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Mugen Power Reveals 2800mAh Battery Case for the Moto X

mugen moto x case

Middling or average battery life has been a complaint of Moto X owners since the device’s release. Despite hardware that doesn’t draw nearly the power of higher-end devices, the 2200mAh battery capacity often isn’t enough to get through a full day without charging.

The folks at Mugen Power recognize this; yesterday, the company revealed a 2800mAh battery case designed specifically for the Moto X. For $89.50, it’ll bump the combined capacity to 5000mAh (2800mAh case + 2200mAh internal phone battery), which should translate to 20+ hours of usage before needing a charge. Of course, the extended battery life also translates to added bulk through the case.

The case is $89.50, and is now available for pre-order. It’ll ship on March 14.

Any takers? 

Via: Mugen Power
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  • boybert

    I used my Moto X basically non stop the other day from about 7 AM til 3 PM and still had about 20% battery remaining. It was on 4G more or less the whole time and automatic brightness. I used browser, email (GMail and Touchdown for Exchange), navigation, phone, and hangouts during that time and the screen was probably off for only a few minutes total. I think that’s pretty darn good battery life.

  • chris_johns

    mine doesnt make it through the work day…granted its night n day compared to my gnex…still i wish i had max battery life bc im a heavy user

  • Kree Terry

    Actually getting pretty decent battery life on my x with quite a bit of usage and background apps running. No battery case needed.

  • Freddy Oxford III

    My Note 2s battery is zerolemon 9300 mAh pwned. Im surpised droidlife hasnt posted about them 40 bucks in amazon..Lasted 4 and a half days in first charge.

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    hm… kinda ugly… I’m all for more battery life but it doesn’t do the X justice…

  • Brandon

    I get about 8 hours out of mine with moderate usage and about 1-2 hours of screen on time at full brightness. I would consider getting one of these.

  • Razma

    I easily get a day and a half battery life with my moto x with moderate usage