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Moto X $150 off Promo Codes: Share ’em if You got ’em

Now that Motorola’s $150-off promo for the Moto X is officially closed for the year, we are starting to see the codes flooding into our inbox from DL readers who grabbed them for no other reason than to share with the community (yes, people are that awesome). Last week, we ran a contest to give away codes, but this time around we are simply going to leave this post open for you to share amongst yourselves. Well, that’s not entirely true. We have a handful of codes to giveaway in this post that were already given to us, all of which will be left there for the next 15 minutes. We will assume after that amount of time that someone has claimed them and will then remove them.

For the rest of you, feel free to post codes in the comments, work out back alley deals with other readers, or come up with your own ways to share outside of selling them. If you post up your eBay listings or other modes of money making, they will be removed. We are a community for sharing, not one for you to try and make a quick shady buck off of a free promo.

UPDATE: Β Codes claimed and removed.

Take to the comments!

Cheers Jacob, Ryan, Travis, and Victoria!
  • 600ccgsxr

    Can someone hook me up with a code at 600ccgsxr@gmail.com. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  • steveliv


  • drikxh

    hoping to land a nice 2014 phone off contract so here’s a code i decided not to use. enjoy =]


    • Chris

      used for my friend, thanks!

  • Marshawn Cobbs

    Thanks for hangin’ in there with us. No matter how often things change, one thing is constantβ€”Motorola is happy to have loyal customers like you. Here’s your unique promo code.
    Promo Code Expiration
    $150 off a 16GB or 32GB Moto X without contract through Moto Maker:
    H2DM-GVDW-FLH6-B2NG-5FEE 12/16/13 11:59PM EST 30% off most accessories -Extended! THANKS 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • mcdonsco

    Merry Christmas:


    All expire tonight at midnight

  • Justin

    I have a code that I decided last minute not to use. Hope someone is looking. Here ya go. H2DM-AOAU-SVH7-DSFU-LRE6

  • Mike M.

    Here it is, won’t be needing this one.


    And don’t forget the 30% off accessories with code: THANKS

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  • Heads up! This bad boy expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST:


    Hopefully someone out there can find a use for it before it expires!

    • Chris

      used, thanks!

  • Harry


    good luck!

  • eastgorilla

    Coupon Code: H2DM-NSNS-FVOH-DFZG-53YS

  • Mutalator

    Last day for the code! Here it is:


    Happy Holidays!

  • Albert

    Hi I’m looking to get a moto x promo code, i’ve been looking everywhere but no luck. Please e-mail me one if you have bigal2331@yahoo.com

  • selvin sosa


  • roz

    Here’s a code that expires today (12/16)


  • amisha khera

    Same here, just broke my phone. Please email me amishakhera@gmail.com if anyone has a code! Thanks in advance!

  • Garrick Huie

    Just broke my phone. If anyone has a code please hook me up. please send it to garrick.huie@gmail.com Thanks!!!!

  • MFFI

    Don’t need this one:

    • jh

      Thanks! Got it! I missed the chance to get the codes myself both times. I’m so glad there are nice people out there who aren’t trying to make money off these discount codes.

  • philennium

    My friend backed out of buying the phone at the last minute so I have an extra code: Expires Monday so don’t wait!


    Please post a reply if you use it so others won’t try to.
    As an aside, I already have mine and it has been awesome so far =)

  • dwboston

    Here’s a code for whoever needs one.


    • Matt Markofski

      Thank you! My girlfriend is gonna be stoked.

  • gallen408

    So I had this code to gift to a friend but it sounds like he is going with the Republic Wireless Moto X, I thought it’d be fair to make a quick giveaway, enjoy & good luck!

  • DJ SPY

    Any one have a spare code? djspy006@gmail.com thanks!

  • Matt Markofski

    I know this is the 11th hour, but does anybody have a code left? My girlfriend broke her galaxy last night and this would be a great christmas gift. My email is Mattsm1445@aim.com.

  • Tom Fox


    • Ben

      Thank you, used this today! You are awesome!

  • BG

    Better late than never, right? Not able to use this one after all. Expires tomorrow at 11:59p eastern


    • Avery Pelle

      Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  • selvin sosa

    Is there anyone else having problem whit the promo code? Im getting
    Please enter a valid promo code. all the time. and I haven’t use my code πŸ™

  • Mike M.

    I have a code still sitting in my mailbox. Got it just in case my Developer Edition did not arrive for some reason, but now I have it so if you really need the phone I will forward the moto x e-mail to your mailbox. Just don’t sell the code on eBay, his should be free. I’m still trying to decide if I should keep the moto x or nexus 5, both are great phones.

  • iCoop

    H2DM-I29E-OTP5-BOGH-CWOW expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • Demolition505

    All of them expire 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • Guest

    All of them expire 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • boybert

    H2DM-HVDE-HOE9-FRBF-ZY99 expires 12/16/13 11:59 PM EST
    Let me know if you use it! πŸ™‚

  • Spookyfish

    Anyone have a code to spare? To show my appreciation, I’ll send you a customized selfie when the device arrives! My email is spookyfish@gmx.com. Thanks!

  • duck

    H2DM-DFPE-9YEX-BB2R-VIZ3 expires 12/16

  • JA

    H2DM-IWMB-SOHW-COPA-U5BK Expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • M

    Hi everyone. I got a code in the hopes of buying my dad a moto x for Christmas. Unfortunately for me, he got a code himself and bought one lol. So I hope this code will make someone’s holiday that much more special! Enjoy and happy holidays! πŸ™‚ H2DM-KSCC-BZQL-GWXG-97RR

    • Ben

      I was able to use this code to get the phone for my wife who just decided she wanted a Moto X. Thank you for posting this and for the great community here! Cheers.

  • Jake


    • Jeff Lamoureaux

      Grabbed this code. Thanks!

  • Brendon Maldonado

    Here’s a code, thought someone in my family would want to use it since they all have old phones, but the cost is too much apparently:


    Expires 12/16/13 and 11:59PM

  • missykoala

    I have a code and will give it away to the first person that wants it. I got it for my bf cus he said he wont be available when the link for the coupon opened but now he changed his mind and is not getting the moto x anymore.

  • MichaelP

    Could use a code if anyone has one. Just got a chance to use a friend’s Moto X and it’s awesome!

  • JoshGroff

    Looks like no more valid 12/16 codes, just scoured the entire thread. This is just a heads up for everyone.

  • ckdk44

    Here is a code that I thought I would use but decided not to. Expieres 12/16/13 11:59pm


    • JoshGroff

      Looks like someone claimed this one, isn’t working.

  • Niles

    H2DM-E6NB-QQFK-CNMX-7DHN Expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

    • JoshGroff

      This one’s coming up invalid. πŸ™

    • Joel Street

      Thanks! Just used it…

  • Russ

    If anyone has an extra code I would really appreciate it, trying to get one for my wife. russellburns@gmail.com

  • Nodrak

    anyone with extra code able to send one my way at nodrakz-mto@yahoo.com ? Thanks.

  • jsakkos

    H2DM-BNLV-SB6T-BESS-3BHU expires on 12/16.

    • Ictus

      Thank you! Ordered mine!

  • MamaLuna

    I keep getting used codes πŸ™ – does anyone happen to have one available still that expires the 16th? email to nicoleluna321 at gmail dot com.. I really really appreciate it!!

  • Sarah

    Droid Community,

    Is there anyone who has an unused code left? =(

  • HitokiriX

    Someone took the code that I was going to use… If anyone has one they aren’t going to use I’d really appreciate it. email: shinigamix00@yahoo.com

  • Meltdown07

    I really wanted to try a Moto X, but I decided to stick with my Nexus 5. Here’s my code I wont be using, it expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST- H2DM-GIYB-QNE2-OZ5A-4KPC

    Someone out there PLEASE use and enjoy!

  • emmanuel hernandez

    does any one need a code.

    • VegasRooted

      Yes please!!! Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

      • emmanuel hernandez

        gone use the one on top

      • jbegs

        In case you don’t have the list sorted by newest: H2DM-GIYB-QNE2-OZ5A-4KPC. It may have been claimed already.

      • emmanuel hernandez

        Hello do you still need it send me an email and i can forward it chefe575@gmail.com

    • Russ

      If you still have one I would appreciate it, its for my wife. russellburns@gmail.com

  • Eileen Hyde

    Here is an extra code that is expiring on 12/16 : H2DM-QWMT-SEEY-B5TR-DB4W

  • Sarah

    does anyone have an unused code left??

    • jbegs

      I have…

  • Moto X for the Holidays

    Anyone have a code that hasn’t been used? Would love to land this phone at the discounted rate and just missed out on the promo. Have been a motorola user for a long time.

    • jbegs

      I have another…

      • Opinionated_In_Bangor

        I would love to use it.. yankeefan42281@gmail.com id like to use it for my wife

        • jbegs

          I have two feelers out right now. One to the guy I replied to and another person. If they don’t respond by 1pm I’ll email you.

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            Awesome. I appreciate it. Wife’s iPhone is crapping the bed, & I’d like to switch her over

          • jbegs

            Even though I am a Mets fan (painful, I know)…do you still need the code?

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            Yes I would like it if you don’t mind. You guys did get Granderson! jealous

          • jbegs

            Email is coming.

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            thank you!!

  • Looking for a Moto X

    Anyone got a code that has gone unclaimed? I missed out on this promo.

  • Brandon Landfried

    Ended up not using it. H2DM-FOMS-UNO2-GSZF-WF93 expires 12/16

    • anthonymendez

      Just used it. Thank you! All the ones I saw and tried were used and your comment just popped up as I was about to give up. So, thank you!!!

  • Todd Bettenhausen

    Ending now… I just ordered a backup Moto X less than an hour ago. Any rumor that codes are no longer accepted (at least first-person codes) was false.

  • Nicko

    Here is another code!!! Hope someone can use it! Can be used within the next 9 mins!! Sorry for waiting so long to post!


  • Asa Thomas

    Extra code! Usability for the next 16 minutes! H2DW-IERT-UNVV-OTGU-3K3R

  • Happy Holidays

    Here are two codes that expire at midnight. Still can’t decide if I want to drop my S4 for the X so I figure give them to someone who can use ’em. My friend also changed his mind so double the fun! Happy Holidays!



  • Sarah

    Does anyone have a code left expiring on 12/16??

    • Michael Graef

      Yes. Give me your email address and it’s yours.

  • Rick Perez

    H2DW-PZVF-2U7M-BCRF-OIVM Today the 11 only

  • Stew560

    Two Codes that Expire tonight at Midnight EST:

    Reply if taken!

  • Mezocy101

    Quick question, my motomaker x has shipped, expecting tomorrow. Does FedEx require a signature in order to deliver or will they leave at the door w/ a note? 1st timer w/phone shipment…

  • Rick Perez

    wow…. so many codes going un-used

  • Rick Perez

    I got one left!!! ends tonight. Please reply

  • Rob

    Paying it forward, someone helped me out with a code and now I have this one to give out. H2DM-FFUG-MOFF-P25Y-6SNU Expiration 12/16/13 11:59PM EST Stay awesome DL Community. KCCO. Please Reply back when used.

  • Michael Graef

    Anyone still need a code? I have an unused one that expires 12/16. Reply with your email address to claim it.

    • You rule
      • Michael Graef

        Done. Check your inbox. πŸ™‚

      • You rule

        Got the code. Thank you!

  • awesomesauce

    H2DW-OE7R-MRY3-N3QB-329C expires 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • James

    Here is a code that expires tonight (12/11). Leave a comment if you used it.


  • Mezocy101

    Have a code that expires tonight at midnight. Couldn’t convince the wifey to switch from crapple. Enjoy!!!

  • Turd_Ferguson

    anyone still looking for a promo code?

  • steveindajeep

    My lose is your gain…need money to buy a car. Cant buy a new phone right now.


    Expires 12/11/13 11:59PM

    Merry Xmas Everyone !

  • EdgeDweller

    Expires 12/11 – enjoy!



  • rmp20

    2 codes that expire on 12/16. Please note if they get used.



    • JK

      Used both, thank you.

  • Andrew Anderson

    In case anyone is still interested… Expires today. Merry Christmas!


    • Todd

      It’s a Festivus Miracle! Thanks!!!

  • wwguy

    H2DW-NSNS-FVQK-NTGG-ETV3 expires today (12/11) at 11:59 PM EST

  • djh36

    I have a code to give away that expires at 11.59pm tonight. I was going to use it but decided against it. Let me know if you need it still.

  • Grizzy

    H2DM-ISNX-BRGE-ERCA-VLET expires on the 16th.

    • Nodrak

      Finally I found one that works! Thanks.

      • Grizzy

        No problem. Enjoy!

  • jthacker

    Ended up with 2 extra codes that expire tonight (family members decided against it):



  • Grant

    Do any codes that actually work for the developer edition exist? My code does not work with developer edition and I am on the fence about getting a non-DE phone versus just getting something that is very easy to root / boot-unlock.

    • Turd_Ferguson

      no DE only regular versions through motomaker.

    • Rick Perez

      The Tmobile version is technically developer ED

  • DaJack

    I have 1 code that expires today at midnight. Please reply to this with your email address if you would like it, as I’d like to not have it go to waste just sitting here. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    I have a code that someone can use. Was on the fence about getting this or the G2….bought the G2


    • Rick.M650

      Thanks, just used your code Q17G

  • SmokeNMirrors

    This expires today, hope it finds a good home:

    • Jesse

      Thanks. Got it.

      • SmokeNMirrors

        Enjoy your X!

  • Zachary Manville

    H2DW-ESTC-469A-EXBX-KL66 expires today

  • Rog

    These 3 codes expire today:




  • Rog


  • Rog


  • Rog


  • Moto X coupon code

    Here’s an extra code: EXPIRES 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    • Frank R

      H2DW-PRER-FLHV-MQTX-YWTB – Expires 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

      • Paul

        Used! Thanks a lot sir!!

  • Joseph Doyle

    H2DW-KO3R-QVN7-CTQD-QRSD expires
    12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • Long Phan

    Happy “X”mas!!! expires 12/11 midnight


  • jmasterj

    I have two codes that my wife and I decided not to use. They expire tomorrow at 23:59.

    Reply if you use one so someone else doesn’t try to.

  • B

    Enjoy. Exp 12/11. H2DW-CEUS-UZEC-EUXR-BSVE

    • Munkhmanlai Chuluunbaatar

      thanks man used it

  • GreatGambino

    H2DM-K5VW-M2O4-K2DG-2LBL Expires 12/16/13 Please reply when used. Happy Holidays!

    • Dreamchaser

      Taken. πŸ™‚

  • Dreamchaser

    Anymore codes left :-(……………

  • Rellz

    This code will expire tomorrow (12/11):


    If you use it leave a comment so I know it did not go to waste =)

    • Moto Fan

      Thanks so much! I thought all hope was lost haha. I’ll be sure to pay it forward somehow

      • Rellz

        Glad to know it helped someone!

  • RepublicCredits

    I know I’m late to the party, but I had decided to hold off on giving out my codes after my order had initially been cancelled. It’s back on track and I’m passing my savings ON TO YOU!!! As with others, comment when you’ve claimed:


    Code B: H2DW-AOAU-SVFR-NG4U-T99D

    These puppies expire tomorrow, 12/11!

    • drinksprite

      Bro thank you so much! I was so bummed out because I went online yesterday at noon pacific time, realizing that it was supposed to be eastern time. By that time all the promo codes were gone. Just bought my new, all blacked out moto x πŸ™‚ Will pay it forward for sure.

      • RepublicCredits

        My pleasure man. Could you post though if you used Code A or Code B, so people know which one is still available?

    • StevieC721

      I used Code B! Thank you!

      • RepublicCredits

        Absolutely, I’m just happy they both got used! I really wanted to make sure that Motorola got rewarded for this concept and show them that the demand is certainly there at the $350 price range!

  • one95fxstc

    H2DW-EBBS-WMEH-NCOV-GHPV Exp: 12/11/13 11:59PM EST
    I got it for my wife and she decided to stay with her iPhone (oh well)…..

    • Gruse

      Used this code. Thanks!

      • one95fxstc

        Glad you were able to use it!!!

  • HogJaw

    H2DW-EBHY-M4XQ-AQKD-WN6X expires tomorrow 12/11

    • Carie

      Thanks! Tried to use it, as my phone is all set up and ready, but it’s not working. Do we put them in the “promo code” box?

      • Carie

        Nevermind! I didn’t need it! πŸ™‚

      • HogJaw


  • Paul Anderson

    Here’s a code in a puzzle to make it a wee bit more interesting: http://pandapaul-crypto.jit.su/view?id=52a7646bab2d9c402d000001

  • Alice F.

    Have a code – my husband and were both trying to get one (for him) and we ending up with two. Let me know if anyone still needs one.

    • Andrew Remmers

      I would be good for one! If its still available!

      • Carie

        As would I! πŸ™‚

  • tom riddle

    here are a couple….use by tomorrow.



  • ZOD

    Enjoy H2DW-ONLC-QCHO-EMFU-NMY6 expires 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • Jon Mccoury

    H2DW-FAGA-HL7B-FXFG-WFKF 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    • SueWest

      Used! Thanks very much

  • Shut up Donny

    Expires at 12/11/13 11:59PM EST:


  • book’em_dan-o

    Expiring 12/11 @ 11:59PM – H2DW-HREB-KRPE-BH9E-X4UK

    Intended to use but am cheap and will stick with my old Razr Maxx until I can’t stand it anymore. Please reply if/when used!

    • Marc

      Used it, thanks!

  • Mike D

    Here is my code! I got one and found one in the comments that worked! So here is mine!


    Happy Holidays!

  • Tod Cox

    One more for y’all. Expires today.H2DW-N2TE-FVHU-HXLW-ROPL

    • nopaska

      Used. Thanks!

  • Guest

    I have an extra code I did not use. It expires on 12/16 H2DM-FAGA-HL5Q-LB4G-OMAR

  • dznechick

    I have an extra code I did not use H2DM-FAGA-HL5Q-LB4G-OMAR Please mark used after you are done

  • Luke

    i would extremely greatful if one of you guys have a code i can use… please email me lucas.spector@wagner.edu

  • Lance Mason

    I would also love a code – thanks for any consideration. lancemason @ gmail.com

  • Christopher Quan

    I have one code to give out, expires 12/16/13. reply to this comment with your email and I’ll send it your way.

  • Futbolrunner

    Please mark as “USED” after you’re done.


    • ddevito

      passed it along to a friend who got screwed two times trying to get his code to work, thanks!!!

  • Chris Grulke

    Got a code for someone. Thought I was going to order one but plans changed. Enjoy!

    Expires 11:59pm on 12/16

    • ddevito

      I passed this along to another friend who got screwed – another friend of mine got his code canceled. Thank you!!!!! Send me your email, I’ll have him thank you!!!!

  • Tod Leamon

    If anyone has a code that didn’t get used can you please email me. Thanks fwplayers @gmail.com

  • Bryan

    I have 1 extra code to give away. First person to guess what color shirt I’m wearing right now gets it! One guess per person. Note: It is one solid color.

    • luke


    • nopaska


  • Sean Q.

    Does anyone have a promo code that works on the Developer Edition?

    • Sean Q.

      I have one for the regular version…

      • luke

        will you be willing to give me that code by any chance i would be really greatful

  • disastrousrainbow

    In mint condition:



  • DJ SPY

    Does anyone still have a code to spare? I just called Motorola because I never received my code and they said they have nothing in their system about my code. Gave them my name, phone and email i used to save my spot and they couldn’t find anything. djspy006@gmail.com thanks!

  • Derek


    • Derek

      Expires the 11th, by the way

  • Dustin

    dkoon1987@hotmail.com send me a code!

    • Dustin

      FYI, I was requesting a code, I don’t have one to give away. Sorry!

  • MaYnMaN

    H2DW-GE5V-OKOT-Q79Y-4PXC Expires 12/11/2013 I hope someone can make use of it.

    • Dustin

      Claimed. Thank you MaYnMaN!

  • Dustin

    Does anyone have any codes left that they wouldn’t mind parting ways with? My email is dkoon1987@hotmail.com if you want to send me one; I would much appreciate it! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  • hatboysam

    Got a code that expires the 11th at 11:59pm EST! Email me at sam [at] habosa [dot] com to get it!

    • hatboysam

      Claimed! Sorry!

  • David Thornburg

    Here is a code that expires on the 16th. Thought I might buy a Moto X but I couldn’t justify it after spending $400 2 months ago on a GS4.


    • Baka


  • waldo


  • shakeysblues


    Good until 12/11. Please comment if you have used it. Cheers!!

    • Lazer Weiss

      someone used it already! i am seriously going to start crying soon. someone please email me a code lazerw@gmail.com so i can buy my wife one of these phones. please, i’m begging here!

      • Todd

        Lazer, what is your email addy?

      • muddy46

        Let us know if begging works. Today was the 3rd day (1st day their site crashed) I tried to get a code for me to actually use and they were all already “sold” out…again. I tried the last 2 codes that popped up on here and both were already used.

        • Lazer Weiss

          HOORAY! people are so generous and kind. honestly i have NOTHING nice to say about the ppl selling these on ebay…………. SCUM. there. i said it.

          it literally cost them nothing to get those codes, not even like they bought a phone to sell, its just so wrong.

          so so wrong.

          thank you god, for making human beings with integrity!

  • stuff

    So this code only works for the full retail price? I can’t use it on a line I’m upgrading?

  • ilovetechnology


    Good until 12/11 11:59pm. Please comment if you have used it. Enjoy!

    • DrJ

      Used. Thank you.

  • logan


    comment used please

    • ap3604

      Used, thank you <3

  • Lazer Weiss

    i really would like to buy one of these for my wife. if someone can email me a code at lazerw@gmail.com that would be amazing!

    thank you all!

    • Lazer Weiss

      i am so sad right now, i literally tried every code on this list that did not have a used comment attached to it and none worked! i really want to buy my wife this phone. this promo is making me cry.

      • kxc1279

        Hi, please check ur email…hope u get it, expires on 12/11 at 2359, enjoy:)

        • Lazer Weiss

          i got one thanks everyone!

    • Manish

      Have emailed you the code, let me know if it works.

  • Trevor

    I know it’s been said by others, but I want to say it too: DL readers are the best!! I am really amazed at how many people are sharing their codes for others. It’s really cool to see. Also, thank you Kellen & Co. for encouraging this!

  • Henchman808

    Here’s a code. Wife decided to keep the developer edition.


    Please reply when it is used

  • jwildman16

    This code expires 12/16: H2DM-DV3T-MXFD-Q6NR-7GCH
    Also, don’t forget the 30% off accessories code: THANKS

    Reply when used and – enjoy!

    • JoshGroff

      Someone used without replying… >.>

  • lbd381

    Here are two codes to put to good use. Please reply letting people know if you used them:


    Expire 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    • motox

      I used H2DW-ISNX-BREL-MH5A-OXUC. Thanks so much!

  • cdc

    Expires 12/11:


  • I jsut talked to moto support and they state they are no longer supporting codes. anyone know what that is about?

    • NexusMan

      Yea. I heard that too. That they are sold out of their allotment for the offer and no longer accepting codes.

  • Professional

    Anyone have an unused code? I’ve been trying to buy a discounted Moto X for two weeks. =/

    • Professional

      No longer need a code. Let’s hope the order doesn’t get cancelled. =).

  • Jorge Lozada

    12/11 expiration, Happy holidays!


  • Teng Taing

    Got one last code for someone:

    • xx


  • Robert Gipe

    I am looking for a 12/16 code please. I got to use a Moto X this weekend and would love my own. giper54@gmail.com

    • Teng Taing


  • Todd Wagnon


    Expires 12/11 enjoy!

    • SueWest

      I’ll take it

    • SueWest

      I never said Thank You yesterday. Sorry about that. THANK YOU

      • Todd Wagnon

        Not a problem, enjoy the new toy!

  • Andrew Conklin

    Got an extra code. Let me know if it worked for you.


    • suddendeath

      thank u so much man! worked for me! altho how do i claim this code to use for later? is the fact that i activated the code and saw that it works means that its mines?

      • Andrew Conklin

        I don’t believe you can save it for later. I think the first person to use it at checkout claims the code. Don’t quote me tho I’m not 100%

  • BigGreen

    The fact you guys do things like this makes this the best tech-oriented blog on the planet. I used a code and very much appreciate you looking out for your readers. Also got to take advantage of Verizon update a couple months back because of you. Keep up the great reader-centric work you guys are doing!!!

  • Joe

    My wife and I signed up together because we didn’t know how stressed the servers would be…needless to say we have an extra, enjoy:

    H2DM-M6XH-YZGE-C63E-DHCB Exp. 12/16

    • Paradisimo

      Thanks! Worked for me!

  • ckdk44

    FELLOW DL community I have a Dilemma.

    I need to know if this is worth getting? I am on Verizon unlimited data, but fear that once they stop honoring the grandfather plans I will have a new phone that will not be able to utilize the greatness……Should I future proof my self and get the sprint version? That way if verizon kicks me off I have something to fall back on? I am lost and need help. Additionally the one who gives me the best opinionated fact I will give you a code….it will expire on the 16th


    • nopaska

      You may become very disappointed moving to Sprint from Verizon. The service isn’t even close. Stay with Verizon and hope for the best. I am in the same shoes and also need a code for my unlimited plan.

      • ckdk44

        If you still need a code, send me your email.

        • nopaska

          Thanks but I was fortunate enough to get one the other day. Pass it on.

    • Larizard

      Just say “No” to Sprint.

    • Rtegra

      I have Verizon and was in the same dilemma as you. I am currently on a GNex that I love but the battery life was atrocious. I ended up buying the Moto X yesterday. I was going to move to T-Mobile prepaid but decided to stay on Verizon as I still have 5 months left on contract. At least now I can ride the unlimited data wave and change to month to month when my current contract is up. Good luck on your decision.

      • ckdk44

        Still need a code? Send me your email.

  • dazz1996

    My friend Joshua Bane has a give away for this Moto X $150 off on his page http://www.bane-tech.com/moto-x-150-coupon-giveaway/

    I hope you all get one good luck and happy X-Mas

  • Fspalt

    Here is one that expires on 12/11/13 at 11:59pm:


    • tylerprochazka


  • Inquizitor

    I have a code that expires Wednesday, if anyone’s willing to trade for one that expires next Monday.

    • Lazer Weiss

      if you aren’t going to use it maybe you can let me i want to buy my wife a phone :[ email it to lazerw@gmail.com

      • Inquizitor

        I am going to use it, but I would prefer a little more time as I’m returning home from school later than expected. Sorry.

  • GoBlue

    Got a code, my mother doesn’t want to use it as a gift for my dad:


    Just respond to this comment if you use it!

    • DIdn’t work, someone must have beat me.

  • JY20

    Anyone have one they can spare for me? Running an old GNex on Verizon. Would love a code if any are still available. jyang20 at gmail Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • EricMayBell

    reply if used

    • Larry Lambert

      Thanks I used it.

  • Brian

    Expires the 11thH2DW-M6XH-YZEL-OLEE-3CW3

    • Harry Balls

      Used. Thanks!

  • annoynomous

    H2DW-GVTR-DCF9-D97X-M472 – Was going to purchase 2, ended up just getting one. Cheers!

    • annoynomous

      Expires on 12/11

    • TomMason

      Annoynomous – thanks a bunch. you took care of my Christmas Shopping!

  • TomMason

    Need a code if someone has one.

    • testmang

      there are hundreds of code posted here… why dont you try a few rather than asking?

  • Jeff Torres

    Here’s mine, expires on the 11th


    • Jack Molina

      Thanks for posting it, you’re a life saver. My Razr Maxx died on saturday evening and I’m not eligible for an upgrade until May.

  • MattArC

    H2DW-OE7R-MRY3-N3QB-4NYC also expires 12/11, Enjoy!

  • HogJaw

    H2DW-GIYB-QNGY-CQCA-CMLF expires on 12/11

  • Rex Boehler

    this expires on 12-11-13 enjoy H2DW-BNLV-SB95-PUQS-CQ5R

  • Guest

    Hey everyone I have a code that I ended up not using thats up for grabs. Please let us know if you use it so that people dont try it. Here you go! Happy Holidays

    H2DM-DVMF-QBFI-HB2X-QBQ4 Expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • Aaron

    I got the phones I needed, here’s another from the first batch (Expires 12/11):


    • HitokiriX


      • Aaron

        No problem!

  • Jordan Dewey

    I won this code from DL’s contest but dont have the $350 to spare. Hope someone else can put this to good use! Thanks again DL for the opportunity!
    Promo Code: H2DW-PKVS-MB74-M4YH-OWIK

    • Scott Friedemann

      Thank you.

      • Jordan Dewey

        No problem!

  • MrOrange645

    Any brothers or sisters in blue that need a code? I have one to give away that expires on 12/11.

  • John

    H2DM-AETH-DCNZ-PZ7D-PKG5 Expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST Happy Holidays please let others know if you use it and comment!

    • hurricanefloyd41

      Thanks and Happy Holidays my sister will appreciate her Moto X for christmas

      • Guest

        No problem glad I was able to help

  • Adam

    H2DW-BVUB-2V9F-ETCY-NGWZ Expires 12/11/13

  • Guest

    Here’s one ! …. Happy holidays everyone! H2DW-FSSX-D9HI-OTVH-GP5A

  • slammers

    Here’s a free code I don’t need. Expires on the 11th… H2DW-PA5G-QMPF-HGZB-O4UH

    • can_non

      Used. Thank you!

      • slammers


  • JosephM

    I would love to purchase a moto x for my girlfriend. I would love to get her qa nice Christmas gift and just learned you friendly guys were giving out codes! Most appreciated if there’s an extra for sharing. You can email me at joseph.manis2@gmail.com thanks a ton!

    • JosephM

      I’ll reply when I receive one

  • mruno

    i have a code good until the 11th. who wants it?

    • AbbyZFresh


      • mruno

        Enjoy H2DW-PWOC-67NX-HMWC-PR3Z

        • AbbyZFresh

          Thank you.


    If you had a choice between the LG G2 and the Moto X, your choice would be?

    • Edward

      Moto x , maybe because I’m able to customize it and get it off contract for a reasonable price as long as you get a code

    • Greg

      I dont think you can go wrong with either. I went with the Moto X and and very happy with my choice. If your need 2 day battery life you might want to consider the G2 or Droid Maxx. Off contract Moto X hands down wins. On contract, you might be able to get the G2 for free or cheaper than the moto X.

    • Sporttster

      Note 3….

  • Kohei Nakamura

    H2DW-NEPA-9393-P4MD-UEGR Expires 12/11 11:59PM EST

    Add a comment if you use it…

    Decided I don’t need a new phone for now because my Galaxy Nexus is running 4.4.1 like a champ.

    • Daniel BestBuy

      I just used the code. Thank you so so so much! Happy Holidays to you! :] (It’s like buying the next person’s drink at Starbucks, I’m having a great day! :] )

  • Guest

    If you had a choice between the LG G2 and the Moto X, you choice would be?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Moto X. Easy.

    • Maximβˆ‘

      moto x

    • can_non

      I’ve been having this internal debate for a few weeks now. After deciding I wanted the G2, I thought I should do more research on the X, ultimately deciding on the Moto X. A few factors that did it for me:

      -VZW rep in-store said that many customers were having issues with their G2s freezing
      -Buttons on the back (while I liked it initially because it was different, I feel like it might get a bit tiresome)
      -G2 nears tablet/Note size
      -X feels much nicer in the hand
      -Screen of X is same size as GNex (but with a much smaller overall profile)
      -Wireless charging? Meh…
      -Sounds like each phone will get a person through an entire day of use. While the G2 touts >1 day, I don’t imagine I wouldn’t ever not plug in my phone nightly
      -Moto X is not skinned w/ LG’s UI (though I intended to root anyway)

      • Larizard

        How do u plan to root? did you get the dev edition? I’m still sad that I didn’t get one last monday (i was at work), but I have a motomaker version coming this week.. I want my free tethering, tasker, greenify, and all those root-required apps….

        • can_non

          I meant root the G2 were I to cop that

  • Fasmas

    Here are a couple more… try to let people know when they have been claimed



  • unklsckness

    Here is 1 more for ya expires 12/16 H2DM-MWZS-QKVP-FWXR-BKBZ

    • Kyleinstyle

      Used it…THANKS SO MUCH!!

      • unklsckness


  • Edward

    OKAY!!! Who ever can make me laugh will get the code ! By the way I’ve started this raffle in Facebook so I will not only look here but in face book for to different entrants and out of those two I will pick one.

  • unklsckness

    I posted this on my G+ profile hopefully it has not been used. H2DW-PKVS-MB74-M4YH-NDRK expires 12/11 PLEASE USE ASAP

  • dev-life
  • Jonathan Penrod

    Merry Christmas


    • can_non

      Thank youuuuu!

  • Jonathan Wow

    I am looking for a code. Tried to get one both days and couldn’t get on break fast enough. If anyone has one to spare I would REALLY appreciate an email. Nitemare15@gmail.com.

    • jbegs

      have you received a code yet?

      • Jonathan Wow

        I haven’t. If anyone has one that expires on the 16th that would be preferable. I don’t get paid until the 12th.

        • jbegs

          email with code coming…expires on 12/16.

  • Eric

    Can someone email me one. Stuck at work and can’t do it now. emh870621345@gmail.com.

  • Long time reader, first time poster. I’ve been holding onto my code, hoping to be able to use it in time for a Moto X with a wood back. Seeing as it has yet to be released, I figured I’d join the festivities here and help spread a little android holiday cheer πŸ™‚

    This little piggy expires on 12/11/2013 at 11:59 PM EST:


    Now, if anyone could somehow get me an invite to the Cover lock screen app (http://www.droid-life.com/2013/11/05/first-look-cover-beta-for-android-the-contextually-aware-lock-screen/), I’d be much obliged.

    • getupkid1985

      Thank you!!!

      • No problemo! I’m glad it didn’t go to waste, enjoy!

        • getupkid1985

          I appreciate your generosity. Trying to retire a GNEX. πŸ™‚

  • just4747



  • Brad Ryder

    Has anyone who got in on the sale on Wednesday had their phone ship yet?

    • Hothfox

      Mine hasn’t. I’ve seen people who have. Seems pretty mixed. Has yours not shipped yet either?

      • Brad Ryder

        It has not. Got the email they were building it, then I got an email saying the winter storm would delay shipments by 1-2 days. Mine was estimated to be delivered today, and I haven’t gotten an email yet. Not a huge deal, just with all the issues I’m seeing on Twitter etc I want to make sure mine hasn’t been lost in the shuffle.

        • Hothfox

          Mine is the same situation – same timeline and all. I tried calling CSR during lunch, but my phone dropped the call and they didn’t call back. I’ll have to try again when I get home from work.

    • ddevito

      nope, still waiting…..

  • Kunal

    Since Verizon Dev Edition isn’t eligible this code is useless for me: H2DW-HVBA-KT6V-I3HX-OICI

  • KeepingMy5S

    I’m keeping my best-phone-on-the-planet-iPhone 5S. Don’t hate… here’s a code: H2DW-FAGA-HL7B-FXFG-VZBF

    • Maximβˆ‘

      I just returned my 5S for the Moto X. 5S is a great phone but I dont want to be on the “S” cycle and the X is better

    • Ian

      If you don’t want ‘hate’ don’t come on an Android focused tech site and claim the competition to be the best. Simple really.

      Props for trolling with a code though! πŸ™‚

      • Maximβˆ‘

        he is giving us a code go easy on him lol

        • ddevito

          my thoughts exactly lol

        • Ian

          I gave the props…

    • KeepingMy5S

      Here’s one more. I got it to help a friend who I owe a couple favors, but he decided not to use it. I have owned more Android phones than most people have fingers and toes (combined). I’ll keep my opinion to myself this time. Enjoy. Wish I had $350 to toss, I’d get one just to try it out. H2DM-FSSX-D9FG-CFLH-7KVI

  • jstahr

    Looking for a code sick of this nexus jordanstahr@gmail.com

  • Sree

    Expire 12/16: H2DM-FSSX-D9FG-CFLH-7UEI

  • Orlando

    Hey guys, I got one more
    Expire 12/16. H2DW-IRNS-2IHO-K49Y-4MRQ

    • tjubb

      I’ll grab it!

  • Jim Kalista

    dont use moto credit.. if you dont write down the card number from the popup u got from sign up u wont have any access to ur account.. they wont give u anything no account number over the phone.. therefore u cant use it PERIOD till u get ur account number in the MAIL

    • MrOrange645

      Yup. Found that out the hard way too.

  • Jon Robinson

    Could use a code if someone has one to spare.

    • sfca

      I have one.. is there an email I can send to? Looks like if you post per the message below and someone else uses the code yours could get cancelled.

  • Kelley

    Thank you to all for sharing!!! πŸ™‚

  • Chad Baker

    Promo Code Expiration

    $150 off a 16GB or 32GB Moto X without contract through Moto Maker:
    H2DW-GOCE-BBWC-PQ9G-NNMR 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    • Guest

      Claiming please delete comment so others don’t use.

  • Firelight

    I got an extra code for my buddy at work who was in a meeting at Noon but he’s too holiday-poor so:


    • zeroquake

      using this

      • zeroquake

        Please delete comment so , that others dont try this , thank you for the code πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the code!

  • Geoff

    Anyone with an extra code? Thanks

  • zeroquake

    any codes left?

  • King Lo

    Motorola will cancel your order if someone else tries to use your code. should probably switch to a more discreet system of sharing. My order was cancelled 2 minutes ago

    • Ian

      Did motorola tell you that specifically or is that just your theory?

      Gave you the +1 to raise awareness.

      • King Lo

        Just my theory. everything was fine and then after 4 minutes my order was canceled. Only explanation

        • Ian

          Give them a call, from what i’ve heard, they are very understanding.

        • Ben Klene

          Had mine canceled because my office and home address are in different states. There’s a number of reasons they’ll auto cancel. Call and explain it, you’ll be back on track in 24-48 hours. They’ll also call you back to confirm.

          • King Lo

            Yeah it was because I was shipping it to my mother’s house since i’ll be there for christmas. Talked to a rep and he said that was most likely the problem. I’m supposed to get a call tomorrow about it.

    • GoBlue

      You have to specify you want to use the code as a gift when filing for the coupon code.

  • james t


    was going to use, but still waiting for wood… expires 12/11

    • James_Kernicky

      That’s what she said?

      • james t

        she actually went with the black

        • jbegs

          So she’s never going back?

        • Ian

          And she’ll never go back, or chose that color for the back….. i’m confused

  • DJ SPY

    I haven’t received my code.

  • ragingd

    Here you go expires on the 11th H2DW-DKDC-YYF9-PC3U-9IOC

  • rslh

    Expires 12/11


    One the fence on this one, but will have to wait ’til next iteration.

  • James Blackburn

    I logged on at 12:10 EST and clicked the “save your spot” button and received: The allotted amount is gone! Please register for future…… That button should not have been an option if the codes were depletted.

  • woot

    I’ve wrangled up 3 separate ones from various ppl. All expire on 11th




    • Troy Christman

      thank you, i used code H2DW-A5PF-HK5V-AYCE-BM7A

  • A. Norman

    Thought I was going to use it, but I’m not. H2DW-BKDR-KWH6-F4CT-PFFH expires 12/11/13 @11:59 est. Like others, just reply used if you snag it. Enjoy!

    • David

      Thanks man, I put it to good use!

  • Shane Thomas

    Here’s one – Expires 12/16/13 @ 11:59 EST. Enjoy! H2DM-NWEV-HE6F-IECG-IGQV

    • Jose Interiano

      This one has been used, Thanks Shane Thomas

  • Guest 345

    Here’s a code, my brother was able to grab one up. Let’s do an honor system here, I just hope you buy someone special your Double IPA of choice. Peace


    • Col_Angus

      I love double IPA!

    • veRdiKt

      I’ll take a Mycenary PLEASE.

  • Lamee

    Droid-Life community,

    Thanks so much for providing the codes. During today’s code bonanza, I was filling in those stupid circles on state-wide tests for my students. Don’t worry, this is a legitimate practice. I teach algebra to students with learning and behavior disabilities, and I refuse to make them fill out those beastly answer forms because I always hated them. They all receive an accommodation in which they just circle their answers in their booklets. When they finish, I have to sit next to them and fill in the answers bubbles as they dictate to me. It’s about the same as filling answers for 5 SAT or ACT tests. It’s exactly as much fun as it seems. Anyway, I was totally bummed to miss out on the promotion, particularly to bubble tests, but the accommodation is good for them. All that doesn’t matter now, thanks to the people here. Your kind gesture has made my day, and I truly appreciate the environment here at Droid Life. Thanks again.

    • Todd Bettenhausen

      This place is great–one of my favorite online communities!

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Wish they would get rid of all that fraud and bs (fcat, act, sat) Doesn’t help anybody.

      • Lamee

        I just hate how ridiculously they are administered. Oh, and the fact that they give credence to the idea that, for all people, knowing the domain of the square root of (x -7) is somehow more meaningful than learning to code in a computer science course. My school doesn’t even offer the option because the state won’t let the credit count for the math.

    • James Briano

      You’re doing an important job. It’s incredibly challenging, but it can be so much fun. I hope you’re enjoying it.

      I also missed out on the “code bonanza” because I had to work. Droid Life to the rescue.

      • Lamee

        I greatly enjoy it. My specific job is so esoteric that each semester is like an art project with the goal of creating a subculture that provides an opportunity at success. Other than the nonsense like bubbling forms, it’s pretty great.

  • DisGuy

    H2DW-N2TE-FVHU-HXLW-RBGL this one expires on 12/11!

  • Only needed one, got three just incase friends wanted them, they don’t, so here you guys go:



    These are from today, so expire on 12/16

    • Patrick Hill

      Thanks, used H2DM-QBBR-KBYE-PANC-RMAF

  • John Collard

    Got one for my wife… trying to convince her to switch from iStuff… Still got some convincing to do πŸ™ … Enjoy, H2DW-GR5G-H4VM-BLWG-OB2A, Epires 12/11 11:59.

  • Dave

    I imagine this will be a permanent price in a few months anyway.

    • Ian

      Key phrase: “in a few months”

      and then a few months after that the price will be even lower
      and then a few months after that the moto X2 comes out
      and then a few months after that, ….you see where this is going

      • Dave

        Good point. Basically the reason I didn’t upgrade from my 14 month old GN2 to this. The performance gains from using both devices side by side are absolutely negligible. Battery life can’t touch what I’m getting, so I’d be inclined to hold off until the next Moto anyway, if I could justify it.

  • frontier02

    H2DW-FB6X-BIYS-N49S-FW3E Β  Β 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    Was going to use it but developer edition was back in stock so I went that route, someone can enjoy the code

  • motox buyer

    I am trying to use the code but it is showing not applied and full price in cart. Help

  • tyler

    just got this code expires 12/16. let others know if you claimed it.

  • paticao

    H2DM-MRKX-UTYI-FBFA-TN7Q expiring 12/16

    • Sarah

      Hi Pat,

      would you happen to have any more codes?

      • paticao

        unfortunately no sarah

  • dev-life
  • Col_Angus

    Girlfriend isn’t going to use hers…

    H2DW-PRFT-DIGW-IDVW-WGG3 Expires: 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • nmaxfield

    H2DM-F5AD-QR9H-LI7D-UWWE expires 12/16

    • Alexander Ortega

      Thanks – sharing my other code with a friend. MotoX for all

  • Colin

    Expires 12/11: H2DW-GVTR-DCF9-D97X-LCP2

    • Sam

      Used! Thanks!

  • B A


  • vedrew

    Here’s my code, got it especially to share! H2DM-MAMY-2QEE-I6PH-CCNY expires 12/16 11:59pm. Reply used so others don’t try it if you already got it.

    • King Lo


      • vedrew

        Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and all that!

        • King Lo

          Same to you and yours and thank you. I work mids and overslept on the promo.

  • Chris Schmucker

    Damn, I love this community!

  • Hothfox

    May I ask what the logic is behind grabbing codes so you can give them away? That was a code someone could have claimed on their own, right?

    • Col_Angus

      Or as per my earlier post, sell it on eBay… keeping them in the community.

      • Hothfox

        Right, but they’re doing that anyway. Maybe I don’t get it since I got one on my own last week. Carry on.

        • Col_Angus

          I got one too (delivered and waiting for me at home XD) Is it 5 yet?

          • Hothfox

            I actually haven’t received mine yet, just got the order in. Hasn’t shipped yet. They say 4-5 business days after the order is placed to ship.

          • Col_Angus

            Ordered last Wednesday, it shipped Thursday, and would have had it Friday if it weren’t for the storm delays with FedEx. Potentially 2 days from Texas to Upstate NY… pretty darn impressive. They ship FedEx Standard Overnight for free.

          • Hothfox

            I’m not sure if I should be worried or not, as I also placed my order on Wednesday. Seeing how it hasn’t even shipped yet, I’m not sure how much I should write it off to weather down there.

          • Col_Angus

            Probably just overloaded with orders, I’d give it another day or two before you approach them.

    • vedrew

      I got mine to post because I had trouble on Wednesday getting the page to load, without a nice twitter user I would have missed out. Most of the codes are put up on ebay for profit and I would rather someone who tried to get it the right way have another chance at it. My work computer is really fast, so I thought I’d try and give back.

    • ed

      Easy, I want to upgrade my S3 and not being one to go somewhere to look at phones I jumped on the chance at a new phone at slightly above contract price and also keep unlimited data. After going to the store to play with one prior to ordering I decided the screen is just too small coming from an S3.

      • Hothfox

        I’m not asking why you want to upgrade phones.

        • ed

          I understand, but that is why I grabbed a code that I will not use, already passed the code along BTW…

      • Jeff Lamoureaux

        Exactly what I did…

  • BPStroh

    Go nuts everyone (or actually, not everyone, just one person)
    H2DW-GOCE-BBWC-PQ9G-NM4R 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • Curtis

    I have the Moto X already and got these codes in case someone on DL couldn’t jump in on the deal. You have to try this phone guys!!

    Reply “Used – last four digits of the code” when you take one so people know they no longer work. Both exp.12/16/13


    • Franchise

      MVBK Used, Thanks a ton. My phone just died and I could use something that isnt a GS# series.

      • Curtis

        You’re going to love this phone.

        • Ian

          *(Deepest manly voice you have)* You’re going to love the way you look, I guarantee it.

    • Tyler Stewart

      TA6F, used thanks!

      • Curtis

        You’re going to love this phone!

        • Tyler Stewart

          I already have it! And I love it, I just don’t want the original black one lol I want a custom one. Have been waiting for what seems like forever to get one

  • Shane Thomas

    I will have a code shortly. Will share as soon as I get it.

  • Ayyy

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone giving away codes. I used one to replace my laggy razr HD and couldn’t be more grateful!

    Happy holidays DL

  • Sankyou

    Here’s one. May be posting a second depending on whether my friend chickens out or not…
    H2DM-EBBS-WMGK-DWUV-9IXV Expiration: 12/16/13 11:59PM EST

  • Jawbox

    That’s super awesome of you guys. I wish I had some codes to share.

  • Bill Slowey

    Here are 2 more that expire on 12/16.



    • Sarah

      is there any way to check if these codes have been used?

      • Bill Slowey

        I don’t think there is a way to check, but here is another one I was holding for myself. I will not be able to use it. I spent more on the kids for christmas than I had planned, now I can’t afford the phone for myself. I will have to keep using my Galaxy Nexus running Shiny KitKat.

        • Sarah

          thanks! got it =)

        • VegasRooted


          I used your code ending in 9PPV, thanks!!! πŸ™‚



          • Sarah

            I was hoping to use this code to buy my husband’s phone =( sigh.

        • Sarah

          SO sad right now. I thought i could hold the code till my husband got back from work. apparently someone else can apply it even if it’s in your cart =(( couldn’t use the code you sent.

  • Joe Cross

    God Damn this is why I love Droid-Life

  • roosterk506



  • Sanjay

    H2DW-PFEU-BY5D-GYIU-K3E5, expires 12/11/13 11:59PM EST. Ended up just buying on contract because I had already lost unlimited data.

  • Patrick Hollenbeck

    Here’s one as well, expires the 11th – H2DW-DFYF-BLVZ-HQSX-Q7UZ

    • Alex Simao

      THANK YOU!

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    Not looking for a code, don’t have a code, but for this reason, droid-life is the best…

    • And the readers of DL πŸ˜‰

    • EraserXIV

      I think it’s awesome that people are giving away codes… but why did people get codes if they weren’t planning on buying it anyway? This is exactly the reason why I was disappointed when they announced the “code” system. Being actually charged $350 at the time of purchase filters out people who are not serious about buying the phone. Now we have people who just got the code for “shits and giggles” and are pawning them off on eBay.

      Moto dropped the ball on this one. I’ll give them a free pass for underestimating the server load on Cyber Monday, but this “half-measure” is exactly that.. a “half-measure”. They should have postponed the deal until they upgraded their servers to handle the load of actually purchasing it the normal way.

      • austin willis

        If someone got a code and is giving it away, at least it didn’t go to someone else who would have tried to sell it.

        • EraserXIV

          Very true, but you can’t deny that this is not the most ideal situation. People shouldn’t have to be claiming codes to stop others from selling them online.

      • That’s the problem doing it this way. People get a code just because they can, in the event they decide they want the Moto X, but many of those people got the codes on an impulse and had a week to decide if they really wanted it or not – some chose not to get one.

      • Alex Coldstone Simon

        I got a code last week with the intentions of getting a new phone. that next night, i got a google glass invite and decided to go with that instead. i gave out my code last week and if he was on DL, i’m sure he purchased his phone.

        that being said, i understand where you are coming from and see how stupid of a system it was. should’ve had codes linked to email addresses or a secret question or something.

    • testmang

      active codes


    • testmang


  • mrhac

    This one expires on 12-11.

    Sorry, was really going to use it but backed out.

    • Ren

      Thank you!

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    T-Mobile is having sales also. $240 for a Xperia Z, $312 for a HTC One, so on

    • iMrAn

      where is that sale for HTC One, please?

  • roosterk506



  • Zeeds6

    I’ve got an extra one also. Enjoy. H2DM-F6PE-SAHA-QVPT-KZHL

    • Zeeds6

      Just check the one I posted and it still works so it’s still up for grabs

      • Zeeds6

        No longer working, it’s been used

  • boybert

    Waiting to see if by any chance I’ll be able to put this towards a wood-backed Moto X… if not I’ll be more than happy to share with my fellow Droid-Lifers.

    • clockworks2000

      I am trying to get one for my mom for Christmas…if you do not use yours, could you possibly email it to me so that it doesn’t get sniped? Thanks boybert

      • boybert


      • boybert

        Hey clockworks – looks like no wood anytime soon that I can tell πŸ™

        Still looking for a code?

  • nslogan

    Here you go H2DW-DVMF-QBHG-IXHX-YKT7.

  • Bildo

    H2DW-B5CR-S65K-EPXA-CRF3 – Have fun

  • Neil Fujiwara

    This community is awesome. I picked up a Droid MAXX last week, but glad people are willing to share.

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Here you go:
    H2DW-MF5H-QSYL-QUHF-TO9K expires:Β 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    Reply if you use it so others don’t waste time.

  • Todd Bettenhausen

    In the spirit of this, I have a NIB Verizon Moto X Developer Edition bought on Cyber Monday that I will sell at my cost plus 3% for PayPal fee. I’m in Indiana. Text or call me at 317-563-1551 if interested. Will send photos, can ship today.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Okay, nigerian prince

      • Todd Bettenhausen

        The lucky buyer will confirm that you’re dead wrong.

        • John

          Sent to my co-worker as he had his heart set on a DE.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Way to take a joke seriously, and nobody is going to pay more. They can get it cheaper themselves.

          • Futbolrunner

            He said he was selling it at his cost. Paypal takes a 3% cut so thats perfectly reasonable. Good luck finding another new DE for that cost.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Could have sworn that’s all these codes are for. Or i’m just blind and these codes are useless

          • Ian

            Nope, Developer Edition is excluded with these codes.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            Oh, so did a magical fairy come in and give the OP a discount? No, It worked on it in the beginning, and should work now.

          • Ian

            Go give it a try, at least it’ll get you off DL for a bit.

          • StuckOnVerizonForever

            If it doesn’t work now, and it worked last monday, Moto can suck it.

          • Col_Angus

            The DE phones were sold through a separate page and sold out last Monday. The codes have only been given out and used for Moto Maker phones last Wednesday and today. Motorola did not extend the promo code deal to DE phones.

        • Todd Bettenhausen

          Sale pending–will advise. I may have a code to post, too… If I do I’ll post it here πŸ™‚

    • I bought the same on Cyber Monday and have yet to even have mine shipped. I live in Chicago. Anyone else not had theirs shipped yet?

      • athensjohn

        Mine shipped today and is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. I realize that others received theirs last week, but we can’t all be first I guess. I’m happy to get one.

    • Todd Bettenhausen

      Sold–thanks for the texts, guys. Buyer got to see it on Hangouts first πŸ™‚

      • MrOrange645

        I can confirm that Todd not only had a Developer Edition Moto X for Verizon, but he is who he says he is. He was very accommodating and patient in allowing me to see the phone and speak to him in person.

        For you doubters, Thank you. I’m sure your hesitation allowed me the opportunity to get the Developer Edition for a great price!

        Thank you again, Todd!

  • markswoods

    I scored a code for my son-in-law, then found he’d already gotten one. So here you go…H2DM-DK2R-OZVD-GB6E-KLSW. Expires: 12/16/13 11:59PM EST