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Tim Tebow Doesn’t Like Contracts Either, Selfies With Bigfoot in New T-Mobile Ad

And the oddest match-up of the century goes to, T-Mobile and Tim Tebow. In the UnCarrier’s latest commercial, the out-of-work quarterback pokes fun at himself, as he continues life without an NFL contract. Get it…T-Mobile and no contracts?

During his time without one, Tebow has been able to deliver babies, save puppies from burning buildings, do his own stunts in B-movies, call out Iceland during a world peace meeting, throw actual moonshots, and take selfies with Bigfoot. Who knew that being out of work could be so awesome for Mr. Shirtless-in-the-rain.


  • Arcticfox

    Who is Tim Tebow?

  • Nunya Bizniz

    2 National Championships, Heisman Trophy, endless philanthropic work, professional athlete, model, actor, college grad…but didn’t turn out to be a good NFL quarterback. What a pathetic loser…

  • Dude needs to get on a diet. Clearly putting on weight.

  • R

    Reading the comments on here, I can’t help but be reminded of the episode of Big Bang Theory where Leonard learns about football.

  • R

    Tebow rocks!!!

  • DJ

    The man gotta make a buck

  • PPC

    Love me some T-Mobile, I hope they truly put a large dent into AT&T.

  • Jeremy Turnley


  • Kevin B

    Skip Bayless will waste 2 hours on ESPN telling us why this is the best commercial ever.

  • cns2007

    To Tim: Move to the Fullback or Tight End position and you may be able to come back to the NFL.

  • Added full 1-minute clip. There are puppies, and stunts.

  • Weber

    It bothers me that the flash goes off when he takes a pic with Bigfoot using the front camera.

    • PPC

      Didn’t even catch that

  • MKader17

    Not that odd of a matchup.

    TMobile – UnCarrier
    Tim Tebow – UnNFL

    • John Legere

      Hahah i loled

      • Adrynalyne

        I think they chose the right guy, considering nobody wants to sign him for a contract anyway 😉

  • Kevin B

    I don’t know what’s more unbelievable: the BigFoot selfie or Tebow putting a pass in the numbers.

    • Fresh360

      You sir have won The Internets!

    • Alex

      True, but to be honest, it’s probably all of the coaches and sports think-they-know-it-alls that made him suck. You can’t try to drastically change someones natural throwing motion so late in the game and expect them to excel. His throwing motion was unconventional and it certainly wasn’t pretty, but it worked a lot better for him than the conventional motion everyone and their mother tried to force on him. At Florida he completed 66% of his passes and could put it on the numbers. In the NFL he only completed 47%. Some of that can be attributed to the faster pace and stiffer competition, but I don’t think all of it can.

      • fred

        In college he could throw a 2 yard screen that Percy Harvin would turn into 50…..NFL, not so much.

        • Alex

          Yeah, he did that some, but as a Florida fan, I saw him throw plenty of great longer passes as well.

          • michael arazan

            College players play harder than NFL. NFL players treat it like a job and start to slack off and get into routines and loose the edge.
            College players are trying their hardest every game and play their hearts out, some are just trying to keep their scholarships, and others do to try and get pro. I prefer college more now and have stopped watching nfl

  • Michigan Guy
  • moelsen8

    there’s a longer version..

  • DT3

    How did they miss calling it “Tebow for T-Mo”???

  • AbbyZFresh

    Come on Tebow, any NFL team is dying to sign you. Just not for QB position that you always wanted. Don’t waste your opportunity out of making millions of dollars just because you weren’t a good QB in the Superbowl.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    And just like that, I’m staying with Verizon.

    • Adrynalyne

      Because of a commercial?

  • John Legere

    He’s better in this than he ever was in football.

    • Jordan Harvey

      That’s a pretty dumb comment when the man has two National Titles and a Heisman. He is arguably the greatest college football player of all time between his leadership and skills. He is definitely the most talked about player.

      It’s Great to be a Florida Gator =D!

      • John Legere

        College football is cool. But he’s not an NFL quarterback and never will be. Not all great NFL QBs were great in College also.

        • Jordan Harvey

          Sure, he didn’t succeed in the NFL, and you’re definitely correct that a lot of great QB’s in college do not succeed in the professional league. But to imply he isn’t a great football player is incorrect, because I’m pretty confident he can play the game better than all of us. I also still maintain that no NFL team ever gave him a fair chance. If an NFL team ever built an offense around him, rather than trying to make him fit into their offense, it could have been a different story.

          • Matthew Turner

            Of the last 25 Heisman winners he is the only one to win a playoff game. Yeah, he’s bad for the NFL.

          • BillySuede

            what does winning the heisman have to do with the nfl?

          • ToddAwesome

            You’re actually making the case for why Tebow isn’t good. All the Tebow apologists like to point to his Heisman win and national titles, when obviously Heisman wins don’t mean you’re a good quarterback.

          • factcheck

            you’re right but he did win the Davey O’Brien Award in 2007. I’ll let you google what they give out the Davey O’Brien Award for

          • BillySuede

            so did colt mccoy. being considered the best quarterback in college doesn’t mean you’re going to be the best or even remotely decent in the pros.

            how many davey o’brien trophies did joe montana, brett favre win?

          • factcheck

            I didn’t try to correlate his Davey O’Brien to success in the pros, i was just providing the info to anyone reading but you got me

          • BillySuede

            sorry, dude. didn’t mean to get snippy with you. 🙂

          • factcheck

            all good! and what you said was true! good talk anyways, have a good one!

          • Kyle Graves

            This is actually not true. Maybe you are referring to QBs only, but Mark Ingram even got a playoff win this season.

          • John Legere

            He’s a great athlete, just not a QB. He should have tried another position.

          • BillySuede

            pure bs. the broncos gave him a chance. the jets gave him a chance and the pats gave him a chance. if you can’t throw and then every defence is going to throw eight man fronts at you to keep you from running and force you to beat them over the top.

            when you can’t throw accurately, you’re not going to last as a qb. end of story.

          • MKader17

            The Broncos gave him a chance and all he did was WIN! And then he got cut.

          • BillySuede

            he won one playoff game against a depleted steeler team on a lucky throw to demariyus thomas. reality came the following week against the pats. i always chuckle how people forget that part of the story..

            something tells me that john elway is just fine with the decision he made cutting tebow and signing peyton manning while tim tebow is already out of the league…

          • MKader17

            You’re right, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning never made mistakes as a rookierookie and definitely don’t.make mistakes or get lucky these days. That is what got them so far in the NFL

          • BillySuede

            aaron rodgers sat behind brett favre for four years before he sniffed the field and when he did start, he went to the playoffs and lost to the cardinals (the eventual nfc champion) in an epic playoff game…

            tom brady didn’t start as a rookie and in his second year took over for an injured drew bledsoe and won a super bowl.

            peyton manning made many mistakes but is also one of the top three quarterbacks of all time.

            and tim tebow compares to these guys how?

          • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

            You mean all hi did was rely on his defense to keep the game in reach and then score just enough to squeak out a win.

          • John Legere

            You can’t have an offense with a rushing QB. Michael Vick was great, but they never got anywhere.

          • BillySuede

            well…you can but that quarterback can’t have happy feet and always think to run when he feels the rush. the threat of being able to run for fifty yards is more effective than actually doing it because of the defence having to be mindful of your arm and your legs. look at john elway, steve young, randall cunningham.

            vick’s problem was that he was a scatback with a cannon for an arm. he doesn’t possess great football iq as a quarterback.

            geez. i could talk football all day on this thread. :p

          • PPC

            Wait, so you want a team to remake their entire offense to cater to an inaccurate quarterback with weird mechanics and a slow delivery? I mean what halfway decent WR would want to come to that team? That would be an offense where they would go to kill their career. With his abilities or lack-thereof coming out of college I do believe he was given more opportunities then he truly deserve; which I think was primarily due to his following. Sure he was good in college (so was Ryan Leaf) but college in no way does that make him great. Collegiate sports doesn’t measure up to the Pros and their are a lot of college teams that would be beat by some HS teams. No college team would beat a pro team, not even the browns 🙂

          • BillySuede

            never mind that. what if your qb goes down and the back-up is a normal pocket passer with an offensive scheme based around the unconventional starter?

        • BK

          Wait, people on here are actually defending the greatness of Tim Tebow? Who was cut from his last two teams and is now an ESPN analyst?

          Then again, there are also people who believe Apple makes the best phone, so…

          • Intellectua1

            Yep and he’s serious too, it’s hilarious

        • wolfedude88

          Never will be? Maybe not again but I think someone missed a few seasons of the nfl.

      • Mario Williams


      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Thinking college football is a fair sport is the misguided thinking.

        He was a terrible player as a pro and if it weren’t for the shitshow that is my jets, would have been out of the league almost immediately.

      • ToddAwesome

        Saying he is the best CFB of all time is actually a rather dumb comment, to be honest.

        • Jordan Harvey

          Please share a more talked about player in college football. He is still mentioned to this day during a lot of games. Find me a player that provided his leadership and could play the game as well as he could. There are plenty of good athletes that play the game. Most of them don’t have both skills and leadership. I think any player that has played beside him or anyone that knows him, would argue the man is a leader on the field. And that makes a HUGE difference in the game.

          • ToddAwesome

            You’re ranking people by how many times ESPN could TALK about him on a given day? You can’t be serious. He’s still mentioned because he’s a running joke. If you want to tout names for “greatest college football player of all times” you begin with names like Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, and Barry Sanders, then you work your way down to Tebow.

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            In fairness. I think the idiots that run ESPN actually believe their Tebow hype.

          • John Legere

            Look at Tom Brady, drafted in the 6th round and is one of the best QBs in the league.

      • BillySuede

        and that means sweet f.a. in the nfl. the guy has been a washout for three teams and those halcyon days at uf are years ago. he should have taken kurt warner’s advice and go play in the cfl so he could refine his craft without the media frenzy and then come back. unfortunately that would mean he would actually have to check his ego and do without being a media darling for a while…

        soon he’ll just be another jesse palmer, rex grossman, danny wuerffel, etc…

      • MKader17

        Greatest until Johnny Manziel came along…

        • calculatorwatch

          Something tells me he’ll be just as big of a disappointment when he hits the pros…

          • BillySuede

            as long as he’s in the right system, he could flourish. the only thing that can stop him is if he brings his entitled attitude with him and not the work ethic.

        • fredfred

          Winston says Hi

      • Daistaar

        Didn’t Al Bundy win a Heismann? Or was it just 4 touchdowns in a single game?

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Typical gator/sec homer. I was sick of hearing g about tebow here in Jacksonville and now I have to listen to this bs on my favorite tech site lovely.

        • Jonathan Williams

          Go Gators 😛

      • Kurt Weber

        2 more weeks until i find out if I’ll be a gator this fall.. February 14, 6:00pm hurry up

  • Steveeee

    Been thinking about making the switch to T-Mobile so I asked God for a sign. Think this will do.

    • Jim Plunkett


    • NeilGeorge

      LOL. you made me spit out my coffee how dare you 😛 So need proof you made the switch 😛

  • Thomas

    Great ad !!!

  • Green

    Well, he is the un-quarterback, right?
    I did enjoy his time with the Broncos.
    Go Broncos!

    • Intellectua1

      GO SEAHAWKS!!! And we will win this Sunday

    • Guy Pierce

      35-21 Broncos!

      • Green

        I like your prediction. I’m ignoring the other guy. 🙂

  • John Jenness

    Good for him….I found it humorous that the only time they actually show him throwing a ball is on the moon.

  • moelsen8

    haha love it

  • Sye

    Clearly this commercial is fiction. Tebow cant complete an accurate pass

    • ToddAwesome

      Even his form on the moon is terrible.

  • tspx23

    Guess Tebow can’t get signed by the NFL so T-mobile gets in and scoops him up.

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Will I have to bow before the Lord for a discount?

    • ToddAwesome

      No bowing, simply taking a knee in solemn reflection should be enough.

      • Nexus_FrEak

        I’ll Start practicing!

  • utes_86

    He’s dreamy.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Lol. It gave me a chuckle. At least Tebow has a job until his SEC gig kicks in.

    • John Legere

      I hope he doesn’t bring his preeching.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Don’t think that’s an area of concern.

        • John Legere

          He’ll be good on TV. But i hope they told him not to start his religious stuff.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Half of the sports guys on TV are religious, there’s no reason to talk about religion though. Not sure why that’s any concern.

          • John Legere

            Because he’s known for his religious actions. Don’t have a problem with it, i just watch football for football.

  • MichaelFranz

    Probably one of the better and random commercials. Any chances on it airing during sunday’s big game?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I doubt Tmobile would put up the millions need with a commercial like this.

      • MichaelFranz

        Buddy of mine posted an interesting fact today. The average superbowl commercial costs $134,000 per second. Its disgusting..

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Big corporations paying other big corporations big money to entertain me, is fine with me.

          • tomn1ce

            Some people either watch the Super Bowl for the commercials or just wait for Monday to watch the commercials that were aired during the game.

    • I’d guess that it is their Super Bowl ad.

      • MichaelFranz

        Clever one..Tmobile taking shots at contracts, Tebow taking shots at NFL teams to give him one 🙂