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Honest Android Games, a Directory of Apps Without Obnoxious In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are too often abused by greedy developers. Some like to hide essential functionality and content behind paywalls with the intention of extracting cash, a practice that tends to suck the fun right out of otherwise enjoyable games.

It isn’t always easy to tell which developers are “bad actors,” though; historically, finding out whether an app had egregious in-app purchases required downloading and playing said app. Now, a new website has emerged to save us all the trouble: Honest Android Games.

Honest Android Games tediously curates Play Store games that don’t incorporate incremental payment structures. Sortable by genre, availability (e.g., games that have an Amazon Appstore listing), features like immersive mode and multiplayer, and price (free, freemium, or paid), all listed games have been reviewed for best practices when it comes to payment.

Developers, Honest Android Games is accepting submissions. The website warns, however, that only apps of the highest quality will be accepted:

For your game to be considered please make sure the game is aesthetically pleasing and controls well on a touchscreen (no ports that were originally designed to be played with controllers). Games must also support proper full screen scaling (no letterboxing) and HD graphics for tablets.

Via: Honest Android Games
  • Gideon Waxfarb

    I blame Google for this, really. If IAP is involved, there should be a clear description of what is expected of the user once the app/game is launched, right in the Play store.

  • Monojit Nath

    so u mean the dev should only please and entertain you and should not make any money for his hard work ?? !! douche :/

    • HarvesterX

      No, we’d happily PAY for quality games. We don’t expect to be taken advantage of with games that expect users to pay hundreds of dollars a month though in order to rank high. Or paying for an app only to realize that even after paying, you need to continue paying or have the game crippled.

      Before posting and calling someone a douche, you should reread you own comments.

      • Monojit Nath

        touche..!! i got u, sorry man

        • say no to iaps

          Real debaters dont call names, go jump off a cliff already and rid the gene pool of biased debaters as yourself.

        • HarvesterX

          Was reading through some old comments and noticed I was really ticked off this day…lol, I just get passionate over this issue :).

  • a3uge

    Every app should be free and ad free and you should get sent prizes and truffles in real life for winning!

  • chris_johns

    the biggest problem with games with IAPs is some of the prices are ridiculuos…like $50 for an in game item or something like that..like are people high? make a demo if people want it they pay whatevers wroth whtie 5 bucsk even 10 for a serious game is fine but enough is enough

  • anon

    I was going to do this but they beat me to it…. mine was going to be http://www.howbadistheiap.com
    Im lazy so if someone else registers give me some credit 🙂

  • John Garlits

    It’s a good start, but sorting by rating/popularity/etc would be nice. An app would be nice as well.

    • thermoplastics

      Hopefully voting and sorting by votes will be implemented soon. An app is in the works as well.

      • John Garlits


  • dizel123

    I’m glad in app purchases exist. Without them there wouldn’t be nearly as much choice in the Play Store as there is. They deserve some of the credit for Android being as good as it is.

    • Brandon

      Yea some are good and add value to the game, but others rely on them too heavily.

    • Jason Wiggins

      I’m not a hater but when I have accrued a million or more dollars and can’t buy anything…that’s just greed. Why don’t they let you purchase the pay currency with the free currency. People like me will eventually get impatient and fork out some cash from time to time. Lets be real…some iap games would cost a hundred bucks or more for the means to complete the games…I wouldn’t pay that much for a console game that is far more superior

  • jbegs

    I love the “In Site Purchase” for donations…

    • chris_johns

      Its a donation…you dont need to do it to get anything

    • Pratik Holla

      Its not a paywall to view the site.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    while we’re on the topic, stay away from brave frontier. I’m addicted.

  • moelsen8

    this is terrific. thunderous applause!

  • RaptorOO7

    Finally, a site that will tell you what is truly worthy of playing . . . and not loaded with IAP crap. I want to pay a fair price for the app/game and have at it.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Thanks for the article. I see way too many fun-looking games now, that I don’t install because of the in-app purchases. I’m not against them, but when it’s so integrated into the game, it ruins the fun. I don’t mind paying $5 for a game that I can play, but when I download a free game and have to pay $2 to buy items to pass the first stage… no thanks.

  • thermoplastics

    Holly hell, wow! Thanks for the article Kyle!

    I hope everyone enjoys the site!

  • T4rd

    I just skim the reviews. Required in-app purchases are often complained about in most reviews for the game. Sometimes they are excusable, sometimes not.

  • rfranken

    The Play store says if an app has in-game purchases.

    • thermoplastics

      Yes, but HAG does list games with IAPs but only if it is a single IAP that removes ads or/ and gives the full content of the game. This is something that can not just be gleaned from the in-game purchases tag in the Play Store.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Now they need to create an app that’ll link to the market.

  • Ken Adams

    That is a very small link.