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Any.do Releases Cal on Android, Your Calendar is Now a Lot More Beautiful

In mid-October, popular to-do and task app Any.Do, opened up a beta for its calendar app that had been making moves over on iOS. The app is called Cal, of course, and is a service that takes all sorts of design ideas and beautify from Any.Do, only puts it into calendar form to replace whatever other service you are using to manage your daily schedule. As of this morning, Cal is now out of beta and on Google Play.

As someone who has been using Cal since it debuted on iOS and then immediately after the beta opened on Android, I can say that it has become my go-to calendar for mobile. I was addicted to Google Calendar for so long, as it has become quite the polished app over the last year or so, but Cal just makes everything so much more beautiful. Calendars are mostly terrible things for many of us since they involve planning…and work. With Cal, thanks to the often-changing images and great UI, you feel a bit of satisfaction every time you use it.

Here are some of its features:

  • Social and location integrations predict who you want to meet and even suggest nearby places for meeting them
  • Any.do tasks are perfectly woven into your calendar so you can see what needs to get done for each event
  • Cal knows when you’ll need to get on the road and let’s you seamlessly get an Uber, or use a Google Maps to navigate your way there
  • Swipe, tilt, and flow your way through a productive day while still finding time between commitments to refocus on what matters
  • Rich graphics in 9 specially curated photo themes add harmony to working life and personal time

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Android, this version of Cal has a set of special features that you won’t find on that other mobile operating system.

Here they are:

  • Android Widget: Get an overview of your day right from the homescreen so you can stay on top of things without having to open the app.
  • Landscape mode: Tilt your phone for a more open view of your calendar, meetings, and tasks. This was one of the most asked-for features and we’re proud to deliver it to our Android users.
  • Real time sync with Google Calendar, Exchange any many others: Experience perfect integration between your calendar service and your Cal app.
  • Tighter Any.do integration: Android users are able to place task lists from their Any.do app right into Cal, putting to-do’s in their appropriate time and place for ultimate planning convenience. An incredibly effective way to merge your schedule with your to-do’s.

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  • Vadim Codreanu

    can CAL connect with yahoo calendar?

  • Bradley

    Anyone else download this and their Google Calendar isn’t showing up? Says it is, but none of my appointments show and when I add one, under the Google address it doesn’t show up on my Google Calendar…any help?????

  • sski66

    Like anything else it will take a little time to get used to, especially since I’m a Google Cal. freak. I think for now I’ll still schedule stuff in my Google Cal it will show up in this cause I have it synced up, plus it doesn’t have Transparency yet. Also if u use the Any do Widget, the events will show up, when u press it, it will give u a choice to go to any of you Cal u have installed, plus it has Transparency & different sizes.

  • TimXer

    i don’t find the Widget…anyone else having trouble locating the widget?

  • Fabyloso

    Google (Kit Kat) Calendar and Android Pro Widgets work flawlessly for me. We (Droid Life included) should promote more users to use Google’s products, rather than these 3rd party devs.

    • Valerie Rub

      I Phone is better then Google Android Mobile Phone.

  • Linda Mitchell

    I’ve been waiting for this app to come to Android. It looks beautiful and so far, it runs smoothing. There isn’t a full monthly calendar widget so I will continue using the Today Calendar Widget.

  • Tom Z

    I always seem to have trouble with Vemeo… The video stops playing, because of buffering, but then doesn’t start going again.

  • Geran Smith

    If the Any.do app was actually helpful as a power to-do app, I would use this. Unfortunately, my experience with Any.do was lackluster at best. I ended up using Toodledo as the backend and DGT on the phone. Not ideal, but I get all the features I want. TickTick looks prettier than DGT, but my wife and I already paid for a year of Toodledo, so we probably won’t switch unless there is a compelling reason to.

    tl;dr: I miss Astrid, when will someone take their code and make a good app again?!

  • GVLBob

    I gave it a quick try before uninstalling. I’m one more person who wants the widget and the app to show a full month rather than one day / week. So I’ll stick with Business Calendar, which does everything that I want. Perhaps not as pretty, but in my view far more functional.

    • Bob G

      I got the Biz Cal from Amazon and only thing that sucks is that the app in the Amazon store updates slower than the Play Store 🙁 Still waiting for the KitKat fix so that my month widget works.

  • Droid Ronin

    Just downloaded. Love the look of the calendar, but it does need a full calendar widget.


    I like it… Anything this doesn’t have, I’ll just open my Google app. Been using Today calendar widget, but I like this widget more

  • NeilGeorge

    Any one who is using this calendar has been able to sync with touchdown (exchange)?

  • Daniel

    Meh, Business Calendar is still by far the best calendar app on Android as it’s month-view shows the text of appointments and the month-view widget is amazing.

    • Raven

      I used that a while ago, but ended up switching to Touch Calender. I love the widget and found swiping through the calendar a much smoother experience.

    • Cowboydroid

      Meh, DigiCal takes the cake as far as design and functionality. And the month view widget is even better.

    • I keep trying Business Calendar and coming back to Calengoo. Stupid name but it has SO much functionality. Takes a bit to wade through the settings and get it how you want, but once you do, there isn’t a better calendar (imo).

  • mustbepbs

    I tried to like this calendar, but it seems like it offers form over functionality. I mean, I can’t even have a “no theme” option. I HAVE to pick something. I don’t give a **** about pictures in my calendar. I want my calendar to see my events and appointments, not to look at some landscape or animal.


  • EvanTheGamer

    Off-topic question: Has anyone received an invite to the Cover App for Android yet? I think I signed up to be invited a few months ago but haven’t received anything yet. Just wondering if anyone got an e-mail from them.

    • avs

      I am in the same boat. Still waiting…

    • Droid4LifeDawg

      Yes, it’s been a couple of Months now…

  • turdbogls

    A Very pretty app indeed. but its missing stuff i need…..
    like event colors, makes it easy for me to see whats happening at a glance
    more in depth repeating events…google got it right with their last update…this takes a step backwards.
    the agenda widget only gave me like 5 events. i would like to see more.

    for now, google calendar and “today” widget get the job done. I can’t really see myself using this over the services that i already am used to and fulfill my every “tasking” need.

    nicely done app though.

  • triumphtriple

    It’s better looking, but it is missing a lot of functionality.
    Edit one event in series, week view, etc.
    Plus annoying pop up notifications.

  • Walter Partlo

    I am still using Android Pro Widgets. I prefer a full month calendar widget, does cal let you do that?

    • turdbogls


    • George Davis

      Love Android Pro Widgets! I finally paid for it recently to get custom theme support, and it was definitely worth it.

      • Walter Partlo

        I agree.

  • Hothfox

    Does it integrate with Google Now? The stock calendar app shows a Google Now card and notification for my calendar events.

    • triumphtriple

      It’s linked to your google calendar, so it should still integrate.

  • Adrynalyne

    I’ve been using it for a while. I like it, but it doesn’t exactly adhere to Android design standards.

  • Colton

    so…. pretty……

  • KleenDroid


    • Jeff Helget

      dammit, KleenDroid….

    • ragnarok180


      • Valerie Rub

        it is too much different then local set.