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Verizon Moto X Through MotoMaker Drops to $49.99 On-Contract

Not sure exactly when this happened, but the Moto X with MotoMaker customizations for Verizon is available for $49.99 at the moment on-contract. None of the other carriers are offering the discounted price and are still showing $99.99. If you don’t want a custom device, you can also order the black or white woven models directly through Verizon’s site at the same price. 

If you are any sort of DL reader, then you already know that we are big fans of the Moto X. You can read our review here, but we also made it our top phone of 2013, just barely ahead of Google’s Nexus 5. The device combines stock Android with some of the most useful add-on features we have seen in some time, plus you can customize a phone to your liking at no extra cost.

And if you aren’t interested in buying the phone on-contract and attaching your life to Verizon for the next two years, keep in mind that the phone is always $399 off-contract going forward. That (along with the Nexus 5) might be the best deal in tech.

Bamboo remains a premium add-on and still carries its $100-extra price tag.

Via:  MotoMaker
Cheers HR!
  • RoboCop

    Best Buy has been offering the Motomaker for new customers for $1 or upgrades at $50 for at least two weeks

  • No More-Of-The-ObnoXiousness

    Just change the name of the site to “Moto X Life” already. Sheesh.

  • rfranken

    i love the fact that people like and are excited about the MotoX. But the fact that it is a sales bomb seems to not register with them (them = 90% of fanboys here). they can’t give these things away for free let alone sell that at a premium cost for a midrange phone. hence the price cuts keep on a commin.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Only if the NEXUS 5’s battery was bigger. I would take those any day over the 5

  • Sporto

    And coming up next on SportsCenter?…”……

  • Robert

    I just ordered the x with bamboo yesterday got charged 220 after tax should I call and see if they well give me a refund since its cheaper now

  • acashe42

    I refuse to be held to a contract and lose my UD, even if it was $-100 and they had to pay me!

    • Intellectua1

      When will people stop talking about holding on to unlimited data, has anybody not heard of wifi.. Even when I had unlimited data on Verizon I never went over 2-3gbs a month and that was with no wifi.. I understand some people use ridiculous amounts of data on there phones but I could care less about unlimited data I have 6gbs on 2 lines just in case I wanna get reckless and download roms or gapps zips on the go and I don’t go anywhere close to 6gbs

  • Peter Tirrell

    So what is the phone to look forward to for Verizon for 2014? Are there prospects for a Moto X2 or 2nd gen or something? I’m nearly desperation mode for my Galaxy Nexus but nothing really stands out on Verizon for me. I tried an S4 – it sucked. I really have no interest in anything other than as close of a stock experience as I can get which at this point is only the Moto X. But if I get one in the coming months it seems like it would be less and less future-proof and I’d rather my phones last ~2 years, either on contract or off.

  • chris

    Does anyone know when Teak or Rosewood or Ebony wood backs are finally going to be released!??

  • jim

    why waste your money, get a Note 3

    • Adrynalyne

      Not everyone wants a Note 3.

      • Chris

        Welcome to android my friend.

        • John Legere

          Where everybody buys into the marketing

          • Adrynalyne

            That is with any popular brand or OS.

          • Ryan

            Except Apple, since its the only brand and iOS available that competes with Android. (I don’t count Windows Phone OS yet.. as its still not even worth mentioning as a competitor currently)

            Samsung, sadly, has the upper-hand since they dump a butt load of money in advertising, hence 90% of the devices I see are Galaxy-based in some form or fashion. Even my friends have a Samsung device and I’m the only one that doesn’t. Maybe I like being different than everyone..

          • Chris

            nothing wrong with that

          • Adrynalyne

            I think you misunderstood me. It doesn’t matter if its a brand or OS, people buy into marketing for popular products. They don’t necessarily have to be a combination of the two.

          • John Legere

            Yep the hipster thing is having a “galaxy” . Google should be worried.

          • ki11ak3nn

            I actually got a Note 3 because I’m on a crap carrier (Verizon) and at the time I needed an upgrade nothing worthy was out. I wanted a custom Moto X but that still had AT&T exclusivity. Not because I’m a hipster.

    • John Legere

      This runs 10x smoother than a Note 3.

    • whyarepeopleS

      laggy note 3 with high spec.. pointless

      • ki11ak3nn

        My Note 3 isn’t laggy at all. And my wife just got a Moto X. It’s just as smooth as my Note. I just prefer the bigger screen and S Pen. If Moto made another X this year I hope they make it just a little bit bigger. Closer to S4 size would be perfect!!

    • ki11ak3nn

      I like the Moto X features, but the size of the Note 3. Touchwiz is kinda lame.

  • Trysta

    Grrr…so was trying to help my boyfriend use his upgrade. (he’s on verizon). I’ve recommended the moto X to him as he’s never used android before. We went into a Verizon store literally yesterday (the deal was up that evening) and the rep told us the price was $99 on contract! (we didn’t buy because I knew the phone could be had cheaper at best buy)

    If we get the phone online is it easy to just input account details? I’ve never purchased phones on contract but he needs a new phone like yesterday. He is stuck on a blackberry storm that won’t receive touch inputs half the time…

    • modulusshift

      It’s really not hard. motomaker.com
      Have fun!

    • clobberedchina

      OK, a couple of years ago when the Droid Razr Maxx was brand new, I ordered my phone from Verizon. I was already a Verizon customer. It worked, right out of the box. At least that’s the way I remember it. Can anybody chime in and help here?

    • whyarepeopleS

      its very easy to buy online from motomaker.com when you finish designing they will ask you to login with verizon account and you are set

      • Trysta

        Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

  • Scott

    Cant decide between the Moto X and the Nexus 5…

  • Sean Rowe

    So I am considering this…need to move on from my GS3 (which I got thru warranty replacement for GNex) and get a new phone. It sucks though because I could have had this phone months ago and it is no longer “new”. My dilemma is that the new GS5 will likely be locked up like safe and even if it does get unlocked it won’t run AOSP real smoothly…unless we are hoping for another GPE Galaxy device.

    What are the odds we can unlock the GS5?
    Will it run AOSP well (like GS4) or poorly (like GS3)?

    • CJ

      It will probably run great since its a nexus..

    • Intellectua1

      The Note 3 isn’t even fully unlocked so the chances are VERY slim.. I’m so used to Samsung phones I’m afraid to try something else out of fear of being disappointed.. But I want to be able to throw a custom recovery on my phones..

      • Big_EZ

        You shouldn’t be disappointed with any phone if touchwiz doesn’t disappoint you. I have my first Samsung smart phone (Note 2) and it’s horrible because of touchwiz. It’s so annoying because they have changed so much for the worse. People used to hate on Motorola Blur, but it was never as bad as touchwiz on the Note 2. I love the screen size, and the microSD slot, but I can’t stand touchwiz enough to get another Samsung phone.

    • whyarepeopleS

      there one thing to calm about S4 came with 3 gb bloatware and s5 will come with 4 gb bloatware

  • Walter Partlo

    Can I use motomaker to get a custom moto X and use the 3rd line trick to keep my vzw unlimited?

  • 655321

    It also looks now like though bamboo still costs the $100 premium, at least it’s no longer excluded from the $399 off-contract deal. Woo hoo! Now when they come out with teak I think I’m ready to buy.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Too bad it’s on contract. I got rid of that months ago.

    • If this phone were $50 off contract, I’d most likely have one placed in every room of the house, in the cars, etc. 😛

      • Justin W

        pockets, places I stand and/or sit for more than 5 minutes…

        • Ry Sav

          $50 for 16 gb or $100 for the 32 off contract would have been a nice little “Glitch”. would have made my overnight a little more bearable…

  • Ben Murphy

    Welp, the Patriots kicked some butt….now let’s see what my Broncos can do…

    • Oh, no way. My Chargers are taking you out, you’re getting bolo’d

      • Ben Murphy

        Oh brother, cry me a river phillips doesn’t stand a chance this time around. Revenge!

      • ROB

        For the last four years the team that beat the Eagles in there home opener has won the Superbowl. Wonder who beat them this year? Vegas baby…play the trends

      • Denvertoad

        Not a chance. Manning, revenge factor, 5280 home field advantage… Broncos by six.

    • John Legere

      In other news. the MLB are a bunch of crooks. See ya soon ARod.

    • Patriots suck 🙁

      • flosserelli

        No, they are actually a good team and have been for awhile. Which is why I hate them. It is time for a new dynasty.

      • KChristainsen

        Just saying

        • ToddAwesome

          it’s funny cuz it’s true.

        • Michigan Guy

          Wait so you are making fun of them because they are winning too much? What is the world coming to!

        • big steve

          I don’t know son ask a LIONS fan!!!!!!!

      • ToddAwesome

        your jealousy sustains me!

    • Intellectua1

      Hold up…. What’s a Patriot to a Seahawk.. Seahawks Nation Baby..

      • CHRIS42060

        I feel bad for Seahawks Nation.

      • ki11ak3nn

        BEAST MODE!!

      • KChristainsen

        Would love to see this superbowl. The 4 remaining teams are all nasty.

  • Kevin

    I sense a MotoX2 coming out with better specs!!!

    • AbbyZFresh

      Do we really need better specs. Mine works silky smooth.

      What we really need is a massive improvement on the camera.

      • nabooska

        How is your front facing camera? Mine sucks when in front of windows n such, haven’t seen too many people complaining about theirs

        • Scott Webber

          Mine is basically useless, but my wife’s works fine. If I actually wanted to use it ever, I would return my phone and get one that isn’t broken.

          • nabooska

            I should probably look in to returning mine then, as it works terribly unless in direct sunlight so my selfie game is weak

          • David Narada Brown

            make sure your settings havent changed

          • wow! my front is almost better than the back. i took a selfie of the family in front of the Christmas tree this year and it looks great!

      • Scott Webber

        The only thing I want for specs is a 1080p screen. Everything else about the phone is great.

        • big steve

          Amen i have a bionic, I’m waiting for the next big MOTO

          • Scott Webber

            Well, I don’t want the phone bigger at all…just higher dpi. My previous phone was a Droid DNA. The screen was GORGEOUS, but the phone was a bit too big. I can live with it larger if I have to, but I feel that the moto x is a perfectly sized handset.

      • If only everyone thought like you, we’d be stuck in the stone age.

    • Hothfox

      I don’t see a Moto X 2 coming out until at earliest September. Why would a company release a next gen device less than a year after the first? They’re quite pleased with their product, I can’t imagine them dismissing it so quickly.

      • Cesar

        Meanwhile, at Samsung HQ…

        “Hey guys, you know that smartwatch we released 4 months ago? Let’s make a better one!”

        • flosserelli

          You are comparing a product that is selling well (Moto X) to a product that no one cares about (Galaxy Gear). Apples to oranges.

          • kg2128

            Actually sales of the Moto X were poor the last time news sites checked into it in November 2013 (google “moto x sales numbers”). 500000 for the quarter vs 10 million (Galaxy S4) in the same time period. And there has been nothing since then to suggest sales have picked up dramatically. And that’s the way it should be when you market a low-mid tier device as a “flagship.” The Moto X should have been priced at 200-250 off contract, and free on contract from the start. I know it costs Motorola more than that to make the Moto X but that’s why it’s not a good product. Future Motorola devices should be much better, I believe the Moto X was part of the garbage that was already in the pipeline before Motorola was bought by Google.

          • whyarepeopleS

            first that 500k is for 37 days only available in North america and second he is talking about gear and not S4

          • Adrynalyne

            Everyone is hung up on 500k, despite it being the end of Q3 when it happened. Its like, they sold 500k, and not a single unit after that.

          • David Narada Brown

            im curious what the numbers jumped to when they ran the black friday special. there servers couldnt handle the traffic so im guessing they did some pretty good numbers. moto’s approach with the X was diffierent. it really is a nice phone and the specs doesnt show just how comparable this phone performs compared to other flagships. I would rather have the nexus 5 but i wouldnt talk down on the X because of its spec list, it out performs some quad core phones.

          • i agree. also to state that exclusives damaged sales, and once available, pretty much everyone knew better deals would come on black friday. they waited 2.5 months, mine as well wait another 2.5 weeks. actually, now that i think about it, it was $50 per phone on-contract the day after it released on all other carriers. great deal. point is still the same. the report didn’t include the release on 3 other major carriers. when i googled that phrase just now “moto x sales numbers”, the first hit was published the day after the release on 3 others.

          • David Narada Brown

            Yep, and to add to that, they recently have had some activity goin on in Europe. They could be launching the X in this region next.

          • guest

            Moto X is selling well? I guess it is after almost a 50% price drop…

        • ki11ak3nn

          I really hope the next Gear is better. I like the idea of the Gear, just need to make it perform more tasks and adjust the price. And get rid of the camera.

          • David Narada Brown

            yea that camera. the commercial with the guy taking photos with his watch is awful! who would do this?

          • ki11ak3nn

            Creeps?!? I can see it happening too when Glass comes out. Hahaha

    • I believe the point of the Moto X was to prove that specs don’t mean everything. And i think they made their point.

      • John Legere


      • kg2128

        They didn’t do a very good job of making their “point” then. The Moto X is just a mediocre device that is somewhat cheaper than real flagships but not much cheaper. Sales haven’t been huge either.

      • Intellectua1

        Yea looking at the sales numbers I’d have to agree they didn’t make a good point.. People here can say specs don’t matter. But people that aren’t so tech advanced will look at specs.. Most people do, when friends and family ask me about phones and what to get they want to hear the specs. My point is and will always be specs really matter in most phone sales..

        • apple apple

          So when your friends and family ask about a phone they ask you about quad cores, hexa cores, and gorilla glass? Seems to me, if they’re asking those kinds of questions they don’t need to be asking you at all.

          • Intellectua1

            Not necessarily, but they ask me to make comparisons between phones and what’s best so that’s basically asking for specs and that’s what I give them.

          • Ah i see where you are coming from now. Now i must state that if you are only showing specs to those who dont know the differences, then of course that’s all they will have to choose from. But what if you asked them “what do you intend to use it for?” or by chance, your recommendations are biased based on your comment that you still think specs are everything?

        • EdubE24

          I always say get the latest and greatest. Or else you will see fewer updates and be pissed in a year with your purchase.

        • “But people that aren’t so tech advanced will look at specs.” i’m sorry, but i’m pretty sure that your statement is an oxymoron. You’re stating that those who are NOT tech advance care more about specs than those who ARE tech advanced?

          You scenario is completely different than mine. To each his own. All the non-tech advanced friends and family who are up for an upgrade ask me, i say look at the Moto X or the LG G2. 100%, on their own accord after research and visit to the store, picked the Moto X. Our stories are just different is all. Doesn’t mean either of us are right or wrong.

    • Kevin

      I’m the supreme taco around here!

      • Intellectua1

        My real name happens to be Kevin also..