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ASUS Teases CES Press Event With Video, Features the Numbers 4, 5, and 6

When it comes to ASUS, the company isn’t very well known in the States for its smartphones, but more for its tablets. They have made the past two Nexus 7 tablets for Google, and also have a quite popular lineup of Transformer tablets which probably sell pretty well in North America. Regardless of what they are known for to us, ASUS released a teaser video a few days ago, showing off balls featuring either the number 4, 5, or 6 on them. What could these numbers point to? Screen sizes? Could we finally see ASUS make a huge splash in the American smartphone market?

On the 23rd of December, they released another teaser that had something to do with a dual-booting device, but it’s hard to tell if these are both exactly related. Basically, teasers aren’t the best source of information.

Of course, Kellen and myself will be on hand next week at CES, so once an announcement is made for whatever they are teasing, we will be sure to let you know.

  • I’m curious to find out what the teasers are for. I’m thinking it’s something phone-related but let’s see. I’m looking forward to CES.

  • akazerotime

    Sure looks like AT&T is involved in some way. Check out seconds 14-17.

  • ddevito

    Asus has a lot of balls to tease us like this

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Pretty excited for CES. Even though less and less is revealed and OEMS are starting to do their own thing… I’m still excited. CES first. MWC next… some where in the middle HTC should announce the M8.q

    • Ej McCarty

      And approximately 2 seconds after they announce it I’ll be sick of hearing about it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        That’ll happen pretty fast lol.

  • MichaelFranz

    Would love love love love to see a padfone come to US. I know it will never happen but it would be a hot seller I think. Problem is carriers want you to pay for 2 different devices and not have an all in one.

    However i do hope we have some Asus phones in the US now. I always liked the padfones minimal android UI skinning. For their transformer tablets they have always been pretty quick with OS updates as well which would be nice to see.

    i’m also thinking phone because of the dial sounds in the video.

    • Ej McCarty

      They could be sneaky and release the phone then the tablet to insert it into about a month after.

    • MicroNix

      If the carriers can’t charge you extra for tethering when you are no longer on unlimited data, then a padfone should not be an issue.

      I personally would love a 4.5″ screen phone that can be plugged into the back of a 10″ tablet. Put great specs on it and sell it unlocked, off contract. I’d be willing to drop the cash provided the specs were top of the line so that it was future-proof for a while.

      • John Friend

        I would also appreciate the device. I was used to a droid razr maxx and lapdock.

  • Daniel Walsh

    ASUS would be an interesting Android phone maker if they put good specs and a good price for these phones. I love these smaller and less popular Android makers because they can make their own special Android phones that can compete with the big boys. I hope ASUS can gather success, but I don’t see that happening at all in the US market, they have to be successful in the international market. No small Android maker can make it in the US. I hope ASUS can surprise us with these 3 phones.

  • It sounds like CES hasn’t gone the way of CTIA quite yet!