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Google Exploring Nine New Potential Markets for Google Fiber

Got your freakout caps on? Good. Google announced today that they are exploring plans to bring its Internet and TV service, Google Fiber, to nine new cities in the US. Within each metropolitan area, there are different markets, which brings the possible number of future Fiber markets to 34

Google is currently in talks with all of the cities to see what it will take to bring the service to them.

We aim to provide updates by the end of the year about which cities will be getting Google Fiber. Between now and then, we’ll work closely with each city’s leaders on a joint planning process that will not only map out a Google Fiber network in detail, but also assess what unique local challenges we might face. These are such big jobs that advance planning goes a long way toward helping us stick to schedules and minimize disruption for residents.

Here is the full list of cities that Google is exploring.

  • Arizona- Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe
  • California- San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto
  • Georgia- Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Hapeville, Sandy Springs, Smyrna
  • North Carolina- Charlotte, Carrboro, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Garner, Morrisville, Raleigh
  • Oregon- Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Tigard
  • Tennessee- Nashville-Davidson
  • Texas- San Antonio
  • Utah- Salt Lake City

I don’t want to get to toot my own city’s horn, but the Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro area would be a very good choice for Google Fiber. I mean, we have Intel, Nike, NVIDIA offices, and a ton of other great companies who might benefit from the service. Just sayin’.

Rollouts like this are never speedy, so it’s still a little early to pop bottles of champagne, but we’re getting there.

Are you excited for this exploration? Who here might be affected by the new markets?

Via: Google [2]
  • kselby

    I’m surprised they didn’t start it out in San Jose originally, right in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Fingers crossed though, I can’t stand Comcast.

  • p4

    My wife has been trying to get me to move to phx/scottsdate for years bc of her family .. This certainly doesnt help my case for staying in michigan!

  • Adam Crawford

    Mountain View baby! Hell yeah! Makes sense, considering they are located here..

  • Justin Jordan

    No possibility of getting it here in Wilsonville, Oregon? Dang.

  • Hoff16

    In this comment thread: Everyone bitching that Google Fiber isn’t coming to their city.

    Everyone just be happy for progress. This is a step in the right direction and lets hope that the big ISPs are shaking in their boots.

  • Blue Sun

    Yesssss! So ready to ditch Comcrap.

  • TSON1

    Michigan never gets anything good 🙁

    • gt3nx5

      And you’re saying this to a person from Idaho.

  • wmsco1

    Roll out will depend on how much fiber optics They have laid.

  • Tony Byatt

    Sooo close…Dallas and New Orleans…Glad to see Atlanta though…

  • Troy Haskett

    So excited we might get it in SLC. I knew they are putting it in Provo, but that is a lil farther away than where I want to commute from. With it possibly going in SLC, I can easily get Fiber and have a good commute.

  • Marvin Tejada

    What about the most important state in the whole world, NY?

  • John Hegberg

    Like I said in another post. Frontier doesn’t want the Fios lines that they acquired when they bought them from Verizon. If Google can work out a good deal, a good chunk of the infrastructure will already be done. Hope that happens.

  • Shawn

    Google, taking over the nation one step at a time!

  • kevin_gee

    Los Angeles. Ca perhaps?

  • muddy46

    Lehigh Valley, Pa please!

    Lehigh Valley, Pa please!

    Lehigh Valley, Pa please!

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Yay to Portland and San Antonio. Moving to Austin in November so hoping its up and running there by then. Friends in San Antonio will be happy.

    • M3D1T8R

      Go Spurs! I wish I could move there for my Spurs, and now maybe Google fiber too. Living in CA a little rough as a long time Spurs fan.

  • James Hill

    Bring it to Phoenix. Cox and Century Link are in need of some competition.

  • Relentlesspace

    ATL shawty! I’ve been yearning for this. When can we expect this to launch? End of 2015?

  • Chris

    Gresham huh? You couldn’t pay me to live there….

  • I’m possibly moving to one of those areas this year… and another area is very close to my current location. So YES I am excited.

  • Please pick Raleigh. Please pick Raleigh. Please pick Raleigh.

  • Damon Rose

    Love to see some Canadian locations for this wonderous service. We need bigger competition in this market, BADLY

  • Jeff

    No love for Minneapolis? I’m currently stuck with CenturyLink or Comcast so I basically have no competition (tech-wise). CenturyLink is DSL/satellite & Comcast is cable.

  • jak_341

    Pittsburgh? I really want to dump Comcast.

  • Eric J.

    Another vote for Hillsboro/Portland/Beaverton! Devices potentially needing to use 10Gbs connections would be great for my job! :p

    • Chris

      Agreed. PDX is a major metropolitan area. With all the tech companies we have here and intel’s expansion of the Ronler Acres campus we could use it.

    • Caleb Boerner

      Never going to happen in Beaverton/Hillsboro. That is one of the most builtexpanded as of fiber to the premises in the entire country. Verizon began their fios in Hillsboro and Beaverton because of Intel and it has continued to expand since Frontier took control. Frontier has expanded fios all the way out to Cornelius and Forrest Grove. It just wouldn’t make sense for Google to try to get into an already highly saturated market.

      • Chris

        and whys that? Google themselves said they are looking in to expanding in to Beaverton/Hillsboro on Top of Portland. they pretty much want to cover the entire Portland metropolitan area Yes, we have frontier for fiber optic and I remember when they installed all of that ten years ago but much like with Comcast, Century Link, Charter, Time warner and any other ones, its good to have competition. In markets like Portland, we have very little to choose from – mostly just comcast

        Why else would they try to come in to Portland?

        Either you work for Comcast or frontier it seems…

        • Caleb Boerner

          Actually I work for one of the largest telecommunications construction contractors in the country, and certainly the largest in PDX. I have built over a thousand miles of fiber in the last 10 years and have a pretty intimate understanding of the current plant in the Portland metro area as well as the cost of construction in the area compared to the number of potential subscribers. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Google fiber come to the PDX area, and I would love to build it for them, I just don’t see it coming to a very big portion of the Portland market anytime soon for the reasons I already mentioned.

  • joseph barrientos

    finally! was in the paper this morning, i work 5 min from google HQ, me first!

  • ba11sy

    Huzzah Phoenix!

  • maxx1987

    well lets just hope comcast doesn’t bribe portland officials to prevent this from happening…

  • Jeff Trusty

    Yes! Salt Lake City, UT. Google should take over the Utopia fiber network. I would love to go from 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS.

  • Gustavo Bruno

    Freaking out it’s coming to Salt Lake city.

  • Baltimore……..

  • TheWenger

    ……I’m in NC. Winson-Salem. About halfway between Raleigh and Charlotte……

  • Michael Suriel

    No love for Orlando 🙁 This doesn’t make a difference to me anyways because the dictators that run the community I live in only allow Brighthouse. No Google Fiber for me

  • TopXKiller

    Screw you Google

  • BillySuede

    new york city or gtfo.

  • Its really happening 🙂

    • Scott

      It needs to happen faster and in more places. The ISP situation is going to gett worse in light of this comcast/time warner cable buyout.

  • Sacchin Thomas


  • Jimbo Jones

    What about Newark, Detroit, and Philly?

    • AbbyZFresh

      The installation crew will be six feet deep before they finish Fiber in those 3 cities.

  • Malcolm James II

    Atlanta wooo!!

  • Brandon Nicholson

    PORTLAND!!! What a fantastically great idea for Google to do.

  • Curtis

    I was shocked when I saw Raleigh, NC. Research Triangle Park in North Carolina would benefit from Google Fiber… just sayin!

    • tanknspank

      It really would. Plus I believe the triangle has fiber laid out in a lot of areas already. Sure they could take advantage of that.

    • Curtis

      My neighborhood is not likely to be in an area affected by this coverage… I will move for this!

  • Tom Z

    How about Chicago, the “Silicon Prairie”.

  • Richard Jackson

    Come to Las Vegas. We have blackjack and hookers.

    • Scott

      Very convincing!

    • ZeroBarrier

      I know right. We’ll now be surrounded by 4 states and 5 different cities that are getting in/got it. You’re aiming to far outside the bulls-eye Google, ADS and hit the mark on Las Vegas, NV already!

  • Bryan

    They need to add Chandler, Arizona. We have a lot of hi- tech companies here (Intel, Motorola, Orbital Sciences, Microchip, etc.).

  • jamdev12

    Come to San Jose, CA. I can’t wait to get rid of my Comcast connection.

  • nbgiant25

    D/FW is called the Silicon Prarie. I think we deserve some love here…

  • SaulTKnutts

    Decatur, GA. Eff. Tee. Dubya!!!

  • droidrazredge

    Finally, Google Fiber, Has come back to Silicon Valley!!!!!!!!!! It’s about damn time! We should have been one of the first cities to try out Google Fiber in my opinion.

  • SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jacob lewis

    Cmon Portland area I probably couldn’t afford it though so I would have to invade DL headquarters to try it out because I know you guys would get it.

  • lakers1moretime

    Raleigh – Let’s do it. we have 3 great universities to get it going – please google

  • Ballerado

    Fcuk me. I need to stop getting my hopes up when I see Google Fiber headlines. I love Denver, but we possibly have the worst ISP options of any major city.

    • Sherman

      I mean even if Google tried to install Google Fiber in Denver, Seattle would just pick it off and run it all the way back home.

      • Ballerado


      • OreoMan

        Ouch…..not going to lie…..that hurt a little bit.

    • OreoMan

      I was hoping to see a deal between Level3 and Google. They should sign something to use their dark fiber and switching capabilities here locally. ISP here in Denver is pretty weak.

      • Ballerado

        I was hoping for this, too. There seems to be a solid dark fiber network in Denver from the maps I’ve seen.

        I’ve noticed (what appears to be) a large fiber project going on I25 between C470 and Lincoln.

        • Caleb Boerner

          Most downtown urban centers have a huge dark fiber network. Level3 is a major player in that throughout the west. A leasing agreement wouldn’t necessarily surprise me, but I don’t know if Google would be OK not being the owner/operator of the network, and I know Level3 is likely never going to outright sell any of their networks.

  • Chris Bailey

    Boo Wendy. Boooo.

  • cmorty72

    Would be nice to see one pop up in the Champaign/Urbana, IL. area.

  • Boss As Hell

    Let’s go San Antonio!

  • evltwn

    Really looking forward to it coming here to Phoenix.

  • jeff manning

    Uh Atlanta over new Orleans. Garbage

  • MrBouche

    Geez, is there anything I can do to get them to consider my city? We need some competition.

  • trixnkix637

    How is Los Angeles or San Diego not a major priority? But yet San Jose is…

    • AbbyZFresh

      San Jose is near Google’s headquarters and the proximity of many major tech firms. They don’t call it Silicon Valley for no reason.

      • trixnkix637

        I believe it has more to do with the cost of installing in LA or SD compared to San Jose. It being Silicon Valley certainly gives Google some pull with city leaders.

    • Sina

      LA and San Diego are vast cities which would be very costly to deploy. I dont see us getting it for a while. I think for LA at least (I don’t know much about San Diego), if they were to bring it out here, they would probably start in more wealthy and hip parts, ie. Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Echo Park, Silverlake Etc.

      • Sina


      • trixnkix637

        I agree with you. The cost of getting out to LA or SD is probably more than Google believes it worth at these “early stages”.

    • Shane Vendrell

      After watching the documentary on living in Los Angeles, The Shield I believe it was called, why would Google invest in it?

    • psuturtle

      From another article I read, it’s not necessarily about which city should be a priority. It’s more about what cities are willing to work directly with google to remove obstacles (i.e. red tape) that would hinder the deployment. My guess is they’re avoiding the larger cities as they feel it’s easier to work with the smaller mid-tier ones.

  • David Castillo

    Athens, Ga por favor

  • soccerburn55

    I hate you Tim and Kellen

  • Dominik Rozek

    Google Fiber should go disrupt the Comcast/Time Warner deal, bring this to Chicago Land Area!

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Alright Google, just move from Decatur on up the I-85 corridor…just a few…more…miles….

  • I live in Austin. We are not a current Fiber city. There is no Google Fiber here. I wish there was, but it’s not here yet.

    • John

      Seriously…I’m in Austin too and there has been zero progress. My buddy works for Austin Energy (electricity for the city) and he said they have had 1 single meeting about the setting up of hardware on the electrical lines. zzzzzzzzzzz.

      • I live 20 minutes from downtown & thought they’d be in my neighborhood by now. My office is downtown & one of our former board members works for Google Fiber — we haven’t heard anything positive about progress.

  • Donna Geelhoed Ice

    Yay for Phoenix!

  • r.™

    Washington, D.C. please

  • Ben Rollier

    “Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe”


  • How many miles does the service typically spread out from the city? Im 14miles from nashville.

    • Chris

      Well I’m From Hillsboro, Oregon. Thats about 15-17 miles from Portland. both cities are in talks for Google fiber.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Portland, Portland, Portland!

  • Guest

    sigh, no upper midwest

    • BobbyG

      or North East

  • If they are smart Raleigh and Charlotte will be next because of the technology focus in those towns. Then Phoenix because of the ridiculous amount of growth they have and are still going through.

  • abhele

    sunnyvale CA 😀 wooooo i will be upgrading to this when it hits the market

  • Alex Boro

    We want East brunswick nj

  • Tyler

    Damnit, Silicon Valley so close but no cigar…

  • mcdonsco

    Even though I have fiber to my house out here in Damascus, I’m doubting I’d be able to get it…oh well.

  • Mathew Colburn

    Why not Indianapolis?! Nashville is sooo close and we really need to get rid of the AT&T/Brighthouse/Comcast stranglehold around here!

  • C-Law

    Why no Houston/spring/woodlands!?

  • Hans Carota

    Google Fiber in Sacramento! I really wish I could kick Comcast to the curb.

  • Warwick

    San Jose. MUCH SAN JOSE

  • Godzilla

    All of the old people in Florida will think Google Fiber is just another Metamucil alternative.

    • Curtis

      Too funny!

    • Chris

      old people? You mean crazy people? cuz thats what florida is filled with!

      • The Narrator

        Yeah let’s listen to the few cases in Florida and come to the conclusion everyone is crazy !

        • Chris

          You mad?

          Theres more then just a few cases. Anyone with a brain would know that kid

        • M3D1T8R

          They did pass that barbaric “stand your ground” law, so it is quite a lot more than a few people.

          • Pyro

            Rofl. Barbaric. Wow.

      • michael arazan

        We don’t need Fiber installers getting shot because people are paranoid with their new space age cables and messing with people’s telephone poles outside their houses.

    • Ajay

      As a 18 year old in Florida, am beging for Fiber to get here.

  • Godzilla

    Why is South Bend not on this list when it came in 2nd place to be the test market? Duh

  • Severo Rivera

    Come on Google what about Florida?

  • akhnaten

    They need to take over Frontier’s fiber in the rural towns of Portland and Seattle. No install necessary.

    • Caleb Boerner

      They may not use the same type of fiber network as fios, so purchasing existing plant may not be a feasible option.

  • Curtis Black

    Come on Google, Seattle loves you! Save us from the nightmare that is Comcast!

  • zachos

    Wow. Google got really lazy with the blue fill around Michigan. We’re a mitten, Google, not a sock!


    I mean Portland/Hillsboro is great and all, but I don’t think Intel’s research lab is going to use residential fiber. Their connection is probably already faster than what Google provides.

    • Well I live down the street, so I still want it 😛


        Have you been to Two Girls Two Shirts?

    • Caleb Boerner

      I built the fiber that serves Intel in Hillsboro. They have their own dedicated fiber network backbone back to the Frontier central office in Hillsboro. They get all of the speed that the network is capable of and enough bandwidth on their dedicated backbone to serve a medium sized city.

  • tanknspank

    Yeah! Raleigh! I’ll be going to school and living here for the foreseeable future. Here’s to hoping!

    • jkNCSTisPrettycool

      Which one, the prestigious Duke? The scholarly UNC-CH? Or that state school…

      • Patmw123

        Don’t forget about Wake Forest, which is also a great school. There is quite the abundance of other colleges/universities in the area as well. Much more than most people think.

        • GL Spending 100k on Art Degree

          WF didn’t come up because I am researching grad schools for CS and WF is a Democrat-Arts school.

          • Patmw123

            Gotcha. I wasn’t aware that we were just referring to Computer Science grad schools.

      • tanknspank

        Haha currently just a CS student in States engineering program. Great school though man!

    • Lucky Armpit

      And I just saw on Google’s blog that my city, Garner, is included. Sweet!

  • viewthis66

    California- San Jose <——- YES!!!!!!

    • OreoMan

      San Jose?!?! You know those fiber lines are going to get stolen…..

      • master94

        Fiber has no resale value though.

        • OreoMan

          Yes, but in San Jose…they steal everything that’s not bolted down.

  • Nick Vallely


  • gotluck

    Google hates FL

  • SJ

    Charlotte… Please come before Comcastrophe launches here!

    • Scott

      No kidding… I’m in SC and that merger would destroy the internet options.

    • Bigwavedave25

      YES… Charlotte! Bring it

    • Wolfpack93

      What do we need to do to win a bid? I want to be first in line for any service exploring a 10 Gbs connection!

  • Mike

    Yes Nashville! Although I live in the suburbs, but still Cool!

  • Silky Johnson

    Norfolk/ Virginia Beach/ Chesapeake area please!

  • csl87

    Please let them proceed quickly with the Atlanta plan.

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Still no Illinois. We have NO public offerings of Fios in the area. Verizon only offers Cell and dialup lol… Please come to Chicago and its suburbs!

    • JP

      Google won’t pony up the cash demanded by our windy-city politicians…

  • MichaelFranz

    you lucky SOB’s in Portland area. ::coughcoughKELLEN&TIMcoughcough::

    • WOOOHOO!

      • Scott

        The only thing Portland brings to mind is Grimm :p

      • nwd1911

        I’ve been needing a reason to move up to Portland…this is it! (and/or the job market)

    • Caleb Boerner

      If Portland gets Google fiber it will likely only be the downtown area which is currently very under served as far as fiber services go. The outlying areas of Portland are already pretty well covered by fiber to the premises. The exception being areas that are serviced by Century Link. However because the relative sprawl of Portland’s eastside, the cost of construction per mile against the number of potential subscribers makes that area pretty low priority, especially when whoever builds the fiber network will have to compete head to head with Comcast, who already has a huge portion of the market share in that area and offers 100Mbs residential service.

  • dhirensavalia

    Richmond, VA would also be an excellent place. We have Capital One, Altria, Genworth Financial, CarMax, and MeadWestvaco.

  • Marc

    Oh nooo. Just left NC and moved about 4 hours farther north…

    • Lucky Armpit

      And I just moved to the Raleigh area. So I hope it comes here. I mean, RTP is one of the largest research parks in the world (NetApp, IBM, Cisco, etc.) so we’re a good fit. 😀

      • Marc

        Definitely agree with you!
        Would be nice for you guys to have options and not only TWC/Comcast…

        (Edited to fix typo)

        • Lucky Armpit

          No kidding. I was NOT happy when I heard that Comcast may/will buy TWC. TWC is bad (customer service that is; the service itself actually isn’t bad), but I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about Comcast.

          • Marc

            Comcast is pretty horrible. The internet is relatively fast, but pretty expensive and the customer service just clueless!

  • WCM3

    Why is there no Northeast!? Dammittt!

    • ToddAwesome

      Because nothing ever gets done up here, too many permits, too many people to pay off, etc.

      • Maxim∑

        also a population of more than 1,000 people

        • The Narrator

          A lot of the proposed locations have a huge population.


          Pretty sure Phoenix and Atlanta are huge.

          Also maybe Google loves them some Bill of Rights and doesn’t want to give awesome internet to those who don’t care enough to live in anti-american cities?

          • ToddAwesome

            Chris, is that you?


            No, my name is not Chris. I had a friend named Chris once.

            Though most americans love them some Bill of Rights so I don’t think you can guess based on that.

          • The Narrator

            I wouldn’t give that guy any attention. He’s clearly only here to troll.

          • Maxim∑

            I agree but places near DC/ New York should be top priority targets

          • AbbyZFresh

            Except Phoenix and Atlanta has nowhere near the amount of historical material and infrastructure that needs leveling to install Fiber unlike the Northeast. Those cities out in the Midwest and South are spread out and less densely populated compared to NYC/DC/Boston which are smaller and have far more people and buildings inbetween.

          • WeDontGoToBankheadAnymore

            Atlanta was already leveled a long time ago by Sherman to prepare for Google Fiber.


          • Caleb Boerner

            The infrastructure to place fiber in any major population area already exists. Telephone and power companies have owned and built the required aerial and underground infrastructure for nearly a century. Telecoms and power companies then lease the aerial pole space and underground duct space to other Telecoms. The truly prohibitive costs come almost completely from the actual cost of fiber optic cable and the labor and equipment costs of construction.

          • Higher_Ground

            Virtually all of the fiber optic cable I’ve seen installed has been underground. I’m sure it could be installed above ground, but it seems like they’d rather not be on another utility’s pole. I don’t know what’s driving that decision, but you’re right about fiber optic cable not being cheap on it’s own.

          • Miguel

            The problem is all the players over here (NY, NJ) will give you a hard time to get in.

          • master94

            100% agree but Google stated they didnt want to compete against VZ Fios or RCN since both already provide speeds at 1Gbps already. Neither are affordable, well RCN is sort of ($100 month) but that is the reason why.

          • Caleb Boerner

            VZ and Frontier fios has 1Gbs capability, but they don’t offer that speed in anything but commercial services. Residential service is limited to 50Mbs. In most markets Comcast’s hybrid fiber coax network offers better and faster residential service than fiber to the premises.

          • akhnaten

            Frontier fios does not offer 1Gbps (at least in my area). The most they offer is 40Mbps for $139.99/month.

          • Caleb Boerner

            That’s almost exactly what I just said. While fios already has 1Gbs capabilities, it isn’t offered as a service package to residential customers, only commercial customers.

    • TheTruthSquad

      Because you are so liberal, it would be unfair to the poor people who can not afford $40 a month for Internet service. In the same vein, how are you enjoying your NBA team you refused to build a venue for?

    • The Northeast is just old. Lots of old infrastructure, cabling underground in insanely old tunnels and conduits, it makes sense they are looking to do this in more modern cities.

      • ToddAwesome

        I suppose you also feel that streets laid out in a simple grid pattern are a good idea as well! haha

        • Actually, it is a great idea. It makes finding out how to get somewhere extremely easy. Boston on the other hand couldn’t me more different from NYC.

          • ToddAwesome

            Agreed, unfortunately too many rich people would be pissed off if we decided to level Beacon Hill and start over.

      • michael arazan

        You just described most of the US. Most of our infrastructure we use everyday was built in the 1950’s

        • I won’t disagree with you, but the cities they are exploring are definitely considered newer cities than say NYC, Boston, DC, etc.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Too densely populated, the infrastructure’s too old, and people are very resistant to change up here.

      • ToddAwesome

        In other news, it’s snowing again! Son of a……

        • AbbyZFresh

          Where are you? It stopped snowing here since last afternoon.

          • ToddAwesome

            Boston area. It was supposed to rain today, nope, snow. This is why we can’t have nice things!

    • MistaButters

      “These cities are led by people who have been working hard to bring faster Internet speeds and the latest technologies to their residents,” the company stated in its blog post. “And they are diverse — not just geographically, but in the ways they’ll give us opportunities to learn about the wide range of challenges and obstacles that communities might face in trying to build a new fiber network.”

      I grabbed that from CNN Money, but quoting Google’s reasoning.

    • Justin W

      Try no midwest – the only one we have is KS, but they are missing Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, etc.

      • michael arazan

        I would think St.Louis would be a logical step by starting in certain cities then branching out to the next closer cities and following major highways in between. St.Louis had a petition too

        • Justin W

          Yeah. Don’t forget Sioux Falls, we have like 3 semi-medium-sized universities, or something like that.

    • Voltism

      we have such dense populations it would make so much sense

  • The Narrator

    Hm, which states have no income tax..planning my move.

  • arthuruscg

    Well, If Google really wanted to stir the Net Neutrality pot, wouldn’t Northern Virginia be a good place to expand? This is an area with a lot of FCC employees, and allowing them first hand experience as to what it is like to stream Netflix in HD compared to Comcast in SD (if we are lucky), would go a long way.

    • Omar Amer

      although I would wholeheartedly agree with you(I too live in the NOVA area), most of these proposed locations usually benefit the tech industry in some way(No Idea why Reston, VA is left out with the large amount of tech firms that exist there is beyond me). Google, I think, is mostly trying to speed up internet for the tech industry. Faster businesses adopt it, the quicker Google can drive down prices of installation and increase roll out speed.

      • arthuruscg

        I live in Southern Maryland, the population density is to low to ever see any real high speed internet. I just want Comcast to have some sort of competition in the area in hopes that their service improves. Heck, I would be happy to have them fix the current equipment/lines so I don’t have packet loss and signal to noise ratios so bad that the modem disconnects. My dad has a higher consistent speed with his 1.5m DSL (which I can’t get).

        • Caleb Boerner

          Unless you are amplifying signal inside your home, there should be very little noise insertion into your signal. More likely is that your signal is just weak and is well into the negative db range. It would probably behoove you to call Comcast advanced technical support and ask that a tech come check the signal slope at the nearest line extender to your house and to possibly change out the faceplate of your tap with one that has less of a db loss per port.

      • arthuruscg

        The number of small/medium tech firms in Reston / NOVA would greatly benefit from the larger backbone that Google would be installing.

    • Edward Smith

      Higher speeds in the DC area would make hacking DOD subcontractors much easier.

      • gruntlord6

        Please explain why someone hacking the DOD would need to be located in a specific area with high speeds?

        • Edward Smith

          Need? Not need but it does make certain attack methods easier and informs as yet unseen strategies only dreamed of because the bandwidth is still too low.
          If I was the DOD, aside from strengthening 3rd party contractor security and isolating upstream access to mission critical networks, I’d institute random bandwidth constrictions on the principal that someone is testing out the replacement for DDOS that makes DDOS look like an old fashioned ping flood.

          • gruntlord6

            But they can do that from anywhere, not just the DC area.

          • Edward Smith

            Imagine that all local end user Internet connections were dialed back to 56Kbs but that the Level 3 backbone bandwidth stayed at current Netflix streaming speeds. Any payload you send will necessarily be slowed by the bottleneck at the target’s end even if you use a distributed attack. This makes detection easier.
            However, if the local area (citywide) has higher than normal bandwidth certain routine attack detection technologies won’t work requiring more thorough examination of all data resulting in throughput reductions. It would also facilitate more widely distributed attacks. Furthermore a botnet within the high bandwidth metro region would automatically get a huge multiplier in its effective strength for local attacks.

  • Michael Martinez

    Interesting that the’re nowhere near the northeast at all… stupid cable monopolies.

    • Higher_Ground

      It might also have to do with the lack of right of way to lay down fiber. I imagine the older the city is, the more expensive it gets to install the infrastructure.

  • Jeff C

    nobody in boston would mind google fiber. but then again, google doesnt read the DL comments section

    • ToddAwesome

      What I wouldn’t give for a choice, nope, we’re a one company town. Live it with Charter! ugh…

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    san jose please ^_^