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Nyko Launches Three NVIDIA SHIELD Accessories – a Power Kit, SHIELD Link, and Hardshell Case

Nyko, an accessories maker geared towards mobile gaming, announced three new accessories for the SHIELD mobile gaming console from NVIDIA. The accessories include a new Shell Case, perfect for absolute protection of your SHIELD. While NVIDIA sells their own cases, a few folks might call them overpriced at $39.99, but Nyko’s are just $12.99. 

Next up is a Power Kit, which is sort of like a backup set of cords and adapters to make sure your SHIELD never goes without a charge while at home, while traveling, or even in the car on a road trip. The kit includes one AC adapter, one car adapter and one extra-long Micro USB cable with Velcro strap. The Power Kit is on sale for just $19.99.

Lastly, there is the SHIELD Link, which plugs into the mini-HDMI port, then allows you to mirror the screen onto any HDMI enabled TV or Monitor in full 1080p resolution. According to Nyko, the HDMI interface also allows for full surround sound support. Price for the SHIELD Link is set at only $9.99.

To check out the new accessories for your NVIDIA SHIELD, head to Nyko’s site .

Nyko® releases line of NVIDIA® SHIELD™ accessories exclusively on Nyko.com
Visitors will be able to purchase accessories to protect, charge and more

Los Angeles – March 6, 2014 – Nyko Technologies®, the premier gaming peripherals manufacturer, is proud to announce the release of their officially licensed products for use with the ultimate gaming and entertainment portable, NVIDIA® SHIELD™.

Releasing today exclusively on Nyko.com:

The Shell Case is a high-impact hard case that fully encapsulates SHIELD, providing total protection. The case is custom fitted to the exact specifications of the device and features a rubberized interior for added protection against bumps and scrapes. A detachable accessory bag is included to store the AC adapter and any necessary cables while traveling. An included carabineer allows the case to be conveniently attached to a laptop bag or backpack. The Shell case is available now at Nyko.com for $12.99

The Power Kit provides all the necessary adapters and cables to recharge SHIELD at home, while traveling, or in the car. The kit includes one AC adapter, one car adapter and one extra-long Micro USB cable with Velcro strap.  The included car adaptor charges up to 2 amps, providing the faster charging of the SHIELD while traveling. The Power Kit is an ideal replacement or secondary bundle for those looking to recharge SHIELD and is available now at Nyko.com for $19.99.

The SHIELD Link brings all your favorite Android or Steaming PC games to your living room. The SHIELD Link plugs in to the Mini HDMI port of the NVIDIA SHIELD and allows you to mirror the screen onto any HDMI enabled TV or Monitor in full 1080p resolution. The HDMI interface allows for full surround sound support, while the 6 foot length allows for easy gaming while plugged into your TV. Use the SHIELD Link with Nyko’s PlayPad for a console-like experience with your SHIELD. The SHIELD Link is available now at Nyko.com for $9.99

All products are available now exclusively at Nyko.com

To celebrate the launch, Nyko will be holding a two week contest with the grand prize of 1 of 2 NVIDIA SHIELD units. Connect with Nyko’s Twitter and Facebook pages for your chance to win.

  • nonscpo

    Regardless of the fact that this article doesn’t benefit most Handheld Gamers, I think that we can all agree that most NVIDIA Shield peripheral and accesories were overpriced to begin with; of course the $300 initial pricetag did more to turn people away, that and no worthwhile exclusives.

  • SamBoy

    Ok srslt who the He** us buying these dammed shields?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      What’s wrong with them? At $200 with the purchase of a graphics card, it’s a much better deal now than at launch. The list of home streaming PC titles is growing, and the beta of GStream is pretty promising. On top of that, the new beta of XBMC has support for hardware acceleration on it making it a decent portable video player without the need to transcode, and rumor is that the Ouya app is coming as well. I’m building a new system next month, and I’m planning on grabbing one.

  • Adam Martinez

    So the Link is a mini-HDMI cable then?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Yep. At least they are only charging triple the Monoprice price for it. 😛

  • KindaObvious

    Oh look, another Shield article that gets no attention.

  • JudyOMiller

    To put the lid on the interview, Rohde confirmed that Sony Santa Monica will continue to work on a major, triple-A games. “I have no problem saying that there is a huge internal development team,” Rohde stated. “So, of course, that’s something Santa Monica will always be working on… There will always be an XDEV element, and there will always be an internal development element at Santa Monica.” http://num.to/5177*8826*7842

  • Jared Denman

    Why is nyko trying to appeal to a market of only like 10 people?

    • synplex

      Because I’m part of that market =-p

      • Rob

        me too!

        • Cedarson

          Me, too!

          • Jeremy Turnley

            Me too, next month when I build my new rig!