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Moto X $150 off Promo Codes: Share ‘em if You got ‘em

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Now that Motorola’s $150-off promo for the Moto X is officially closed for the year, we are starting to see the codes flooding into our inbox from DL readers who grabbed them for no other reason than to share with the community (yes, people are that awesome). Last week, we ran a contest to give away codes, but this time around we are simply going to leave this post open for you to share amongst yourselves. Well, that’s not entirely true. We have a handful of codes to giveaway in this post that were already given to us, all of which will be left there for the next 15 minutes. We will assume after that amount of time that someone has claimed them and will then remove them.

For the rest of you, feel free to post codes in the comments, work out back alley deals with other readers, or come up with your own ways to share outside of selling them. If you post up your eBay listings or other modes of money making, they will be removed. We are a community for sharing, not one for you to try and make a quick shady buck off of a free promo.

UPDATE:  Codes claimed and removed.

Take to the comments!

Cheers Jacob, Ryan, Travis, and Victoria!
  • 600ccgsxr

    Can someone hook me up with a code at 600ccgsxr@gmail.com. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  • steveliv


  • drikxh

    hoping to land a nice 2014 phone off contract so here’s a code i decided not to use. enjoy =]


    • Chris

      used for my friend, thanks!

  • Marshawn Cobbs

    Thanks for hangin’ in there with us. No matter how often things change, one thing is constant—Motorola is happy to have loyal customers like you. Here’s your unique promo code.
    Promo Code Expiration
    $150 off a 16GB or 32GB Moto X without contract through Moto Maker:
    H2DM-GVDW-FLH6-B2NG-5FEE 12/16/13 11:59PM EST 30% off most accessories -Extended! THANKS 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • mcdonsco

    Merry Christmas:


    All expire tonight at midnight

  • Justin

    I have a code that I decided last minute not to use. Hope someone is looking. Here ya go. H2DM-AOAU-SVH7-DSFU-LRE6

  • Mike M.

    Here it is, won’t be needing this one.


    And don’t forget the 30% off accessories with code: THANKS

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  • https://profiles.google.com/bprobinson1 Brian P Robinson

    Heads up! This bad boy expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST:


    Hopefully someone out there can find a use for it before it expires!

    • Chris

      used, thanks!

  • Harry


    good luck!

  • eastgorilla

    Coupon Code: H2DM-NSNS-FVOH-DFZG-53YS

  • Mutalator

    Last day for the code! Here it is:


    Happy Holidays!

  • Albert

    Hi I’m looking to get a moto x promo code, i’ve been looking everywhere but no luck. Please e-mail me one if you have bigal2331@yahoo.com

  • selvin sosa


  • roz

    Here’s a code that expires today (12/16)


  • amisha khera

    Same here, just broke my phone. Please email me amishakhera@gmail.com if anyone has a code! Thanks in advance!

  • Garrick Huie

    Just broke my phone. If anyone has a code please hook me up. please send it to garrick.huie@gmail.com Thanks!!!!

  • MFFI

    Don’t need this one:

    • jh

      Thanks! Got it! I missed the chance to get the codes myself both times. I’m so glad there are nice people out there who aren’t trying to make money off these discount codes.

  • philennium

    My friend backed out of buying the phone at the last minute so I have an extra code: Expires Monday so don’t wait!


    Please post a reply if you use it so others won’t try to.
    As an aside, I already have mine and it has been awesome so far =)

    • http://www.trackur.com/ Andy Beal

      Used, thanks for sharing!

  • dwboston

    Here’s a code for whoever needs one.


    • Matt Markofski

      Thank you! My girlfriend is gonna be stoked.

  • gallen408

    So I had this code to gift to a friend but it sounds like he is going with the Republic Wireless Moto X, I thought it’d be fair to make a quick giveaway, enjoy & good luck!

  • DJ SPY

    Any one have a spare code? djspy006@gmail.com thanks!

  • Matt Markofski

    I know this is the 11th hour, but does anybody have a code left? My girlfriend broke her galaxy last night and this would be a great christmas gift. My email is Mattsm1445@aim.com.

  • Tom Fox


    • Ben

      Thank you, used this today! You are awesome!

  • BG

    Better late than never, right? Not able to use this one after all. Expires tomorrow at 11:59p eastern


    • Avery Pelle

      Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  • selvin sosa

    Is there anyone else having problem whit the promo code? Im getting
    Please enter a valid promo code. all the time. and I haven’t use my code :(

  • Mike M.

    I have a code still sitting in my mailbox. Got it just in case my Developer Edition did not arrive for some reason, but now I have it so if you really need the phone I will forward the moto x e-mail to your mailbox. Just don’t sell the code on eBay, his should be free. I’m still trying to decide if I should keep the moto x or nexus 5, both are great phones.

  • iCoop

    H2DM-I29E-OTP5-BOGH-CWOW expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • Demolition505

    All of them expire 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • Guest

    All of them expire 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • boybert

    H2DM-HVDE-HOE9-FRBF-ZY99 expires 12/16/13 11:59 PM EST
    Let me know if you use it! :)

  • Spookyfish

    Anyone have a code to spare? To show my appreciation, I’ll send you a customized selfie when the device arrives! My email is spookyfish@gmx.com. Thanks!

  • duck

    H2DM-DFPE-9YEX-BB2R-VIZ3 expires 12/16

  • JA

    H2DM-IWMB-SOHW-COPA-U5BK Expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • M

    Hi everyone. I got a code in the hopes of buying my dad a moto x for Christmas. Unfortunately for me, he got a code himself and bought one lol. So I hope this code will make someone’s holiday that much more special! Enjoy and happy holidays! :) H2DM-KSCC-BZQL-GWXG-97RR

    • Ben

      I was able to use this code to get the phone for my wife who just decided she wanted a Moto X. Thank you for posting this and for the great community here! Cheers.

  • Jake


    • Jeff Lamoureaux

      Grabbed this code. Thanks!

  • Brendon Maldonado

    Here’s a code, thought someone in my family would want to use it since they all have old phones, but the cost is too much apparently:


    Expires 12/16/13 and 11:59PM

  • missykoala

    I have a code and will give it away to the first person that wants it. I got it for my bf cus he said he wont be available when the link for the coupon opened but now he changed his mind and is not getting the moto x anymore.

  • MichaelP

    Could use a code if anyone has one. Just got a chance to use a friend’s Moto X and it’s awesome!

  • JoshGroff

    Looks like no more valid 12/16 codes, just scoured the entire thread. This is just a heads up for everyone.

  • ckdk44

    Here is a code that I thought I would use but decided not to. Expieres 12/16/13 11:59pm


    • JoshGroff

      Looks like someone claimed this one, isn’t working.

  • Niles

    H2DM-E6NB-QQFK-CNMX-7DHN Expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

    • JoshGroff

      This one’s coming up invalid. :(

    • Joel Street

      Thanks! Just used it…

  • Russ

    If anyone has an extra code I would really appreciate it, trying to get one for my wife. russellburns@gmail.com

  • Nodrak

    anyone with extra code able to send one my way at nodrakz-mto@yahoo.com ? Thanks.

  • jsakkos

    H2DM-BNLV-SB6T-BESS-3BHU expires on 12/16.

    • Ictus

      Thank you! Ordered mine!

  • MamaLuna

    I keep getting used codes :( – does anyone happen to have one available still that expires the 16th? email to nicoleluna321 at gmail dot com.. I really really appreciate it!!