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Audi and AT&T Unveil 4G LTE for 2015 A3 Sedans

At a press event last night during CES, AT&T and Audi announced 4G LTE connectivity for cars. Stating that LTE will be available in the 2015 A3 sedans, car buyers can simply attach their vehicle to a current Mobile Share data plan through AT&T, making it easy to manage all of the data that is streamed to your whip. 

Audi is teaming up with AT&T to build of a suite of software which should take advantage of the new mobile connectivity, such as a better infotainment system and apps like Facebook, Twitter, personalized RSS news feeds, and lots more. To top it off, the car will act as its own WiFi hotspot, allowing passengers to connect to the data and stream whatever content they would like.

The new Audi connect 4G LTE service will allow faster Google Earth™ and Google Street View enhancements to Audi MMI navigation plus. The 4G LTE connectivity will also provide faster downloads and high-definition video streaming for up to eight devices used by passengers over the in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot.

While drivers are more distracted on the road than ever before, we hope Audi and AT&T are thinking a lot of about safety. We wouldn’t want anyone crashing a new Audi because they were busy tweeting from their dashboard.

Audi commented that as time passes and more car models are released, 4G LTE will become a regular option for buyers.

The future – ain’t it great?

Via: AT&T

    As long as voice controls are implemented, this shouldn’t be too much of a visual distraction. Maybe?

  • Brian Menius

    Hurry up with my #*@(^$& S3, Audi!

    I’m hoping I can use an AIO SIM. Otherwise, this “feature” will lie dormant in my car.

  • chris_johns

    ah yes…more ways to rape the little guy

    • Adrynalyne

      Can’t rape the willing…aka, its an optional service.

      • chris_johns

        Ah yes cant rape the willing…thats what they told me…learned the hard way not always the case

      • chris_johns

        Father: Sorry son you cant use data the rest of the month daddy needs to listen to pandora in his audi!

        Son: rape!

  • Jon Parker

    Talk about a data throttle!

  • Well, this futuristic implementation makes me happy, but my wife is still waiting for her “Rosie Robot”! Let’s move, Google!!! We want Rosie!

  • Ian

    You don’t need Facebook/Twitter in your car, bottom line.

    • The D

      Will be some great instant tweets and pics of car accidents though, Last Tweeted “On my wassgdshratjk,bjkm,.”

  • Chad Walber

    So they’re putting a cell phone network that works half the time into a vehicle that will break the other half of the time….

    Makes sense…

  • Intellectua1

    Audi makes such beautiful sophisticated machines.. Audi’s are Intellectua1 🙂

  • T S

    cool. can’t wait to have my facebook feed in my car .thanks AT&T. you know what consumers want! . . .:

  • JDLaT211

    Google Street View will be so fast I don’t need to look out my windshield anymore 🙂

  • fauxshizzl

    Now when you buy a car you phone bill goes up too. Sweet. Once iOS and Android invade cars I will have to either deal with a mobile OS running my car
    (HUGE no thanks), or buy a different car other than the one I really want to not deal with that. Insane it is illegal to use your phone in the car, so they just build a tablet into the dash.

  • SkyCode

    what is the point with data caps it is useless.

  • kaufkin

    i’ll wait for the CM13 port to become available.

  • DL, you guys should stop posting AT&T press releases since they are soon going to be giving sponsored bandwith to your competitors and hurting the open internet.

    • Ian

      That would be a bias. Personally, I prefer that a news service bring me the information and I will make up my own mind.

      • Clearly an anti-net neutrality drone. AT&T must be stopped at any cost at this point for the future of the internet.

        • Ian

          I’m actually pro-net neutrality. Thx.

  • Bob

    Yay – a way to fleece more money from the customer. AT&T is taking notes from VZW.

    BMW already includes cell service (3g I think) in many of their vehicles and you can do online searchs via google. All of this at no additional cost. I use my phone for everything else that requires 4G.

  • jack584

    Why must they keep using AT&T for LTE in cars…? When I’m driving around to remote places I want LTE coverage. I know most of us don’t like Verizon, but they are king in terms of LTE coverage.

  • Cael

    Are Verizon and T-Mobile not trying to establish car deals? I could care less about Sprint, tbh.
    Uncarrier 5.0 T-Mobile…get on it.

    • Abgar Musayelyan


    • Intellectua1

      T-Mobile in a car would be horrible..

    • Tim242

      You like EDGE that much?

      • Cael

        No I like Verizon that much. I have no service complaints where I’m at.

  • Mike

    Why can’t the auto makers just have a USB or SIM port that allows you to plug in your own from your current carrier.

    • Maxim∑

      because that makes way to much sense

      • Kevin

        *too. 😀

    • W. Paul Schenck

      Make it even easier. Just make a connection to plug in your phone and use the data from there.

      • Mitchman

        Why not use phone hotspot and plug phone into car charger (if necessary)?

        • Adrynalyne

          This would assume your car electronics have wifi connectivity.

          • Mitchman

            Wouldn’t be that hard to implement wifi connectivity?

          • Adrynalyne

            Why not go a small step further and just add a cellular modem? That is what they did, of course. Now those who use feature phones don’t need a smartphone for their car.

    • Ian

      Do you really want to take your SIM card out each time your enter/exit your car?

      • Mike

        It’s called a 2nd SIM card… Do you swap out your SIMs if your wife or brother want to use their phone?

        • Ian

          You pay access for each SIM and since you alluded to plugging in your own from your current carrier I assumed you were referring to a SIM you already paid access for such as the one in your phone. It appears you actually meant “why can’t I choose what carrier services my car?” In which case it comes down to the same thing as phones, what antennas and frequencies does it service. Plus its obvious like with phones that there are exclusivity deals going on between manufacturers and carriers.