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Verizon Announces New 250MB Data Plan for Only $20 per Month, For Those Who Never Use Any Data

Verizon 2

In an effort to make it cheaper than ever to get onto Verizon’s network, Big Red has announced a new tier in its data plan package. Aimed at users who will not be using the “smart” portion of their smartphone, this new tier offers 250MB of data for the low price of $20 per month. 

With this new measly amount of data, your monthly Verizon bill would only be $60; $40 for the smartphone line and $20 for the 250MB of data. If you have someone in your family who only uses their phone for calling and texting, this might be a good plan, but 250MB is barely anything as far as data goes. To help you realize how much data 250MB is, I compiled a list of popular apps that you could download:

  • Download the Grand Theft Auto 5 iFruit app once (241 MB)
  • Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Go! (~250 MB)
  • The Sims 3 (102 MB)
  • Plants vs. Zombies (92 MB)

As you can see, 250MB is not a lot of data. It looks even worse when you compare against T-Mobile, where $60 will get you unlimited data, throttled after a certain amount, on its network.

Anyone taking Verizon up on this offer?

Via: The Verge
  • kpierce212

    I am on Wifi service at home and at work. I do not use my phone’s data for GPS or Navigation and I’ve turned off the mobile data on my phone so that I do not go over. For $45 a month – this allows me to use my phone for what I enjoy best when it’s most important. I can sacrifice the data usage on the go for a 50% cut in my bill. I switched from Sprint and took advantage of this plan.

  • Paul L

    T mobile now offers unlimited high speed data no throttling trust me I kno I used 19 Gb already

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Keep “SYNC ON” on your Android phone and 250MB will be finished before month end..

  • Renard Fiossa

    Just when I thought Verizon couldn’t stop catering to casuals

  • J Dub

    People are stupid. Leave Verizon as soon as you can. Why not make it so data plans aren’t required and people can just use wifi? Oh, that’s right! That’s not a rip off.

  • Daistaar


  • fritzo2162

    So, 2GB is $30, but 1/8th of that is $20? Yeah…that’s an awesome deal.

  • jmess82

    What a Freakin Rip off!

  • As a spare line that does not get any use of spends most of its time on WIFi, this is perfect.

  • David Narada Brown

    thats some expensive data! unlimited (for those who still have it) is $30

  • rogue05

    is that a typo? Is it missing the decimal and another zero? suppose to be $2.00? for that low it should be free.

  • Bruce

    That has to be the most expensive data plan ever!

  • Ken

    not using data for smartphones is like not having a smartphone. why not just get a regular cell phone?

  • doby42

    How about $0 for 0 MB of data for those that don’t use data.

  • thePromoter

    Or you can always use the Unlimited Data & Text plus 100 minutes from TMo for $30 I’d activated online

  • Syrio35

    Let’s see, I used 114 GB in the last 40 days. Price is $30 for unlimited + $30 for hotspot +tax. I’ll stick with that especially since it means unlimited LTE anywhere in the US.

  • bal412

    I just upgraded to 2 new phones on VZW and kept my unlimited data thorough a loop hole with best buy. When I have to upgrade next I’ll be leaving VZW and going to TMO.

    • 213ninja

      can we hear more about this “best buy” loophole? i’ve been shuffling upgrades for a couple of years to keep my unlimited data, but if there is some other way that works at Best Buy, we’d love to know.

      • bal412

        Yeah when I get home I’ll post a link to my thread over at the imore forums. Is nut she’ll I was able to upgrade and get 2 new phones at bestbuy.com. During the order process it ask you what kind of data plan do you want to use. For me it my only option was to choose “keep my current data plan”. So I ordered the phones online and picked them up at my local store. Got home and turned them on. Two minutes later my data went from unlimited to 2gb. I called up VZW and was like what is going on? She said I upgraded and therefore lost my data. We’ll I took screenshots of the entire process on bestbuy.com showing that my data would not change. Even the store rep said the same thing. VZW got back to me in two days and told me “we will honor this now but you now know any future upgrades will result in the loss of unlimited data”. No where throughout the ordering process did it tell me I needed to pick a new data plan it didn’t even give me any options. I posted screenshot over on imore forums. I’m typing this on my cell I can explain better once I get home.

        • bal412

          But I’m sure my acct is now flagged lol and won’t be able to do it again. Some ppl got this done the same day as others like me took two or three days to get our unlimited back on. It works if you got some time to talk with reps and have some patience. They key is finding the right rep and recording the entire ordering process.

  • breadable

    $20 a month is a lot to pay for something you are not planning to use. I could see $5 a month to get a smart phone with no intention of using the smart features, but I think this will keep Grandma and Uncle Bob on their flip phones.

    Sure, this is a slightly better option when you have Grandma on the family plan already paying $30 a month for data she doesn’t use, but really.

  • andresestrin

    If you get a galaxy camera you get a 4GB data plan for $35 a month. I think that is the best deal on Verizon.

  • Rodeojones000

    This is not a bargain. For $30 per month I get 6GB of data on Verizon.

  • adam

    I have unlimited for $29 a month lmao

  • John S

    Is this only for new customers? Just went on Verizons site and this option isn’t there.

  • ahhh yes

    this will be used up by apps running in the background using data…

    • DJ SPY

      Play 2 songs on Google Play Music and you’ll be over that.

  • dennis laska

    Verizon sucks

  • marc

    250mb for 20 bucks? I don’t know if I have ever heard anything so insulting. I would dig my old motorola startac out of my kid’s toybox and dump my smartphone before I would pay twenty dollars for the opportunity to play 2.5 hours of pandora.

  • John S

    Hell yes I’ll be taking them up on that offer. I’m so friggin happy. I barely use any data. I’m using the “smart” part of my phone constantly. Have you heard of wifi?

    • Ian

      you forgot the “/sarc”

  • Ryan

    Um, sorry but I get 4g LTE everywhere I go, and am currently paying way less than I did for Verizon. Try again.

    • n900mixalot

      Across the street to the laundromat and back doesn’t count. And if you can get across town on a bus, you’re Metro so it doesn’t count. Try getting on the freeway and actually going somewhere and see how consistent that service is.


      You must not go far. I’d love to have T-Mo, but I’d rather pay a lot for something that always works than pay less for something that hardly ever works.

      I swear I’ve replied to this comment 3 times now.

  • Tim242

    Yeah, they want to charge $20 for 250 MB for those that don’t want to use their smartphone off of WiFi. They should offer a choice of no data plan for $0. I will use their unlimited data plan to its fullest as long as I can. If/when they snatch it, I shall go prepaid, on another carrier. I don’t have home WiFi now, as I see it as silly to pay for that on top of two unlimited data plans. Once unlimited is gone, I will get home WiFi and pay a lot less for mobile data. $20 for 250 MB is not the plan I would settle for. FU Verizon.

  • Chandler

    remember when $10 more got you unlimited!

    • thelolotov

      Still does. Stubbornness helps. I refuse to give up my unlimited, and will be jumping to T-Mobile soon, I think.

  • M3D1T8R

    Or you can stream 5 minutes of Netflix per month with this, heckuva deal!
    (Netflix HD streaming uses almost 50MB/minute.)

  • SlyKrysis

    If you live in a somewhat metro area, T-Mobile makes sense. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, it doesn’t. For those of use who live near a city, there currently is no better option other than T-Mobile.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Except for MetroPCS which uses the same T-Mobile towers and everything, but is 10 bucks less.

      • Ian Case

        MetroPCS can use AT&T phones now since AT&T bought them.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Um, What are you talking about? T-Mobile bought MetroPCS.


      At home, there’s NO T-Mo. It’s not a tiny town, and there’s a fairly big college there. And at school there’s T-Mo while on campus and that’s it. Between here and home (about an hour drive) nothing.

  • frhow

    So I pay 45/month for 2.5gb of data, unlimited talk and text on AT&T network. I am so glad I left Verizon, greedy fu..s, too bad I didnt have anybody to sell my unlimited plan to.

  • M3D1T8R

    250MB should cost no more than 25¢. 25 _dollars_ should get you at least 25 GIGABytes. By comparison I pay around 50¢ average per GB with Verizon unlimited and around 50-100GB/mo for $30. But that’s Verizon for you, charging over 100x what they used to and should be charging, thanks to the lack of any true competition in the marketplace. We need at least six separate full national carriers to possibly have actual competition. Instead we have just two (T-mo and Sprint are not there yet), so we will continue to see bs like this joke of a plan.