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Original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Soak Test on the Way, Won’t be Kit Kat

The original or “OG” DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX have an update on the way, which will first begin as a soak test through Motorola’s Feedback Network. Invites were sent out this morning, only saying that this is a preview of a “new software release.” Before you get too excited, no, this isn’t Kit Kat. Motorola has already confirmed through their support pages that the RAZR and MAXX will remain on Android 4.1.2.

I’d imagine this is a bug fixer if anything. Well, it could be a bug fixer, bloatware installer, and connectivity improver. Those are the typical items included in updates to a phone this late in the game. After all, we are looking at phones that are two years old now.

Hey, that’s more than the Galaxy Nexus got.

Cheers Naughty Moto Tester and J!
  • Steve Baptista

    I’d rather they replaced the Mail Access Profile (MAP) that was removed in Jelly Bean.

  • rda990

    Anyone know if you can still root after this new update and install SafeStrap as well? Thanks.

  • huskerhog

    After receiving the update, my RAZR MAXX seems to be running much smother and faster now after I shut it down and restarted. Apps open much faster. At one point I thought I was going to have to do a factory reset to clear out what was making it lag so much.

  • Elthon Cisneros

    Hey I may have found the possible Verizon changelog for this soak test. It says: KEY ENHANCEMENTS:
    • Connectivity while roaming abroad has been improved
    • Data roaming in Canada on GSM/UMTS networks is now supported • Security patches have been included

    It should be on the Verizon update page(that’s where I found it). Check it out. http://m-support.verizonwireless.com/mobl/features.su_droid_razr.tp_2.html

  • tdinc


    This device will be upgraded to KitKat (Android 4.4)

    according to Motorola theses phones will be getting upgrades just dont know when….. so this news story makes no sense..

    • stabone

      The Razr Maxx HD will be getting KitKat, but the Razr Maxx won’t. Different phones.

    • joemama

      get a clue

  • bigdav1178

    Kind of surprising the Droid 4 got its soak test before the RAZR; it was always the other way around with the previous updates. Anyone know what is in this update yet?

    • Bryan

      I would guess something to do with security fixes for that Google APK update flaw found a few months ago that was a big deal in the media.

      • Mr-Glass

        Weird thing is I do not recall soak tests for security patches..

  • Yannick Mark Perryman

    So embarrassed that i still use this phone.

  • YouSeeLA11

    Damn, I’d even appreciate Android 4.2.2 for my Droid RAZR Maxx, so I can at least use homescreen widgets…this update is meaningless to me…

    • guest

      Home screen widgets have been around since the beginning.If you can’t use them it’s nothing 4.2.2 will fix.

      • Scott

        He probably means lockscreen widgets.

        • YouSeeLA11

          Doh, yes, of course that’s what I meant…

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Can’t believe that its been two years. Still a great phone. Seems to be harder to sell an update. Started switching phones so much. More than satisfied with my N4. Probably till spring. Waiting on the next Moto X

  • poop

    This is why I will most likely buy an iPhone or windows phone next go around. How is it Verizon’s requires me to sign a two year agreement to get this phone at a somewhat half decent price. Yet, support wise, the phone gets left behind in a matter of two or three months. If I have to keep this phone for two years, verizon and Motorola should do their part and keep it up to date for two years. The feds need to come down on this racket called wireless companies.

    • Brian Cohen

      I don’t understand your comment. You are complaining that you are stuck with this phone for 2 years but it is abandoned after 2 or 3 months, but this article talks about a new update, now the THIRD update for this phone since it’s release. Your complaint has absolutely no merit.

      • poop

        what is the latest OS? and is my phone getting that latest OS? a bug fixer is a given. i’m not talking about update that closes some loophole or adds bloatware. i’m talking about the fact that if i am under a contract for two years, i should have the latest OS on my phone if it can run it (which i’,m sure thats not a problem). I thing my gripe absolutely does have merit.

        • Brian Cohen

          My understanding is it IS a problem, since the manufacturer of the processor (Texas Instruments) did not create drivers for the Droid 4 and OG Razr that are compatible with KitKat. So how do you expect Motorola to update the phone without basically creating their own drivers for a chip they did not manufacture? And they are not in the chip manufacturing game. Trust me, I LOVE my Droid 4 and will use it until they come out with a Droid 5, or what now seems like, forever. And I would LOVE for Kit Kat to be coming to my phone, but I am informed enough about how OS upgrades work with respect to compatibility.

          What I AM upset about and would gripe about is the lack of a Droid 5. FU Google, we want our physical keyboards!!!!

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  • Richard Giordano

    Looks like I have to boot up my aging bionic to prepare for a similar update since it basically has the same specs as the og RAZR and Maxx.

  • This phone needs TRIM badly! I had one and unless i ran lagfix every few days, it took minutes to do anything.

    • adam

      Yep I had to run lagfix every day, sometimes twice. Had it for a year and a half until just getting the moto x, vastly superior.

      • hkklife

        Someone at Google should be flogged for not mandating Android receive TRIM support back in ICS 4.0 ( if not even under earlier). So many devices could and would have benefited from it. I have had it on my PC SSDs since 2009 and its invaluable.

        • me

          The reason they didn’t include it earlier might probably be the same reason why many Linux distros haven’t enabled it by default until recently. Within the Linux community, there was/is much debate about how to enable TRIM properly. There are currently 2 methods in Linux: setting the discard option when mounting and using fstrim on a scheduled basis.

          Using the discard mount option showed disk performance loss for random writes and mass file deletions while fstrim can put significant disk load and sometimes last 10 minutes (killing battery life). It seems Google decided to go with fstrim on a roughly 24 hour schedule plus some other requirements related to battery level, charging state and others.

          For my Linux notebook, I cobbled together a script that calls fstrim to TRIM at most 1 GiB and depending on the result, it does the next TRIM between 1 and 24 hours later. It also only does it when plugged in. It works okay but it’s like I did any formal tests.

          • me

            *it’s not like I did any formal tests.

          • hkklife

            Thanks for the info. I had no idea things were stillstill so contentious in the Linux world regarding TRIM implementations.

          • me

            Things are always contentious in the Linux world or at least it’s more public than in closed proprietary software organizations. There are debates over a lot of things. I guess it took so long to find the “best” method so the majority decided to just go with the least bad existing one because doing neither is far worse.

    • me

      TRIM is normally run once a day. That’s how Android KitKat does it. Many Linux users set it up this way for SSDs as well. For usage patterns that has frequent file deletions and/or a slow eMMC from the start then TRIMming more often is probably required.

  • mcdonsco

    I’m surprised actually, figured Motorola soak test folk still had their hands full with the droid maxx/ultra/mini soak. Yet, they’ve now done two more soaks while that one is still a cluster-%#&$.

  • adam

    upgraded my razr maxx last week to the moto x, best upgrade ever. won’t miss that slow laggy maxx at all.

  • supaman

    There’s also a soak test for the droid ultra and maxx. I got the email this morning.

    • mcdonsco

      Huh? Those are still in a soak from over two weeks ago.

      • barrmy

        they stopped that soak, so this is likely the fixxer

        • mcdonsco

          Actually, no, they didn’t.

          • supaman

            I think this soak is different, because I didn’t sign up for the feedback network until after kit kat was released. Also, my phone has been on 4.4 for a while now. Either it’s going to be a fixer, or a bump upto 4.4.2.

          • mcdonsco

            It just doesn’t make sense to start a new soak with an existing (failed) soak in progress and exclude the current soak members.

            And seems, no offense, like you’re the only one claiming it.

          • supaman

            I understand where you are coming from. This email was a surprise to me as much as it might be to anyone. I’m just posting what I got in my email because I haven’t seen it anywhere else. However, it makes no sense for me to get this email weeks after the OTA was pushed. This is especially true because I signed up fur the feedback network a week after the last soak test. When I find out more, I’ll let anyone interested know what it really is. Anyone who is skeptical can ignore my post. If someone else beat me to this post, I wouldn’t have even posted this. I just thought people would be interested in knowing that there might be an update coming.

          • Guest

            I believe you. I got the email too.

  • Vermin_Cain

    I have a Droid Razr, and it is by far the crappiest phone I ever owned. I can’t even count how many times I want to smash that phone, and that’s what i will do when my contract is up. I have one month left on my contract with Verizon, and I can’t wait to tell them to go shove it.

    • DJ SPY

      You got a lemon. My brother has had his for two years and other than the battery he says it has been a solid phone. He’s happy with it.

      • Vermin_Cain

        I wouldn’t call it a lemon. My wife has the same phone and hers is a crappy phone too, and mine is the 3rd one, they replaced it twice and they’re all crap.

        • ninja

          If it won’t connect to 4g maybe you haven’t checked the settings….had mine since launch and no issues

          • Vermin_Cain

            I checked every damn setting on that piece of crap. At this point, I don’t even care anymore, I am just waiting for Feb 1st, when I can tell Verizon to shove it, activate my Nexus 5, and beat the Razr with a hammer.

          • joemama

            Please let Fbb 1st come quickly so we don’t have to read rants like this.

    • verizonandmotorolaSUCK!

      A lemon? Motorola’s with Verizon grow on lemon trees!

    • Raven65

      You obviously never owned a Droid X2… LOL!!! I did, unfortunately. Talk about a piece of CRAP! I replaced it with a mint condition used RAZR from Swappa (to keep my unlimited data) and it is vastly superior to it. I’ve had no trouble out of mine – other than the occasional lag/general slowdown – usually cured by running lagfix. Still using it… trying to decide whether to jump to the Moto X or wait for whatever’s next.

    • ddh819

      believe me, there have been way crappier phones on verizon

  • Jojo

    I rather have security and bug fixes than the new features of the newest flavor of Android. Too bad only so many fixes can be backported but at least they’re providing it, assuming that’s what this update provides.

    Has anyone tried replacing the battery themselves? You can buy the battery online but I haven’t tried it. My battery life has severely dropped now. If only I can just easily pop in ta new battery.

    • josuearisty

      Its very easy replacing it, look for it in youtube!

    • VSuraceent1783

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    • Big_EZ

      It’s not to difficult to replace, but the back will be loose unless you use glue when you reinstall the back.

    • Eric R.

      Yeah, when this phone was updated to ICS, it just added bugs, and then it was upgraded to JB which just brought even more bugs

  • me

    Isn’t KitKat one word?

    • Suman Gandham

      http://www.kitkat.com/labs/ Scroll all the way to the bottom right… seems like in written form, it is “Kit Kat”.

      • smores

        Google spells it as KitKat: http://www.android.com/kitkat/

        So, KitKat the OS version and Kit Kat the chocolate are spelled differently.

      • joemama

        So we have a dictionary watchdog on site I see.

    • Chris

      don’t worry about it

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I was just talking to someone at work who said they were having connectivity issues with their OG RAZR, perhaps it’s a widespread issue?

    • josuearisty

      Thats not my problem, but mobile and wifi signal strength are very weak using gsm sim cards outside USA.

  • Raikou

    Not trying to get off topic but what happened to the Droid Maxx update, I know it got pulled for bricking, haven’t heard anything else (twiddles tumbs)

    • 2Berad

      I got the 4.4 update on my maxx and for the most part I like the update…. BT has been my only real usage complaint as I use BT in my car with a Kenwood head unit and I get chippie audio every now and then, kind of sucks buy over all great update. Also the mix of blue and white JB and kitkat icons are funky but that is a real minor thing. Hope the next update phase is 4.4.2 with bug fixes.

  • Severo Rivera

    Bummer, feel bad for droid RAZR users.

    • Adrynalyne

      Why? They shouldn’t feel bad about it either. In fact, I am impressed that Moto is releasing an update when the phone is 25 months old.

  • nommm

    How is 4.1.2 more than 4.2.2 that the VZ Toro GNex has currently?

    ?”Hey, that’s more than the Galaxy Nexus got.”?

    • Adrynalyne

      The Galaxy Nexus isn’t even receiving bug updates and was announced dead months ago. This phone was released around the same time and is getting an update (not newer version of OS) when it is over two years old. The Verizon Gnex never even got 4.3, which was supposed to go to all Galaxy Nexus devices (screw you Verizon). The last update Toro saw was in March of last year. With Google washing their hands of the Gnex, that means it only saw support for…15 months?

      I am thinking that was what was meant.

  • Abu Samad


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  • philnolan3d

    Typing on my RAZR Maxx now. It’s amazing how fast these devices get left behind. My phone still feels new.

    • Josh

      I had a Bionic a few months ago, same phone basically. Had screen issues so I got a free hand me down RAZR m from a family member. I used to think my bionic stayed relatively current (had kit Kat and all), but after using this RAZR m, the performance vs my wife’s og RAZR and the old Bionic blew me away. To think that this RAZR m is now an “old” device is ridiculous. Luckily, it’s scheduled to receive KitKat!

      • philnolan3d

        You know the RAZR Maxx and RAZR M are different phones right? My dad has the M. It’s pretty nice, but smaller and much shorter battery than my Maxx.

        • Josh

          Yes, just stating how ridiculous it is that the m is already considered old is all. This is my first snapdragon powered device as well, and I definitely see a difference in performance over my old bionic.

          • KidFlash1904

            It seems like it really is the omap processor that’s making the OG RAZR and bionic feel sluggish

          • Josh

            For sure. The only way I could make my bionic buttery smooth was to use the performance cpu governor, and even then it was still choppy at times. The stock rom was great for a week each time I reinstalled it, but it always bogged down. Cyanogenmod ran flawlessly though.

          • chris125

            Phones are considered old a month after you buy them in the android space with how often manufacturers pump out new phones.

          • hkklife

            Yup. The leap in performance between thethe OMAP devices and the Snapdragons powered devices that followed not even a year later is massive.

      • Chris Hannan

        I just recommended the RAZR M to a friend because he wanted to get a smartphone, but wasn’t available for an upgrade, and only wanted to spend around $100. The RAZR M is the best phone you can get for that price on eBay.

        He’s available for an upgrade in February, but he wanted to wait until the iPhone 6 came out to use it. Now that he’s been using the RAZR M for about a week, he’s almost certainly going to use his upgrade for an Android phone.

    • josuearisty

      Im sure I wont update until I know everything is safe, I mean I dont wanna lose the ability of rooting and installing roms on my phone.

  • Jeremy Gross

    update the razr hd!

  • Chris

    people really expect kit kat on this phone?

  • Ben

    This is probably closing a hole that allowed people to unlock the bootloader or something, you know, because that’s what’s most important on a 2-year-old phone.

    • Mr-Glass

      There is no bootloader unlocking for the Razr or Razr Maxx Spyder

      • wakeboarder125

        It could be for closing up SafeStrap (aka the only way to install a custom Rom making the phone moderately usable)

        • Mr-Glass

          Yep that is true.. Hashcode warned of any Motorola updates before the last updates to safestrap..

    • Chris

      I’m thinking buying a HTC G1 on e-bay but I want kit kat for it. also any way to install a LTE band and fast wifi?


  • TSON1

    Cheers, Naughty Moto Tester!

  • AbbyZFresh

    Where’s KitKat for the 2012 roster Motorola? You promised they would be here soon.

    • Kyle Coppess

      That’s what I’m waiting for as well. I bet it will arrive by the end of February. Hopefully sooner, but these things almost always take longer than what you’d hope for.

      • hkklife

        Now, now…don’t be impatient. They are having to work overtime to figure out how to disable the micro SD slots on the 2012-era Moto devices!

        • zurginator

          Actually that would require no work at all – it’s my understanding that AOSP doesn’t support it in any way shape or form. Getting the SD slot working, on the other hand, would require a lot of work.