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Mugen Power Reveals 2800mAh Battery Case for the Moto X

Middling or average battery life has been a complaint of Moto X owners since the device’s release. Despite hardware that doesn’t draw nearly the power of higher-end devices, the 2200mAh battery capacity often isn’t enough to get through a full day without charging.

The folks at Mugen Power recognize this; yesterday, the company revealed a 2800mAh battery case designed specifically for the Moto X. For $89.50, it’ll bump the combined capacity to 5000mAh (2800mAh case + 2200mAh internal phone battery), which should translate to 20+ hours of usage before needing a charge. Of course, the extended battery life also translates to added bulk through the case.

The case is $89.50, and is now available for pre-order. It’ll ship on March 14.

Any takers? 

Via: Mugen Power
Cheers Jbartcaps!


  • boybert

    I used my Moto X basically non stop the other day from about 7 AM til 3 PM and still had about 20% battery remaining. It was on 4G more or less the whole time and automatic brightness. I used browser, email (GMail and Touchdown for Exchange), navigation, phone, and hangouts during that time and the screen was probably off for only a few minutes total. I think that’s pretty darn good battery life.

  • chris_johns

    mine doesnt make it through the work day…granted its night n day compared to my gnex…still i wish i had max battery life bc im a heavy user

  • Kree Terry

    Actually getting pretty decent battery life on my x with quite a bit of usage and background apps running. No battery case needed.

  • Freddy Oxford III

    My Note 2s battery is zerolemon 9300 mAh pwned. Im surpised droidlife hasnt posted about them 40 bucks in amazon..Lasted 4 and a half days in first charge.

  • Viet Hoang-Tran

    hm… kinda ugly… I’m all for more battery life but it doesn’t do the X justice…

  • Brandon

    I get about 8 hours out of mine with moderate usage and about 1-2 hours of screen on time at full brightness. I would consider getting one of these.

  • Razma

    I easily get a day and a half battery life with my moto x with moderate usage

  • Chase Chick

    I never go to bed with less than 50% battery and that’s pretty much always with over an hour of screen time. I would call the battery life outstanding.

  • Ryan Cota

    Battery issues a complaint on the Moto X? I dont think so, since i have gotten it, I have never had to charge throughout the day with heavy use. Its brilliant.

  • greyhulk

    Does anyone know what the output is on the mugens? 1a? 2a? 1a would be disappointing and .5a would be a deal breaker.

  • Jpx

    No. I get through a full day and I mean I am doing some heavy 4 hr talking. Its amazing how much active notification changes everything. My screen time is 3hrs max (2hr average), and thats maybe half of the screen time i would have on other phones

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Just seen LG G2 has a case too, 5800 mah, Sweet.


  • NexusMan

    “Middling or average battery life has been a complaint of Moto X owners since the device’s release.” Has it? Because the Moto X is the 1st smartphone I’ve ever owned that has YET to ever die on me.

  • pat smith

    Has anyone noticed a difference in battery life from Dalvik to ART on moto x?

    • Diablo81588

      I don’t know about battery life, but ART is WAY smoother in my opinion. Dalvik sucks.

    • needa

      4.4 art is about ten percent less than 4.2.2. i never used dalvik once i upgraded so cannot confirm that part.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    I will wait until Droidlife get’s one and does a review on it. Even if the reviews are good when it hits the 50% off then i’ll pull the trigger.

  • Jacques

    Just wanted to pile on and say battery life on the X is terrific. 2 days with moderate/high usage is more than acceptable for me.

  • AndrewScottRox

    I can typically go two days on a charge depending on use which makes this phone a BEAST. With that being said, a nice battery case is pretty cool. This thing looks like it was sent back from the future to make sure I’ll never be able to put my phone in my pocket ever again. That’s a big ol’ case!

  • ROB

    Had a mugen for my Bionic back in the day and lasted 6 months. Download the Snapdragon guru app for free and save the $90.

    • Brandon

      never heard of that before, does it work?

      • greyhulk

        Read the reviews in the app store. They are pretty mixed. I would say: Probably not. My experience with battery saver apps (Juice Defender) is that they disable things you need (like timely email) and hurt more than they help, even if you take the time to set up exceptions.

  • DashShrion

    Weird, the X has the best battery of any device I’ve ever used. Easily a full day with moderate use and even with using the hell out of it, I’ve yet to kill it in under 5 hours. Don’t know where these complaints are coming from, 12 hours easy with moderate use is pretty substantial compared to other phones with massive batteries.

    • Sankyou

      Usage is different for everyone and there is a bug in 4.4 that certain people are experiencing. It’s a legitimate bug and reams your phone when it happens.

  • adam

    Just buy an anker external battery on eBay for 20. That price is ridiculous.

  • 72% of statistics are made up on the spot 96% of the time…..

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Actually I think it is more like 77% are made up on the spot 96% of the time, but you were close.

  • Kinda love the x

    If only this fixed my terrible att camera. Where is 4.4.2?

  • Dane Carpenter

    “I don’t understand why people can’t make it a full day.” vs “This is awesome! I can’t make it a full day.”

    Not everyone uses their phone the same. I have my corporate exchange account, gmail, my freelance IMAP, and Lync messenger constantly getting pushed emails and messages. When I’m at work I get 1 bar sometimes 2 bars of signal strength. This causes my phone to work harder than it does when I work from home or somewhere else where I get 4 bars of strength. As a result my phone is pretty much dead by the time I plug it at night on the days I work at the office compared to when I work from home or where I get a better signal. I also find I look at my phone less when I’m at home since I’m always in front of a computer at home. My phone will have 40% battery life at the end of day when I haven’t gone into the office.

    Same is true with my old Droid X. I couldn’t make it 10 hours with it because of a poor signal and how I used it, but my wife could make it work for almost 30 hours where she worked.

    • Sankyou


    • Raven65

      So, lets talk apples to apples. My Moto X has WAAAAY better battery life than the (regular, non-Max) Razr it replaced and the Droid X2 before it when used exactly the same way. I usually have between 40% and 50% battery remaining when I plug my Moto X back in at night when going to bed. The Droid X2 and the Razr had very similar battery life – and they’d both be nearly dead by then (if not actually dead)… and that was after having them on the car charger during my 1-hour commute home in the afternoon. I don’t even bother chargng the Moto X in the car. I’d say the Moto X lasts roughly TWICE as long as those other two phones with the same use – and that was before the 4.4.2 update I just got today that is, among other things, supposed to improve battery life! Bottom line: I have absolutely NO need for a big, ugly supplemental battery for it. Couldn’t be happier with it.

  • flosserelli

    Fugly. They should name it “Cyclops”.

  • Hobie Helbich

    WAYYYYYY too big for me… I dropped my old case (that was quite thin) for a Toast wooden skin on the back. I like the naked feel of the Moto X in my hand way too much to hide it behind a clunky case.

  • Ahku Droid

    Here’s a question. If it is a preorder, where are all of those “customer” reviews coming from? Haha

    • flosserelli


  • steveP

    This is a legitimate complaint from MotoX users? I’ve been using a MotoX for 3 months now and not once have I been upset at it’s battery life. It’s not a MAXX but compared to the GNex it’s a small slice of heaven.

    • Sankyou

      Well you’re comparing it to the original Nexus – which pretty much says all you need to say. As you mentioned, coming from a Maxx or comparing it to a G2/Note – it’s only good but not great.

      • Raven65

        Coming from a Droid X2 and a (non-Maxx) Razr, it’s fantastic!

      • needa

        gnex was number three.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Soooooooo ugly

  • Droid Ronin

    I used to get awesome battery life on my Moto X, but lately, the battery has been draining like crazy with Android OS eating up 75+% of it, even when idle.

    • breadable

      The 4.4.2 update should fix that

    • grumpyfuzz

      Same thing happened to me, and I am on 4.4.2… It didn’t happen in 4.4

  • Diablo81588

    I’m typically around 50 percent left after a 15 hour day. I could probably make it through 2 days if need be, but that’d be pushing it. Definitely not as good as my old Maxx, but still gets pretty great battery life.

  • Tyler

    Is anyone still having battery life issues after the update to 4.4.2? I still cant make it through a day like i could on 4.2.2. Lots of wakelocks 🙁

    • Diablo81588

      Factory reset?

      • Tyler

        Thats the plan, i might send mine in to get the front facing cam fixed which would hopefully fix this issue. Is factory reset a guarenteed fix?

        • Diablo81588

          Obviously not, but I easily get through a day on mine.

        • Sankyou

          Yes I should clarify that when I upgraded to 4.4.2 – I did a factory reset as well and it fixed my battery issues prior to rooting. Still no guarantee, of course, but it worked for me.

    • Sankyou

      4.4.2 fixed them for me. Was in the same situation until 4.4.2. I was able to resolve them prior by manually blocking the wakelocks but it requires root access.

      • Tyler

        Yeah, i have yet to see the need to root my moto x. Would rather keep it stock if all possible.

        • Sankyou

          Gravitybox is pretty smooth. Allows you to do the mods while maintaining the stock ROM. Other than that, I’m with you 100% – that’s actually why I chose the X.

  • Mario Lovato

    cease and desist DL as per Lenovo, please refer to the Moto X as Lenovo X so there’s is no confusion LOL 🙂

    • Tyler

      Umm Lenovo doesn’t technically own Motorola yet, thats still in the works. I dont see it not going through though.

    • Shawn Gill

      Lenova has come out and said they wanna keep the brand of Motorola. So it can still be called moto x when lenova owns them. 🙂

  • shkrmkr79

    Wouldn’t use this on a day-to-day, but would have been nice to have something like this for when I was at Lollapalooza last summer. Taking tons of pics and video ate up my battery pretty good each day. Makes sense to me to have extra battery power in a case rather than to have an extra peripheral to carry around like those external battery chargers. Might pick one up for those times I think I might need some extra juice…usually my phone is naked, I wonder how much actual weight and bulk is added by this particular product.

  • Dan

    I’m curious how many of you have issues with the X’s battery – Mine seems to hold up during a normal work day just fine.

  • T4rd



    My Note 3 w/ Zero Lemon battery says F*ck yo couch. It also doubles as a licenced weapon.

    • Mike Aurin

      Only upvoting for the last sentence, both humor and fact wise.

      • T4rd

        Eh, I revised it a bit.. might not be as funny now =o

        • Mike Aurin

          Still giggled.

        • droidify

          What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP bit*h

    • Beavis

      Considering I plug my phone in when I go to bed like most everyone else, these stats do nothing for me. One day is plenty.

      • T4rd

        Don’t have to be so smug about it, bruh.. some of us don’t have the luxury of sleeping in a bed every night or having electricity. I’m a proud hobo that sleeps under an overpass in Detroit every night. So I have to sneak a charge at the local McDonalds or Motel 8 lobby when I can. With my Note 3, I can play Flappy Bird for days and it helps keep my mind off of my empty stomach and cold/bare feet. Shoot.. the Starbucks lady found me on their WiFi from behind the dumpster again.. gotta go!

        • Sankyou

          Similar life situation only I prefer the McDonald’s lobby for a fappy bird marathon.

  • Sean Plantz

    looks ridiculous, not sure id cover such a good looking phone with that, just find a juice pack on sale and use that in emergencies.

  • Sankyou

    I like the battery life on the X but I do wish it was larger. Note to Lenovorola: Please charge me the extra $$$ when you make your next flagship to include a battery that I don’t have to think about. -Kthnx Mgmt

  • Anthony Bottari

    I just like how the company is called Mugen Power ..Just like the Honda performance company in Japan Mugen. Started by Mr Honda’s son. The word translates into ‘Unlimited”.

  • trixnkix637

    I’m loving my moto x battery. no complaints. and i don’t miss carrying around 3 extra batteries like I did with my GNex.

  • rdm1776

    My Gnex needed 4 batteries to get me through the day. MotoX—nice, but bad battery life.

  • Grayson

    Average battery life has been a complaint? My Moto X gets MUCH better battery life than my previous phones (iPhone 5, Nexus 4, HTC One). Typically 16 to 18 hours with 4 to 5 hours of screen on time, and I don’t disable any feature to try to improve it.

    • kaufkin

      Agreed – I usually charge overnight, and get 17-20 hours …. roughly same usage as above… and if I really need a battery? I have my Anker 3E. 🙂 (Disclamer: all the above is blown to heck if I run Ingress, but even the MAXX gets thrashed by Ingress… *shrug*)

    • LP @ThisisEther

      Me also, minimum 15 hours…i’ve actually never heard of Battery life being an issue on MOTO X until this post….

  • Doug

    moto x has pretty decent battery life..not much to complain about.
    I get through the day more times than not.
    Show box usually is the big culprit if i dont make it through the day.

    but additional battery life for those who feel like they need cant be a bad thing.

    personally don’t need it though.

  • getarealbattery

    Mugen Power Reveals 2800mAh Battery Case
    for the Droid Maxx… oh wait, no they didn’t…

    • J2000pro

      That’s be awesome. I’d only have to charge it like once a week.

  • Maybe its because I came from a Gnexus, but my X gets great battery life. Can make it through 2 full days with light to moderate use. Even heavy use I can usually go over a day. Right now I have 1 hour talk time and 1 1/2 hour screen time and I’m sitting at 70%, streamed google music for about an hour too. Moto X is by far the best Android phone I’ve owned.

  • Jovi

    I don’t think there is a general consensus of average battery life. At least from what I’ve heard in my circles, what I read here, and my own experience. The phone easily makes it 15 hours of moderate usage with 30%. I’m just one person, but I’ve heard similar.

  • Orlando

    My Moto X last all day with out the need of recharge.

  • rfranken

    my moto x cured cancer while feeding starving children in africa. Twice!

    • Walter Partlo

      On the same charge!

    • Sankyou

      Uphill too. No doubt…

      • Walter Partlo

        Both ways.

        • Droid Ronin

          in the snow

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Without a finger print scanner

  • droidify

    Cue the “my moto x is holier than thou and gets great battery life so this is stupid and unnecessary” comments. I often forget this is motox-life.com

    • guest what?

      you jelly bro?

      • Alec

        Nah, he’s on KitKat

    • hoosiercub88

      Mine doesn’t get ‘great’ battery life. It gets average if you actually use the darn thing. I can drain it before the end of the day easily. It was quite an adjustment to make coming from my Note II. I don’t know why everyone touts the battery life as being something amazing, because it isn’t.

      I’d purchase this for long trips/periods of times when I’m going to be away from a charger for a day or two. Not at this price though, maybe $60 tops. Which is the price of an overpriced Seidio Innocell for ‘XXX’ Phone.

      • droidify

        I think most people on this site bought the gnex (myself included) and then went with a moto x so it seems exceptional after that turd. I was more poking fun than anything. I like the x but I’ve noticed that saying it is anything less than orgasmic is fighting words around these parts.

        • hoosiercub88

          Prior to the Note II, My daily was a VZW Gnex *from the day it was released*, the battery life was the main reason I made the jump to the Note. I love my Moto X though, don’t get me wrong. I just wish I could have DROID Maxx battery life with this software experience sometimes. I don’t have trouble making it through a day so long as I keep in mind its not a Note II.

      • Grayson

        If the HTC One, Galaxy S4, and Nexus 5 get average battery life, then the Moto X gets above average battery life as it definitely lasts longer than those three flagships. If you compare it to massive devices with massive batteries like the Note series, then sure, it’s not going to be as good, but I still think it’s better than the average flagship from 2013. We’ll see what 2014 brings.

    • trixnkix637

      blahbetty blah blah… wine wine.. motox-life.com.. Why care enough to write that if you claim to care very little?

      • droidify

        Thanks for proving my point. I think you left out a couple H’s up there. I’ll let you try and figure out where. Thanks for the “claim” you made for me too.

        • trixnkix637

          Not quite sure how mocking your tone proved your point, but last I checked it’s a free country. And of course I left out a few H’s here and there. I gots to feed the trolls (/s), or perhaps I was referring to the alcoholic beverage I was consuming at the moment. We’ll never know. Also there’s an innate difference between a “claim” & a statement made off of clear “observation”. Good day sir.

          • droidify

            Innate? Get a dictionary. So there was a inherant or an instinctive difference? Buwwahahahaha. I think the word you were looking for was clear or obvious. Innate, not so much. You ever heard “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt”

  • droid

    people complaing about battery on the X must be doing something wrong.. i can easily get a 1.5 days out of it with mild use.

    • hoosiercub88

      I don’t think using my phone is doing something wrong… *shrug* The only way to get a day and a half of use out of it would be to not use it.

    • Tyler

      My phone has wakelock issues so i cant get past 15hrs with 1-2hrs of screen time and 0 phone calls/streaming music. My point is that sometimes its not user error.

  • C-Law

    I fully disagree with ur statement about the moto x not surviving a full day. I have nothing disabled, am on Verizon, and regularly get 24 hour battery life with four to give hours screen on time

    I wasn’t on Wi-Fi the entire time. Scanning always available is on so that’s what keeps the bar blue. A little over two and a half hours screen on time

  • The Narrator

    I wish Mophie would support more devices.

  • Severo Rivera

    No Nexus 5 battery case. 🙁

  • gregmr

    Not understanding the gripes on battery life. My X makes it through a full day of moderate use while syncing my Google and Corporate account with no problem.

    • The Narrator

      People have different uses. Sure some people survived on the Gnex, but most couldn’t last 4 hours.

      • PhilD41

        To that, I didn’t last much more then 4 hours on my GNex but work a full day on my Moto X with juice to spare. I could see the use of a larger battery, but I don’t have one. I have 4hrs screen on over 15hr days regularly. Only hit the red battery mark twice in 2 months.

        • BK

          I agree. Sure people may have “different uses.” But going from a GNex to Moto X with the same usage, the difference is night and day.

        • The Narrator

          Regardless, just because you have good battery life, doesn’t mean everybody else in the world does. Every single person has different uses.

          • BK

            Well it certainly seems like a lot of people below have no complaints, so…

            And I’d argue DL readers tend to be harder on their phones than most.

          • The Narrator

            Not always. Just saying that battery life is different for everybody. Some people last all day on an iPhone, and some don’t. Some people go days on a G2, some don’t.

          • BK

            All of your comments above go without saying. Of course everyone is different. The question is whether Moto X battery life is truly “average” (as the article suggests), taking into account the diversity of usage patterns. And what I and many others seem to be arguing is that this suggestion is not accurate.

            Of course we all want more battery life. But it seems to me the Moto X does better than most phones, excepting perhaps the G2, Maxx, and some others.

          • The Narrator

            For heavy users, it probably is average. Who knows. But everyone’s freaking out over a little comment about battery life. Like, relax. It’s a battery kids.

          • The Narrator

            I like to upvote my own posts from a guest account.

          • The Narrator

            Good for you. Move along, troll.

          • No narration required

            So, it gets bad battery life because there are heavy users out there that can drain the battery in a few hours? couldn’t you say that about any phone then, minus maybe the Droid Max?

        • Mike

          Exactly. When I test drove my wife’s Moto X I had no problem making it through the day. She’s in a poor signal area and if she’s not plugging it in by 1pm the battery is dead even if she never used it once during the day. But during the weekend the phone is fine all day.

          She took my G2 to work for a bit and it lasted all day (but was <10% by the evening), but she likes the X so deals with plugging it in after lunch at work.

        • michael arazan

          My car charger was indispensable with my GNex to keep it charged. The only way to keep it charged for 11 hours on a single charge was minimal use on 3g, a couple phone calls and text messages only on a low lit screen. Heavy usage with 3 1/2 hours on screen media and the 16% warning would come on.

    • aBabyPenguin

      I totally agree. Battery life for me has been great. I enjoy playing games, browsing the Web, and listening to music and I can get about 15 hours. With light usage I’ve gotten 36hrs. Head over to XDA and most other users have similar reports.

    • OhYeah!

      My moto x last half a day with some of the goodies turned off. I would like one of these (if they weren’t so ugly) as it would maybe get me all day with all the bells and whistles turned on.

    • morteum

      My first Moto X was a little underwhelming in the battery life department, and a loose backplate. Motorola sent me a new one (fo’ free!) and this one has had great battery life in comparison. My average battery time is 15 to 20 hours with about 2.5 hours of screen on time. If I use it heavily the screen on time jumps up to 3.5 hours, and I still get 10 or so hours of battery life. Compared to the Gnex, this is awesome.

    • Seriously! I can easily get a day and a half on a single charge, and because the capacity is so low it fully charges in about 20-30 minutes.

      • Odin2347

        Maybe if you don’t touch your phone. I’ve owned both the moto x and the lg g2 and the x would get about half the battery life of the g2. 6 hours screen on with 24 hour uptime is no problem.

    • 18 hours with 3 1/2 hours screen on time, 15% battery left. Same here.

    • Al-Burrit0

      Actually ever since the kit Kat update I feel like my moto x dies fast. Is this bad? Been on for about 10 hours. Battery at 55%

      • Chase Chick

        how many hours do you want? a million?

        • Al-Burrit0

          That would be awesome but no I’m asking if anybody is having this problem. I was at work all day and only got to listen to music on my way to work and 20 mins during work. A quick look at droid life and fb.

      • Tyler

        Having same issue, 4.4.2 didn’t fix it either. Might try factory reset to fix.

        • Al-Burrit0

          Really? I haven’t received the 4.4.2 yet since I’m in att but I thought it was suppose to fix it? I hope I don’t have to reset :/

          • Tyler

            That’s what I thought. I rebooted for the first time since the update and I’m hoping it will iron itself out. Maybe you will have better luck than me with the update.

      • mizo

        Yea, mine seems to do that sometimes too. Google play services can seem to drain the hell out it sometimes. Background services getting too wild or something I guess. It’s weird; some days it does exceptionally well. Other days, not so good.

        • Al-Burrit0

          Yea I know remember before the kitkat 4.4 update I would do 18 hours no problems. Now I make only about 12-13.

      • Luciano Carvalho

        You’re going towards 20+ hours out of one charge. Is that bad? I don’t think so.

        • Al-Burrit0

          No actually I got to 13 hrs before I had to charger it.

    • KR

      Right, I think it’s been pretty rare that I’ve seen people complaining about the battery life from the Moto X. My device makes it through the day and then some, with typical use. I also know three other owners and none of them complain, either.

      That said, more battery life has never hurt.

  • chris kilps

    that is more than the phone

  • cjohn4043

    “often isn’t enough to get through a full day without charging.”
    I can pretty easily go a full day without charging, a little surprised that a good bit have this issue.

    • rawr

      I went several over 12 hour days with a gnex on vacation. I mean each night had me at 15 mins of battery left but it made it.

      Any places where I use lots of battery at a time (like watching youtube or something) I have access to outlets (they are everywhere these days).

      • C-Law

        Gnex? You mean moto x?

        • but thanks though

          No, I’m saying with the awful and old gnex.

          Lending a different experience to say lasting a day with a modern smartphone isn’t rare and that DL focuses on mAh numbers and not real time.

        • alarson83

          Has to mean moto x. .A gnex barely makes it off the charger without dropping to 50% battery.

          • C-Law

            Well that’s what I thought but he clarified gnex. I rarely got over 3 hours screen on time with mine and hardly made it through half a day. I got my gnex on launch day and loved it but I was happy when I moved on to better battery life

          • alarson83

            Yeah, same situation except i havent moved on yet as i got mine in may of 2012. Currently debating what the best option is. GS5 looks nice feature-wise though im not a huge touchwiz fan.. The moto maxx looks nice as well as does the X (x seems like faster updates but i kind of want the battery life of the maxx)

      • C-Law

        I would have had to switch to CDMA only and turn off sync and use the official slightly extended battery to pull that off on my gnex

    • Hawk888

      I can usually go 2 days. This is very surprising to me.

    • JBartcaps

      I really depends on Wifi availability and cell coverage to be honest

  • njbuzz

    My wife has terrible battery on her moto x. Huge Android OS drain. Tried everything . hoping the new update fixes the problem .

    • chris kilps

      what does your wife uses her phone for, you might want to try reloading it or replacing I get a good 12 hr out of my?

      • njbuzz

        I’ve done a reset, through recovery. She’ll make it through the day but the Screen on is like 15 mins, and android os accounts for 80% of the drain.

        • Sankyou

          I had similar problems on 4.4 until I went nuts and fixed it. It took some serious sleuthing and root access to do so. Then I updated to 4.4.2 and it fixed the problem. Is she on 4.4.2 yet?

    • C-Law

      The only fix I’ve seen for this is a factory reset. I don’t recommend disabling things like location reporting and auto backup because you lose major functionality and those aren’t the issue anyway. I have everything enabled and get 24 hours easily. Try a reset

  • T S

    i got wood so i could show it off. not be covered up. great for those that need that extra juice though.

    • Doug

      he he

      he said he got wood

    • shkrmkr79

      I like to show off my wood too

    • Joseph J Pfister

      If you show off your wood, you’re going to have a bad time.