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The Tato Classics: Five Games You Can’t Go Wrong With

There might be a few among you who care to know which games I instantly download, no matter what device I’m rocking. Okay, so maybe there are only two of you that actually wonder about this, but regardless, here’s my typical Android gaming routine.

Usually, when a new game comes out and I have to write about it, I will install the apk, then give it a whirl for a bit. If I don’t really like it, I will uninstall the game at the end of the day. For games that I do like, I find myself playing them nonstop throughout the day, and then when I get a new device (which is sometimes quite often), the games I enjoy will be one of the first things I download from Google Play.

So, the question is, which games do I find myself installing on different devices repeatedly? Unsurprisingly for myself, this list is hard to keep down to just five, as I usually have about 7 or 8 games that I like to have with me at all times, depending on my gaming mood.

For the sake of keeping this semi-short, here are the five games I can’t live without, complete with honorable mentions below. 

1. Dumb Ways to Die

For being a game filled with adorable little characters, watching the little critters get hit by trains and shocked by toasters is a real thrill. In Dumb Ways to Die, you the player are met with various challenges, all of which you are being timed on. You are given three lives, and if you can’t complete a puzzle in the short amount of time, your fuzzy critters will die.

Puzzles range in difficulty, and sometimes pose quite the challenge, depending on which device you are using. For example, there is one puzzle that forces you to blow into your microphone to keep an aircraft aloft. If you can’t find your microphone in time, that poor little guy piloting the plane is going to make quite the little fireball on the ground.

It’s a very easy looking game, but after some time with it, it’s anything but easy.

2. QuizUp

Oh, how QuizUp has consumed my life over the past month. The game is very straightforward – two players go up against each other in real time, featuring questions from a topic of your choosing. Whoever answers the most questions correct in the shortest amount of time wins.

The game features over 300 different topics to master, which includes Movies, Logos, Android, Music, Food, and oh so much more. When you reach certain levels in a topic, you are given titles, which lets other players know you are not to be messed with in that given topic. For example, after reaching level 30 in Android, I was given the “Googler” title. Do I actually know as much about Android as a Googler would? Definitely not, but do my opponents know that? Of course not. For all they know, I’m Larry Page himself and I know everything there is to know about the topic. It makes for very good intimidation.

In terms of addictiveness, I enjoy the re-playability of this game much more than Flappy Bird or games of that nature. What makes QuizUp special is that it forces you to use your mind, which a lot of other popular titles do not.

The best thing is that it’s completely free to play with zero ads. Good on you, developers.

3. The Room & The Room 2

Usually I get frustrated and bored with puzzlers, then end up throwing them off of my device as soon as possible. With The Room and The Room 2, not only do the developers mix a huge variety of difficult puzzles and challenges with great 3D graphics, but the story is also something I can get into – it’s rather dark, bordering demonic, and that’s why I like it.

In the story (from how I interpret it), a scientist/adventurer creates a machine which travels through time and space, not without first leaving you clues and puzzles to help you unlock the secrets of the machine itself. There is never a true antagonist, besides the puzzles you must complete.

In the first game, it’s hard get sidetracked on any given puzzle, as there is nowhere for your character to go. However, in the second game, a player can multitask and move about rooms, which makes solving puzzles much harder.

Each game costs a few dollars, but if you need more brain exercise, then I highly recommend giving them a try.

4. Dead Trigger & Dead Trigger 2

No Android game collection is complete without a form of zombie game. My choice is an FPS game called Dead Trigger. When the first one was released, I was hooked to the weapons and endless hordes to slay, but when the second rendition came out called Dead Trigger 2, it was my favorite Android game ever released at that point.

The graphics are perfect for what they are, the weapons are bad ass, and the gameplay is never ending. My main issue is the wait system that the developers added in when upgrading weapons, since they’d rather you spend a couple bucks to have instant gratification. Instead of paying money, I just wait out the upgrading process, which also helps me from getting to burnt out on the title.

Whether you hate IAPs or not, Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2 are the perfect zombie FPS games on Android.

5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

When I am in the mood for driving, I lean towards unrealistic titles, instead of realistic simulators. I would much rather drift a corner at 200MPH with my NOS full blast instead of having to break and downshift to 3rd to handle a turn in a video game. The NOS sounds so much more exciting.

The Need for Speed franchise has been a front runner in this category, and I have been playing their titles for years. Most Wanted is easily my favorite driving game on Android, given it’s attention to details on my favorite dream cars, sweet tracks, good soundtrack of music, and the fact that I can ram cop cars who are trying to bust me. Not today, coppers!

If you like fast-paced racing games that not only border unrealistic, but are at most times completely absurd driving situations, give it a look see.

Honorable Mentions

If you think my list is rubbish, let’s hear your top five games down below. Feel free to throw in a few honorable mentions, too.

  • Raven

    Top 5, that is hard. It depends on device and time. I love the TD genre so currently I am playing Frontiers 2, Sentinel3, and Defense Zone 2 HD on my tablet. For action, I have been hooked on Riptide GP2 lately. For small time killers on my phone it is usually good old Jetpack Joyride or Hill Climb Racing. Honorable mention goes to Beat Hazard Ultra when I want to just put on my head phones and completely zone out to my music and some intense shooting action. But, best Android game ever that I don’t play much anymore since I beat it has to go to Galaxy on Fire 2.

  • MrMLK

    triple town

  • Benjamin Mackie

    My favorite ATM is the Walking Dead Telltale Game. You have to side load it, and then add it through the browser to your amazon app store, but it works amazing on the Note 3. I just got the season pass for $15, and its worth every penny

  • Teddy Chen

    Clash of Clans should be up there. I have tried the other clones, none is as polished as CoC. Although it is a copy of Backyard Monsters.

  • Voltism

    candy crush is everything wrong with mobile games. It really shows how bad the mobile game industry is, there are few that can hold any weight against emulating older games.

  • EvanTheGamer

    There’s one game I haven’t seem to be able to put down is the tower-building vs. game CastleStorm, which is still in beta. There’s four campaign to play through(first one is unlocked, and the remaining gets unlocked after each one is completed). This game breathes excellence. The animations are extremely fluid and smooth. There’s great voice acting and dialogue/writing. There’s a wide range of really cool gameplay elements. You get a ballistic to destroy your enemies with various weapon types depending on which campaign you’re playing through. There’s ground troops to use in battle as well as Heroes that you can level up. You’ll notice the devs put in a lot of work and detail into making CastleStorm awesome!

    You can sign up to play in the CastleStorm beta here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/castlestorm-test

    And yes, you can expect some IAP shenanigans, BUT you honestly don’t need to buy anything in order to progress through each campaign if you don’t want to; however, there are a few things you’ll need to pay for(ballistic types, troops, etc) in order to get 3 stars on some missions though.

    Definitely give CastleStorm a try. The game offers some really great fun!

  • Fresh360

    I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, with that said I am addicted to Colosotron and Plants vs. Zombies 2…

    • Wolfpack93

      I was ready to join the PvZ cult when the original came to Android and waited impatiently for the 2nd to debut too. But now that the *paid for* PvZ still includes IAPs and ads, and PvZ2 has become virtually impossible to complete without infinite patience and/or several IAPs, I’ve finally wiped it from my devices and I am not looking back. Good riddance to a one time favorite.

  • Anthony Bottari

    Clash Of Clans, Angry Birds Go!, Quiz Up, Candy Crush, Dots, Street Fighter IV

  • enigmaco

    Dead trigger 2 on a galaxy note 8 with the graphics set to high is awesome.

  • g_what

    I am addicted to Puzzle and Dragons!

  • JMonkeYJ

    Same favs: Waking Mars, Rayman Jungle Run, Quell games. A classic: Scrambled Net. Guilty Pleasure: Temple Run games.

  • Menger40

    I’m hooked on Rebuild, God of Blades, Aftermath XHD, and recently Smash Hit as well. Breaking glass is unexpectedly satisfying.

  • Roy Harrigan

    Jet pack joyride is my go to game.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    What about Infinity Blade?

    O.. Wait

  • mrmacatac

    1. World of Goo
    2. Splice
    3. Osmos HD

    are my top 3, World of Goo ALWAYS gets downloaded right away on a new device.

  • Thomas

    In Tato We Trust

  • Nexoduss

    Clash of clans has to be on someone’s list.

    • emily

      Castle Clash is lightyears better than Clash of Clans, and originated on Android. Heroes make the game much more entertaining. There is a lot more playing and less waiting. And IGG gives out gems like it was AOL CDs. Great game always major updates and features.

      • Nexoduss

        From what you just said it sounds easier. Ive been playing coc for well over a year and it never gets old.

      • Nexoduss

        I tried it. It seems like a baby’s version of coc. The graphics arent nearly as good and I’m assuming this was made before clash of clans came to android because the developer wanted to rake in some cash before clash of clans came to android to sweep the floor with them.

    • T4rd

      Indeed. Been semi-obsessed with CoC since it launched on Android back in October.

  • Zynga Poker? SRSLY TIM?

  • Christopher Webb

    Badland has been my go-to game for the last month. Dumb Ways to Die is excellent as well!

  • kyle

    Candy Crush? That game makes my soul tremble with fear whenever I hear the name. I’ve learned to NEVER EVER leave my phone unattended near teenagers because of this game.. they will install it within seconds after sending you an invite to get those points!

    • That game is ridiculously addictive. It was my crack for a while.

      • michael arazan

        I’m addicted to air control by four pixels, was number 1 now number 8, 100’s of thousands play everyday. try landing 21 planes at once when the fast pace begins at 1600 points. Leaderboard that doesn’t get hacked either.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I got to level 35(I think) or something around there, and could not go any further unless three FB friends unlocked the next part of the game for me. Or pay $.99 and I refuse that! REFUSE! To this day two friends helped me, and still waiting on a third.

      Damn FB friends, never coming to your aid! lol

      • enigmaco

        At level 91 myself hate pestering my friends to get to another level

  • SplashMTN

    Check out Threes. Just came out for Android and is a ton of fun. Definitely didn’t mind paying $2, but I like endless puzzle games.

    Edit: Just saw the post about threes below this one. Definitely check it out though.

    • Beavis

      Or Fives. It’s free and basically the same thing.

  • Jeff Helget

    I can’t believe you didn’t put Granny Smith in here… or was that Kellex… that was Kellex wasn’t it……

    • I love that game, but yes, I’m saving it for Kellen 😉