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Video: Motorola Put a Color-changing, Interactive Moto X Ad in January’s WIRED

Motorola created a “first of its kind” ad for the Moto X that will run in the January issue of WIRED magazine. The ad is fully interactive, giving readers the opportunity to see what it’s like to customize a Moto X in real-time, and in a print magazine. Yes, I know that sounds impossible, but when you create an ad with a battery, LED lights, a keyboard-like button membrane, and other paper-thin materials, anything is apparently possible. 

The ad features a Moto X along with a color picker that features 11 choices. As you tap each color, the Moto X on the page changes colors to let you see how the Moto X would look in a different skin. It’s very cool.

You can see the ad in action in the video below, however, getting your hands on one in real life may be a struggle. The special ad will only be available in 150,000 print issues throughout the Chicago and New York metro areas.

Digitas created the ad.

  • Nerdie

    Can’t find these magazines anywhere in NYC..

  • rslh

    Hmm. Was just at Barnes & Noble and was flipping through January issue of Wired. I did find a Moto ad, but not interactive. A bit disappointed. I’m in Southern Cal, perhaps the ad is regional.

  • CompCrash

    I’m I going to be the only to buy that mag for use that ad?


    Anyone know what song is in the video?

  • Daistaar

    That’s a great ad but it doesn’t beat that issue that had a free android phone embedded in the ad. That one was a doozy!

  • droidrazredge

    Motorola’s $500,000,000 marketing budget is really starting to show its true colors!!! This magazine ad is motorific. #2014Motorola’scomebackyear.

  • trwb

    Magazines come in paper!?

  • gintoddic

    I love how they advertise all these cool colors but you’re stuck with one for the entire life of the phone.
    They need to create a phone that can change colors like this without having to buy stupid cases.

    • NexusMan

      Ooooohh! You’re stuck with a color for 1 whole year…maybe 2! Oooooh!!!!

  • aBabyPenguin

    An ad for an ad makes the whole world buy.

  • John

    Where can I get a color changing Moto X? Black for night mode. The volume rocker turns red at max volume, blue at min volume and gradients from blue to red in between. The same for the power button for battery levels.

    • EC8CH

      cuttlefish DNA infused Moto X!

  • Lucas

    Could someone buy and send it to me? Pretty please! (Brazil)

  • AndroidShiz

    Good job Google. Way to think outside the norm.

  • Michael

    I’ll be buying a wired next month!

  • Aardvark99

    The EW ad was similar and even cooler:

    I’m disappointed my subscription copy won’t have this!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    The ad is impressive, no doubt, but I’d imagine many of Wired’s readers are already familiar with the Moto X. It would’ve made more sense to target a more mainstream magazine, in my opinion.

    • Gregy T

      Yeah like apple insider…. I’d buy that issue too

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Has anyone tried rooting the x running kit Kat? How hard is it?

    • JoshGroff

      From what I read, you have to unlock the bootloader, revert to 4.2 and use pwnmymoto.

  • Tim Aries

    Damn the ad gives me a hard on!

  • jadeveon da destroyer

    WOW that is first of its kind.

    • turdbogls

      yes and no. interactive ads are nothing new….i think a couple years ago there was an ad where when you took it apart, it was a full on Android phone with a SIM card and everything…it was pretty crazy.
      I can’t find the article about it, but they took apart the pages and there was an old school candybar full keyboard phone with like a 2″ screen…it was just the internals, no body, so they started touching buttons and it turned out to be an android 2.2 phone….it was pretty crazy.

  • I find it funny that people like ads with blinkey lights and bright distracting ads in magazines, but then when you put them on the web… it’s a whole different story.

    • JoshGroff

      I guess because in magazines you expect them and they typically aren’t in the way of the article you’re trying to read.

  • EC8CH

    cooler than an alien soccer death match

    • Jason Brown

      in terms of an advertisement for a product, definitely! but that soccer death match was pretty cool in terms of a short movie. kind of reminded me of district 9.

      • EC8CH

        go figure… Samsung puts out something that is contrived and unoriginal.

  • rslh

    Why can’t the Moto X be a part of the GPE!?! Waaaa!

    • TechTinker11

      Because its only a light / hardly a modification of stock android? GPE would be pointless, and why would anyone want a Moto X without its features?

      • rslh

        Oh you’re right. GPE is pure stock. I meant to say selling it on GP with competitive pricing like the N5.

    • Tyler

      It pretty much is, the verizon version got an update 3 weeks after source code hit. Only other reason would be an unlocked bootloader.

    • Gregy T

      It doesn’t need to be, already comes bloat free!

  • Brian Menius

    It’s not often that a company produces a product that makes me want to buy it just for the sake of buying it, regardless of need or reason. I’m perfectly happy with my Nexus 5, but I find myself wanting to buy an X just to support Motorola. If they’d released something in the 5″ range, I’d probably not have a Nexus 5 right now, anyway.

    Moto X + TMo is about the closest you can get to a “customer first” utopia.

    • trixnkix637

      I’m hoping the Sprint deal to buy T-Mo falls through for that very reason.

      • ERIFNOMI

        If Sprint were to buy T-Mo, that doesn’t mean an end to the T-Mo way. If Sprint were to buy T-Mo, combine their spectrum, and keep the T-Mo way, we might actually have an alternative to VZW and AT&T.

    • Scott

      I feel the exact same way.

    • Kyleinstyle

      I just bought the N5 for myself and then picked up the Moto X for my wife a week later with the discount code. I’ve had a bunch of time to play with them both, and good lord, I still can’t decide which is better. I love the bigger screen on the N5 but the Moto X is just about perfect when it comes to design. Then throw on all the software bells and whistles and I’m completely blown away at how exceptional the phone is.

      • Brian Menius

        I threatened to do exactly that to replace my wife’s S3. I’m just going to wait for X2 and maybe buy two at the same time.

        X… X2… that sounds so odd, being a former Droid X owner and all.

      • zurginator

        The only thing keeping me from having a clear winner is the screen on the X… IMO it’s terrible.

    • TheScientists

      Both the Droid Maxx & Ultra have 5″ displays and are Moto X’s in droid clothing.

      • Brian Menius

        Your assumption is that everyone has the misfortune of being tied to Verizon. I trust that you see the error.

        Also, while the DROID line seems to be getting quicker updates than Verizon’s history would portray, it’s still a good way behind the Moto X.

        I’ll take TMobile and an N5 over Verizon and a pseudo-X for a 5″ screen every day, and twice on Sunday.

        • TheScientists

          I made no assumptions about your choice of carrier. I was simply stating that Moto has released (2) 5″ phones, both running the X8 chipset, per your statement, “If they’d released something in the 5″ range, I’d probably not have a Nexus 5 right now, anyway.” Wasn’t imploring you to run out and buy one today. You added no such qualifications to your earlier statement.

          • Brian Menius

            The N5 isn’t compatible with Verizon’s network. It would stand to reason that, by making the statement I did, it could be surmised that Verizon-only phones are not relevant to my situation. If you weren’t aware that the N5 isn’t compatible with Verizon, I apologize for my erroneous assumption that it is common knowledge.

            Your original point about the Maxx and Ultra is valid; but more to the point, it’s not relevant to the scope of my statement. That’s all I’m trying to convey.

          • TheScientists

            Fair enough. I’m well aware of the lack of a VZW N5, as I held out to see whether such a device would appear before upgrading a few months ago. Based upon your earlier statement, I surmised that you may not be aware of the existence of 2 phones that Moto produced that met your needs, and I made no assumptions that you were loyal to T-Mo. No harm, no foul.

          • Brian Menius

            Why can’t all internet exchanges be this civil? LOL

          • tyd450

            The new droids work on t mobile ….sim unlocked

          • Brian Menius

            No kidding? Well that’s pretty badass.

            How are updates handled, though? Still at the mercy of Verizon?

          • tyd450

            I actually read today that they are only sim unlocked if you bought off-contract from Verizon. No idea on the update situation. All I know is that I popped in a T-mobile sim and was picking up LTE and HSPA+ with no problem.

  • Chad

    Now if they could just fix the issues that kit kat brought to my moto x….

    • JoshGroff

      I haven’t noticed much aside from the keyboard not responding to touch occasionally. What problems are you having?

      • turdbogls

        there were a handful of KitKat specific issues…..my biggest one (i have the Nexus 5 but the issue is universal) was the BT volume on my Headset (LG Tone+) was WAAAAYYYY too loud to the point that it wasn’t even useful. I think once they update to 4.4.2 it will fix a lot of the little problems. it fixed all of mine

        • JoshGroff

          That would be one I didn’t encounter as I rarely use Bluetooth. We’ll see when the update rolls around I guess.

    • TechTinker11

      I haven’t had any issues. Did you do a factory reset?

  • Omar Amer

    Wow, hope this investment is worth it for Motorola to compete with Samsung in the Smartphone market. Samsung is getting unsettlingly too big.

    • turdbogls

      yup, my main fear is that samsung is eventually going to ditch Android and go Tizen…..introducint the Galaxy S6…powered by tizen. but no one will know what it means and STILL buy it simply because “its a galaxy”

      • a) youth.in.asia

        Could you translate “you’re pushing the self-destruct button” for them?

        • Gregy T

          Sheep! All of them….

  • Jared Bird

    Forget the Moto x, I want the wired magazine!

  • James Thomas

    Damn…that’s amazing. Props Moto…

  • Grayson Carr

    Harry Potter?

  • cns2007

    Wow, that’s really a great ad.

    I think I’ve said this at least 10 times over the past month, but Moto is really stepping up their game, on all fronts.

    • Collin Chapin

      Yep. I can’t wait to get a Moto X 2 next year.

      • Pierito

        The Moto Y and then the Moto Z in 2015

        • Ej McCarty

          per sarge… that’s trademark on any moto rumors…

          • Jared Tau

            Bionic, where you at?

    • trixnkix637

      I agree, I was on board for the OG Droid, decided to jump ship around the debut of the Thunderbolt (had a Droid-X at the time), and now they’ve brought me back full circle. Was a diehard Samsung guy, but in my opinion they’re becoming more Apple like with each Galaxy they release.

      • ERIFNOMI

        Oh god the thunderbolt….I’m so sorry you went through that.

        • Brian Menius


      • Jarred Sutherland

        Ah yes the good ole “Blunderbolt”. I jumped to it since it was the first LTE device on Verizon .. I regret that decision.

        • William Peterson

          Amen. Painful to look back at. POC phone. Was so glad to upgrade!

    • Lucky Armpit

      Totally agree. Sam who? Long live Moto!

    • Jeremy Gilliam

      Not really surprising, they are owned by Google.

  • Collin Chapin

    That’s pretty sweet. First time i’ve seen a solid ad and haven’t thought “well they got this idea from Apple”

    • Gregy T

      Get used to thinking that……

  • collin ferreira

    Now I see where the 500 mill advertising went….but in all seriousness that’s pretty awesome.