Nyko Launches Three NVIDIA SHIELD Accessories – a Power Kit, SHIELD Link, and Hardshell Case

Nyko, an accessories maker geared towards mobile gaming, announced three new accessories for the SHIELD mobile gaming console from NVIDIA. The accessories include a new Shell Case, perfect for absolute protection of your SHIELD. While NVIDIA sells their own cases, a few folks might call them overpriced at $39.99, but Nyko’s are just $12.99.  (more…)

Android Accessory Roundup: Wren PlayFi Speakers, Nyko Playpad Pro Controller, Sceptre Android Sound Bar, and More

Here at DL, we get hit up all of the time by readers, asking which accessories we would recommend for their phones and tablets. To help, we created the Android Accessory Roundup to lay out a few of the products we enjoy using in our own homes. They are headphones, Bluetooth accessories, game controllers, and pretty much anything that we use here around the office.

With each accessory, we will detail the pros, cons, price, and why we like them. If you see something you like, we provided product links to their respective company pages so you can check them out yourself. Simple enough, right?

Let’s get to it.  (more…)

Nyko Introduces PlayPad Pro Bluetooth Controller for Android Tablets at E3

A tiny bit more of Android-related news coming out of E3, is the announcement of the new Nyko PlayPad Pro Bluetooth controller for Android tablet devices. Controllers like these are designed to making the gaming experience on Android about a thousand times more kick-a**, so once this thing finally hits shelves, you can bet yourself I’ll be picking one up. Pricing is unknown and launch is expected for this year’s holiday season. That’s quite the ways off still, but let’s hope these things are worth the wait. Shadowgun and N.O.V.A. 3 with a full controller like this? Oh yeah, baby.  (more…)