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Here are the Changelogs for the Newest DROID 4, RAZR, and RAZR MAXX Updates

Just before 2013 ended, a couple of soak tests began for the DROID 4 and original RAZR/RAZR MAXX. We assumed, knowing the age of each device, that the updates would be incredibly minor and probably include connectivity fixes and bloatware. We were right on the connectivity part, however, Verizon has surprised us by not removing or adding any new services that few find useful. Hands to the sky, as updates for all devices are rolling out now.

There are connectivity fixes in store, though, for all three devices. Each has been given a fix to improve connectivity “while roaming abroad.” Data roaming in Canada on GSM/UMTS networks is also now supported. And last, security fixes were tossed in, meaning root users should proceed with caution as always.

The full changelogs are below. 


DROID 4 update


droid razr update

  • yourmom

    anyone know how to fix the red eye of death with safestrap and CM11 installed. I can load the cm11 partition fine but i like having the original as a backup in case i brick cm11 (which i do often because i can’t stop applying nightlies)

  • HeevenSteven

    Got a notice from PDAnet(foxfi) tether app that Verizon won’t allow wifi tether with Android 4.4–so it’s blue tooth or USB only; ergo, I’m happy to stick with 4.1

  • The Anon Leader

    Voodoo didn’t work for me

  • rda990

    Anyone know if you can still root after this new update and install SafeStrap as well?

  • kipo

    Im updating my Maxx now

  • 1mw

    argh! bricked?!!!?!?!?! never fully booted from sys. update. Droid eye of death, forever spinning

    • 1mw

      Droid 4 that is

  • master94

    Moto should just upgrade those phones to 4.4 since the are all the same internal and they can gloat they support phones the best and longest without actually doing any real work since they are the same phones instead of just updating for the sake of breaking root.

  • Allen Kowal

    Just so everyone knows, you can use Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper to update and keep your root. Just confirmed this with my own phone and can post screenshots if proof is needed.

    • rda990

      Screenshots please 🙂 Does SafeStrap still work???

    • Raven65

      Yep… as I posted below, Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper worked for me too. I lost root after the update, but got it right back with Voodoo. Obviously, you have to install Voodoo and make a backup BEFORE installing the OTA update for it to work.

  • Ryan Moya

    did anyone notice that the changelog document for the razr/maxx has the same phone model and system version as the droid 4? lol

    • Eric R.

      Same screen resolution, radio’s, processor, ram, camera

      • Ryan Moya

        Right but its not the same model number I know that, possibly the same system version but I doubt it

  • cmay227

    Funny u say HTC does not support their devices. My droid DNA I got Nov 2012 gets kit kat by the end of march and HTC one x was at&t not Verizon.

    • Eric R.

      I have the DNA, don’t count on HTCs deadline, we’ll be lucky if we get it by September

  • J. Gilbertson

    Definitely kills root on upgrade. I knew of this risk already going into the update so please no one yelling at me about how updates typically kill root. Apparently there is a way to restore root. I just haven’t had the time or ability to try some of the methods out there since I’m at work. XDA and DROIDRZR both have threads going on this. I did attempt to use VOODOO root keeper. Did the root backup and the temp unroot before the OTA. Tried restoring root afterwards and it acted as if it restored it properly and Super SU was able to “give it root” but alas root did not work as apps like TiBu failed to work.

    • Allen Kowal

      I think your problem was doing the unroot before the OTA. I ran the backup before I did the OTA, accepted and installed the OTA, then used the restore and got my root back. Able to use my quick reboot still as well as my SMS limit app (which requires root) so I know it worked.

      • J. Gilbertson

        I’ll have to remember that in the future. I still have a backup of my root. Other people have tried doing the backup without temp-unroot and haven’t had success either. I think it’s a bit of a mixed bag who it works for. The temp un-root worked for me going through with my droid 2 global update a year or so ago so who knows…

      • Raven65

        Same here… did the Voodoo root backup (did NOT do the temp unroot), installed the OTA, Ran RootChecker – verified that I no longer had root, used VooDoo to restore root, verified with RootChecker that it worked. Ran Titanium Backup successfully. Don’t know if this matters or not, but I also updated the binaries in Super SU before all of this.

  • chris_johns

    now if this could only fix the ugly screen my girls d4 has…oh well she has an upgrade next month n i got a guy who will do the 6gig plan on an upgrade for me without using verizons max nonsense

  • Raven65

    My RAZR received this update this past Friday. It was rooted, so I downloaded the update but delayed the install so I could protect root with Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper, so I downloaded/installed.ran that. The update install popped up again the next morning, so I let it rip. Sure enough… it removed root. Fired up Voodoo, clicked “Restore Root”… and BAM… rooted again.

    As for the update itself, I’ve seen absolutely no difference in my phone (nor should I since I don’t roam in Canada or Europe). It’s just as slow/laggy as ever – even after cleaning up the Dalvik cache with Titanium Backup Pro and running Lagfix regularly. I remember it being amazingly snappy when I first got it, but it’s certainly not now! I don’t know if it started with the Jelley Bean update or if it’s just happened gradually over time. I think that may be programmed into Android to keep us all buying new phones! LOL! Time to upgrade.

    • Sam

      in the same boat.. it’s slow. I am done with Motorola, not impressed. If they can’t have phone running for 2 years! This is the same issue for several other people I know. it’s slow. Did i say it’s slow?

      • RoadsterHD1

        It’s the RAM. 512 was a joke and 1gig was still bad but now with 2gigs, it makes all the difference. The X8 computer system is remarkable and the Droid MAXX battery…. well lets just say you will never worry about battery life again. Moto really stepped up with their new line.

    • RoadsterHD1

      Update to Droid MAXX, you will see a huge difference. in power…..

    • akhnaten

      I think the slowness problem is a result of the lack of trim support in Android before version 4.3. When I put CM, based on 4.3, on my phone, the slowness problem went away. Unfortunately, the last time I tried CM it was too buggy to use.

      • Raven65

        I believe running Lagfix regularly is supposed to take care of the lack of Trim. It makes a noticeable improvement on mine, but nothing drastic.

        • akhnaten

          I tried one, I don’t remember the name. It said I did not have the right version of the kernel to support doing trim through an app. I wonder if Lagfix is able to actually do anything.

  • thelolotov

    How about you remove the GSM block for USA carriers, Moto?

  • itsjers

    I just “traded in” my RAZR MAXX for a DROID MAXX! What a difference an upgrade makes! Plus it’s amazing battery life & the new DROID charging units (yes, I bought two, one for the bedroom & the other for the living room). Just simply place the phone on it, lined up, and voila, it’s charging quickly & efficiently!

    • clobberedchina

      That’s a nice upgrade.

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      what droid charging units are we talking about here? Got a link? Wanna see this 🙂

    • Lortivar

      How much did they give you off the Droid Maxx?

  • J. Gilbertson

    I hope they fixed the Bluetooth stack. I’ve been upset about that ever since Jelly Bean when they messed up my Bluetooth MAP car connectivity. Haven’t been able to have SYNC read out my messages. Something that even my old RAZR V3xx was able to do.

  • Daniel

    aka they closed the root loopholes and didn’t bother updating the Android version…so nothing much to see here

    • prototipo_20


  • El_Big_CHRIS

    My cousin’s RAZR is incredibly slow. We’ll see if this helps

    • RoadsterHD1

      You know just doing a factory reset helps slow phones go fast again. It’s just a reload but dont for get to back up your pix and vids.

      • Blue Sun

        I’d perform a Dalvik Wipe before attempting a factory reset. Then wait a week & if things are slow, then perform a factory reset.

        • Guest

          Or just switch to ART and don’t worry about Dalvik Wiping and enjoy ultra smoothness.

    • Shayne B.

      Mine was noticeably faster for about 3 hours after the update. Then it was back to the normal sluggishness.

  • Cael

    My Droid 4 got the update last week. I wish they could have fix how slow it goes.

    • Jeff C

      I fixed my D4 by buying a Moto X. Runs like a champ now! 😉

    • Guest

      I fixed my D4 by buying a Moto X. Runs like a champ now!

    • Raven

      I recently gave up my Droid 4 for a Moto X like others on here, but I for one never experienced any slow downs. I would say it still ran as fast as the day I got it. Of course, it was rooted and I did use Autostarts and Greenify to keep things from running when they weren’t supposed to be. The battery life on my Moto X has been a tremendous improvement, but I still miss my physical keyboard.

  • James Cook

    I hope this fixes my recent data connection drops on my RAZR MAXX. Although the real fix will be the HTC One I buy next month.

    • Big_EZ

      Lately my wife’s RAZR Maxx is dropping signal far to often, but so is my Note 2. I think it’s just Verizon, not the phone. I used to never lose signal at work, but recently it has started dropping several times a day.

    • Blue Sun

      Why would you get the HTC knowing that they won’t support it six months from now?