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Moto X $150 Off Full Retail Promo Returns, 50% Off Accessories Too

moto x

Kicking yourself over missing out on the Cyber Monday Moto X deal that granted customers $150 off the full retail price? You, my friends, are in luck today. Thanks to a promo running through the Today Show (yes, that Today Show), you have a second chance at the same deal as long as you are interested in buying Sprint or AT&T models of the phone through MotoMaker (Edit: it now appears to be for all carrier models). Once again, you can grab a custom made Moto X at $350 without a contract for a limited time. 

Similar to the botched Cyber Monday deal that eventually turned into a promo code bonanza, today’s deal also requires you to fill out a form and wait for a unique code to be emailed to you.

We should point out that through the deal you can choose to get the phone for $49.99 on-contract with Sprint or AT&T, and $29.99 on-contract with Verizon should you not want to buy the phone off-contract. During the registration step, you have to choose which way you are leaning.

This is how it works:

  1. Head over to this Motorola sign-up form.
  2. Enter promo code “todayshow50” in the registration code box.
  3. Fill out the rest of the form with a working email address.
  4. Choose which discount you want: $150 off full retail or 50% off on-contract price.
  5. Click “submit” and wait for your code to arrive.
  6. Once you have your code, create your Moto X masterpiece, and enter the code at checkout.

And last, the deal also mentions customers receiving 50% off of accessories.

Go get it!

*Note – The Bamboo Moto X is excluded from the promo.

Via:  Today
Cheers Michael!
  • Octotron

    Sold out :(

  • Allen Crawford

    Anyone need a code still? I have one that I don’t need that expires at midnight. Get your contact info to me and I’ll send it to the first person.

  • chris_johns

    missed once again…sigh…i hate u moto for having a broken site i cant use and when my girl actually wants to get me it for xmas codes are done…f uuu

  • James Wright

    Just dont believe any Moto purchase comes with any sort of commitment from Moto to support you going forward. Just ask any of us Photon users. Moto…..;Never again!

    • Sankyou

      That was the old Moto regime. They seem to be turning a corner now. Currently leaving my 2-year old Razr Maxx (that was officially updated to Jelly Bean) for the X – which already has KitKat. Updates are rolling out quickly with the new Moto team.

      • James Wright

        To my knowledge, it’s the regime currently in place. Punit Soni was part of the decision to abandon many who had been explicitely promised upgrades. In my case, I had purchased the Photon just a few months before, based on the promise of the upgrade, which was a priority in my selection. Punit said he understood we were getting a raw deal and he was sorry. Well, so am I…… I’m happy they have fixed their process, but ******* over existing customers to do it is wrong, and showes a fundamental lack of integrity on their part, and I include Punit Soni in that statement, as he was either involved or allowed himself to become the face of the deceitful behaviour.

  • John Friend

    Also guys don’t forget about moto trade up. The promo code is MOTOJB100. You can bring in a specific device directly to verizon and get $100 applied to your bill. I got the droid maxx for $299 on 9/08 then received a $90 credit due to a failed 30% off promo. Then did the trade up with a friends old Motorola electrify.

    Also too if you’re a comcast customer your best deal would be to order from comcast promotions, pay $49 plus $30 upgrade fee, receive $100 visa debit in mail in 4 weeks (comcast promo) , and also do moto trade up if you can. That’s basically like getting paid $100 after all is said and done to upgrade.

  • Sankyou

    I’m not going to be using any of these – please reply and state which one you’ve used after using:

    $150 off Moto X without contract
    – OR –
    50% off Moto X with a 2 yr contract

    Additionally, this promotion code entitles you to one accessory at 50% off*
    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    • Trevor

      People are douches and didn’t reply to you, but I wanted to let you know all of your codes have been used. They didn’t work for accessories anyway; maybe they’ll still work for a phone. Thanks for posting them!

  • DanSan

    not gonna use mine

    TODAY-GVDW-GVUM-CON2-VM73 expires 12/24

    • JY20

      Used your code. thanks so much!

  • bunnybash

    So my code won’t work for a phone for some stupid reason. It may work for accessories if someone wants to use it.

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  • Mike

    Anybody awesome enough to have an extra code laying around? My wife’s Captivate Glide randomly broke last night and isn’t eligible for an upgrade until April. They wouldn’t do anything at the AT&T store to help us out except try to get us on the BS Next upgrade plan. Moto X for $350 would make both our days. Thanks.

    • Sankyou

      I just posted three. Didn’t see this first or I would have PM’d you but check the latest as they should still be available.

      • Mike

        No problem. We actually found a sealed-in-box Moto X on ebay last night for $400 and decently priced 1-day shipping, so we jumped on that. She’s already dying without a smartphone. Thanks anyway though!

  • bunnybash

    So just tried to buy mine with the code and went I hit “pay” I was told “The allotted number of phones with the deal have been sold” – so WTF!!! Why give me a code if you are not going to honor it!?!?

    • Trevor

      Do you mind sharing the code for 50% off accessories purposes?

  • John Friend

    So the moto x is currently at verizon for $49.99. With a verizon30 promo code it brings it down to $35 plus $30 upgrade fee. I am waiting for my promo code now. I am wondering if that will actually bring the $49 price down to $25 plus $30? Someone out there please report how much they are paying at verizon on contract

    • droidrazredge

      I just tried the Motorola Promo deal with Verizon and got the following prices with a Verizon order already including the $50 off Motorola and Verizon gives before you even enter the Promo code.
      Motomaker 32 GB Final Price: Price with Motorola Promo $49.99 Price without Motorola Promo $99.99
      Motomaker 16 GB Final Price: Price with Motorola Promo $29.99 Price without Motorola Promo $49.99

      You enter the promo in the cart when you add another item such as an accessory. Hopefully that helps you out. These prices do not include the 30$ activation fee.

      • John Friend

        Where are you seeing 32gb as an option? I thought there was one available but I don’t see any.

        • droidrazredge

          If you are looking for the 32GB version on the Verizon site you need to go to the Moto X that says Design your Own and click on that. It will take you to Motorola’s Motomaker website and when you choose option number 2.) under style you can choose storage options.

  • ryan savini

    FINALLY jumped on board and got my Moto X. Cant complain, $72 for a 32gig and an air jacket case… So long GNEX, hello moto

  • Dave

    We had a Moto tech group fixing onboard computers in our semis, and they said there will be another flagship device dropping in late Q1 or very early Q2.

    • droidrazredge

      Would that be the Moto XPlay or the Moto X2 ? Did they hint at anything else about the phone.

      • Dave

        Nothing else, just that it’d be a “flagship” device. To me that sounds like a new top tier phone. Not sure though.

  • Shawn Gill

    Has anyone bought the Motorola buds? Are they worth 40.00?? This would be my first Bluetooth headphones and I’m worried the sound won’t be up to snuff. I have the Sol republic jax headphones right now.

    • sirmeili

      I bought them when they were 30% off (with my cyber Monday MotoX purchase). I haven’t used them much, but so far I like them. I used them to replace my S10-HDs from Motorola which bothered me because they competed with my eye glass arms (which was painful). I also miss the 6 button layout of the s10-hds, but I’m getting used to the 4 button layout of the Buds.

    • wolfedude88

      I just received mine yesterday and I used them at work today. First off a ton of people in my work have the lg tones and quite a few people were impressed with the looks of moto buds. The sound is pretty decent on them, I work my machines in a loud factory and the sound was crystal clear. I talked to my wife several times on them and it sounded great. I would recommend them so far.

      Now if I could only get Motorola to credit me back for the 50% instead of buying another and sending back mine which seems like a waste to me.

      • Shawn Gill

        I went ahead and decided to get them! I had trouble actually purchasing them though. Motorola canceled the first purchase for some reason then I had to spend an hour on the phone with customer service. Long story short I was able to get the buds for a dollar less and got the next day shipping go figure haha.

        • droidrazredge

          Let me know what you think of them when they arrive. I bought one too. What color did you get ? I got the black ones. I went into Verizon and they had some on the shelves. They look pretty sleek and stylish.

          • Shawn Gill

            I got the black ones as well so they could match the black front of my phone. I’m excited for them and they were only 45.00 after the 50% off so it was a really good deal.

          • droidrazredge

            Yup that was my thinking about getting the black ones too. They’ll match my Black Front White Woven Back Phone. Yea it was surprising I saw a lot of the accessories they were selling in Verizon. I’m surprised because up until recently they did not have a lot of Motorola Products and Moto X advertisement. The amount I have seen would make you believe the Moto X was a Droid Phone. I like the fact that they basically enhance the touch-less controls where you can answer the phone and and basically never have to touch the phone again to use it outside of the standard things like downloading apps and games.

          • Shawn Gill

            Ya I feel the same man. My only concern is that I hope that there comfortable to wear while lying down. I listen to music and podcasts a lot while Iaying on the couch so here’s hoping there super comfy :)

  • sirmeili

    Anyone have any of the accessories coupon codes? I’d like to get a dock and maybe some screen protectors for my motoX. I signed up for 1, but haven’t gotten them yet.

  • Suman Gandham

    Dammit, I had just convinced myself that I didn’t need a new phone after missing out on the codes last time! My RAZR HD can last a bit longer… right?

  • droidrazredge

    Kellex or anyone is that sentence regarding the $29.99 on-contract with Verizon a typo ? and meant to be $49.99 ? I can’t seem to get the price that low. The lowest I get is $49.99 on contract ?

    • NickMotoX


      • droidrazredge

        So I have to go to Verizon’s site to enter it and not on Motorola’s site ? The Motorola site has a promo code applied for Verizon where you can’t edit it when you check out.