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Video: Samsung Galaxy TabPro 8.4 Hands-on [CES 2014]

It’s CES, which means we are able to get our hands on the latest and greatest devices from the world’s top manufacturers. Today, we were able to meet up with Samsung at their booth in Las Vegas, and spent a few minutes with the Galaxy TabPro 8.4. There are three different models in the all-new TabPro lineup – an 8.4″, a 10.1″, and a 12.2″. Each device features almost identical specs, except for the display sizes. 

The TabPro 8.4 features an 8.4″ 1620 x 1200 display, an Exynos processor, Android 4.4, 2GB of RAM, an 8MP back-facing camera, a 2MP front-facing camera, plus loads of Samsung’s own proprietary software. Although, unlike the Note lineup of devices, the TabPro tablets do not feature an S-Pen.

Below we have our hands-on with the tablet, so go ahead and check it out.


Galaxy TabPro Galaxy TabPro Galaxy TabPro Galaxy TabPro Galaxy TabPro

Hands-on Video

  • Nice ripoff of the Windows 8 UI, Samsung. Microsoft will see you in court.

  • TylerCameron

    They’ve FINALLY replaced the menu key with recent apps!

  • Thorsten von Eicken

    can you please review the 12.2″ version?

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Gimme a Google Play Edition and we’ll talk.
    Not interested in touchwiz.
    I love Android the way God and Google intended it.

  • master94

    Too many product line ups. Wish Samsung would focus on one really great product line up and make it a beast.

  • DRaY

    no S-pen no deal

  • michael4man

    This is kinda weird, the spec sheet in the photos show an 8200 mAh (Which if this is the case it would be amazing), but their site doesn’t, it shows 4800 mAh. I also believe this one is mainly going to have a snapdragon 800 in it.


  • jim

    Terrible review , cant understand one word he says

    • NeilGeorge

      ?? Maybe get a better headset?? I understood every word… Sorry if you are expecting a better review in the environment he is in, you are asking a bit too much don’t you think? Unless I am misunderstanding your statement..

  • Robert Boluyt

    I thought the 8.4 Pro was supposed to have a Snapdragon 800 chip?

    • Arthur Dent

      Might only be the LTE version. WiFi has Exynos?

  • tyd450

    is the battery really 8200 mAh??? I thought I ready elsewhere is was in the 4000’s

  • Steven02

    2560×1600 resolution on this device. (you have 1620X1200 in your article, but correct in the video)

  • Ben Murphy

    Correction on video title…. “TabPRO 8.4″….I dunno why Samsung insists on confusing us. Sorry, just a heads-up if someone went searching for it.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      TabPro Air 2 8.4 2014 edition

      • Ben Murphy

        Don’t give them any ideas.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    1620 x 1200? Wut

    No Snapdragon? No thanks

    • jeff manning

      Omg snapdragon is the only chip company that can make good chips. /s

      • Arthur Dent

        Omg Snapdragon is a company?!


      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        Yes, Qualcomm is the one and only. Samsung and NVIDIA blow

  • bogy25

    Looks like a really nice device – I have a 7 inch tablet and also a 10 inch tablet – I can really see the 8.4″ fitting in. The 7″ that I have is OK but too small at times. The 8.4 I would think is the perfect size. Now, I can’t come up with an opinion on the 12 inch tablet until I get my hands on one. The 10 incher that I have seems just right and I am skeptical about the 12 inch size.