (which is on google music), what else is there?

    • Silver Veloz

      Originally, I was saving files to Drive, instead of using a zip drive. But now, I have put some music, videos and some files too big to e-mail (to home or work). Once it’s in Drive I can utilize it all my devices and home computer.

    • Chris

      I put all of my college work in there, and then all of my pictures and videos from all of my Android phones since 2010. I would rather have that stuff in the cloud instead of on my device in case my phone is stolen or I have a hard drive failure. I basically put things in the cloud that I don’t want to ever lose. I currently have 50 GB for $2.50 a month but with this new plan I can use double for half the price so I can put more stuff to save space on my hard drives!

    • brkshr

      I auto-backup all of my photo’s to G+. Personal and business photos. I just started backing up all of my business files to Google Drive as well. I own a sign shop. So I backup all of my artwork and QuickBooks files to Google Drive. If I lost my art files, that would be thousands of hours worth of work and if customers return and want the same art, then hundreds of hours would have to be put back into the art design for free. I’m on Windows 7 and I use SyncToy (by Microsoft) to automatically sync my business files to an external hard drive and Google Drive everyday. It’s worth it to have the redundancy. God forbid I lose my computer and the hard drive at the same time. Now I have Google Drive as well.

      I also encrypt and save important, sensitive personal information to my Google Drive. Just in case I ever need some of that info. Like if I lose my wallet or a fire happens at my house or business. Then I can either access it from my phone or someone else’s computer, if need be.

    • RSS70

      I backup my the irreplaceable files and folders from my NAS to a cloud backup service. In case someone steals my NAS or a fire hits. I learned to have a RAIDed NAS the hard way. Had a disk go bad on a non-raided USB drive a few years ago. Lost a year’s worth of family photos. Still a sore spot with my wife. She was on board when I explained why we needed to spend the money for a nicer, RAIDed NAS and cloud storage/backup. I find Dropbox and Drive (even at new prices) are more expensive than a high volume tier on a cloud backup provider.

      I use Dropox/drive or other cloud storage to share or transfer large files occasionally. Also for group collaboration outside of work.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      I only have my photos syncing, since I lost my Note 3 recently – was the first time I lost a phone (it was stolen), so now I’m being careful to at least preserve my photos. But otherwise, nothing, mostly because here in India internet speeds suck, and I have only around 60-70 KB/s upload and 223 KB/s download speed (and that’s faster than 70 percent of India according to Speed Test, so you can realize how poor the situation is, haha).

  • JSo

    I was paying 2.49/month for 25GB. It only made sense to switch to the 1.99/month for 100GB

    • Tim242

      If you link Quick Office to Drive, you get 25 GB for free.

      • Silver Veloz

        Yes. That’s what I did. I have 75G now and have only used a small percentage, so far. I just recently started using it more.

      • PoisonApple31

        ***For two years***

  • tomgillotti

    Wow!! Gotta love Google!!

    • AbbyZFresh

      Gotta love the NSA.

      • d-rock

        If you’re worried about the NSA, i’m worried about you.

      • Droidzilla

        Indeed. I’m sure you’re not using anything from Dropbox, Apple, Mozilla, Microsoft, or anything else on the internet, then?

  • Matthew Dickinson

    Still on the 20GB for $5/yr plan. Don’t need more then that, especially when I have 50GB at Box and however much at Dropbox for free.

    • r0l

      I’m still on an original plan too 200 GB for $50/year which really gives me 226 GB once it folds in the free storage.

      • JimmyHACK

        YES! (about the 500GB plan)

    • I am as well. I also have 1TB for free because of my Chromebook Pixel so I’m set for a while :^)

      • r0l

        Serious question: You happy with that purchase?

        • Cory_S

          More interesting is the people who validated the pixel purchase because the 1TB free was worth it in and of itself.

  • JSo


  • Adam Truelove

    Sweet, I had the old $4.99 / month 100GB plan. I just switch over to the new $1.99 / month for 100 GB.

    • TJWaterskier

      Exactly this!

    • IcerC

      Wait, why? What’s better with the new plan?

    • michael arazan

      I’ve been paying $20 for 400GB, I hope this changes automatically, I don’t want to have to transfer everything back and forth and back again just to change prices/ accounts.

      I wish they would tell current customers there options instead of new ones and what it does now..

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I’m one of those people that want the sd card to fail. This is awesome. Cheaper devices, access files from everywhere on any device. Now at a price I can’t complain about.

    • combi06

      Agree to a certain degree. While Im OK with it because I have fairly good coverage anywhere I go (Thanks Verizon), I can see how those with less than stellar coverage can be affected by not having an SD card and having to rely on the Cloud for their storage needs.

  • Nicholas Alexander

    Moto X owners get 50GB for free… don’t forget to sign up guys!

    • combi06

      Be aware it actually has an expiration date!!! Mine says it expires on 10/1/15. Go ahead and hit up the link to sign up, choose a plan, and then you’ll see what your expiration date is for your account. (Same thing with the 10GB QuickOffice promotion they offered when they first introduced it)

      • I passed for this reason, wasn’t too keen on getting roped into this for life.

    • r0l

      Also you don’t get it if you are already paying for a higher tier. It doesn’t stack.

      • D. Sharer

        It was stacked on top for me.

        • r0l

          Then I must have done something wrong, though to be honest I’m not close yet to my 200 GB and not thrilled with temporary storage.

  • I’m really tempted to get the 1TB plan, but then I remember I have a 3TB drive connected to my Asus router which gives me my own 3TB cloud. Downside being their software isn’t close to being on par with Drive or Dropbox.

    • anonymous

      at least you get 3tb for free! +1 for that

      • JimmyHACK

        *Free *after purchase of 3TB drive

        • Gamerdad09

          And possibly a new Asus router…

    • timrcm

      I have a 1TB drive setup as a network share at home on my router as well (RT-N66U). I still use Dropbox for critical stuff, though. That drive might die any day now or might not, but having my crap in the cloud makes losing it far less likely.

      • Yeah, and it’s nice to have redundancy if something happens at my house.

  • creed

    I currently have 25 gb for free. I wonder if I upgraded to the 100 gb plan, would I go up to 110 gb. If I reverted back to the free plan, would I lose my extra 10 free gbs?

    • Transverse45h

      No you wont

    • Ury Fischer

      I think you would. Right now I get 65 GB. the regular 15GB free plus 50 GB from a Moto promotion (this expires in 2015). When I go to upgrade to the 100 GB plan, it shows that my new balance would be 150 GB. So you do get to keep whatever extra GB you were getting through promotions and such.

  • Transverse45h

    undercuts dropbox($9.99 per month for 100 Gb) and skydrive(~$4.2 per month ie $50/year) now… awesome news

    $24/year for 100 Gb

  • hkklife

    Awesome news. I have been harping for years now how overpriced the leading cloud storage services (ahem, Dropbox) are, especially for individual/casual users. Let’s see if Box and Dropbox follow suit. I kinda doubt it!

  • Ury Fischer

    This is literally 1/10th of what Dropbox charges. Why would anybody use Dropbox instead of Drive going forward?

    • hkklife

      I still prefer the Dropbox app/website and camera features. But yeah, otherwise, those guys are nuts and hideously overpriced for what you get. I think Dropbox is really gunning for the SOHO crowd more so than individual users

      • anonymous

        “SOHO crowd”
        I loled

        just out of curiosity, I’ve never been, is the soho crowd more yuppie or hipster?

        • Intellectua1

          I would say both, more hipster though..

        • Nex

          I would say both, started off yuppie now hipsters moved in

          • Soho? More like billionaires.

          • anonymous

            I think this comment helped answer my question…

        • discstu37

          I used to work in SOHO*… at Circuit City

          *Small Office Home Office

      • XxPixX

        There’s a dropbox app on linux but no drive app on linux 😉 Also, I just love how “easy” dropbox is, it’s enough that I throw in a file into my dropbox folder and it starts syncing, no questions asked, no websites, no problems. Simplicity.

        • Eric Ramos

          Drive does has the same folder syncing, even skydrive has it. Haven’t tried on Linux though

    • JoshGroff

      This is quite literally a fantastic deal. If I didn’t already have 50GB free for 2 years, I’d definitely buy in. Crushes dropbox’s pricing by a landslide though.

    • I just never found Drive to be as polished or feature rich as Dropbox, plus there are lots of third party programs that have great cloud syncing with Dropbox. I’m hoping this forces Dropbox to lower their prices though.

      • This – Dropbox’s integration with everything is great.

      • Cory_S

        Yeah. I love how easy it is to share something on Dropbox. I can copy a public URl for a photo on dropbox and embed it in a forum post or comment. It seems Drive doesn’t offer an easy way to get an actual jpeg link.

        • d-rock

          Google has a photo storage already called picasa. It’s basically all your pictures on your google account from a picture interface. You can edit/share/organize etc from picasa.

          • Cory_S

            I know, but it is worlds a way from “Right click, copy public link”

          • Droidzilla

            Doesn’t it share straight from the server when doing it from the Android Photos app?

          • Cory S

            let me show you what I mean..

            Right click Google Drive photo on my computer, click share adjust access settings, copy link.. then try to post it in a forum, or send to a person..it won’t work because it’s not a link to the photo..its a link to Drive showing the photo, like this.

            https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2ggqo902tNhQTcwXzVZbE9UT2M/edit?usp=sharing (notice how disqus didn’t embed it?) Now you’d think you could add an extra step, go there, and right click the image and hit “copy image URL” but noo…google blocks that

            Where as with dropbox I get..

            Right Click, Copy public Link (and get an actual jpeg link)

            This is very handy for embedding images in forums, or simply sending a direct link to a friend real quick.


          • Droidzilla

            I was talking about the Android app, not the desktop interface. So, Google doesn’t allow right clicking and using Copy URL? Here’s what I get when I try it (photo never previously shared, set to private):


          • Cory S

            That’s awesome. Where did you get that link. The mobile app, desktop app, or the web interface? Or is that from Google Plus?

          • Droidzilla

            I think I messed up; I use G+ for my Google photo storage (used to use Picasa, but that got turned over to G+). I just tried the same image and it doesn’t work from Drive (downloaded it from G+ and then uploaded it to Drive). This was all from a desktop.

            But why use anything other than Google+? It’s free, is completely seamless when used from Android, easy to share with, easy to set permissions from, enhances automatically (and reversibly), makes custom gifs/photos/videos/etc. with Auto Awesome, unlimited for images 5MP and under and uses your Drive storage if you want to use full res backups.

          • Cory S

            Well, not all my photos are on Plus, as a lot of them aren’t taken from a smartphone. I also have to navigate to the website, and find the photo instead of using the file system on my PC (synced with the cloud) this can be a big deal if you are working with a lot of files, or you are modifying them. So, I sitll much prefer the one Dropbox handles this.

            it is nice to know Plus handles this better than drive though (for whatever reason)….here’s dinner!


          • Droidzilla

            It didn’t work, though I clicked on the photo and now I’m hungry. If you look at the image URLs, mine has an image number and ends with .jpg. How did you copy that to your comment? I selected the photo on G+ from the album and right clicked, then selected Copy Image URL. Here’s another (speaking of food pics):


          • Cory S

            Hmm, that’s what I did…Let’s try this again

            Last weeks dinner..


            Ah-ha..it’s kinda buggy for me. The first picture I try it on copies the plus link, but if I click once to cycle to the next picture than it works.

            BTW: The Google Plus search options for photos are insane awesome..I found that one by typing in “Food”

          • Droidzilla

            You can also voice search like that from Google Now. It really is pretty good.

    • Pedro

      Dropbox has a Linux client that automagically syncs files in the background.
      Every song, picture or otherwise (what I deem) important document/file on my home network is immediately synced with Dropbox.

      If Google released a similar client, then I’d jump on it in a heartbeat. But they don’t. And it’s been years.

    • John

      I wish Google would implement a PIN option for their Android app. The other major providers (Box, Dropbox, etc) offer the ability to set a secure PIN before allowing access to the app. Sure, you could set a phone password, but it’s nice having just another layer of defense for your files stored in the cloud.

    • Agreed.

    • spooky jones

      And I believe Google Drive is NSA Approved!

      • wh1te_mag1c

        So is Dropbox. Don’t be naive.