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Friday App Sales: ROM Toolbox Pro, Wipeout, The Room, Documents To Go, and More

It’s almost the weekend, which means it’s time for another Friday App Sales post. This week we have another lengthy catalog of apps for you to soak in, with great apps like JRummy’s ROM Toolbox Pro down to $2.99, The Room (a Tato favorite) discounted to just $0.99, and Crazy Taxi also at the same price. Some other big-namers on sale include the newly-redesigned Documents To Go‘s premium key, and TuneIn Radio Pro.

Go hit that clearance rack.

Friday app sales

Go support those hard-working developers.

  • Johny
  • Cabbage

    What’s the orginal prices of these apps? Some of the descriptions don’t say anything about the sale. Dropping the price by $0.01 is still considered a discount.

  • Raven

    Exitedly clicked on Wipeout hoping that it was a version of the old anti-gravity racing game on PlayStation and was very disappointed to find out that it was just based on the dumb TV show where people get knocked off of things into the muck.

  • Raven

    Excitedly looked at Wipeout hoping it was a version of the old anti-gravity racing PlayStation game and was very disappointed to find out that it is based on the dumb TV show.

  • JSo

    Lol….Couple Tracker. Yeah, I’m sure those couples are happy.

    • Blue Sun

      Couple Tracker… the official phone app of Cheaters the TV show.

  • Genius Scan is on sale for $0.99 too

  • Bobby

    Couple Tracker just creeps me out. I don’t understand why things like this are created.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Because some people find it hard to trust another person. Sad, really sad. 🙁

    • SHMeyer

      Going through the reviews…shocking(not) that most of them are from women.

      • T4rd

        Lol, I checked for and noticed the same thing.

    • James

      Yeah, if someone gunna cheat, theyre gunna cheat. An apps not a deterrent

  • Tim242

    Office Suite Pro > Docs To Go

  • Thomas

    Amazing that OfficeSuite Pro 7 is only .99, it’s $14.99 regularly.

    • gambit07

      I remember buying it for 0.99 on Amazons app store when it first opened. Then I realized those apps never got updated so I didn’t use it. OfficeSuite isn’t as necessary with Google now pushing quickoffice, but still nice to have for that price.