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DROID Incredible 4G LTE Receiving Update – Fixes Bugs, Adds Isis Support

Verizon appears to have approved an update to the DROID Incredible 4G LTE. Yes, that Incredible 4G LTE. The same Incredible 4G LTE that hasn’t seen an update from Verizon since 2012, if our records are correct.

The update will add support for Isis Mobile Wallet, fix power cycling issues, improve Bluetooth clarity, and include new security patches. In other words, it’s a pretty minor update, but still an update nonetheless. 

Should you receive the update and notice anything fun that isn’t listed on the list of changes, be sure to let us know.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.32.05 AM

Via:  Verizon
  • lmntn

    Received the update yesterday — now wifi connection does not work properly, no location, no email update, and not able to connect to internet over wifi. Need a fix to fix this group of fixes. Verizon was no help except to acknowledge that it had caused some problems.

  • D Roll

    I noticed that it now doesn’t just automatically click off and back to the menu when picking a notification ringtone in the menu. it now has you click it,it has an “apply” button at bottom of screen now you have to press too. kind of a waste of extra crap that’snot necessary if u ask me. why just clicking what you wanted and it be done was an issue I don’t know.lol

  • gpzbc

    Cool. My wife still rocks this phone.

  • timothee

    Inc4G owner here, still waiting for the promised update to Jelly Bean… sike S-off

  • master94

    ISIS support, I’d consider that a bug. Google wallet ftw

  • Tom

    I see “security patches” as major updates for me.

  • Blue Sun

    I’ve been told that there is nothing Incredible about ISIS.

    • LionStone

      Except the part where VZW loads $50. on it and the free Jamba Juice every day til April!

  • Cael

    I’m glad I didn’t pick this. HTC ruined the Incredible series.

    • T4rd

      Yeah, the only good one was the first one, which was the same hardware as the Nexus One. The Inc. 2 was a gimped Thunderbolt (with no LTE), and the Inc. LTE was a gimped One X (slower CPU, qHD display). The Rezound, which my wife had, was atrocious as well despite its great specs at launch. Carrier exclusives need to DIAF anyways.

      • Cael

        I loved the Incredible 2 despite its lack of LTE. Incredible LTE was a gimped One S and it didn’t even feature their Imagechip crap and the fact that LTE was really the only upgrade. Like wtf? The Rezound had SO much potential if they didn’t went with the S3 and knew how to put a decent battery in a phone (couldn’t even learn from the Thunderbolt). It killed my faith in HTC.

        • KatsumeBlisk

          I loved the Incredible 2 also, but it never got ICS even though HTC promised. Even the Thunderbolt did. I really lost faith in them after that. People say ROMs, but the 4.x ROMs never worked as well as the 2.3.x ones because ICS changed so much.

      • Garrett

        You could say the first one was… Incredible

  • Adrynalyne

    OTA to fix reboots…so users were suffering through this for a YEAR?

    • Mitchman

      What is it with HTC and power cycling? It took a couple updates to reduce them on the Thunderbolt. Most suffered for 3 months, many longer than that.

      • hkklife

        It’s all due to Sense, especially these janky old versions of it. It’s a shame HTC only really got Sense trimmed down and nicely tweaked just when AOSP got “good” enough in its own right.

    • LionStone

      Haven’t heard of this?…my girl’s Inc4G still runs killer, no issues…