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T-Mobile Galaxy S4 is Now Receiving Its Kit Kat Update

T-Mobile has approved the Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” update for its variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4, with rollout expected to start today. The new build number is M919UVUFNB4. In order to update over-the-air (OTA) or through Kies, you’ll need to be on build M919UVUEMK2. 

The update is a pretty solid jump from the phone’s 4.3 days, bringing with it improved stability, a camera shortcut on the lock screen, and an improved keyboard, at least according to T-Mobile. As you all know, the update is much bigger than that. If we look to Sprint’s Galaxy S4 update, we get a better picture of what is likely included.

Here is the changelog from Sprint’s variant:

  • OS upgrade to Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
    • New Lock Screen Access
      • Media Controls – full-screen album art and media controls when listening to music
      • Camera Shortcut  – access the Camera application right from the lock screen
    • SMS App Chooser – select a default application for sending and receiving SMS text messages
    • Restyled Status and Navigation Bars – status and navigation bars are translucent and can sit on top of apps, along with simplified status bar icons
    • Consolidated Location Settings – location services are integrated and more detailed by new Location menu
    • Expanded Emoji Icons
    • Wireless Printing – supports printing over Wi­-Fi and Bluetooth

Anyone see the update yet?

Via:  T-Mobile
  • Tweety’s Nana

    I got it but Can’t lock my screen now. Have been trying to figure this one out since last night (*&(^^)&)(&)&!!!!!


    Got the update today. I’m really liking the new lock screen music player controls and accompanying full screen cover art when listening to Play Music. It’s pretty nice.



  • Mark

    Roger Dodger. Got it this morn and up and running.

  • danny

    Very disappointed with the new update. Can’t get my camera shortcut with a pattern lock, notification panel looks identical, nothing stands out like an update should. If you can’t update from jelly bean, don’t be so envious, KitKat looks just the same.

    • melvin

      you mean touchwiz looks the same not kit kat. so blame samsung skin not androids OS.


        Ummmm KitKat on a Nexus didn’t look visually that much different from Jelly Bean either. Nothing, “Stood out like an update should” so…

        All I have to say is that the hate is strong with this one lol

  • Jcuest

    Just downloaded the update it was 358mb

  • Michael Parsons

    I just started the update after reading this article. It is now downloading and a small 340ish mb.

  • Joe Mihalich

    My wife’s phone see’s the tmobile update, but i haven’t downloaded it yet.

  • Eric Boston

    C’mon verizon……

    • BigTimmay

      Can’t help but think 4.4 will probably be the last official update our S4s will receive. Sad really…but that’s the game carriers play with their customers.

      • T4rd

        Not sure why you think that, considering all of the other major Samsung phones released over the past 2 years (back to the S3) are getting 4.4. I would assume the S4 will be good for at least another year of updates, which should include one more major update. Unless you’re just speaking to Verizon phones, which doesn’t matter; they will still get updated, just slower than all other carriers.

      • Blue Sun

        And this is where down votes in Discuss are needed.

        This will not be the last update this device will receive. It will definitely get 4.4.3 & highly likely to get 4.5 down the road.

  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    Official: Verizon is last to update AGAIN!

    • JimmyHACK


    • T4rd

      Yeah, I figured the 4.3 update was a fluke because of Samsung’s push for Galaxy Gear support.

      • Opinionated_In_Bangor

        Agreed. They were 1st because they wanted the $$ from the Gear Sales.

    • Thomas O’Brien

      Damn you Verizon!!!!

  • hfoster52

    Insert everyone’s where are you verizon with the Note 3 kit kat update rant……

    • Mike Aurin

      Why would they rant about a phone that isn’t involved in this article?

      • Eric Boston

        Cause it hasnt been in any article in forever…and prob wont be for another month.