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Google to Shut Down Bump, Grab Your Personal Data Before it’s Gone on January 31

Bump was acquired by Google last September, and already, it looks as though Google is ready for the team to begin new projects. According to a statement by Bump’s CEO on its official blog, Bump will be shutting down and erasing all user data on January 31 of this year. With more than 100 million downloads, this may come as quite a shock to the mobile world, as the physical sharing application was insanely popular when it launched for iOS and later for Android. Users simply “bumped” phones, and the service worked like magic when released to the public.

In the post, Bump’s CEO clearly states that Google has other intentions for the team working on the apps, but there was no tease as to what it could be. Will it be NFC or Bluetooth related? We sort of hope so, given how smart of an idea Bump was in the first place. Here is what the CEO had to say.

We are now deeply focused on our new projects within Google, and we’ve decided to discontinue Bump and Flock. On January 31, 2014, Bump and Flock will be removed from the App Store and Google Play. After this date, neither app will work, and all user data will be deleted.

We’ve taken much care to make sure that you can retain any data you have in Bump and Flock. At any point in the next 30 days, simply open either app and and follow the instructions for exporting your data.

As stated, users will be able to retrieve their data located on Bump and Flock’s servers anytime before the shutdown date of January 31. To retrieve the data, simply open up either app and there will be instructions on how to do so.

Does this come as a surprise? Is anyone still actually using Bump?

Via: ZDNet | Bump
  • Golfphotog

    Are there any Apps similar to Bump for the iPhone user? Thank You for your help….

  • Hank Rearden

    I’ve always thought it was an incredibly useful app, which I never used in any practical manner.

  • sandeep

    shut G+ down too and do the world a favour!!

  • Liz

    I use it all the time! I don’t know what else to use now? I often bump photos to my iPad for editing…. Must be living in the past!

  • vyruz

    Huge bummer. I love bumping to and from the computer

  • Daistaar

    Ohhh no… There are at least 8 people that still have data on those servers!!!

  • Trevor

    They need to keep this application going until there is a phone called Ugly.

  • Raven

    I think they need to add Bump’s geolocation abilities to Beam. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to Beam a file from my phone to my tablet that doesn’t have NFC because Google already knows that they are both close to each other.

  • Fresh360

    Kinda related but not really…After Christmas dinner when my family started taking pics everyone had an android phone (sans 1 little cousin) and I cut on everyone’s NFC and they were amazed at how simple Android Beam is…We were “bumping” phones all night, up until then i rarely used it but it was very convenient, I felt like we were in a Google commercial lol

    The next day I realized I should have made a G+ Event and invited my family so all of our Pics would have been in a shared album. Android has a lot of cool features that I think we all take for granted.

    • Daistaar

      (not supposed to be bumping phones with your cousins all night… under any circumstance)

    • Chris

      did you guys actully talk to eachother to just used phones all night/

      • Fresh360

        My family are all a bunch of cut ups so we talked, joked, and laughed all night…We always take pictures to remember the tomfoolery just so happens now we use phones instead of point & shoots…

    • Royal2000H

      But for that you just used stock android right? Not “bump” app needed?

      • Fresh360

        Yes, that’s why I started with “Kinda related but not really”…

  • BobButtons


  • yodatom10

    this service is constantly being confused with android beam. I’m actually glad to see google shut this down. and but bump’s talent to use on another project like beam

  • starnovsky

    Insanely popular? Never seen anybody using that.

    • Eric R.

      I used it on my iPod touch back in 2009 and 10

    • S2556

      It is an awesome app out way before nfc was even rumored to be implemented into phones.
      Nfc totally stole their whole idea from bump /s

  • Eric R.