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HTC Teases the Triumph of Two on Twitter, Dual Cameras All But Confirmed

If we had not seen everything there is to see about the “All New HTC One” already at this point, HTC’s latest tweet might be a little more intriguing. Since some of the earliest leaked images of the New One, we have seen a dual camera set-up on the back and it seems that HTC believes these will help to make life “twice as beautiful.”

The short tweet reads, “On March 25, life will become twice as beautiful” and then features the image above. Nothing mentioned of a camera, but the photography in the background heavily hints towards the new camera set up that HTC is trying out. If the New One produced the pictures used in this teaser image, we will be a little bit more excited, but there is no way to be sure. For now we will have to sit and wait to see if HTC can pull together a good sequel to the One.

Via: Twitter
  • MicroNix

    Cut the gimmicks. Just give me a camera that really does take better pictures than the competition (which btw is a pretty high bar these days with some Android, iOS and Windows based phones)

  • Michael

    2 cameras, 5+3 for a combined 8 megapixels…its a stretch

  • Higher_Ground

    in what country do they refer to March 25 as “25.3” ?

    • tylerc23

      Every country that isn’t US

  • Sirx

    Poor HTC. You can’t generate Buzz for a phone that’s been all over the internet for the last month or so. They need to clear out whatever dept. was in charge of letting almost every flipping detail about this device spill out already. Then go hire that one kid who did the review. He was classic!

  • Kevin N

    Sick of hearing about this.

    • Chris

      then don’t read it

  • jonzey231

    I know its “confirmed” as of now that it’ll be called the “All New HTC One” but hopefully this means that’s they’ll call it the HTC Two lol

  • Shadowstare

    As long as the camera is as good or better than my DNA, I’ll be happy. My biggest concert with new One is the battery life.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      My At&t One (when I had it) had solid battery life. Didn’t have any complaints. . . . it was a lot better than my N5

      • Weber

        Say whaaa? My N5 is lasting about 30 hrs until it needs to be charged. The One was better?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          For my daily use the S4 and One had better battery than the N5. As soon as I switch the to N5 I started getting paranoid again.

          • Weber

            That’s crazy. I have the N5 and 5S (work), and my N5 lasts longer on regular use than the 5S does on mostly standby. That’s disappointing to hear about the OG One. I hope the “All New One” has better battery life. I’d like to try HTC again.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            I don’t have an S5. I’m saying the OG One had good battery life. Better than my N5, so it’s not disappointing.

          • Weber

            I completely misread that, sorry. My and my gf’s N5s are pretty amazing in regards to the battery and what was expected out of a battery that size, though. Sucks you dealt with that at all. I know after I unlocked and rooted my N5, the battery life was terrible.

  • The Narrator

    Just tell us what it does, damnit

    • jnt

      This! Can’t believe that kid didn’t go straight to figuring this out in that video – though I didn’t see all of it.

      • needa

        it was pretty hard to sit though it. i didnt finish it either.

  • EC8CH

    Xzibit pimped this phone

    • Eskimo128

      …So we put a camera next to your camera so you can take a picture while you takin a picture..

      • HTCWTH

        Is there a camera next to the battery so I can keed an eye on it, maybe put a camera next to the IR blaster so I can take sneaky videos while my phone is set down. Guess HTC thinks 4mp + 4mp = 8mp

  • Omar Amer

    I know it is suppose to be a date, but anyone read that as 25.3? seems like a megapixel count than a date.

    • tylerc23

      I read it as the date, but I hate how they always do the day first and then the month. They did that in their one promo

      • Kyle

        that’s pretty much how most of the world writes the date outside of the US, day/month/year instead of month/day/year

        • tylerc23

          I know but aren’t we the center of the universe? MERICA!
          On a serious note, was that 25-3-14 vertical one made specifically for US? I just remembered they’re doing London and NYC at the same time

          • Kyle


        • rwrwr

          The US way is the most logical way

          at most 12 months, at most 31 days, infinite amount of years…
          While the rest of the world uses things like kilometers and being taken over by Russia without fighting back

          • Tim242

            The metric system is a much more precise way of measuring.

          • morteum

            The US way is not the most logical way. You only think that because of the order of numbers. If we’re looking at what is logical, it would be to put the day first since the day is the smallest amount of measured time among the three (therefore changes most frequently), followed by the month, then the year.

            Plus, if you think about it, the date on the 20th will be written-as per US standard- “3/20/14″…. “3”… then “20”…. then “14.” “14” is a smaller number than “20,” even though it stands for 2014, it will still often be shortened and appear as simply “14.”

            I’m an American- and no, I don’t hate my country- but seriously dude. Your way isn’t always the best way.

        • Higher_Ground

          I got that far, but do they usually separate with a “.” ?

          • tylerc23

            Maybe we will with the New World Order

          • Tim242

            Surely you’ve seen the date written in the US with a “.” 3.25.14

            It’s just an alternative way of writing it.

          • Higher_Ground

            Pretty much only in advertising, but I guess that would be appropriate in this case. Just out of curiosity I looked in MS Excel, it gives you several options for date formats, in basically every language. Some like US English, Italian and Continental French don’t even have it as an option, while Germany and Norway have it as the first option. I guess it looks trendy.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s a rest of the world vs US way of writing the date. The US tends to do it backwards 3/25 vs 25/3

      • Chris

        foreigners always try to do things different

        • Jubunty

          Technically it’s more logical to do day/month/year

          I coiuld never figure out why as a kid in 1st grade they teach you month/ day/ year

  • Ben Murphy

    Noah’s Ark?

    • tylerc23

      I think your on to something. NOAH is coming out in theaters soon. Yup, HTC is sponsoring NOAH. Confirmed!

      • The Narrator

        Im not religious, but it looks awesome. Can’t go wrong with Aronofsky And Crowe.

        • tylerc23

          Agreed. Whenever I see the trailer it gives me hope for the script I’m writing, Commencement. Started as a joke at first with my cousin, that then turned serious

  • tylerc23

    I want the Camera on the HTC One 2014 to take pictures that look that nice

    • jbegs

      According to the 12 minute “child-like” review, it’s a solid camera (a 9, no an 8.7)! /s

      • The Narrator

        But wait , no! Its buggy! Deverorepers edition gais, no , dual shot, theres me!

      • tylerc23

        Yeah I’m hopeful for the “Sense 6.6” camera, “not really sure what the second one is for” lol

  • Jeremy Gross

    just come out with it since we saw that video