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Report: Lenovo is Buying Motorola From Google for $3 Billion (Updated)

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According to a report out of Reuters, Lenovo is about to buy Motorola from Google for $3 billion. Yes, that Motorola, the one that just made a phone we considered to be our phone of the year. The report claims that an announcement could come as early as today, as the companies are in the final stages of talks. Reuters also mentioned that this is a sell-off of the handset business, along with certain patents. 

It hasn’t even been three years since Google bought them for $12.5 billion.

We have no idea what this means for the Motorola as we know it today. I think we can all agree that they have done some pretty incredibly things over the last year, especially with the Moto X. We’ll be watching this closely as it unfolds.

Update:  China Daily is reporting the news as well. Their sources claim that the price is “at least $2 billion” and that it includes 10,000 patents. Lenovo apparently has a press conference to announce a “major acquisition” Thursday morning.

Update 2:  TechCrunch is also reporting that sources of theirs have confirmed the plans. They tossed out the idea that Google has been holding off on selling Motorola “for tax reasons.”

Update 3:  It’s now official. All details here.

More as we have it! 

Via:  Reuters | China Daily | TechCrunch
  • Michael Bell

    Google paid 12 billion for Moto and sold it for under 3 billion. What a truly stupid company. Not only is that a 9 BILLION loss, they just really pissed off their shareholders. Glad I switched back to Apple last year. Google is headed for hard time with stupid and costly decisions like this.

  • Tim Aries

    RIP Motorola.

  • Ubi2447
  • Ubi2447
  • Snowbo13

    I hope they still update software as quick as googles Motorola did. On second thought
    ..don’t well it. I really like what Motorola is doing and am looking forward to see a tablet and next year’s flag ship phone.

  • M3D1T8R

    Well shoot. I’m not one to normally use such phrases, but this is a game changer. And I’m afraid it won’t be for the better. I really liked the direction Moto has been taking under Google over the last year or so. Now who knows what will come of future US made Moto X’s, etc. Hopefully Lenovo allows them some autonomy so they can keep building on the good things they started in the last year.

    • DoctorJB

      This is probably nothing compared to Nexus dying. The price of phones will go up, people will return to post paid and Samsung/ATT/Verizon will rake it all in.

  • z32589

    What a real shame – especially for Android enthusiasts. Just another example of how the mainstream tech consumer in this country has STILL not assimilated or integrated with tech. Also indicative of the extreme backwardness of the mobile phone industry in the US – unless there is total control (i.e. Verizon – let the hell go for heaven’s sake…) people will buy what the carrier marketing TELLS them to buy (i.e: Samsung) and not what is the best overall product or experience. This then forces good endeavors to die because of poor sales.

  • mgamerz

    And just like that, Motorola is once again going to be run into the ground.

  • Tony Byatt

    Google may not have lost that much, if anything at all…



  • Steve B

    But, but, but…. where’s my Moto Nexus? Haha suckers, Moto is done.

    • middlehead

      This dramatically INCREASES the chance of Motorola getting a Nexus assignment. Google was never going to do it so long as they owned Motorola.

      • DoctorJB

        Nexus is next on the chopping block, to be killed by next year.

  • droidrazredge

    At least I can say when all the dust settles from this acquisition by lenovo that will have the first and last phone from Google + Motorola with the branding of “A Google Company” on it.

  • Ryan Laursen

    I have had the Moto X on Republic Wireless for less that 3 days… Frankly, I’ve been testing it as a replacement for my Verizon service. I’ve had a few quirks that I have not liked. I still have a couple weeks to decide about Republic Wireless.

  • Sean Bello

    and just when you thought it passed, the Nexus hunger has returned with a vengeance…

  • adudeapart