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Monday Poll: Are Your Going to Take T-Mobile’s ETF Deal and Switch Carriers?

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If you watched any amount of TV this weekend or took a glance over at the sidebar of this site, you more than likely ran into a T-Mobile advertisement that talks about their new ETF-killing program. Seriously, these ads are everywhere, right now. Introduced during CES as their next UnCarrier movement, T-Mobile wants to pay the Early Termination Fees (ETF) from your current carrier to have you bring your business to them. It’s a bold move, though bold moves are exactly what we expect from a company led by a man willing to crash an AT&T party during CES and then call their CEO of mobility “fat” during a press event.

The plan works something like this:

  • Bring your business to T-Mobile, and they’ll pay up to $350 in ETFs per line once you sign-up for service and send them the last bill from your previous carrier.
  • Then, trade in the phone from your previous carrier to earn up to another $300.
  • You have to sign-up for a¬†postpaid Simple Choice plan and also buy a device.
  • They will only pay ETFs from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

My question to you today is – are you going to take their offer and switch carriers? According to T-Mobile’s numbers, they had 4.4 million new customers join their UnCarrier way of life, so you certainly wouldn’t be alone.

Are Your Going to Take T-Mobile's ETF Deal and Switch Carriers?

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  • edog1212

    The good news is I’m saving $60 a month since the switch but this ETF reimbursement fiasco is starting to look like a scam.

  • Reality

    They can come up with the sweetest deal ever provided but it doesn’t matter if there are no bars on my phone.

  • Alejandro Torres

    Problem is I have to trade in my galaxy s4 (getting only 220) and then buy a new one from them for 600, so I end up loosing money

  • bigdav1178

    I’d love to go to T-Mobile – I like the company, and I like the plans – but their coverage sucks. I’m only 45 minutes outside of Philly (suburban area, not rural), and yet I’d be on 2G service where I live, where I work and the places I go. Coverage is the reason they aren’t a bigger carrier.

  • TC Infantino

    T-Mobile would have to offer two things for me to switch. The first would be having comparable coverage to VZW and AT&T, so I would be able to have a signal when I am at home, and out and about my rural hangouts. The second would be needing to have unlimited that didn’t throttle speeds once a set data limit was reached.
    Until then, I will stick with my VZW Unlimited plan.

    • taron19119

      They have true unlimited plan with no throttling I have that plan and t mobile is working on coverage

  • Diddy Bop

    I am with Verizon right now. But I am really thinking about doing it. I have to do a little more research, but I know the service is crappy, that’s what is holding me back. I could get a phone try it out and if it’s not good take it back.

  • Brandon Golway

    Already did six months ago!

  • Bryan Ott

    I defected from Verizon on Friday evening after work. It was nice to send them a tweet to say good bye. To which I got a tweet “why leave the best network” My response “why keep customers tied up in contracts and not just try treating them well?”

  • MKader17

    Where is the no, because my current carrier doesn’t have ETFs?

  • Switched from Sprint and kept my Gnex too. Awesome on my brand new N5

    • DanWazz

      How were you able to keep your GNex?

    • taron19119

      you’re going to have a terrible service using a sprint phone on tmobile you need a t-mobile phone for the best signal and coverage

      • um.

        • taron19119

          Yes I am serious

          • h4rr4r

            Then you have no idea what you are talking about.
            There is no Sprint or Tmobile version of the N5. They are the same exact device.

  • joshua

    I’d like to switch, but I’m on a family plan so idk of I can do it. I live Ina pretty populous area so I’m not terribly worried about coverage.

  • Bruce Vazquez

    Switched all 4 lines from Verizon. Great service in northwest Indiana and when not on LTE, we fall back to HSPA+ which is no slouch. Tired of Verizon and the industry as a whole. Like what T-Mobile stands for, and made the switch.

  • Rodeojones000

    Not switching. T-Mobile coverage is just too unreliable in my area. In fact, at my house I’d be lucky to get Edge service. Verizon, on the other hand, has complete coverage where ever I go.

  • Roubaix

    i would if t-mobile was in my area.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Side by side comparison of 4G/LTE between Verizon and T-mobile is embarassing, even in a major city like Detroit. Until T-mobile picks up its speed, no way im switching. Still have unlimited data through VZW, and get really good internet speed.

    • henry ford

      a major city like detroit? really…

      • Benjamin Mackie

        Yea. Its the 18th most populated city in the country, with a very busy metro area. Its also in Michigan, which has the 9th highest population. So yea, its a pretty fair statement. Also when both T-mobile and VZW have towers in Detroit, its fair to assume that they should be getting similar signal strength, even if their speeds arent the same

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Yeah I’m switching today. There’s basically no risk so to hell with it.

    • HarrisonBxtr

      Be warned until the 700mhz band goes live on T-Mobile, with compatible devices. You probably wont get service in basements, and in the middle of huge structures. The current bands do not have the best building penetration.

      • Chris Hilbert

        I have 3 bars LTE on my Nexus 5 right now as I type this in my basement. As with all coverage, it depends on the area. I could be close to a tower, could be a large tower, etc. Rest assured, it can penetrate buildings.

        • HarrisonBxtr

          Must just be my area :/

  • GJV

    I really respect what T-Mobile is doing. It’s great to see some innovative marketing and competition in the mobile industry, but you get what you pay for and what I pay for with Verizon is rock-solid voice and data service no matter where I go. I have no love for Big Red’s draconian policies, high prices, bloatware, Nexus incompatibility, etc., but you just can’t argue with the signal.

  • Just signed a contract with AT&T in December, so nope. T-Mobile is horrid here, and until they can provide good coverage where I live and travel, even their best offers won’t tempt me.

  • joejoe5709

    I want to. I REALLY want to. But their coverage scares me and they’re not really that much cheaper than VZW. If they beef up their coverage the next two years I’ll consider it when my contract is up.

  • Matthew Prendergast

    Not for nothing but I think the phone manufactures will be the next to take a hit. Anything above $200 for a phone is non-sense. I don’t care who is making it. Samsung tablet $160, Samsung phone $400…$500… really? Tablet is bigger and better and it costs how much more then a phone? For the price of these phone I can get a internet ready TV and still have money left over to buy take out for me and my family. If T-mobile really wants to impress, they should find a way to drive the prices of phones down.

  • gwhiteVT

    Its enticing, but There is simply no coverage for T-Mobile in Vermont.(2G only. yes “2”) Verizon is more expensive,but the coverage can’t be beat, I also have had very good customer service from Verizon believe it or not.

  • Quint

    I will be staying with Verizon for the time being. I get a discount on my service, and it makes it comparable to T-mobile in price. I don’t care about unlimited text or talk. I have less than two months remaining on my contract. Although Verizon’s data is bogging down in my area, T-Mobile network isn’t as expansive as Verizon’s. TMo is OK in town, but iffy to nonexistent in the sticks. I prefer having a network (voice and data). I’d like to go to AT&T but I use too much data to even consider them… And prepaid, forget about that as well.