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Moto X Fun: Motorola Updates Boot Animation to Holiday Theme, Fixes Active Display Lag With Update

Did anyone realize that Motorola could update the boot animation of the Moto X on the fly to match it up to special occasions like the holiday season? I think the safe answer to that is “no,” but that is exactly what Motorola did over the weekend. Through some sort of behind-the-scenes update (you comfortable with that?), the boot animation on the Moto X is now showing a holiday theme with cats, dogs, bears, bunnies, snow and cactus X-mas trees to help us all celebrate this glorious time of year.

You don’t have to do anything to make it show up, simply power your phone off and then back on again to see it in action. And if you don’t want to do that, hit up our video below. 

In semi-related news, Motorola also pushed out an update to Active Display on the Moto X to make it more responsive. After updating to Kit Kat, users were noticing lag when unlocking. Motorola has done their best to address that 1-2 seconds of frustration. You’ll also find Active Display on Google Play now, as yet another application Motorola can update as they see fit without having to push an entire OTA update. If you own a Moto X, the update should be waiting for you in “My Apps” on Google Play.

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Cheers Brent, Curtis, Jason, Sean, and Patrick!
  • meijin3

    The Moto X is so awesome! I really hope that I’m the lucky guy that wins it from you guys 🙂

  • Tim Menke

    Mine isn’t booting that way..weird…F U, US Cellular

    • Tim Menke

      Although I also haven’t received the Kit Kat update..that was supposedly out last week for USC customers.

  • C-Law

    Love my moto x. Best phone I’ve ever owned

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Fixing the camera and Active Display with Play Store updates to get around the carries, awesome!

  • mcdonsco

    My guess is it has been there all along and it was activated via date.

  • duke69111

    That thing takes a while to boot up.

  • Carlos Medina

    Sadly, this didn’t make it south of the border. My Mexican MotoX still has the same old (but nice) eco-friendly boot animation. On the plus side. this gives me yet another reason to swap my ROM now that KK is out.

    • Tim Menke

      Didn’t work on mine either, and I live in Iowa.

  • Bryan

    Does anyone else have the problem, where immediately after unlocking, you can’t use the two finger swipe down from the notification bar to get to the toggles panel? I have to do something else with the screen first, like a single finger swipe down, before the two finger swipe down works. It’s almost like the notification bar isn’t sensing the two fingers because it’s asleep, and doing some other screen action causes it to wake up.

  • Chad

    The Lag’s gone but now it flashes the lock screen for a second every time. Not a fix!!

    • Bryan

      It only does that if you have the swipe lock screen enabled. Why do you have that enabled? This is a serious question. I am wondering why people still have that enabled. I understand the need for a secure lock screen but not the swipe lock screen.
      I disasbled it because I figured the new active notification swipe is now my unlock screen.

      • Chad

        Because when the phone’s in my pocket and the power/wake button gets accidentally pushed, a random text, phone call, etc doesn’t happen.

        • Bryan

          I don’t wear skinny jeans, so I don’t have problems with my power button being pressed in my pocket I guess.

      • needa

        because i dont always have active notifs on my screen when i pick up my phone.

        • Bryan

          Then press the power button and go right to your home screen. What does the extra step of swiping the lock screen get you?

          • needa

            been there. done that. long before you. i found it to be more trouble than it is worth. its hard to butt call someone if you have to swipe to unlock. its hard to accidentally open apps that consume massive amounts of battery if you have to swipe to unlock.

            swipe… is just better. if it wasnt… phones would not come with it enabled. think about it.

          • Bryan

            Long before me? Ha, whatever. This aint my first rodeo, either, cowboy. To each his own. I find the swipe to unlock an unneccesary extra step that gets in the way more often than it helps, long before the Moto X and active notifications came out.
            And tell me why I always get butt dialed by iPhone friends even though they have a slide to unlock on their phone? Oh yeah, because people forget to lock their phone before putting it in their pockets. That’s the bigger issue than the phone accidentally powering on while in a pocket. Slide to unlock doesn’t help you there.
            Anyway, I’m out of this lame internet debate.

  • ddevito

    Moto: Comeback Story of the Year

  • cgalyon

    I love that they’re making updates possible through the Play Store now rather than forcing us to wait for carriers to run it through their (slow) process.

  • boybert

    Very cool. Loving the little surprises and touches (like Spotlight) that Moto is delivering

    • ToddAwesome

      that damn hat, he didn’t stand a chance! ha

  • Shawn Parks

    That is awesome looking

  • Detonation

    It wasn’t a behind the scenes update, it was coded that on 12/9 that the animation would switch. Some user on xda was digging through the source and noticed it. He switched his device date ahead and it changed.


  • Dustin Miller

    That’s creepy and awesome at the same time. I’d love to have the Motorola logo with the snow in the background. Nice and subtle.

  • William_Morris

    I’m glad they fixed the lag and I’m so excited that Moto is making real strides with this phone. It is clear to me that this phone still fits the word “elegant” very nicely.

  • nTrepid

    Since updating to KitKat, My Moto X Moto Assist does not resume music when driving… Anyone else having this problem?

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Did you double check if that option is set in your assist profile? I know mine was defaulted of when I got it

      • nTrepid

        yes… it worked fine before KitKat.. I cleared the cache and data as well… no luck.. other Assist features work fine,

        • matt

          Weird. Mine works fine.

    • GJB

      I don’t have mine set to resume music, but I have it set to read out calls and texts for me. Those functions no longer work on KitKat… From what I’ve seen, these issues might result from changes that 4.4 made to Bluetooth. You’d thing they’d test these things prior to pushing the update though, no?

      Nice to see the active notifications lag issue fixed, and I don’t doubt that Motorola will fix the problems, but I would love to go back to the polished-to-a-shine 4.2.2 while Moto works out the rest of the bugs they introduced with 4.4.

      • Terin H

        Both functions work for me on KitKat. I’d suggest a factory reset if it wasn’t so much of a hassle.

        • GJB

          Interesting. Could still be a Bluetooth issue, just depends on the Bluetooth device being used. Sadly, I’m only one week removed from doing a factory reset that resolved a different Bluetooth issue that I was having. I think I’m going to try to use RSDLite to get back to 4.2.2 in the near future.

  • Matthew Dickinson

    That’s cool. Still waiting for Moto to send out my Moto X from Wednesday’s promotion though.

    • kriegsnet

      Still waiting for mine to ship from the original Monday sale last week :-

    • TheDave1022

      Ship times seem to vary depending on what colors you select. My wife got blush with white front and got it 2 days later. I ordered at the same time, the black weave, black front, orange trims and got it a week later. My brother ordered his royal blue back, black rest 2 days after me and got it 3 days later.

      • kriegsnet

        I scored a developer edition, no customization. Still hasn’t shipped :-

        • tyguy829

          that’s weird. i got my dev edition that i ordered last monday on friday

          • kriegsnet

            Just got an email this morning that mine has finally shipped. Better late then never I suppose

  • D3lusionz

    That’s pretty darn neat. Love the new Motorola..

  • Jonathan Bunch

    has anyone tried side-loading the active display apk. it says only for phones on 4.4 in the playstore, is it still restricted to just motox?

    • That’s a bit off-topic here…

      • Jonathan Bunch

        how is a question about active display on a post about the active display update off topic?

        • You’re quite right. The link I clicked to this article shortened the headline, and when I read the article and nearly all of it was devoted to the holiday image, I missed entirely that there was a blurb at the end about active display.

    • ddevito

      I would think it’s limited to phones with the X8 processor only, and an AMOLED display – otherwise even if you did get it working it would destroy your battery

    • BlackMaGiC1o0

      Restricted to Moto X only, the app is on the play store but it’s only available to my Moto X.

  • lgreg64

    I love the new moto

  • Tirionfive

    Update works perfect! Thanks!

  • My next device is going to be a Moto device. I’d love to get the Moto X, but I already have a G2 :/

    • Cameron Nelson

      I’m right there with you. Everytime I see anything about the Moto X and how well Moto is doing for their customer I just keep hoping a 5″ comes out asap!

    • Cameron Nelson

      Right there with you. Moto has been doing everything right.. Well except wood backs. The second they come out with a 5″ Moto X like phone I’m saying goodbye to my G2, even though it is a great phone Moto is just doing too much right.

      • Ken Bosse

        yea, the one thing that held be from it was not having a 5 inch display. I think the 5.2 is perfect for me. Really hope to see one in the future.

    • Specialized51

      I have a G2 as well… Then Moto’s $150 off coupon surfaced and I couldn’t resist. The wife almost divorced me over it, but I made it through victorious.

      • Cameron Nelson

        Beyond jealous of you. I saw the coupon and was so bummed that I wouldn’t be able to get one for so cheap! The unfortunate life of being a broke college student… Is the size difference something that bothers you though? That has been my only worry with having had a Note 2 and G2.

        • specialized51

          Everything about the G2 is incredible. Except, the design is bland and unassuming. I’m going to attempt to keep both the G2 and Moto X. From everything I’ve read, the Moto X is about the overall experience, not just a couple spec features.

          • Cameron Nelson

            Yeah. The specs are to the point where it doesn’t matter anymore. Every phone will run anything you throw at it. Now it is just about getting the phone that you will enjoy most. The G2 is nice and all but all it has it the back buttons (which I love) but the rest is just boring.

      • Not That Drunk

        I have an S4 and did the same thing…luckily it just made my girlfriend want one too.

    • clobberedchina

      These are fun times.We are living in a little Golden Age of Android phones.

      • Sean

        Funniest comment on here.

    • jefbystereo

      They are certainly getting my serious consideration. I wasn’t sure if any android makers were going to go so all in on one phone’s experience but Moto is doing a fantastic job.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    awesome. just tested the boot animation out. it changed to the holiday one for me! what a sweet surprise!!!!! SOOOOO glad i have the Moto X. Best phone experience i’ve ever had!

  • sirmipsalot

    I’d prefer a behind-the-scenes update that made exchange services work. 🙁 Love my new moto x, but that android bug is killing me.

    • Will P

      4.4.1 fixes this bug, so hopefully the X gets the small update soon.

      • sirmipsalot

        Thanks. I figured it’d come along sometime – it’s a pretty serious bug.

        • Will P

          Believe me, I know. My exchange sync is killed every other day. Just waiting for the update.

          • TJWaterskier

            Factory Data Reset fixed it for me if you desperately need it to work. (Verizon DE)

      • JMonkeYJ

        Is that confirmed? Last thing I read said there was still no exchange fix. I haven’t checked in a few days tho.

  • Devin Miller

    It wasn’t an update, they actually have the boot animation in the system files to change on December 9th. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • Brandon Diehl

    That’s pretty cool if you ask me..

    • TylerChappell

      It’s some amazing black magic! But no really, kinda makes me wish I had a Moto X. Oh well, I’ll just wait another year before I retire my Droid DNA, it’s still serving me quite well.