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Best Buy’s $50 Gift Card Upgrade Offer Returns Feb. 2 to Feb. 15

If you have needed a good excuse to upgrade your handset, Best Buy is looking to help you out. For a limited time, February 2 to February 15, you can sign up to receive a $50 Best Buy gift card to put towards the purchase of a new phone on either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. You can sign up to four different lines for the credit, so if you were looking to surprise the whole family, then there you go. 

Once you have your gift card, you have until the end of 2014 to purchase and activate a new phone with the registered account on a new two year agreement from your selected carrier at any Best Buy store.

The plan is very simple and Best Buy lays it out perfectly.

1. Between Feb. 2-15, 2014, just register your mobile phone number, email address and up to four more phone numbers on a family plan in-store or on BestBuy.com.

2. Then, any time before Dec. 31, 2014, purchase and activate a new mobile phone with the registered phone number and a two-year agreement on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store.

3. Enjoy your $50 Best Buy gift card, which can be applied to the phone purchase.

Don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade?

Via: Best Buy [2]
Cheers Jigga_Z!
  • MistaButters

    I had completely forgot I signed up for this two years ago until I went to go buy my One X. Considering they also priced matches the $50 off Radio Shack was offering, I got a Day 1 One X for $99.99.

  • Jordan Long

    i did this the last two years and have paid a total of $50 for two phones (EVO LTE, N5)

    • EdubE24

      A guy at work with was also able to keep his unlimited data at best buy. They just moved it to another line on his plan and switched it back!!

      • Big_EZ

        Sweet. I figured I’d have to go to Verizon to do that. I have 3 lines, and the feature phone and one smart phone is due for upgrades in February. I figured I could do this for the feature phone line, but looks like it’ll be both lines.

      • Scott Niemczyk

        I kept mine when I got the note 2 last from best buy last year. But I used my father in laws upgrade and just put my sim card in the new phone.

  • Pedro

    Need to sign a contract?

    I’ll get my $50 in the next couple weeks after going pre-paid.

  • Eric R.

    Saving this for the Note 4

    • Maxim∑

      yeah because the Note 4 is coming feb 2nd-15th…

      • jack584

        Your register between those dates, then you can upgrade and get the $50 anytime before Dec. 31 2014.

        • michael arazan

          I see it mentions Family plans which sounds like contracts, Does anyone know if this counts for getting $50 back on Full Price?

          • Brady Wassam Great

            If specifically says 2 year agreement…. Read the article.

          • michael arazan

            I did, and it did not say Contracts “ONLY”

          • Dusty

            As Brady said read the article… in the article it specifically says ” a two-year agreement on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store..” Say it isn’t in the article then visit the source link and when you still can’t find it go ahead and ask someone else. Simple steps to follow to not annoy people with stupid questions.

  • John Legere

    The only good thing about Best Buy is insurance.

    Wait, get gift card now, get phone later?

    • Rand Paul 2016

      They renegged on my brother in law. Still has his cracked HTC one.

      • John Legere

        Did they say why?

        • Rand Paul 2016

          Just found out why. He didnt want a refurb, he wanted a new or refund. Guess he wanted his pride or something. Refurb is better than a cracked display

          • John Legere

            That’s crazy. Every insurance company gives you a refurb( Certified like new). Much cheaper for them.

          • Adrynalyne

            Asurion will give you new if they have no refurb stock though. Best Buy will make you wait up to 30 days before looking at that option. Went through that with my Tbolt and Gnex.

          • John Legere

            Ah. If it’s a recent phone it’s likely. I didn’t get so lucky after destroying my G2 , 2 days after getting it lol

          • MistaButters

            He’s smart (sort of). I went through 7 refurbs because they all had major problems. Finally they gave me back my money.

    • yungqb7

      Well the deductible with Best Buy is certainly lower than the carriers (going through asurion)

      • John Legere

        It’s $10/month no deductible.

        • GiantJay

          There is a $150 deductible.

          • John Legere

            They must have cancelled that program then. That’s lame. Used to be $10 a month and switch out free as many times.

          • GiantJay

            We (Best Buy) had to change it, too many people abusing the system in various ways. It $9.99 a month still, even for iPhones now. You only pay a deductible for physical damage though.

          • MistaButters

            Since when? Used to be no deductible.

            Side Note: I’ll never buy another Best Buy phone warranty ever after my last experience.

          • GiantJay

            Sense September 2013. If you signed up with the no deductible plan you still have the no deductible.

          • MistaButters

            My phone was junked out and I got full retail value because of all the trouble I went through. I had 7 different refurbished phones in a very short time period.

        • yungqb7

          Yeah as stated by GiantJay. It changed in sept of ’13. If you have the unlimited claim plan + $0

          deductible that will be honored. If you make a claim with that order and you’re phone is on backorder which leads to get the full retail value of the phone to buy to replace your device, you lose that plan.

    • Chris

      That and seeing the products in person and testing them out.

      Online may offer a better deal but stock photos and video reviews don’t do the same as getting the fell of the actual product yourself.

      • John Legere

        Most people here know what they want.

        • Chris

          Those who have impulse buyer problems.

          I know what I want too. But I still like to see and feel the product in person rather then a YouTube video or a product in front of a white or black background

          • hkklife

            Since Amazon now collects sales tax in my state, BB and other B&M retailers just got a lot more attractive. Combined with the recent reports of Amazon upping Prime membership prices and their atrocious add-on program that’s becoming more and more widespread, Amazon has lost most of their appeal for my family. But BB has got to improve their selection of tablets and laptops to stay competitive.

          • Adrynalyne

            B&M are fine for popular items, but you still cannot beat Amazon for those hard to find items.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m the same way, a review doesn’t tell you how the phone will feel in YOUR hand, which is actually pretty important.

          • John Legere

            That’s true, but camera you can’t test out in store. So pictures online are the best. Videos are so so with youtubes horrible compressions. 14 days to replace also.

    • Justin Larmay

      And getting your nexus without having to wait for Google to ship it.

      • John Legere

        And spending an extra $100? Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me.

        • Justin Larmay

          Best buy will price match Google play.. Bought mine for 350 plus tax.

          • John Legere

            You must have a good manager. They aren’t supposed too.
            Best Buy loses a ton of money by price matching.

          • Justin Larmay

            I’ve herd of other people doing it too. That’s the reason I even asked about it instead of just ordering from the play store so it must be pretty common.

          • John Legere

            Interesting. Thats a loss of $50+ per phone.

    • Adrynalyne

      Actually, the good things about the insurance went away.

    • MistaButters

      I used to believe this, but not anymore. Best Buy only gives back refurbished phones and they are never fully working. I dropped my original One X so I had a Geek Squad replacement and ended up going through 7 handsets before the finally just gave me my money back for the full retail value of the phone. 3 of them had screens not seeded completely, 3 had connections issues (1 of those wasn’t even usable), and 1 had a power button that was completely recessed.

      It’s nice that they have no deductible, but their quality completely misses the spot.