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Samsung Unwraps the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in Two Models – a Cheaper, S-Pen Toting Experience

Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, after what seemed like months of leaks and speculation. From the beginning, the Note 3 Neo was going to be just like the original Note 3, except by cutting a few high-spec corners, Samsung could meet a price point that was more suitable for developing markets and other buyers who want the S-Pen experience for a cheaper price. So, how many corners did Samsung cut exactly to meet a lower price? Let us find out. 

The Note 3 Neo comes in two different models, one that is limited to “3G” (HSPA+ 21 Mbps) and another that has LTE connectivity, capable of hooking up to a Category 4 network. The 3G-only model comes with an unnamed quad-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz, while the LTE model rocks a hexa-core processor consisting of two 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 cores and four 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 cores. That sounds pretty impressive for a device that is supposed to be pretty cheap.

The display and camera are the main areas that Samsung pulled back on, as both Neo models feature just a 5.5″ 720p display, with an 8MP rear-facing camera. As reference, the OG Note 3 from last year sports a 1080p display and a 13MP sensor that takes great snapshots. The Neo devices also feature just 2GB of RAM, a 3,100mAh battery, IR blasters, NFC, Bluetooth, 16GB of internal memory, and a microSD slot.

Samsung’s main goal was to get a cheaper device onto the market that has an S-Pen and all of the proprietary software that comes with it; Multi-window, Air Command, S Note, and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately for any Americans looking to pick one up, Samsung doesn’t appear to have any plans on launching this device on American carriers. They would much rather you pick up the usual Galaxy Note 3 that is already available on all carriers.

Galaxy Note 3 Neo Back

Via: Engadget | Samsung Poland
  • Kanaga Deepan N

    It is just Note2 with Fake Leather Back… Esp the HSPA+ version… (OK, with extra IR Blaster)…

  • DJyoSNOW

    When is the s5 mini to be out ;D

  • Quint

    So basically a rehashed Note 2?

  • abhi345

    This will flop badly. It costs 500 euros. which is equal to price of note 3 in my country india.

  • jim

    hell you can get the note 3 for 199 on contract which is a good price for the best phone on the market so why bother with a cheapie

    • Tyler

      Off contract/non american countries like cheaper phones like the moto g.

  • Chad

    Smaller screen, lower pixel density, less powerful cores and the same sized battery? Isn’t that what the comment section of D.L. has been screaming for since the Moto X?

    But seriously, I’m wondering how long it will last on a charge.

    • Tyler

      The difference between the moto x and galaxy phones is that motos skin is very light while Samsung has added more features/bloat. As for battery life hopefully it gets 2 days of normal use.

    • Kevin

      You forgot about the most important part, optimization. Which this phone doesn’t have so it defeats the purpose of not having a powerful processor.

  • John

    It’d be nice if Samsung comes out with a Note with the pen that’s the same size as their S line.

  • jack

    People that are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Note 3 should just get a Note 2 because its still a solid phone w/ good performance.

    • flosserelli

      Agreed. The Note 2 is still a very solid phone, and has more custom roms available.

    • John Legere

      Yep. The least of the abominations they’ve made.

  • flosserelli

    Put old tech in a smaller body and give it a new name. We are onto your shenanigans, Samsung.

    • aznmode1

      If the aim is lower price point then why not. This is exactly what apple did to the iphone 5c. Everything is exactly the same as the old 5 but in a plastic shell. But I like that the Neo looks and functions like the note 3 but not as big as a note 3. Sometimes I have a hard time handling my note 3. Processor I’m assuming going to be better than the exynos. Addition of IR blaster is also nice. I think it’s a good move.

  • John Legere


    8MP for the Safari, i guess.

  • Droid Ronin

    Sounds like the Neo LTE specs are similar to the Note 2.

  • Kevin

    they’re going to have about 600 different galaxy phone variants pretty soon.

    • michael arazan

      They have almost 20 different tablets out now. And they wonder why they aren’t selling them when they want 4-900 for them. I saw a new UK sammy tablet and they want almost 1000 dollars for it. Samsung is flooding the market with their own products.

  • Tony Byatt
  • AbbyZFresh

    720p screen and 2GB ram?

    Forget it.

    • Maxim∑

      At first I was about to say “2GB of RAM is plenty enough” then I remembered touchwiz

      • BAM1789

        I just picked up a Note 3 the other day and good lord I can’t believe the memory usage of this phone.. 3GB of RAM… 2.4 usable and with everything running along with Chrome and maybe another app it was using about 1.9GB.. THAT’S STUPID.

        • Droid Ronin

          Flash a CM or AOSP ROM and break free from the sluggishness!

          • BAM1789

            I wish.. Att phone with locked Boot loader.. Yaaayy..

          • Ant

            Switch tmobile they don’t have locked boot loader on note 3

          • Ryan

            Dude do you work for T-Mobile lol

          • Ant

            Switch to tmobile they don’t have locked bootloader on note3

          • flosserelli

            I would switch to T-Mobile in a heartbeat if they had decent service here, but I might as well use smoke signals. Every year I keep hoping *this* will be the year T-mo becomes a real option.

        • John Legere

          Seems like you pissed off Samsung’s only 4 fans that like touchwiz.

        • Chad

          I’m pretty sure any phone, regardless of RAM size, is going to have a large % used up by applications… because (correct me if i’m wrong) that’s the whole point of having random access memory.

          I’m not saying Touchizz isn’t a massive application, but complaining about “used up” RAM space is kind of useless. I would think 3 GB is MORE than plenty for android + Touchwiz + most any other applications you’d want to use.

          But does anyone know the actual additional load Touchwiz adds?

        • Tim242

          You apparently don’t understand RAM. Systems are designed to use it as much as possible. It is there for a reason. Unused RAM is wasted RAM

        • crazed_z06

          From what I understand, Android/Linux tries to maximize available RAM. It keeps recently/frequently used procesess in RAMIt will unload processes as needed.

      • Plazmic Flame

        Yeah… 2GB of RAM is just fine for stock Android. TouchWiz though? Better break out the flux capacitor…

    • Chris

      As the article says it’s for developing countries.

      • Cory_S

        Are they still developing their eyesight too?

        • Ej McCarty

          hahahahahahaah… good one… /s

        • John Legere

          Most likely.

        • Chris

          For you and @disqus_Ov0xXT7Yc4:disqus maybe.