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Google Now Hits Chrome Beta for Desktop Computers

Google’s Chrome team announced the availability of Google Now for Chrome Beta users on desktops this morning. Google Now is a helpful app that brings important information you care about right to your attention without you having to ask for it. For example, you can keep an eye on upcoming flight plans, daily commute traffic, and even track shipments making its way to your house. Google Now has been an Android user’s best friend since launch, and now, it’s available for Chrome desktop users. 

How do you get it? Simple! Make sure you are using the Chrome Beta app for Windows, Mac, or a Chromebook machine. The feature is auto enabled, so all you need to do is click on the bell icon on your desktop or numbered box on a Chromebook. From there, you will see all of your Google Now cards.

If you aren’t already running it, you can download the Chrome Beta app for desktops right here, and if you don’t feel like running the beta, we are sure that Google Now will makes its way to the general Chrome app shortly.

Via: Chrome Blog
  • Manuel Jolliffe-Mahoney

    If you are having trouble with this follow my steps,

    1. Download the Google beta

    2. Then go to this link ( chrome://flags/#enable-google-now )

    Click enable
    3. You should see now a button that says restart, click it,
    4. the for PC goes to the bottom right conner and click the small whit arrow that pointing up, you should see a bell drag it right next to the battery picture at the right conner.
    5. click it, and you should google now!
    IF NOT
    6. then click the gear button and you should see a check mark right next to words that say google now, if not checked, check it ( it will then turn on)

  • usaff22

    Why is Friendly Airways 123 Delayed? 🙁

  • coolsilver

    Maybe Google Now will stop popping up Time To Home 11 Minutes when at my desk…. at home.

  • a3uge

    I’m using Chrome Beta and I still have no idea how the hell to bring this up.

  • Narflar

    i had to enable the flag at chrome://flags/#enable-google-now. It was set to “default” and wasn’t working until I changed it to “enaled”

  • Patrick Crumpler

    It’ll be nice when it comes to the stable build. I’ve resisted using the beta channel only because I love how solid chrome is.

  • markgbe

    i see no bell icon? windows 7..

  • Ray Gray

    i just read it wont be available until later on in the week

  • ddevito

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think Google Now on a desktop/laptop is that big a deal? The whole whizbang feature of Google Now is that it brings you live, relevant information WHEN you need it, WHERE you need it; which is why is was perfect on mobile phones. What kind of relevant information in a timely fashion (that’s location based) is all that relevant on your computer?

    • mmark27

      yes, you are.

      • MikeCiggy

        While I can agree to some extent that Google Now is most useful on your phone, being on the desktop can bring many benefits.

        I work at a system integration company and this morning Google Now woke me up notifying me about nasty winter weather and delays on my way to work. Great. Now while I’m at work on my laptop all day I try to leave my phone in the dock and asleep. I can do my emails, texting, and everything else via the laptop using Hangouts and other apps. Then when I’m ready to pack up and leave for the day Google Now being my homepage could warn me about possible accident on my way home. All very seamless. While I don’t think Google Now on the desktop was a must have feature it’s definitely welcomed.

    • John Legere

      Don’t question Google. They know what we need.

      • jnt

        Hmm, there’s another company that some tend to bash for that concept…! 😛

    • codemonkey85

      It’s still useful to receive certain notifications on your desktop, like travel info, birthdays, upcoming events, and especially reminders.

    • Higher_Ground

      it also gives you things like sports scores, tv listings, though I’ve never really found those to be all that helpful or needed at a moment’s notice.

      • ddevito

        Yes, I agree. It does have useful info – it’s just that this story has been getting so much attention over the last few months. Okay, so it’s here – it’s nice but it isn’t groundbreaking

    • jnt

      Honestly I’ve found it not very useful period. I’ve double checked all the settings, and on multiple devices, it simply doesn’t tell me things in a timely matter, if at all. About the only thing it says for me reliably is the temperature.

      • ddevito

        The only timely feature for me is live traffic when commuting to work – just this morning it told me there was traffic. Outside of that I’m with you, I don’t find it all that great.

  • gbenj

    Do you know what the version number is on this build of chrome? (I’m on Version 33.0.1750.58 beta)

    I seem to be up to date (Yes, Beta) and I click on the notification bell but don’t see anything Google Now related…(I am signed in)

    • Walter Partlo

      Me too. Same version, same results.

      • Walter Partlo

        I had a notification pop up in the bottom right telling me that Google Now has been added, and that I would see it on my next start up. Closed and reopened it, and nothing. Oh well, i can wait.

        • Walter Partlo

          Okay, i am an idiot and will admit it so that others don’t have to. I was clicking on the bell in chrome, not the little one down in the icons next to the clock on the bottom right of your screen in Windows. Yep, it works, although I don’t know why it doesn’t work from the browser as well.

    • Adrynalyne

      I don’t see it in Canary either.

    • Luxferro

      same version here, I don’t see anything either.

  • sc0rch3d

    i don’t see it yet, but bring back igoogle features or gtfo

    • Chris

      iGoogle is dead. Get over it!

  • Rojo623

    Does anyone know where the ‘bell’ notification is on a Mac? I just downloaded Chrome Beta. The only bell I see is on a new tab – but that’s jsut G+ Notifications.

    • Adrynalyne

      It might integrate into the notifications panel on the right side.

      • Rojo623

        like here? on the right?

        • Adrynalyne

          Yeah thats what I am thinking. Mind you, I haven’t had a chance to upgrade and confirm that yet.

    • gbenj

      Its in the top bar with all your other icons, but it doesnt seem to appear for me all the time.

      Granted I’m not a Mac guru but it usually appears for me.

      • Rojo623

        hmm… not here either.

        • Guest

          I have it right here, but don’t see anything as a notification Google Now related.

        • Guest

          Here’s where I see it but I don’t see anything Google Now related.

        • Robert Dean

          I don’t see it either, on my PC or Mac. Running Version 33.0.1750.58 beta-m on the PC.

          • Robert Dean

            Down further someone mentioned going to chrome://flags/ and finding the google now section then changing it from default to enabled. This worked for me.

    • Adrynalyne

      I found it on the main page of chrome where it shows recently accessed pages.

  • Derek Duncan

    where’s the bell icon?

    • faganm24

      Bottom right corner of your taskbar.

      • Derek Duncan

        what about on a Mac?

      • Chris

        Newsflash: Not everyone uses windows computers.

        • faganm24

          Oh sorry, check out the taskbar on the top of your screen…Or other comments… Or specify which OS you are using.. I was simply trying to help point him in the right direction, no need for backlash.

          • Tirionfive

            Pay no attention to him, He’s a troll.

        • Tirionfive

          The smart ones do.

          • John Legere

            You are correct. The smart ones don’t use Windows.

          • Tirionfive

            If you’re talking about Linux/Unix, you’re partially correct. Linux is great for many things, but it is far from user friendly.

            If you’re talking about OSX, you’ve got no idea. Windows is so much more compatible with a plethora of other services and products. And it is by far easier to network.

            Source: Net Tech/ Intermediate to advanced Linux user.

          • John Legere

            Most people use Macs. Windows is becoming a terrible OS.

          • Tirionfive

            Just like everyone should join T-Mobile?

            T-Mobile is crap outside of any decent sized city.

            Also, I work in IT. I’m pretty damn sure Macs are still in the single digit percentile. In fact, We have 420 clients at my company. All of them are Windows 7/ XP. We don’t even allow Macs on our network, save one person. So ~400:1.

          • dreadfall

            smart one gets a mac

          • Tirionfive

            Right, because most corporations don’t use Windows…

            Just face it, Windows has far superior networking.

    • sirmeili

      Mine disappeared as soon as i upgraded.

      • Jeralmac

        Same here (assuming you’re talking about the bell icon in Windows). Anyone figure out how to get it back?

        • sirmeili

          That’s the one I’m talking about and it eventually came back (I just noticed it was back)

        • Joshua Seeley

          yep, this worked for me too! Thanks!