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LG-V510 is a Google Play Edition LG G Pad 8.3, Not a New Nexus

The mystery of the LG-V510 is pretty close to being solved today, as open source files for the tablet have surfaced over at LG’s site. If you download the source .zip file and unzip it, you are greeted with three files – two of which call it the “G-Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition.” Rumors for weeks have gone round and round about this device, hoping all along that it would be some sort of Nexus 8. Sorry folks, it isn’t. But, it’s pretty close! 

As you all know, Google Play Edition devices are top tier devices that have shed their manufacturer skins in favor of stock Android that is updated regularly, almost as quickly as a Nexus device. We currently have two GPE devices, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Should the G Pad 8.3 join them, it will launch as the first Google Play Edition tablet, if that means anything extra.

Here is a screenshot of the files:

lg g pad google play edition

Assuming the G Pad 8.3 will carry the exact same specs that it currently does, you are looking at a 8.3-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB RAM, and a 4600mAh battery.


Via:  LG | reddit
  • UniBroW

    wow, they have the Sony Z ultra GOOGLE EDITION! Google just dropped some awesome in the play store.

  • droidrazredge

    So the mysterious device that showed up on the Google Play Store back in early October / late November was in fact the GPE LG-V510 and not a Nexus 8. I can live with that as I have a Nexus 7 already.

  • Matthew DesOrmeaux


    Was so hoping this was Nexus 8. 🙁

  • dan0matic
  • Harry

    Pricing would be interesting (assuming it is real). Newegg just recently sold the g-pad for 249 and while I was very tempted because I was in the market for a tablet and the 8-inch was ideal for me, the only thing that spurned me off was the “kid-like” UI that LG had built on top of it (just my personal opinion, am not up for a debate!). So if the gpe version sells for 299, I might be interested. Anything over that price point, nope :).

  • TimXer

    4GB of RAM woulda been nice, but 8.3 screen is nice, have to be $250 or less for me – probably going to be in the $350 range though, you think?

    • AbbyZFresh

      4GB of RAM? You’re out of your mind.

      • hkklife

        Agreed. If the 8.3 was lacking in anything, I would have offered up a 32GB variant and maybe even a Snapdragon 800 to keep parity with the G2. And you can never have enough battery capacity. But 4GB is total overkill on a stock AOSP device. Besides, the SoC couldn’t even address the full 4GB anyway. 3GB is only useful on Sammy_’s devices becaus of the massive resource hit and bloat that is Touchjizz.

  • Clift

    I need a GPe LG G2

  • Tim Supples

    Definitely want, as long as it gets rid of the lag and stuttering reported by reviews of the regular G Pad 8. My Nook HD+ is super-laggy with CM 10 and it’s a bit large for one-handed holding. I’d happily ditch it for one of these IF the UI is fast and smooth; on sale of course.

  • Andy Stetson

    Need a LG G2 GPE (that’s a lot of g’s), that way we can flash GPE stock software onto the G2’s (with a little dev help of course for us VZW peeps).

  • Jeremy Gross

    nexus software with sd card

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    This will be my next. The ONLY thing that kept me from buying the regular one was LG’s skin.

    Done and done.

  • rthvk

    Aww, I would much prefer this over my Nexus 7. I guess the one inch won’t make much a difference

    • teknologikl

      Tell that to HER! =)

      • Mark Nguyen

        Believe it or not, whilst shopping for a new tablet with my wife, she looked at the Nexus 7 with the G-Pad next to it, and said she liked the bigger one.

        It matter, gents. It matters.

        • BrianRoskamp

          Did she go for the black model?

          • droidrazredge

            I see what you did there =p.

          • Mark Nguyen

            Damn straight. ‘Cuz once you do…

  • Joshua Bailey

    This is really intriguing if it keeps the SD card slot. I love our Nexus 7 2013, but that extra screen real estate as well as an SD clot would be killer with stock Android.

    • hkklife

      regardless of whether or not it keeps the SD card slot, this thing is of no use to me whatsoever without 32 gigs of internal storage

  • miri

    Contemplated it for a minute, then I remembered the logos on the face of the device. No buy.

    • shooter50

      your joking right? I’d worry alot more about the horrendous lag than logos

    • Rushane Dyer

      that logo is a bit distasteful but, it’s not enough to turn me away completely

  • htowngtr

    Is it full LTE?

  • Drayton Fair

    Kindof off topic, but where the hell is the Nexus 10 2? I know that it is my age, but with a 5 inch phone (S4), I want a new kick-ass generation Nexus 10! Not 7, not 8.3, give me a big 10 inch! (you know I had to go there).

    • Wait for the announcement. They’ll probably announce both together.

  • Kevin

    i just want kit kat on my G2 🙁

    • Timothy Robinson

      Let’s hope the rumors of a Q1 release of Kit kat for the G2 is legit. Mine is on it’s way today and the only reason I pulled the trigger on the G2 is the hope that it gets 4.4 soon.

      • Kevin

        It’s a great phone regardless, but kit kat brings some good improvements. I’m not counting on that Q1 announcement only because it was from LG Canada… until I hear something from the US arm of LG, I’m not going to get too excited.

        Plus I’m on Verizon, so unless they’ve changed their methodology for releasing updates, I’ll be waiting longer than everyone else.

        • Andy Stetson

          Moto X got it pretty quick… so there is a bit of hope!

          • Kevin

            that’s my only glimmer of hope for quick updates thru vzw

          • Sirx

            But then my Droid MAXX suffocated while holding its breath for a likewise-quickie update. So I dunno if the X was a sign of some trend…

      • Andy Stetson

        If you’re in to roms, there are AOSP 4.4 builds out for it already. I’m actually really excited for the LG version of 4.4, i can’t leave their skin and apps behind, i’ll sit happily on 4.2.2 until the day comes. This is coming from a guy who has been AOSP since the D1 (through D2, Thunderbolt had a rom the day i got it, and GNex).

        • Chippah

          Same here sucka!
          4.4 is already hitting in S. Ko so its on the way for sho.

          • AndroidUser00110001

            Where is 4.4 for the SK G2?

            I can port the ROM over for other G2s of there is a 4.4 for South Korean G2?

          • Andy Stetson

            They tend to post it on their website if you feel like digging around in 한국의

          • Chippah
          • AndroidUser00110001

            Thanks…going to try to figure out how to download the beta…Google translate to the rescue…I hope!

        • Kevin

          yeah i like the custom features of the G2 too, so i’m not going to mess with roms. i’m still happy with the phone but as a tech junkie, i just want the latest and greatest hah.

          • Andy Stetson

            I go with stock based roms (odexed) so that I don’t lose the features I like, but get a little more, and no worry of getting an update from big red. once vzw lets 4.4 loose for it, i’ll wait patiently for a rom.

          • Timothy Robinson

            I was worried about switching to VZW because of their track record with updates, and LG hasn’t been great with my Optimus G as far as keeping it fresh (on Sprint btw). With that said I like enough of what I see with LG’s UI that I won’t complain if it takes a while. By the way do you have a case for your G2? I am looking for something ultra slim to basically just cover the back plate. Any recommendations would be welcome.

          • Chris Choncek

            Diztronic Matte Black…..http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FEQU1NG/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1&tag=toofyoga-20

            Great price and perfect fit for the G2.

          • Timothy Robinson

            Thanks! I’ll be ordering this now.

        • Timothy Robinson

          I’ve never flashed a custom ROM on a phone that I’ve had, not too much of a tinkerer. I normally just work with the manufacturer UI and make my own little changes here and there. I too am excited to see how LG integrates the 4.4 framework into their UI. Not a fan boy of any manufacturer in particular but I am really loving what LG has done with their flagship phones the over the past two years. I love my Optimus G and it still runs like a dream, hate to give it up. but the G2 really is a beautiful phone in my opinion. I’m excited to have it as my daily driver.

          • Andy Stetson

            I never had the Optimus G, but I can tell you, the G2 will not disappoint.

    • fanboy1974

      G2? I would die to have a GPE Note 3 with S-Pen and IR support. That would be like a supped up Nexus 5 with removable battery and sd
      card slot.

      • Big_EZ

        If I could get a GPE Note 3 for a reasonable price I’d be all over it. I doubt that’ll happen so I’ll probably replace my Note 2 with a Motorola device (Droid Maxx, unless something new is rumored in the next month or two)

      • hkklife

        Dear God, I would probably buy 2 if that happened….but I don’t even care about S-pen support! Heck, I could make do with a GPE G2 on Verizon or a 32GB GPE GS4 refresh with 3GB RAM and Snapdragon 800.

    • teleclimber

      I wouldn’t fret over kitkat. There wasn’t much in there for Nexus 4 owners. Don’t get me wrong, I know the feeling of being on an outdated version, it’s annoying. But frankly 4.4 didn’t do much for me.

  • MichaelFranz

    Is LTE still on the table or is it gone?

  • muffnman

    This is amazing news. This, paired with the Chromecast news…it really is the holiday season!

  • Nextricity

    Hope I’ll be able to flash that to my G Pad a some point, the only thing it’s lacking is stock Android…

  • sagisarius

    This might actually be better that a Nexus tablet… it will probably still have the MicoSD slot… and it might mean several GPE tablets… which could explain the whole “who is making the nexus 10” question.

    • hkklife

      I just need more than 16GB of internal storage for game storage. A beautiful screen like the 8.3’s deserves plenty of gaming action.

  • samosa king

    HELL YES! Amazing design, stock Android. This is basically sex. Just in time for Christmas as well.

    • Ryuuie

      I dunno… I’ve actually had sex. I wouldn’t say this tablet is better than that.

      Also, I didn’t have to have it shipped to me.

      …Or pay for it.

      ….Or have leaks on the internet about me “possibly” having it.

      …..Also the person I was having it with wasn’t confused if it was actually sex or not.


      I’m in a “stupid joke” mood this morning. 😛

      • AndroidUser00110001

        One always pays for sex…one way or another 😉

        • Dr_Buttballs

          Not with Rohypnol.

          • JoshGroff

            Still probably paid for the rohypnol.

      • hey i like technology, Android and all that good stuff, but sex is in a whole different category

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Basically Sex? Someone is in for a surprise.

  • droidify

    I guess this means we will be able to flash GPE stock software on our G Pad’s. At least I hope that is what it means.

    • mustbepbs

      We should be able to since we’ve got a bootloader work around.

    • A full conversion may not be possible, but you’ll no doubt be able to flash a custom ROM based on the GPE ROM. So far with GPE phones we’re 1 for 2 on full conversions. You can do a full conversion on a US TMO or AT&T HTC One, but there’s an ice cube’s chance in hell you’d ever be able to convert a Galaxy S4 to do it.

  • Not a Nexus…. but will be updated with the rest of the GPe devices ASAP after source is released…. Close enough!

    • When Google said “system updates promptly”, they meant it. Generally the OTAs come within 2-3 weeks so far. That’s totally fine by me.

      • Woody

        2-3 weeks is prompt? Heck, I LOL’ed at that one.

  • a3uge

    Good one, evleaks…

  • Jeff Tycz

    I am really liking the trend starting with manufacturers releasing a GPE device with only their good features built in

    • I couldn’t be happier with my Google Play Edition Galaxy S4. It’s a phenomenal piece of hardware, combined with stock Android, an unlockable bootloader, and updates almost as fast as Nexus devices (normally within 2 weeks). The only thing not to love is the $649 full-retail price tag. But hey, Google knows that the GPE devices only appeal to one particular type of person…people like us. Plus, it’s not realistic to expect OEMs to undercut the full-featured models on price purely because they’re running stock Android and being sold through Google Play.

      • Cael

        Time for Google to do payment plans like Moto and HTC.

  • hyperbeatser

    well that’s good to hear because a Nexus 8 and Nexus 7 doesn’t make any damn sense

  • sagisarius

    Which is even more awesome! I’ve been saying for months that they need play edition tablets, glad they finally have one!

  • Tony Byatt

    Not bad…

  • Jeremy Gross

    same price?

    • That’s the biggest question

    • sagisarius

      My mildly educated guess would be yes… but I guess it’s uncharted territory.

    • Eric R.

      I think it will be $50 or $80more

      • Jeremy Gross

        i dont see a reason why

      • droidify

        It’s already $349. There is no way google prices this thing north of $400. The Nexus 10 was 399.