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Android Distribution Numbers Released for March – Kit Kat and Jelly Bean Slowly on the Rise

The Android team updated their platform distribution numbers for the month of March this morning, showing slight growth for both Jelly Bean (Android 4.1-4.3) and Kit Kat (Android 4.4+). Jelly Bean has now reached a flat 62.0% (from 60.7%), while Kit Kat is up to 2.5% (from 1.8%). 

Ice Cream Sandwich dropped to 15.2% (from 16.1%), Honeycomb remains on the list with 0.1%, Gingerbread still commands a fifth of Android at 19.0% (from 20.0%), and Froyo still actually exists at 1.2% (from 1.3%).

February’s distribution numbers can be found here.

Not a lot of changes, but that’s the news.

Via:  Android Developers
  • Michael Nichols

    I still have yet to receive KitKat on my in AT&T GS4 smh

  • bobbyp

    Android names are great but shouldn’t the fact that Jelly Bean has 3 API levels mean something? 4.1.x has the highest user base of 35.3% and this still seems pretty low since it is so old. I just couldn’t imagine going below that and not having Google Now cards.

  • msft

    gingerbread = Windows XP
    honey comb = Windows Vista
    ICS = Windows 7 RC
    Jelly Bean/KK = Windows 7

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      Let us hope, they skip flop Win8…

  • DonaldRTonn

    what? how does this chart show jellybean is slow on the rise?>??? im not seeing it. “Die Gingerbread die…and take Ice Cream Sandwich with you.” http://num.to/408.049.727.321

  • n11

    It just occurred to me. Because android is so much bigger than ios and WP share, I’d be curious to know how much of the pie THEY would take up in comparison (like an overlay). I think it’d be a fair point to mention when talking about software upgrades.

  • Robert Boluyt

    I’m a little surprised to see KitKat only moving from 1.8 to 2.5% after teh GS4, Note 3, HTC1, G2, and most Moto Xs getting updates. Not included in the official numbers yet?

  • Higher_Ground

    Year to year change:

    Mar 2013 Mar 2014 +/-
    KitKat 0.0% => 2.5% + 2.5%
    Jelly Bean = 16.5% => 62.0% +45.5%
    Ice Cream = 28.6% => 15.2% -13.4%
    Honeycomb = 1.2% => 0.1% – 1.1%
    Gingerbread = 44.2% => 19.0% -25.2%
    Froyo = 7.6% => 1.2% – 5.4%
    Eclair = 1.9% => 2.5% – 14%
    2nd newest 28.6% => 62% + 33.4%
    3rd 44.2% => 15.2% – 29%
    4th 7.6% => 19% + 11.4%
    5th 1.9% => 1.2% – 0.7%
    So far fewer people are on the newest version of android this year, but far fewer are also on a version that’s 3+ years old. I guess that means that in general phones are more up to date, but that fewer phones are the most up to date.

    edit – well disqus ruined the spacing on that one, but you get the point 🙁

  • Steve B

    Die Gingerbread die…and take Ice Cream Sandwich with you.

  • AbbyZFresh

    And gingerbread still has nearly 20% of the market. Why won’t you just die already.

    • Higher_Ground

      personally I blame the carriers for pushing phones that are 1.5 years old, causing people to lock into a 2yr contract that by the end of it will leave them with a phone that’s at leasat 3.5 years past it’s prime 🙁

      • Cael

        The OEM’s are too blame for putting Gingerbread on budget smartphones and selling them to developing countries. KitKat is supposed to be the Gingerbread killer for that reason.

  • Drew

    If there are no stupid phones like g2 and samsungs, this wouldve been 100%.

    Moto X and Nexus for life. Samsung sucks. Lg sucks. Htc sucks. Motorola is the best

    • Disqus_n00b

      Those “stupid phones” are a big part of Android sales

      • The Narrator

        You’ve all been trolled lol. He posts that in every thread.

    • aye_winchell

      so tell me…who built the nexus?

    • T4rd

      No, you’re a towel!

    • The Nexus 5 was made by LG, The Nexus 4 was made by LG, the Galaxy Nexus was made by Samsung.

    • Aaron C

      I quite like my LG Nexus 4

  • Kit Chau

    I apologize for my two OG Droids still on Froyo. I use them on their docks as alarm clocks in the kids room still connected on wifi.

    • Kanaga Deepan N

      Please switch off WiFi on those phones…. Please… 😉

    • michael arazan

      Still use the D1 as an alarm clock/ music player. It’s the loudest phone I have ever owned. Apps still work on it even though it’s on stock froyo with the play store.

  • Menger40

    I weep for the 1.2% who are still using Froyo on their sick ZTE Blade or Huawei Ascend.

  • Ben Murphy

    “Honeycomb! Honeycomb! Me want Honeycomb!” – No one

    • Matthew Merrick

      No one since ics came out anyways. I chanted for honeycomb back in the og xoom days. Ah, the sdk ports…..

  • Lumia Nexus

    looking at these figures and also the lags in my Note 3, i am anxiously waiting for a new Windows Phone, Jolla Phone or IOS device to come out so i can migrate from this incompetent OS and Incompetent Google. i am sick of the way android delivers incremental useless updates for no reason and the updat being so small still takes years for users to receive. Since Ice Cream Sandwich, every single update has been useless for end user and even for developers. there are so many apps that i cant use simply because i have a device running the useless buggy KitKat. Yes it might be the app developers fault but at the same time it is also Google’s fault too for not having a deadline or a good system to force developers to adapt to new version and for OEMs to deliver quicker updates. yes Android is Open Sourced, there still should be guidelines and rules on how many device each manufacturer should bring out each year in order to be able to keep users uptodate with every new Os updates.

    • Jared Denman


      • rawr

        idk, his name isn’t The_Narrator so he might be legit and not a troll.

        • The Narrator

          I’m not a troll. But his problem isn’t android, it’s touchwiz.

          • Kevin

            You talk a lot of sh*t.

          • The Narrator

            People can’t handle it, i guess. Not my problem

      • Kevin

        He’s just stating his opinion. If you get butthurt so easily get off the internet.

        • Higher_Ground

          generally trolls are just sharing their opinions, too. I did notice he failed to mention a single app that doesn’t work right, which is odd since that seems to be the crux of his arguments with android (that apps aren’t working right b/c of fragmentation?)

      • Lumia Nexus

        Truth Hurts

        • Kevin

          You should have gone for a Moto X.

      • XboxOne

        He is a troll for saying the truth?

    • Menger40

      Android’s not for everyone. I’m sure you’ll like whatever WP8 or fruit device you decide to buy.

      I am curious about which apps aren’t working for you on 4.4. I’m on 4.4 as well, and literally 100 out of 101 apps are working just fine. Are any big name apps not supporting 4.4 yet?

      • Lumia Nexus

        yes Virgin Media app
        Pulse keeps FC
        Waze doesnt work
        a few others i dont remember thier names

        • Menger40

          Yikes, I didn’t know about Waze. That does suck.

    • Higher_Ground

      Why do you need to wait for a new one? None of the current ones are better than your supposedly laggy Note 3?

    • The Narrator

      That’s called touchwiz. Stop buying shyt device’s and you’ll enjoy it more. Good luck.

  • paul_cus

    Kit Kat is great on the One.

  • The Narrator
    • Lumia Nexus

      Honeycombe never had any market share anyways

    • Cael

      It’s not going anywhere until Google cuts Play Store support for Pre-ICS.

  • Jonathan Berry

    “Froyo still commands a fifth of Android at 19.0%”