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Contest: Win an AT&T LG G2 from Droid Life!

The LG G2, easily one of the best phones of 2013 (our review), is in our possession and ready to be handed over to one of you. That’s right, it’s LG G2 contest time! The variant we have up for grabs today works on AT&T’s network, and is for the most part identical to the international variant, or in other words, the way LG envisioned the device. That means you don’t get the odd adjustment to the back buttons that Verizon tossed on to their variant, nor do you get wireless charging. But the rest of it is pure awesome.

We’re talking the 5.2-inch FHD LCD, that incredible soft touch when swiping around it, features like KnockOn, an amazing multi-point autofocus camera, and battery life for days. If it weren’t for the existence of phones like the Nexus 5 and Moto X, this might be topping our list of phones for the year. It really is that good.

So who wants it?ย 


Prize: ย 1 (one) LG G2 that works on AT&T.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We will choose our 1 (one) winner randomly tomorrow at 11AM Pacific.

  • roberthenderson

    Galaxy note 3 +Pureview camera +HTC Maxx speakers = perfect phone

  • T_Dizzle

    What!? I thought I was a lock ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bryan Saroza

    Congrats Mario

  • Andy Stetson


  • Pomacat

    The rear power switch

  • Luke Lee

    Double-tap to open feature is pretty good I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Luke Lee


  • roswellraygun

    Knock on seems pretty cool.

  • Alyssa Ghubril


  • papajohnny


  • Greg Malinao

    The back button seems like a quick and fast way to use some phone features.

  • thesuperconductor

    I like the double tap to wake up feature, and the huge battery!

  • Jim Davis

    Gorgeous screen and decent camera. Oh, and battery life.

  • Cedric Wilmore

    Its my time to win a g2!

  • Angel Roldan

    The beautiful 5.2 edge to edge screen is probaly my favorite thing about the phone!:)

  • Josh Eck

    Would love to win this for my wife who just broke her HTC One X.

  • The_Omnix

    The screen, plain and simple. And having an awesome camera is a big bonus!

  • Nextricity

    It’s the perfect companion to the new LG G Pad I purchased on Black Friday!

  • Victor Tokunboh

    Love to add this to the collection

  • Tom

    I really need to put my Samsung Droid Charge out to pasture.

  • John

    Knock Knock..

  • I love the rear LED light! With some tweaking in light flow it is beautiful!

  • Favorite feature is the buttons under the camera.

  • Samuel Victor

    battery life is the best

  • Israel Ramirez

    The double tap feature seems pretty neat. Wouldn’t mind one, especially this powerhouse.

  • Darryl Zuk

    OIS is my favortie feature.

  • William Hirsch

    The camera is pretty mean, and batt life is essential for me.

  • Jordon Harrell

    Dat processor.

  • Tamara

    I love the ability to doodle on the screen.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I love the controls on the back and the beautiful screen. It’s such a great phone! I hope I win it!

  • Will Wells

    Would love one!

  • Jason Hansen

    It would be fun to try some of those features ๐Ÿ™‚

  • wolfedude88

    How can it not be the knock on feature, my favorite by far.

  • aceavenge

    Battery and the display

  • Minh Nguyen

    Dat screen.

  • zaraki921

    that marvelous screen!

  • melan26

    I like the back button.

  • Drew Singer

    Knock on and the rear buttons sound interesting.

  • Jase

    Dat screen.

  • Eric Hauser

    That screen…it’s unbelievable! Saw it in a Verizon store and didn’t want to walk away without it but unfortunately I’m in no position to upgrade yet

  • Bryan Saroza

    Camera, is my favorite feature

  • Nayners

    Camera, and battery life.

  • John Burmeister

    battery for sure

  • Nick M

    The rear volume rocker.

  • I love the G2, simply because of the Knock-On or Knock Knock feature. What a great way to turn on a device.

  • Jucef Martinez

    Great contest guys! It’s awesome that you are giving away a LG G2. I would love to finally win one!

  • Johnny

    Need more on screen time.

  • shazam81

    The back buttons look useful.

  • ZealotOnAStick

    My favorite feature of the G2 is its lovely camera.

  • D

    I love lamp.

  • Joe

    Just got my GF one for Xmas, would love to have one for me too!

  • Smashcat

    mememe please

  • ThatHelpfulGuy

    The display is amazing

  • James Thomas

    Come on! No Whammy’s! No Whammy’s!!! STOP!!!

  • danix180

    I like it!

  • jothen2002

    Been on this site for 4 years or ..was it 5 ? years ? I can feel it ..this is my time !

  • Timothy Sternig



  • American Dreamer

    I love the big display!!

  • Best feature of the G2 is the wireless charging and quick USB charging.

  • Brian Beddow

    Nice Screen

  • luisrb7

    that bezel!

  • TheScientists

    My favorite feature is the lickable display. Tasty.

  • James Elliott

    The battery life is the most important feature for me.

  • Jean-Philippe

    I love what they’ve done with the screen!! And curious about the rear button!

  • Radman30

    Lookin for an upgrade.

  • Ray Gray


  • Alec

    The camera

  • oliver

    good- –

  • Gimme Gimme

  • Phillip Huynh

    I love the edge to edge screen, and the battery life looks really promising.

  • Derrick Springer

    Best feature: no Samsung bloatware.

  • Chris1481

    Gotta be that screen with a plus battery. Want this phone!

  • Brit Mckay

    Favorite feature would have to be the 423dpi screen. That is serious AMAZING.

  • Jimmy Leffert

    I like free stuff

  • rohail6

    The KNOCK ON feature ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Luke US

    My favorite feature is the long battery life!

  • radiok

    Favorite feature has to be the screen size and resolution.

  • Jonathan Vanasco

    Would love to have an LG G2!

  • Michael Marcano

    The knock on feature since I have to check my phone so frequently!

  • Justian Lindsay

    Looks good!

  • MrsBS27

    I would love to win this. I need a little sunshine in my life after all the darkness I’ve had these past few months. But if I don’t, congrats to whoever does ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christopher Olka

    Might as well give it a shot, also. Free would be an excellent feature

  • Victor Manuel Cruz Reyes

    I love the snapdragon 800 power! haha Also it has a good design with a huge screen!

  • bigslam123

    yes please.

  • IcerC

    Why not, om free from sprint so bring it on!

  • beluga

    Long battery life.

  • mjsalinger

    Looks like a great phone.

  • Mlynch01

    I need to win!

  • Bald_Sasquach

    I want the notification clutter!

  • wheineman

    I hope I win! Been needing a reason to look at AT&T and the G2 is great!

    Knock On is my favorite feature!

  • WCM3

    Hooray for AT&T LG G2!! Love the battery life and camera..

  • Asim Aryal

    Because who doesn’t love a high-end android with absolute beauty of a display?

  • hugdf

    this would make a great birthday present! (bday next week)

  • DoctorJB

    I love the screen and tap to unlock.

  • cizzlen

    Been trying forever to get this phone for my mom!

  • Mike Treubig

    Back button ingenious.

  • iCoop

    One here.

  • Cindy Lou

    NEVER EVER have to worry about the battery. It’s a beast!

  • dragonflyr

    battery. bezel. screen. … please.

  • Jeff

    Battery life

  • Jonathan Svor

    buttons on the back

  • Ethan Bailey

    i love the speed! it seems so fast

  • jafunk

    i’d be interested to try out having the buttons on the back. i’m not sure that it would be my favorite aspect of the phone but its the one that piqued my interest the most.

  • sean c

    the selfie pic dongle on the back ( thast what it is right )

  • adrenalinerush12

    I freakin love the size of the screen on this thing!

  • bob

    I could sure use it…

  • Rebecca Corbin


  • slyder0244

    The big screen

  • Ivo Shandor

    Battery life for sure. I also like the “knock on/off” feature because I really hate the button placement.

  • epps720

    Toss up between the battery and that camera

  • Travis Brown

    Tap the screen!

  • brad0383

    Nice battery life!

  • The multipurpose index finger button

  • Eddie J Camacho

    OMG WHERE TO START!?!?! SUPER FAST processor, AWESOME screen, LIGHTING FAST CAMERA that can replace all my extra camera equipment AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!! ME WANT!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I want to feel what this phone is all about considering all the reviews.

  • Ballisticn8

    I like the screen and the lack of bezel, and from a pure gimmick standpoint the knock knock function is pretty damn cool.

  • Kevin Ralston

    Can’t decide on a favorite feature: awesome screen, knock-on, or the battery

  • mrhac

    Great looking phone!

  • Hashim305

    That screen

  • Carlos โŒ˜ Franco

    time for an upgrade!!

  • BrionBrown

    I’m willing to get used to the back buttons.

  • James Hill

    It’s a great phone.

  • underorionsbelt

    Such speed.

  • eibook

    This phone is really growing in me…

  • skillz360

    +1 for Droid-Life hooking up it’s followers with such a BEAST phone!

    • br_hermon

      And as my Grandpa would say, “And if you’re anything else, you’re that too!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Caloy

    Battery life.

  • Ben Garner

    I want to get off Verizon, that’s why I want this G2

  • K1cks

    I loved the vzw version in spite of its changes. I was very disappointed when I had to return it because the GPS stopped working and none of the ones at my local vzw worked either. I loved the screen size and the knock on functionality.

  • Fernando Gomez-Baquero


  • Burke Foley

    Awesome camera!

  • Orion Pax


  • Christopher Webb

    The camera quality as well as the beautiful screen top the long list of features that I admire on the G2.

  • Daniel Rothman

    I could definitely get used to a camera that doesn’t suck!

  • cokm4n

    I like the rear-mounted controls. Neat feature, seems like it would be worth getting used to!

  • Lewis Erbe

    The camera is hands down the best feature!

  • BIG CAT #7

    Would love to get my hands on this beautiful phone!!!!

  • jbeise


  • Pete Kiczula

    Coworker has one, I’m jealous of the screen. It pops like AMOLED.

  • Rob Rotundo

    I need this phone asap!

  • John47

    That beautiful screen!

  • JB

    The button on the back

  • Lee Phillips

    Favorite feature of the G2 would have to be the camera, can’t miss a shot with my 2 yr old running around.

  • Vernon

    Free, the snap 800, a huge battery doesn’t hurt either

  • Omer Ben Shushan

    the awesome screen!

  • RonD

    Sure would like to win the LG G2.

  • ace504

    I love the buttons on the back!!!!

  • michael arazan

    LG G2 the best LG phone to date.

  • pd240

    1080p screen and big battery.

  • dkunk

    Dat screen

  • Shuang L De Jesus

    The camera, the screen, and the buttons are interesting

  • Armorthane

    Wife and I have G2’s. Daughter wants one for Christmas now.
    This thing rocks!!!

  • ahhh yes

    I moved and now need a new carrier tmo is on edge at my house boo

  • Jason Tsujimura

    Knock-on feature looks great!

  • ian

    3000 mah battery, 1080 screen and so much more…what’s not to love.


    Screen for sho

  • KRS_Won

    I want that camera!

  • eloizy

    Battery Life and knockOn features

  • Javier

    The back buttons… I love that concept

  • Robert Weber

    I love the 13MP camera. And I really need a new phone so bad!

  • i hope i win

  • Jervis Dabreo

    I love the knock on feature on this phone

  • necrocis

    I would love to have this.

  • Malcolm Love

    Every want ever.

  • Ashley James

    LG is the least preferred smart phone in the market see for yourself http://bit.ly/LGisLoser

    • Emma Lewis

      How can you say that? I still love LG for its a great phone ๐Ÿ™

      • Ashley James

        i doesn’t compare to top line smartphones such as Samsung and Sony Xperia

  • Jason Brown

    13MP Camera with OIS

  • Scott Manders

    It is a great phone, and for whatever reason I love the knock on feature!

  • Scottyb112

    Love this phone, I really want one! Camera and screen are key for me!

  • Emma Lewis

    I simply love
    AT&T LG G2
    But http://bit.ly/IdontLoveSony because it always gives me hard time ๐Ÿ™

  • Philip Jacobsen

    Knock on!!!

  • Daniel Jones

    IR blaster

  • SethLawn

    Large battery.

  • ChristianFarr

    KnockOn for sure

  • calculatorwatch

    The battery has to be the most enticing feature, and the on-screen keys. Wish it came in a Google Play Edition with a normal nav button layout!

  • Andrew Conklin

    It would be amazing to win this. I have wanted one since the day it was announced.

  • Brandon Yip

    Coming at S4s NECK

  • Vatsal Rauniyar

    Battery Life, Top-of-the-line specs, Thin Bezel, and that back button:)

  • senor_heisenberg

    My favorite feature is the fact that it uses software buttons like Nexus devices. So much better than hardware capacitive buttons.

  • psulli21

    I like the screen size.

  • Hoffman

    My favorite feature would probably be KnockOn. I have never been a fan of physical buttons (they wear out) and have set up the last few smart phones I have owned with soft buttons to turn off phone. My current phone, the Note II, I use the proximity sensor to also wake the phone, but it isn’t always reliable. Having KnockOn or something like it would be my personal must for all smart phones.

  • Carlos Ayala

    I like the double tap idea

  • James Surrey

    Dat screen

  • John Carlo Cacho Gucilatar

    Knock knock ๐Ÿ™‚

  • AntiJeff

    Happy holidays everyone

  • cleffy

    Nice I want one. Heard good things about how fast the phone is.

  • Steve Lai


  • anthony

    Battery life that’s good as the Galaxy Note 3 in a 5.2 inch form factor.

  • David Hayden

    The snap response time the device has. I played with it and the Note 3 and the G2 just had this fluid feeling in comparison.

  • Ajith

    LG G2, Display makes it awesome with life long battery juice..
    In one word, i will say a Pocket Companion every one will like to have..

  • Really wanna try out that ‘knock’ feature!

  • Troy Fillerup

    The screen

  • Aaron Lai

    The screen size, supported by the extensive battery is that winning combo!

  • napes22

    Battery is a winner for me.

  • From what my friend posts on IG, the camera looks amazing!

  • Bill

    Great deal

  • Alexandru Socol

    Clearly the back buttons !

  • Ben Murphy

    Camera and battery life.

  • Tony Stark

    I like my phones like i like my women, Sexy and a little bigger than normal.

  • Gokul Varma

    The knocking feature

  • EngineerGunter

    Rocker buttons on the back!

  • jra716

    knock knock..

  • Johnna Rhodus

    My favorite features are the camera itself and the elimination of side buttons!!!

  • Chris Kaa

    the processor

  • cubskru

    ui is horrible but other than that it’s one hell of a phone

  • JB

    The thing to play with with my finger on the back.

  • Richard

    Excellent battery life is always at the top of my list!

  • BleedBlueNYG86

    Battery life Battery life Battery life

  • Guest

    that is a beauty

  • Vital Grados

    that thing is a beauty

  • Hobie Helbich

    Would have to run Cyanogenmod on it though…

  • CompCrash

    I been looking for a new phone, this is one of my choices.

  • InfrnalSky

    Definitely the Knock-On feature.

  • jamesp352

    1.) Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU (my GNex is gettin’ laggy),

    2.) 2 GB RAM (I’ve got half that on my GNex),

    3.) 13 MP Optical Image Stabilization camera (who wants to by a used GNex?)

  • Ron_Swanson

    The Snap 800

  • Whin77

    I want this phone badly!

  • JD


  • WhoaManWtF

    Sweet phone!

  • MentatYP

    Knock Knock Rocks Rocks

  • David M Gordon

    Yes please, I want one!!!

  • Samuel Rhim

    button-less front screen with button-less sides… so clean

  • Adriano Corte Real

    I want one

  • Cindy Lou

    Two brothers, two sisters in law and one sister now sporting the g2. FAMILY MATTERS!!!!!

  • jmmcreynolds

    Battery life!

  • Jim

    I love that gorgeous display!

  • Cobravnm13

    My favorite feature would be tap to wake.

  • Roy Aguilera

    I’ll take it.

  • Daniel Gulyas

    The screen.

  • HighBar

    The smoothness

  • Matthew Ross

    It was this or the N5 for the money I picked the N5 but nock nock who wishes they had this phone too? me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jhardy93

    I finally want a phone with a good camera

  • Kurt Landis

    Back button, battery life, & LG customizations to the rom are my favorites of the G2

  • Ben

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  • Carl Bacchus

    Hope it’s me

  • Stephen Hobbs

    Here’s hoping. Like that camera.

  • Chase

    the sexy screen

  • jimt

    I like the long battery life

  • dannyWHITE

    KnockOn….the most simplest but most useful feature on the device.

  • Efrain Guzman

    The screen size!

  • sergio garduno

    I’ma go with the OIS and beautiful screen

  • Ashish Raj

    My fav feature is the “no-bezel” screen!!

  • Chippah

    Nexus 5 is the “chump’s G2”
    you get double the hardware and battery, plus your choice of optimus UI
    (which is great) OR multiple AOSP kitkat builds with framework specific apps like
    the tv remote and stock camera.

    You get better hardware AND get more of choice of OS than the Nexus 5 with the G2
    and can be had retail for the same price.

  • Ken

    woot contest. knock on screen.

  • Johnny S.

    My favorite feature is the knock on and knock off feature.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I really like the screen size and lack of bezel.

  • luis abreu

    Edge to edge screen………

  • Oleksandr Nazarov


  • ajm531

    The battery is the best part. Im tired of my phone dying.

  • Bishop

    My favorite feature is the OIS

  • My favorite feature of the G2 is the bezel and aesthetics,

  • Charlie Lease

    Battery is nice.

  • Rohan J Singh

    this phone really needs more attention

  • Jamal Martells

    big screen!

  • Chris

    love the camera on the G2

  • Frank Drewniak


  • JoeTi

    Best ois camera currently on a mass produced phone.

  • HarvesterX

    The development community on xda coupled with top of the line hardware equals a winner in anyone’s book. Having the Optimus UI is actually quite nice as well, as I’ve gone down from 4.3 back to a 4.2.2 Optimus UI ROM instead. That “cheap” plastic case looks beautiful and is durable (dropped mine several times without even a scratch). The method the display uses to conserve battery consumption..hell you’ve all heard any I love this thing lol.

    • Chippah

      Right on! G2 dev is amazing
      Dumped note 3 white g2 on vzw incoming.

  • Ricardo Latham

    My Favorite feature is the knock knock

  • Big Kirk

    Battery life is the key feature for me

  • Chimp98

    The knocking feature


    Need that new AT&T

  • Matt Ellefson

    I really love the G2

  • overclock

    I love the knock on / knock off feature. Works great 1 inch above the LG logo.

  • Thomas Paulsen

    The Samsung UI is not too bad if you replace it with another launcher. I will see about the LG UI when I win ๐Ÿ™‚

  • objektiv_one

    Those buttons.

  • Riz Virani

    Dat display. I want it for the lady friend ๐Ÿ™‚ She needs a new one from her S2 Skyrocket.. haha

  • Edward

    The 13 megapixel ois camera.

  • bassmaster118

    Battery life

  • stephen shavers

    Battery life has got to be it for me.

  • Jay_Preezy

    Love the back devices buttons!

  • ScottyByrd

    back side buttons

  • bartclantrash

    Battery life! Thanks, D-L!

  • Garrett

    Tap on!

  • jbreezy

    back buttons, ois camera

  • DL_Chinoskii

    The screen

  • Jay McPartland

    The buttons on the back!

  • ki11ak3nn

    Knock On. That comes in handy in the kitchen when you have dirty hands.

  • Dogan

    Love the back button on the device

  • Mike

    The 1080p screen is my fav. And the big battery – that’s my fav, too.

  • Dakota Wooster

    No bezel, battery size, no physical home button, and it’s not on Verizon so It’ll get updated.

  • Matthew Billings

    Rear buttons are sexy

  • Billy Henshaw

    I absolutely love the design of the phone. It perfectly complements the buttons on the back as well as the overall vividness of the display. I absolutely love how literally everything about the G2 software can be customized to you, and that’s why i want this phone.

  • Luke Pellegrini

    The curves.

  • Benjamin Pollard

    Gotta gotta gotta get a g2!

  • I think knock on looks kinda cool, and that bezel profile

  • Vinit Nair

    I am very excited for lg g2. its an excellent phone right now available in market. with great display and proccessing speed i love it.

  • My favourite feature of the LG G2 is the 5.2-inch FHD LCD.

  • Luke Strobel

    The processor

  • BikerBob1789

    the knock on feature is cool.

  • Jakemerrell

    I would love that awesome button on the back.

  • The Dude

    Wife has LG G2. Great Phone!

  • silverWRX03


  • Jesse Little

    gotta say i like the knock on feature

  • BloodiedWraith

    I still think my favorite feature of the phone is its incredibly outdated software…. okay I kid. I absolutely love the Knock On feature.

  • mr_taxi

    Let’s test my luck~

    Battery life is a feature, right?

  • I like the phone’s Knock Knock feature–I’m tired of fumbling for a power button.

  • Tyler ๏ฃฟ

    I want to win because my iPhone is garbage

  • aditya

    The device itself!

  • AZNguyen


  • that screen is awesome!

  • Todd B

    The display and little to no bezel.

  • schlanz

    Great device..would love to win one

  • indiecognition

    tap tap

  • George Colyer

    Going back and forth deciding between the G2 and the Note 3. If I win this it would make my decision a lot easier.

  • Steve Douglas

    I need this!

  • Epifanio Castillo IV

    the long lasting battery=best feature

  • Joseph Pojunis

    KnockON, what else?

  • Erik

    I live it

  • RU E Z

    I want to try that power button on the back.

  • Alexander H

    with a name like the G2, it’s also nostaligic

  • 6stringslinger

    Man, I love this phone in every way! The screen is sooo bright! I just gotta have me an LG G2!

  • Christopher Heidt

    Gotta love that battery life! The camera would have to come in at a close 2nd, though…

  • I love the back power button, and the no-bezel-bezel

  • a) youth.in.asia

    What the nexus 5 should have been (without the back placement of buttons… they’re not for everyone)

  • BigRedguy

    Favorite feature: IPS display!

  • Luke Mattson

    I want this phone because the buttons are on the back and OIS.

  • india23

    Dat battery…mmmm

  • Akilig

    Knock knock feature

  • Louis Parrilla

    i want this phone

  • Jimmy Baez

    Knock Knock. Definitely the feature I want to try out the most. Seems so convenient.

  • kentrburton

    I like the buttons on the back … i think … not sure but if it was free it would be fun to see if i like it or not.

  • Allen Byrd

    Dat battery.

  • Joseph Jeremiah Paul


  • XvierX

    Gotta love that knock on feature!

  • Brent Newcomb

    I like the screen on the LG G2

  • Chris P

    The new phone smell

  • robert Sanchez

    Love the beautiful screen with the high ppi and love that amazing camera.

  • David Parrella

    Dat double tap MMMMMM

  • NolBi-Wan

    Yes please

  • HR

    Knock on.

  • chrismulliner

    The double tap on the screen is a pretty sweet feature. //CM

  • muddy46

    Hmm, its a tie between the processor, the screen ppi (423), and the battery size. Overall a great package!

  • llorenzin

    The mad battery life!

  • jbrew78

    Favorite feature is probably the button on the back

  • Jameson Perry

    Wanna win

  • chuckfu

    Would be pretty nice… Love the big screen.

  • f0r71fy

    Just one less Christmas gift I have to spend money I don’t have on.

  • Beau Brandt


  • jose perez

    My fav feature is that fhd screen. What a beauty!

  • radamantis210

    bad luck

  • watcheronthewall

    Nice contest in time for Christmas! @zookeeper63

  • Julian RL

    The battery life, Lg G2 Vs Note 3…Fight! LoL

  • Ronald Bernard

    Love that screen. Its soooooo perrrrrrty!

  • bunnybash

    Battery life!!!

  • Victor Epรฉe

    The ‘Knock on’ feature is my favorite

  • Ben Smith


  • merle

    tap tap tap

  • wxruss8

    This would be an awesome Christmas present from Droid Life! I love the design, but I want the camera that’s inside this bad boy.

  • Knock knock

  • scott

    Love the screen. Thanks for the contest!

  • TrueGentleman

    That battery life is amazing!

  • Sporttster

    The excellent screen…size and quality

  • Bryan Jones

    Would enjoy this baby!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Knock On and the back buttons <3

  • Ian Tong Yen Chiun

    The distinctive Rear Key ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stefan


  • Dorian Brooks


  • Stefan

    Best phone on the market on my opinion.

  • Mike Ranucci

    Back buttons for sure!

  • Nicholas Smith

    Battery, screen, camera!

  • SteveG12543

    Dat battery!

  • Even_Steven805

    I want

  • Mogimaster

    My favorite thing about the phone would be its battery life, second would be the camera, and from there, the list goes on and on of the amazing features this phone has.

  • Jake Stumbaugh

    Need a new phone bad ,great device

  • Nithila Rajan

    I love the fact that is has almost no bezel and the buttery UI. Love it.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    I could sure use that phone being on Straight Talk! Want it for the camera alone!

  • JeremyH


  • Mike

    The surprisingly sexy design !!!!

  • Kevin

    Knock on.

  • kminer1

    The screen! Thank you

  • Joshua

    Im sure I would enjoy the big screen

  • myculito

    I would gladly take this phone off your hands DL!

  • jonathan3579

    Good luck to all.

  • ricky_nguyen

    my favorite feature of the LG G2 is the buttons on the back of the phone

  • izsosick

    G2 FTW!

  • d3cbl

    My favourite feature has got to be the insane battery life.

  • Michael Stevens

    Just tone favorite feature… Bezel, button placement, OIS!

  • Noah Smith

    Buttons on the back!

  • Amazing screen

  • Kevin

    Pro phone

  • Knock on!

  • jd623

    It’s bezel is so small, I love it!

  • BillJude56

    The beautiful, perfectly-sized screen is my favorite feature.

  • Jordan

    The battery life.

  • Jeremy Gill

    I love the battery life!!!

  • ThomasMoneyhon


  • Conner Sellers

    Such a powerhouse… I need it

  • roosterk506

    Tie between the processor and that 5.2″ of beautiful goodness

  • Jeremy Gill

    I need this for AIO! Thank you!

  • BobButtons

    Stop using Rafflecopter! It’s garbage!

  • reneMAC

    oh man, please, please, PLEASE!

  • Waldo Flores

    Dat screen hhnnngggg

  • jspeer

    Knock on is my favorite feature

  • Jem

    The insanely good battery life.

  • Jim

    I love big phones

  • Gabe


  • astra

    Camera is good

  • Ryan

    I want.

  • Sheldon Guy

    My favorite feature would be the knock feature. I have a Moto X with active display and sometimes I knock my screen to try and wake it up because I just missed the active display.

  • fareez akmal

    My favourite features on LG G2 would be beautiful screen,big battery capacity,great camera and the back control buttons!

  • zmnypit

    Woul glady swap my s4 for this

  • Cjl1092

    The battery life and camera are killer!

  • pookietookie

    Big ass battery!

  • Patrick Gresh

    That screen

  • Dave Amburn

    The camera and screen

  • Fabian Cosme

    knock on

  • JoeN

    Knock knock!

  • Danny

    Thank you for doing the giveaway!

  • Nic Hess

    I really think knock on is pretty cool.

  • My favorite feature(s) of the LG G2 are the full display, size of device, battery life, innovation of back controls and yes – The Bezel! Thank for the chance Droid Life and Good luck to all!

  • Jeremy Adams

    Yes please….

  • doctortits

    On screen buttons!

  • Adam

    Love. This phone

  • dsilva1217


  • Andrew

    G2 is an awesome phone and winning one here would be great!

  • Timothy Carman

    i know !

  • Andrew

    That it has a reasonably large display, while not being huge overall.

  • abhele

    best camera on a phone til this day!

  • Cameron Plas

    Such an upgrade from my galaxy s2 lol

  • drewfus0929

    Cmon baby!

  • Rafa

    Weird, but, the back buttons, man.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    I’d have to say the battery life

  • The big, bright, beautiful screen and fantastic battery life

  • Alex Rudnik

    Fan of LG, always awesome screens and camera. interface also one of the top. would love to experience it. Life’s Good!

  • Jrbourque

    Haven’t seen screen in person, but probably amazing like nexus 5. Really want to play with the camera

  • MaZeR4455

    Large display and still pocket-able. Need one of these in my life.

  • Behi

    I’m in

  • tckober


  • Billyt

    The screen by far

  • Nathan Bunn

    Camera and battery FTW

  • Facundo Gallardo

    Its like a nexus 5 but with more battery, I want it!

  • Milind Shah

    dat CAMERA

  • Levi Heintzelman

    The screen! It is Amazing!!!!!

  • Guest

    I want it!

  • Matt

    Awesome battery life

  • kfath1978

    Yes please!

  • nslogan


  • kenneth hargrow ii

    I love those rear buttons. I wonder if other manufacturers will adopt this?

  • Admir

    Let it be me!!!!!

  • Alex Kumar

    The buttons on the back

  • ETPhoneHomeT

    That display is freaking awesome!

  • james

    The large screen

  • Dennis Payne

    Its on att

  • djsuddenstop

    Knock on and the buttons on the back. Something different than what I’m used to.

  • DennisHeffernan

    Nice big hi-res screen!

  • epyon

    Favorite features are probably the screen, OIS camera, and minimal OS skin.

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    Knock on

  • Sambit Rayginale Willkonson

    I like the knock knock feature, because i love knock knock jokes

  • mike

    slide aside

  • Matthew Morgan

    I honestly like that back buttons. I have small hands ๐Ÿ™

  • Roguevette

    Yes please

  • ะœะฐะฝั‡ะตะฒัะบะธ ะก.

    Nice phone!

  • giovanny

    Battery life

  • Collin Galloway

    Love that display

  • Leonardo Faure N. Paschoa

    I love the OIS camera!!! It is awesome

  • ricardo_r21

    Help me leave vzw with such a sexy device! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dustin Casper

    Favorite feature? Probably the fact that its FULL HD.

  • ewilliams1009

    Knock on feature

  • Ruben

    Love the camera features. With 4 kids, very important!

  • Zach

    The fact that this is the only “new” phone on att and verizin that the Loki hack still works on

  • maestro PL

    my turn to win

  • My coworker just got the G2 and the screen is absolutely gorgeous. So i’d have to say that.

  • Bryan Ott

    This would make an awesome Christmas present!!!! Thank you Droid-Life even if you don’t pick me for the awesome website you have and the information you have for us! Happy Holidays!

  • artsr2002

    Giant screen in a still somewhat not totally giant frame? Whats not to like? It will be even better when they fit 5.5 or 5.7 screens with minimal bezel all around. It can be done I’m sure. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Pick me!!!! Please!!! Thanks!!!

  • Mr. Shah


  • jared_howard

    Super thin bezel, mmm

  • Erstam

    Battery and knock on!

  • Jay

    The screen size is my favorite feature!

  • Alberto Antonio Rocha

    I WANT THIS!!!!

  • Shane Passmore

    Nice screen, no bezel, what’s not to like?

  • Guillermo Velasquez

    Really, really, really want this phone. And my contract with Verizon is just about up.

  • mosoblkcougar

    The G2 was my second choice to my Note 3.

  • Dreas

    Wireless charging and battery life

  • Kinda dig the back volume buttons

  • Anthony

    The buttons… or not seeing them. Knock, knock!

  • David

    I like long battery life!

  • Rorix

    Found the buttons quite interesting. Fav features.

  • Dan Anderson

    Battery life : yes please.

  • mistergrub

    Knock knock!

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    i love the knock on feature. i would love it on every phone but especially a phone with buttons on the rear, another awesome feature.

  • ChuckDz3

    Wireless Charging. I really wish more phones came with built in wireless charging…

  • That screen with that battery life is impressive!

  • xix19

    The buttons on the back

  • Alex Sherer

    Mmmm that sweet sweet Snapdragon 800 goodness. Do want!

  • john lynch

    I find the back button placement very interesting.

  • @1MPitts

    I gotta go with knock2wake

  • Galindo909

    Full hd display

  • TimXer

    I have been dying to try out this beast and also looking for a reason to try at&t’s service! WOW!

  • Justin

    My favorite feature would have to be that sweet 5.2-inch FHD LCD Display with the battery to back it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jake W

    The killer specs paired with amazing battery life

  • Galindo909

    Really want this phone

  • steven sullivan

    My hand is salivating for the LG G2!!!

  • TC Infantino

    What feature do I like about this phone? It has great battery life, sweet screen, and is free.

  • boyer

    5.2″ screen

  • Travis P

    The Battery Life and the fact that my phone is basically dead

  • Michael Lozano


  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Optical Image Stabilization on the camera would be mine. That camera is lightyears ahead of my GNex and even the replacement S3 I just received

  • Patrick Jewell

    be my early valentine!

  • Cory Pitkavish

    That amazing screen!!

  • Ac

    Has to be Battery life for me.

  • Peter Blanco


  • Buckoman

    That delicious OIS camera. I know the Galaxy S4 is amazing, but… wow.

  • Dustin Carney

    Id love a g2, that battery life is as good as jesus!

  • nvitone23

    Battery life!!!!

  • caleb weetman

    Want so bad!

  • xzombiex66


  • Phssthpok

    The OIS
    camera is the best this side of the lumia 1020,simply awesome.

  • Gurbhupinder “Gary” Sahota

    KNOCK ON!!! <3

  • TC Infantino

    This would be a great gift for my parents.

  • jason blomgren


  • furryfrog


  • Handly Marks

    The awesome button layout of course

  • John

    Battery life.

  • Kevin Choi

    The overall design is just stunning. And I heard the Battery Life is very good on the G2.

  • Emden Syres

    dat screen

  • Fahad Beg

    knock to turn on

  • maratu

    Wouldn’t mind an extra Ingress capable device!

  • JimBurke57

    I need to convert an iOS fanwoman

  • Robert Gipe

    I like how you can tap the screen to unlock the phone. No more pushing the power or home button

  • sski66

    Yeah, I like when Companies try different things, this phone with the N5 Launcher…NICE!

  • Hely Gonzalez

    I must Haz

  • cpeter753

    The batter life. After coming from the Galaxy nexus I could use a phone that doesn’t die every 4 hours

  • Rodeojones000

    We can only pick just one feature we like? The battery. The Screen. It’s amazingly fast. Knock on/off. Developer support second only to Nexus devices. Seriously, I love my G2.

  • Vansh Gandhi

    battery life

  • scruffykid

    That its on AT&T

  • John Christensen

    I wanna give the LG-G2 to my father, he dropped his GS3 a few weeks ago and is living with the cracks like they aren’t there. I’d love to win, Thanks.

  • Diego

    Definitely the double tap to wake up

  • ryan

    I would love to have that battery life

  • Sameer

    That screen

  • sinnerofa10shun

    What’s not to like about the G2? LG did a great job with this one.

  • JusticeDROID

    That Delicious Screen!

  • Voyageur

    Love this phone–the battery and camera rocks!

  • Chris Hannan

    The knock knock thing is probably my favorite.

  • lilcledix

    The button on the back

  • I’m going to go with the camera. I really think the OIS is going to pay big dividends and it seems like software is advancing on the camera front as well.

  • Alberto Arevalo

    The missing bezel that makes room for a beautiful screen.

  • TopazAaron

    Edge to edge screen battery life

  • coltinunruh

    Double tap

  • Shane Thomas

    Can I haz a G2?

  • michaeluchikado


  • valapsp

    2 taps 2 wake up

  • Joe Green

    Super fast

  • s0uth

    I’m going to win.

  • Jon

    Love the FAST Snapdragonโ„ข 800 Quad-Core Processor

  • Jon Brashear

    The Bezel and the Camera!!

  • Clift

    Man I just got one of these. What would (or wouldn’t) I do with another one!

  • Dave Whyte

    My favorite feature has to be the amazing screen.

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    At-At, At At

    • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

      But what about dat back button though…?

  • wade_county


  • dgab

    Will be the 1st smartphone on my att line. Why not a nice phone

  • SplashMTN

    Of course I bought mine a week ago. No regrets though! Such a big upgrade from my Gnex.

  • Dennis Moore

    Knock on

  • ugadroid

    I’ll take a shot!

  • Chad

    The Screen!!!!

  • Justin W

    Knock on and the bezel…

  • Richard Colon

    The Bezel and the knock on feature are pretty nice indeed

  • sweaty chocolate

    I’d like to thank the academy…

  • Joe

    that phone is tight. love the screen.

  • Nikos Koufos


  • Riccardo Pozzati

    definetly the huge battery!!

  • drew

    my favorite feature of the lg g2 is calling

  • Brad Ross

    The Battery Life is AWESOME!!!

  • Rosilianny Martinez Moran


  • Kevin

    Knock on feature looks awesome

  • ken147

    This would be a sweet Christmas gift.

  • Ken VanPelt

    Great screen

  • Craig

    My favorite feature is that DL is giving it for free.

  • mrsastrocat

    Love the autofocus!

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Battery, screen, no Verizon logo.

  • John Burke

    Should this replace my N5?

  • Johnny Steele

    I definitely love that knock on!

  • Ed Sandoval

    Sexy mofo design!

  • jbreakfield

    Favorite feature is tap to unlock.

  • Sean Saunders

    Knock on is the feature I like

  • Favorite feature: The Camera

  • Kenneth Jones

    Battery life for days….

  • Brad Allred

    Time to get a new phone. This phone looks awesome. Pick me to win it.

  • paulqg

    Knock knock…whos there? Knock On!

  • Knock on or the volume rocker on the rear

  • Juan Sosa

    I need an early Christmas present!!

  • Droidzilla

    Dat screen.

  • Jason Jackson

    best feature on LG is the camera

  • Tim Buchanan

    Knock on.

  • Courtney Harris

    Favorite feature has to be knock on

  • Brandon Golway

    Hell if it’s free I’ll take it.

  • Matt K

    love the beautiful screen!

  • Tam

    Would love the phone! awesome phone!

  • Michael Slaughter

    I love the screen and the volume control on the back

  • hemanshu

    One of the best phone no doubt about it

  • b1ger1c828

    Gimme dat.

  • opustv


  • Charles Miller


  • TedPhillips

    13mp ois camera

  • Jpm7714

    The rear buttons

  • Vincypowa

    The camera.

  • Jason

    Rear buttons!

  • John Shaw

    Me wanty

  • Al Moral

    I’m doing my best to win this one!!

  • Tom

    The great battery life is a plus.

  • Jeremy Silvers

    Snapdragon 800 and IPS LCD screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ankit199

    Knock Knock

  • chocolate8175

    I want one so bad, love everything about it. Bottom headphone jack is awesome!!!

  • Alex Pena

    Most of all the specs are sweet but the screen tho!

  • Andrรฉ Berry

    The thin bezel and camera

  • travp624

    Battery by far and above any device I have owned so far.

  • Brandon

    The battery, the camera, the display…it’s hard to just pick one!

  • Jake Wheeler

    The camera!

  • razerlite

    Buttons on back! Easy to use.

  • hokieputter

    OIS shooter..

  • kevin

    i love everything about this phone

  • Kyle Hua

    Knock on or active notifications?

  • laheelahee

    the price!!! FREE!! lol. the back button

  • Brandon Jiang

    battery life

  • Sterling

    Battery looks great.

  • Eric

    The battery!

  • David Triscari

    Camera – always good to see manufacturers step up their game

  • Travis Shepherd


  • breadable

    obviously the best feature is the buttons on the back.

  • Juan Losada

    Beautiful phone!

  • Alchemy08

    Good Luck everyone…..

  • Nathaniel Marrufo

    The buttons!

  • grumpyfuzz

    favorite feature of it is the battery. would love having a battery that lasts me the whole day, or even 2 days!

  • Packratako

    I wish I win this! I love the 13mp ois camera on this phone and the snap 800… AhhhMAAAzing! I need a new phone my s3 is beat up now and so slow… ๐Ÿ™

  • antwonw

    The battery!!!

  • Nick Hebert

    The screen and battery!

  • RoboRobP

    It is better than my phone haha

  • Brandon Sobotta

    The screen absolutely.

  • JonathonFlores

    I didn’t want one before today.

  • Ryan

    Love the buttons on the back

  • daveelm

    Mmmmm nexus 5’s daddy. Want.

  • Nic Jensen

    Battery life sounds amazing and the buttons on the back seem like they may work well

  • Daniel Russell

    Dat Screen.

  • Jake Gold


  • ramifications

    Knock on and the battery!

  • Jason

    Pure awesomeness!

  • robertlwalters


  • SK

    Battery Life for sure.

  • Tyler A.

    The huge screen is awesome!

  • Matthew Grey

    The best in 2013 for sure!

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    The lack of Bezel!!! And no verizon logo ;P

  • Cameron Laudick

    My dad would love this phone!! Give it to himmmmmm

  • James Philippon

    Easily the screen!

  • Brooks

    All the LG G2 specs are impressive. The Snapdragon 800, the 13 MP OIS camera, and the beautiful display with no bezels. Want.

  • Aaron

    This is a great phone, aside from Moto X.

  • zaxwashere

    battery life aww yeah

  • Kahsay Cooley

    Nexus 5 with a good camera? hmmm yes ill take one

  • Michael

    Love the look.

  • jakymiwm

    I love the huge screen!

  • Michael Huynh

    the huge screen. moar room for cat pictures.

  • Heather Lively

    Screen, camera, IR blaster!

  • lilseal18

    I would love to see how long that battery would last me.

  • dsass600


  • Trenton Wilson

    Knock on

  • Carlos Marrero

    Design, Battery life, Camera, image quality

  • Haris Khan

    want this so bad

  • Sopapilla

    How do I pick between the awesome battery life, the beautiful screen, the best camera, the knock on/off feature and how easy it is to root??? I’ll go with knock on since I find myself double tapping other screens to turn them on without success. (former gnex owner)

  • JY

    Its newer/better/faster than my piece iphone 4s!

  • zac

    Pick me !!!

  • Rob G

    The button arrangement

  • Dakota Hester

    The invisible bezel.

  • Frothy

    I want to win!

  • Avatar26

    Top notch screen and processing power.

  • Same phone since 2006

    Best Feature: It’s not a flip phone!

  • Zeke

    Would give it to my lady friend!

  • droidify

    Knock on fo sho

  • Andy Maignan

    I would love this.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I think they may be on to something with the buttons! Oh and Knock On

  • hochoch

    want!!!! big ole screen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ben Myton

    Great Phone!

  • bhob

    That button arrangement seems ridiculously intelligent as far as design.

  • Michael Neumann

    The bezels and specs

  • dwboston

    The screen is great.

  • psuturtle

    A battery that lasts longer than my gnex.

  • Frank T. Hooper

    I would highly enjoy this victory, the screen size is fantastic and lg’s software this time around has been top.

  • Rocco

    Battery and bezel

  • chris

    Battery for sure

  • Eric G Canoy


  • Wyveryx

    I’d only be interested in this phone for the funky on back buttons….other than that….I’m happy with what I got.

  • Michael C.

    that battery!

  • chris

    sweet cant wait to win

  • coggy9

    Battery life.

  • Jim

    pick me pick me

  • mfzero

    The fancy buttons on the back!

  • LjHe80

    LG has come a long way since I had the LG Optimus V. Battery Life!!

  • Omar Sosa

    The screen on this thing is amazing. Minimal bezel, I’m a fan.

  • UtopianSnucka

    This would make a fantastic Galaxy Nexus replacement… but of all features, that amazing screen is by far the most enticing!

  • bewlew

    Dat screen dude. And Qslide. Love me some Qslide.

  • ninjawarren

    Knock On is my favorite feature, with that giant battery taking a close second.

  • DKowalsky2

    Knock On!

  • Gumballhead1775

    Great Phone!

  • NeilGeorge

    Back button for camera..

  • aberose

    The Screen – How beautiful it is

  • skylordusa1

    Gotta be the battery life after dealing with the gnex forever.

  • Charles Braswell

    The knock on screen would be my favorite feature of the G2. Hands down!

  • Travis Erickson

    That big beautiful screen and dat battery

  • T_Dizzle

    Sweet phone that would look good with me using it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bnm27

    screen + battery + camera – LG Skin


    Gotta be the battery

  • mcdonsco

    Yo I want this!

  • Mark Bailey

    Its all good, but I hear so many things about the screen!

  • cardi dark

    The screen and knock on

  • jm

    that camera!

  • Oooh snap. I gotta get that. Uh uh uh.

  • chowhoundb

    Love this phone. The camera is very appealing to me.

  • Taylor Schwichtenberg

    I work for Verizon, but I have At&t. Nothing would Help me stick it to my boss than this! Please pick me!

  • nwd1911

    Hard to pick just one between the screen, battery and camera. I’d have to pick the camera if I only get one vote; my phone is my primary camera.

  • Dodger


  • 05

    The rear mounted buttons!

  • Inquizitor

    The screen and processor.

  • NatesVlogs

    battery + camera

  • Kyle S.

    gimme some!

  • justjmatt

    That battery. And, on screen buttons (haven’t tried them on a phone. Yet…)

  • Mitch Ware

    battery life for sure

  • Landon Landsiedel

    The knock. I want that battery life.

  • Brendon Maldonado

    All the maxed out specs.

  • Autumn Raine

    Would go great with my Nexus 5

  • sonny g

    That screen, battery, and knock on!

  • Patrick Maher

    The Camera

  • evltwn

    Need dat G2 with its OIS camera.

  • zmancbr

    Battery rocks!!

  • triangle8

    Huge screen, of course, with a tiny bezel

  • Chris Dartois

    The Camera. I going to concerts and hockey games a lot and i like to take and post pics.

  • Deralaand

    Snapdragon 800 baby!

  • Larry Franks

    let’s win this

  • Ramirez1694

    Camera and knock on

  • zwade


  • Aaron

    A big battery that is comparable to Maxx

  • Steven A.

    Battery Life!

  • JZ

    That screen!!

  • Jonathan Shell

    Good contest. Thanks for the chance. War Eagle!

    • Jonathan Shell

      Also, I guess my favorite feature is the battery.

  • Dale Granberry

    Looks like the best phone available, I wonder about build quality though. Still want one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • speed4evr

    I like the screen resolution and the 5.2″ screen is the perfect size

  • Mike C.

    Favorite Feature: Screen. Da Screen.

  • PhilD41

    why not!

  • Floski

    The huge battery!

  • JamisonFrady

    The big display

  • Seanfranchise6

    Without doubt, the battery. Gives Motorola a very good run for their money.

  • Sam

    cousin of nexus 5 and the screen size.

  • superman13476

    Favorite feature is the battery life. The camera is a close second.

  • Caleb Loop

    The sxreen by far.

  • Intellectua1

    The Camera and the bezel.. The back button layout also seems like a pretty interesting feature I’m willing to give a try..

  • Eric Palmero

    Knock on and battery life are amazing!

  • jmasterj

    Why did Verizon have to mess with theirs?

  • Darshan Shah


  • raynaran

    Count me in

  • Manny

    Gives it to me prescious!

  • Adam Stroman

    The buttons located on the back of the phone!

  • Bionic

    knock on screen

  • Anthony Zulueta

    battery life…

  • Menger40

    I want that camera!

  • Aaron

    Knock on

  • Craig P

    i want it!

  • Fozzybare

    that knock on seems awesome.

  • Emmanuel

    Do it.

  • Haci

    Everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tap to wake is my favorite feature!

  • Zain Kalwani

    The knock on feature is my favorite

  • michael hill

    Would love to get my hands on that bad boy. Want it as my daily driver.

  • chaoslimits

    The battery.

  • Dan

    FTW!!! Big screen.

  • Jroyalty7

    Ooooh ooooh I need this phone please!!!! My favorite feature is the back buttons very intuitive!!!

  • Splee Yark

    I’ve been drooling for this device since the day it was first announced. Mmmmmmmm :-)““““

  • MrCrusha

    shallow bezel for the win.

  • Bammr0112

    very nice! Like the screen.

  • Owewil3225

    the battery life and im excited to try the power button and volume rocker on the back

  • Kevin To

    bezel + battery life

  • Cory

    Loving this phone so far!

  • Killua Zoldyck

    Need more phone

  • Victor Manuel Cruz Reyes

    The battery is one of the best features! Also I loved the Snapdragon 800!

  • sem

    Volume button on the back ;D

  • Zack Stewart

    Im pretty excited about the camera, but honestly a movie/tv nut like me, screen is my biggest draw.

  • OnlyNexus

    And it’s blue!

  • juswest

    Knock on

  • Andrew Baylor

    I carry 2 spare batteries with my Galaxy Nexus, therefore my favorite is the BATTERY LIFE!

  • MistaButters

    Battery or Camera.

  • Justin Leahey

    I would love to win this! The battery, camera and the knock features seem awesome. Not to mention the gorgeous screen.

  • droidlover

    love the screen!

  • Livin’ Large

    Great phone

  • Brian Georger

    Knocking to wake up

  • Yash

    Nice big screen

  • Fenuxx

    Dat battery life. Would be glad to have it.

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    Best feature of the Lg G2 for me would be the screen


    Love the button on the back and supposed battery life (I’ll help test that out when I win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gpaine

    Battery life!

  • Buur

    I love stuff!

  • Jonathan Ly

    Love the design of the phone. Very understated. Interested to go with the buttons on the back

  • villian1998

    Dat boot ….. into Cyanogen

  • Fenuxx

    Dat battery life!

  • Monroe Campbell

    My favorite feature is deffinately Knock on.

  • CityofChampionshipS

    To hell with the movie! This phone is SUPER BAD!!!!

  • spearman792

    Tiny bezel and great battery–hard to decide between the two, but I’ll choose the battery

  • Nathan Hargrave

    always could use another phone

  • ferrari187

    the screen, definity want to upgrade from the nexus 4’s sketchy screen!

  • Harit Singh


  • David M. Garcia

    My wife has one and I’m kinda jelli about it even though I picked it for her. I knew it was a good phone but saw how awesome it was once we were setting it up. Fave feature is the IR blaster to control TV’s, stereos etc…

  • Tom Kuhl

    I really like the knock knock feature

  • Parkin


  • Brice

    Knock on is super cool!

  • Rob

    battery life is good!

  • Chip

    Knock on and battery life

  • Richard Albert McKenzie III

    Button on the back is the my favorite feature, would LOVE to have this phone!

  • Toasted_Cracker

    The back button is my favorite

  • jhjr24

    I love the idea of the back buttons. In a world where all phones look similar LG went and add something that is totally different.

  • Cael

    Win a Verizon LG G2 ftw?

  • PhillipH

    Big screen, nice battery!

  • MatthewDiluzio

    Need a new phone so bad!

  • j0nfer

    knock knock

  • Jarrod

    I love the battery and the smooth sleek lines of this phone.

  • peter

    battery life

  • Josh

    By far the screen is my favorite part….along with every other part of the device lol.

  • the battery

  • Michael Persico

    Best Screen Available

  • Gabriel Blanco


  • slpbird

    The screen

  • Franz

    Gotta love that battery life!!

  • David Shon

    The buttons on the back

  • EdsonDJ

    I’ve tried out the camera, and it’s great.

  • dscott1027

    Battery and root ability

  • blockhead___

    Near edge to edge screen, battery life, and hopefully free.

  • Matt Sasges

    Yes Please

  • mArt Mooney

    Thanks in advance, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jerry

    Really liking the screen on it. Let’s do this!

  • lakers1moretime

    I want you sooooo bad hot LG ๐Ÿ™‚

  • d3xt3rlab


  • Levi Martinez

    Can’t get enough of that edge-to-edge screen!

  • yaniv shabtiel


  • Nick Rizzo

    that awesome rear button setup! Unique and great!

  • Sonic_44

    I would LOVE one! Mo’ betta than the S4 IMO

  • duke69111

    My favorite features in the camera quality, battery life and awesome screen. Its the best phone I’ve ever owned or played with. If I win, I would like to use this for my other half who is wanting her first smartphone. This would be the perfect device to start with.

  • Mike Dye

    slim bezel

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    knock knock screen on

  • Jim Morris

    Great performance, interesting button placement, and best of all, LOKI works!

  • Steven Elliott

    Battery life is most important to me.

  • strikeir13

    battery life.

    and the sick nav bar…………. /s

  • skrusrnmz

    No Nexus 5 but it’ll do

  • violator702

    I’m not gonna lie, I wanna play with the back button.

  • Ben

    Great phone to have!

  • acejavelin

    The battery!!! What a beast!!!

  • Maximโˆ‘

    My favorite feature is nothing. Moto X all the way….

  • will

    Awesome screen

  • Byron Galvez

    Winning one from Droid-Life

  • Ryan Marchant

    I need that KnockOn feature….

  • Ashton

    It has Android!

  • Danny

    Own the Verizon variant and am hoping to win this for my wife. Very happy with the LG G2 and can’t say enough about how great this phone is.

  • MKader17

    Obviously the Gallus Cam!!!


  • anezarati

    i actually think the button placement is pretty cool

  • Phillip Bee

    Dat screen though …

  • picaso86

    With this I can finally leave the BIG RED!!!

  • Bryan Spina

    The amazing screen.

  • Mike

    It feels virtually the same size as the Galaxy Nexus when holding it, but with newer specs. Also I love the OIS camera.

  • Tenny Idowu

    This would be a wonderful Christmas Gift to myself.

  • Kirk Haggard

    My favorite feature is the 5.2″ 1080p display

  • jdomann

    The new approach to the volume rocker ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Epic! It being on AT&T I could actually replace my worn out GS2 from “work”. Nicccccccce….

  • MTPenguin

    Best part is ownership!

  • Barlog

    The 5.2 screen

  • SpoorthyVemula

    Ui vs bezels

  • Dylan


  • Ricardo Rodrรญguez

    I wanna be the winner!!!

  • ralphwiggum1

    The feature I wish I had was knock knock.

  • Mojorizen

    Nice big screen on a moderately sized phone. So gimme gimme gimme.

  • TuckandRoll84


  • D-droid

    Battery life for days!

  • kakuckaku

    LG ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    Love having the notification LED on both front and back. Comes in real handy. It’s supported by Lightflow for use with other notifications.

  • Trevor Clement

    Definitely the battery.

  • Gtan

    battery, screen, knock on. Dream come true.

  • sk102704


  • butterhasbeenspread

    Knock on. Seems quite useful.

  • tomn1ce

    Send me the goods…..Good luck everyone.

  • sukhyung

    playing with their phones, knock on is really kinda nice.

  • JetsFan316

    NO BEZEL!!!

  • dave w

    DL Happy Holidays!!! Battery life for sure!

  • Chris Murillo

    Best feature: the ois camera for sure has to be!!

  • PeteJames1138

    I have the nexus 5 but miss the screen and battery life of the G2

  • Jeremy Gentry

    the screen

  • Alec Reed

    The slim bezels.

  • MT

    Show me potato salad!

  • TD


  • Lester Washington


  • Frank Messner

    Knock on is really cool. Don’t have to worry looking for the rear power button, just double tap!

  • Heather Knorr


  • Ben Modica

    Knock on.

  • Keyan X

    My favorite ‘Feature’ of the G2 is the knock-on feature, just seems so useful combined with my absolute favorite thing about the phone which are back buttons. Such innovative. Much uniqueness. Do want. #Doge

  • mercado79


  • Adam Buchwitz

    I love that big beautiful screen!

  • Josh P.

    Dat screen

  • Definitely the knock on feature

  • KT


  • Vincent H

    Battery life FTW!

  • Joshua Diaz

    Edge-to-edge display!

  • Mistah Mark

    That big ol’ screen!

  • Rushil Perera

    Battery life…

  • Bryan Thompson

    This would be pretty schweet.

  • ChrisG

    Battery life

  • mbagasao

    Dat Bezel!!

  • ZeeX1

    Dat battery

  • Kelvin Camilo

    remote functions

  • Josh

    The battery life.

  • br_hermon

    What I love most… is really the whole package. The screen with the battery and speed. It all makes for a powerful reliable device.

  • Corey Marrier

    Been looking for a phone to get for the wife. This would be perfect (and light on the wallet)

  • Battery life. I love it. And unlockable boot loader cm 10.1!!!

  • KennyB

    Got mine on Black Friday @ Tmo. Must say, I’m enjoying the battery life thus far. Not so much the glossy back though. =/

  • zachjen

    I love the fact you can knock on the screen to wake it up

  • Kilgore Trout

    The Battery and the Camera!!!

  • Sam Freistedt

    I wanna win!

  • Rafa Sandoval

    The Battery

  • JoshuaNewsome

    screen size

  • mh0520

    battery life

  • John Sweat

    Gotta love that battery life!!!

  • Greg Reese

    I would love this!

  • steeler0809

    the bezel is sweet

  • Rigo Delgadillo

    Best phone I’ve ever used and I’m currently using an HTC One.

  • Iskandar

    OIS Feature

  • Irwin Bautista


  • Jonik Cannon

    That display is sick and processor is a monster……

  • John Lee

    The super long battery life!

  • George Cloud III

    Love that big and beautiful screen! Definitely need an update for my nexus 4.

  • vvtim

    Snapdragon 800.

  • Sciaid

    The screen resolution and battery.

  • jeesung


  • Jeremy O’Brien

    Definitely most excited about the battery life. That’s been the Achilles heel in all of my Android devices so far

  • b00sted

    da screen man, da screen.

  • Hernan Rosario

    I love the back buttons

  • Kevin B

    Buttons on the back…

  • Ace Ferdinand

    Battery Life!

  • d503


  • normmcgarry

    That screen is amazing.

  • Evan

    Battery life!

  • Zangetsu

    knock on

  • Julio

    The battery seems to be the feature that everyone raves about. That has to be it.

  • zipibz

    Love the finger print scanner!

    • Ian


  • Sherri Sample-Wyandt

    Thank you DL! Would be great for photos with my notary business!

  • Brandon

    the rear buttons are my favorite feature

  • CHRIS42060

    I love the back buttons. I used a friend’s and it is so much easier to get to the volume buttons for me.

  • Howard Marlow

    Easily the IR blaster, but I also like the tap wake gesture. My wife’s Verizon G2 makes me jealous.

  • Corey Trotter


  • Sandy Jones

    It was made it 2013.

  • Aaron

    Knock on

  • Shaun

    I would love to have one of these

  • Justin Bree

    A battery that actually lasts a full day!

  • rmp20


  • Bear_it

    Can’t wait!

  • Mike Hilal

    I’d love to have the minimum-est of bezels

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    I never win

  • Nathan D

    My single favorite feature of the G2 is the form factor. The design seems really nice.

  • wilt

    13mp OIS

  • Mantahoe

    Great Screen, Battery life

  • Chrissyd08

    The rocker key placement on the back makes it very unique, the list of features is long but that is the first thing I notice every time!

  • Stretch44

    Yes Please!!

  • Joseph Gonzales

    I would even get a line of service with crappy At&t for this phone!

  • Keith Taylor

    The ease of use and the fast processor. Everything moves and opens fast.

  • motta2003

    Chicks dig it…though battery,screen and camera are a VERY close second! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jason Bittner

    Bezel… omg so small

  • JoshGroff

    Knock on/off seems kinda cool, haven’t really played around with one.

  • firefightermdc

    Good luck to all

  • Rocketjrb

    Comment 404. That should count for something.

  • Will P


  • Greg Abbate

    The buttons on the back are my favorite feature

  • (null)


  • Eric Soriano

    Knock Knock? Who’s there? My new G2!

  • Michael Shorey

    that screen is what i like

  • enemyisyou

    Supposed to be a pretty amazing screen.

  • Nnabuihe Chimezie

    Some of my favorite features of the LG G2 are all the voice commands that be done with the phone . Such features are voice dialing, calling and recording. Also, the 13mp camera because I am a big fan of taking pictures on my phone.

  • elyd23

    its so close to a nexus 5 I want it..

  • Chris Ghubril

    I want! Battery and camera!

  • ynksbsbll2

    Battery life and the knock knock feature

  • Shirtless_Peja

    Easily the battery life and knock on feature.

  • Mikeg1969

    I find the button change on the Verizon version acceptable since we also get wireless charging…with a case on it seems much easier to find the buttons.

  • Mark Schleupner

    I like the buttons on the back.

  • James Minns

    Battery and screen for sure

  • Ry Sav

    That screen got me like ohhhhhhhh DDAYYUUMM!!!!

  • Avery Pelle

    beautiful display

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    I need this for my fiance!

  • Ryan

    I love the screen.

  • Stephen

    the screen…..!

  • srn

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  • Raquel Adams

    That screen!

  • Brian I

    love the buttons on the back after you try it out.

  • joy

    battery life

  • No_Smoking

    My favorite thing is probably the battery.

  • Rafael Bergamin

    It sure is that great screen

  • john owens

    The screen!

  • Snowx2k5

    The amazing edge to edge screen for sure!

  • ThatFool

    The battery life and camera!!

  • Miguel Jonathan Aguilar

    Knock, knock!

  • Alex Mosqueda

    I personally haven’t tried it but I’ve heard about is great things about the camera

  • epidemik

    woo woo

  • Gabriel Hart

    A backside worth touching

  • Troy Johnson

    The Battery

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    I don’t have AT&T but I know many who do and this would be an awesome gift.

  • Chris Choncek

    The battery

  • Sam T

    That display, camera and battery life just can’t be beat.

  • twix_y


  • SmartGeneral

    The knock knock feature

  • Roswell

    battery life

  • Carlos Lopez

    Really want this phone

  • The screen is a fantastic size and the battery to boot!

  • David Belyea

    I want that tap tap.

  • Nelly547

    Knock on/off

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Battery Life

  • Marc

    Snapdragon 800

  • Robert Rascon

    Want this phone!

  • alan dubois


  • Steven Letourneau


  • ja7lewis

    Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme


    The OIS Cam

  • BodomSlayer

    Great battery life.

  • dave w

    DL Happy Holidays!!!! TY!

  • Jordan Dewey

    Hard to say, but the screen and it’s size is the winner.

  • stephen.


  • imbakhle

    Lack of bezel and solid battery

  • I love the narrowed bezels

  • dawn m. armfield

    Battery life and screen size

  • Nathan Grebowiec

    The part where if I win its free.

  • Patrick Hawthorne

    New site design + G2 Giveaway = $$$$

  • Javier

    dual camera function ftw!

  • Kevin Stabe


  • g_what

    The badass display

  • movalpolos

    my favorite feature was the early tech reviewers actually knocking on the screen to wake the device

  • sga204

    Small bezel

  • David Jacobs

    I want one please

  • tcoffin88

    Battery life

  • Raj Bhatt

    I love the non-intrusive incoming call notifications.

  • erikiksaz

    The huge screen is pretty bananas.

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    I need to update my LG Specturm 2.

  • needs some 4.4 love

  • D Smith

    Volume Rocker on back

  • ten2o3

    Best phone out there!

  • FarmerTechno

    The amazing battery life!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Sweet! That screen looks amazeballs!

  • Bobby N


  • Andrew K

    I want!

  • NGagen

    Mmm… Funky Buttons

  • tdpietrini

    Just curious, what (with the exception of vanilla and near-vanilla android) about the Moto X and Nexus 5 do you prefer over the LG G2? I just spent time hands on with all (friends have all 3) and I like the G2 the best. Would love to win one.

  • r.โ„ข

    I Love The AWESOME Display!

  • Scott_Young

    another vote for “dat battery”

  • joejoe5709

    I absolutely love my G2. I still don’t see how you can say the Moto X is better than the G2. One handed use and stellar build quality? Ok… sure. Relatively stock Android with some very useful features and nearly Nexus-like updates? Okay that’s pretty good stuff there. The Nexus 5 leaves VZW people in the dark, but it’s better than the Moto X in nearly every respect. And other than some occasionally funky software, off-contract price and slower updates the G2 meets or beats the N5 in every single spec in addition to universal availability. If you’re on Verizon, the G2 is nearly a no-brainer. So if you ask me – especially for the common consumer – it’s Nexus 5<Moto XNexus 5 (if available)>LG G2. For the same price, there are very few reasons to choose a Moto X over a G2 or a Nexus 5.

  • realfoxm

    Best feature is dat bonus $19 you get for the LG class action lawsuit.

  • Scott Thompson

    Battery size is nice

  • mindovermatter

    beautiful device!

  • pball_inuyasha

    Give me a good reason to jump ship from vzw.

  • pharmdy

    The screen design is amazing! Crystal clear with almost no bezel!

  • Geo

    DAT screen

  • TC

    Still rocking a old school flip phone. Please help escape this horrible technology and bless me with a Lg G2!

  • SagarPatel

    not sure since ive never seen or used it, but if I win this, I will come back and tell you

  • Tony Beckham โ™’


  • The bootiful screen!

  • et247

    Battery life and screen

  • elemeno

    The screen.

  • Gage

    Awesome phone

  • Neil Ostrander

    Would love an awesome G2!

  • Sebastian Atwater

    Love those bezels.

  • Ryan Hayden


  • Marc L

    Dat clear screen

  • Justin

    My favorite feature is the Dual Camera Function

  • Robert Macri

    Comment about commenting… This is what I need to switch to AT&T.

  • bkosh84

    The bright screen!

  • Michael Riley

    A larger screen.

  • jonathon johnston

    Battery life.

  • inklenotrump

    i got a bad disease.. far from my brain is where i bleed

  • James Johnson

    Size and beauty of the screen! Currently about as close as I can get to the Gnex5!

  • Pro Pp’s

    i Hope i can get this one at least ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ryan Morales

    This is by far one the best phones LG has produced since I heard of the G Flex

  • BlackTaxi2d

    software buttons!

  • Mistikovski

    Bezel, screen, battery, button placement .. Just one favorite feature? Oh.. : (I have never won anything on a contest)

  • cashclay

    LG G2 is a beat! Would love a stocking stuffer like this!

  • Justin Jones

    Win this or try my hand at Moto FAIL again tomorrow. Either way.

  • Jarefahx

    I love the back buttons.

  • strows

    give me, give me, give me!!!

  • Jim Lewis

    I could sure use a nice, shiny new phone…..Still running a Droid Charge(Not Activated) lol

  • morgan boyle

    i’d consider moving on from my GNEX for this phone.

  • Roy Harrigan

    Would sure be nice to win one of these.

  • Brian L

    the display!

  • Reflex

    One of the best phones of 2013

  • Steve

    Screen size!

  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Battery life & camera

  • Andrew Thompson

    Really great screen!

  • Jake Farlow

    Because the internet


    Great phone. I want it.

  • Kevin Bonaventura

    Battery life, for sure

  • Ryan McFadden

    The battery life!

  • MJ

    I like that the LG G2 screen is the biggest one can get before crossing from phone to phablet territory.

  • Kunal


  • Brian Walker

    That screen is huge, but the phone seems reasonable sized. I think that’s pretty cool.

  • Stud Muffler

    Nexus sibling… with a twist.

  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Nice phone..

  • Hoser13

    Buttons on the back

  • Mike Fromson

    The screen!

  • Joe A.

    my wife’s old iphone finally died and I will convert her to Android by giving her my wonderful Moto X! I would love the G2.

  • droid209

    the battery and camera

  • Dave

    would love to win this!

  • Andrew Anderson

    Ginormous screen, of course! And the fast camera.

  • Kyle Bailey

    The fact that you can make your windows translucent

  • Enrique Villacrez Torrejรณn

    Knock on knock off

  • Derek L.

    Back controlling volume buttons!

  • Jason Downing

    The battery is amazing, but so is the screen and speed. Hard to choose a favorite. Would love to win this to hopefully convince my girlfriend to come from the dark side and leave the iphone!

  • David N

    The bezel looks amazing. And I hear the device has great battery life!

  • pbolton70

    I love the lack of bezel. Plus my phone is dying and really need new one but no money with christmas

  • Eric S.

    the screen

  • New buttons on the back

  • gchahinian

    barely any bezel and that battery…cant deny its an awesome phone!

  • MichaelFranz

    Unlockablity. If thats a word. This phone has a strong dev community which i love. Kinda miss on it on my current phone

  • Stephen

    The rear button.

  • Kevin Moreno

    free .99

  • Dustin Maki

    Love the screen!

  • Themanhere10

    I like the battery.

  • Battery + screen. Yummy.

    Good luck!

  • NeilOMalley

    Yeah definitely the battery is a big plus. Would be interesting to dive into the LG world also. Haven’t owned on yet.

  • Rogenyourseth

    My favorite feature is the camera. Without question ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kevin

    LG Me want!!

  • Bradley Ruiz

    the screen and battery life

  • Aaron Esham

    The back buttons…switching it up a bit…

  • Daniel Northrup

    I love the LG G2 simply for the fact that it doesn’t have a bite mark in it from my dog like my GS4 does!

  • Dale

    The beautiful screen!

    Help me escape from Verizon!! Please!!

  • tyguy829

    Amazing 1080P LCD without sacrificing battery life (looking at you N5)

  • Esteban Llop

    ME like

  • RhinoShock

    battery life.

  • Tony Le

    The battery and screen technology.

  • Joe Bertolino

    I’m interested in checking out the camera – the screen is a given

  • Tron_67

    I love the screen… Just beautiful.

  • leftiphone4droid

    Love the Camera w/ iso ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Corey Foltman

    Da Screen

  • Matthew Divack


  • Evan Knofsky

    It is so simple, but the tap to wake and sleep feature

  • barrmy

    screen and OIS

  • swadhin

    Knock Knock wake up

  • HashTagHell

    The battery and the edge to edge display makes this a new device for me.

  • ih8legal

    That is one sexy bezel. Also a cousin of the Nexus 5.

  • I’m loving the bezel and battery life ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bobloblaw

    Knock, Knock. Give me that phone!

  • Bruce

    Wow nice screen on this.

  • Tony Byatt


  • daniel375

    crispy screen!

  • Timothy Robinson

    I’ve been waiting to ditch Sprint and was planning on buying this phone on Verizon, but will happily switch to AT&T if I win this. Bummed that the AT&T variant doesn’t have wireless charging though.

  • Tim Zinsky

    I like the screen size and the button placement is interesting…

  • gmplr831

    Love the knock on, though I hear it may not always work swimmingly.

  • Lakerzz

    The screen is beautiful!!

  • Seiga

    Bezel is the best feature!

  • Michael Vallez


  • Dr_Buttballs

    The thing I like the most about the G2 is that it’s not my beat to death S2 Skyrocket.

  • Mort

    Screen and camera on this thing are fantastic.

  • Philip Pongvarin

    the buttons on the back are cool!

  • bigknowz

    Gotta be in it to win it!

  • Nexususer123

    I actually like the button placement. Played with it at the att store & it was pretty useful. Plus the screen is drop dead gorgeous!

  • therealjbriggs

    That movable camera is pretty cool.

  • Terry Crews

    The battery

  • mxmumtuna

    battery life!

  • Futbolrunner

    Knock on!

  • Ruvim

    El Battery.

  • Tyler Hartzheim

    The back buttons

  • Trevor

    Hmmm, Screen!

  • Steve Tu

    Battery life!

  • unashamedgeek

    Knock and key placement

  • Travis

    Back Buttons!(?)

  • Gunnar Jones

    Would be a fun phone to have. The toggle on the back of the phone is my favorite part. I’m simple.

  • Zubair

    it is the best android phone to date and it doesnt need to custom rom to make it better

  • LoganLopez

    The battery life… without a doubt.

  • middlehead

    This would get me to switch to AIO right quick.

  • tisha

    My favorite thing is the camera.

  • Patrick Kahoun

    gimme now!

  • Kyle Miller

    Looking to leave VZW. I need this phone and new service to start!

  • Jacob Mustin

    The nexus 5 edges just aren’t thin enough for me… Gotta have that g2!

  • Chad Baker

    the ability to draw on the screen and send a text

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Battery life

  • matt

    Display and battery!!

  • hitsuji6

    dat battery life doe.

  • Mark Menning

    5.2 inches of pure….

  • housry23

    I’m with everyone else. The battery! I’d love to throw AOSP KitKat on this bad boy and have a Nexus 5 with a beast battery and better camera.

  • Jamie Miller

    I can haz?

  • Kevin Thomas

    Back keys

  • Morbid138

    The commercials got to me.

  • TomStieger

    Long battery life!

  • Sparktweek

    The screen would be my favorite feature….big and clear…but not too big. Thanks DL!

  • Jerry M.

    The battery and the volume control

  • Kevin Shen

    Give me!!

  • Marty

    looks .. battery .. looks .. battery .. shall I go on?

  • tharealoc

    I’d have to say that camera is pretty legit

  • 5and7


  • Adamania

    I tend to be a phone who*e and, well, this is obviously the next step. I would love to own this phone and give it a try. I am on a Moto X right now, but I miss the size and battery of my old Note 2. This would definitely bring me back.

  • subiedude85

    FLAME ON!…I mean knock on…

  • nate


  • nybeeks


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • Kehin Faux

    ohhh yeahh

  • sean.yesmunt

    please give it to me!

  • bitbank

    The wife could use this to replace her Galaxy Nexus – the improved camera will be a welcome change.

  • Ed

    Favorite feature on the LG G2 is the outstanding battery life.

  • Sapko82


  • monkey082506

    The buttons!

  • nightfox11

    I love the knock knock feature of the lg g2!

  • Gstarrawrr

    Dat battery.

  • Brian


  • KenBarnum

    Totally the Knock on!

  • Luis

    Really need to get a new phone…thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Timothy McCusker

    I want the KnockOn function!

  • Scott Capodice

    The speed.. The screen… The battery… Amazing…. LG skin… Meh lol

  • Dbdynsty25

    The screen is obviously the best feature!

  • kashtrey

    knock on is pretty fun

  • Jarrett Hickman

    Bring it on! I havent been on an AT&T device/service in almost 5yrs(switched to VZW) Would love to see how the network has improved and also test out this BEAST of a device.

  • slider112

    batterybatterybattery…. coming from a GNex the last two years it’s magically delicious.

  • T B 718

    Battery life!

  • cheezer88

    i want i want

  • Jeremy Gross


  • Steve

    The shockingly small bezel along with the unique rear button config

  • Bob G

    I love that it is the only phone with the buttons on the back!

  • steve


  • Scott Richards

    edge to edge screen

  • Anthony

    big screen small size

  • Nathan Borup

    I almost got some of this with Amazon’s big screw up… hope I get it this time!

  • alex morgan

    I love the knock on function makes me think I’ll never need a power button to lock the phone ever again

  • Bensee

    Da Battery. Awesome.

  • corgimas

    my favorite part about this phone would be that it is FREE!!!!!!!!

  • Wes Thomson

    Perfect way to transform my gf into an Android user!

  • 918273645ams

    Me would likey very much

  • Luis Hidalgo


  • MannyLegacy

    What’s not to like?………Screen, Camera, Battery,……backside buttons

  • Andrew Scott

    Love that screen!

  • Rushi Patel

    I love the double tap to turn on feature, i think thats really awesome!

  • acashe42

    The thin bezel is what first attracts me.

  • Robert Kuhlman

    My favorite feature of the G2 is the battery! Everyone should follow LG’s footsteps on this. Big battery= happy person.

  • sirathos89

    The buttons on the back – obviously!

  • tkc122

    ips lcd

  • Christopher Quan

    index finger control

  • calum wilper

    screen… nomnomnomnomnomnom

  • Shemar

    And my phone has been gone for 54 days now, this is exactly what I need!!

  • Joshua Patrick

    Sweet phone! Buttons on the back!

  • zepfloyd

    the awesome display!

  • eyecuala

    That Screen + That Battery = AWESOME

  • Daniel Richardson

    favorite feature is knock-on, and I love the huge screen and small bezel.

  • Favad

    Beautiful Display

  • conrad owens

    Insert lame generic comment here ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Dustin Wood

    I need one for my mother. I love the LG G2. My favorite feature is the Qslide.

  • B J Books

    It’s an overall amazing phone. But the edge to edge screen is tops for me.

  • John McG

    Best feature? If I had one, I’d be able to say for sure. But guessing, I’d say the screen.

  • Guest

    I love the screen! Absolutely gorgeous!

  • weston

    The smooth touch. Its sounds so… well, smooth.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    The battery life. Easily

  • Brian Ruden


  • Ivan

    That sexy LED in the back. Besides all those nice stuff showed in the reviews, i couldn’t stop looking to that LED light blinking every time the back was shown!!

  • Radgatt

    My favorite G2 feature is definitely the beautiful screen. I also am a fan of the knock on feature.

  • blackcatroad


  • RMathis77

    Gotta love the rear volume key ! Hope I win it!!

  • @bleakneonblack

    Can’t beat that display. Woo hoo!

  • Jeff C

    buttons on the back or knock on but probably the OIS

  • Miles


  • MasterEthan

    Display and battery life!

  • Jordan

    The battery & camera by far.

  • Mojor Izin

    i’m leaving a blog post comment. my favorite feature is the freeness. tha battery is a joke compared to my droid maxx, i’m sorry.

  • Lexus Larry

    Holiday deals forgotten, free LG G2 obsession commencing in 3, 2, 1…

  • Eric Geders

    Clearly the screen. Though the knock knock feature seems kind of fun. Ha.

  • DavidEssex

    The back buttons! I drooled over it at a store and having arthritis, the buttons were so cool to use without having problems holding on to the phone! There’s so many things in tech that can help out disabled people. I love it.

  • The camera is the best on an Android phone that I have run across. My favorite feature of the phone!

  • Bobby A

    The amazing display!

  • Josh Sleeper

    It’s a toss up between Knock-On and the battery size, although LG’s services don’t do battery life any favors haha

  • Michael Coneby

    Hands down the best phone of the year. Must WIN!!

  • mtkregs

    Favorite feature is the camera

  • I’ll take it.

  • Trevor Hicken

    The camera and knock On technology

  • Jeff718

    The buttons on the back!

  • Jonathan Williams


  • billy

    Two chicks at same time, man.

  • The software keys… It’s so much better than capacitive and physical buttons!

  • Walk with me Jonnie

    Is this international?

  • Rigoberto Cabrera


  • deslotnick

    Definitely the AMAZING screen

  • Ryan Gullett

    Using that display with that battery is very G.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Battery compared to size of device.

  • onDroid

    All around a fantastic device. The camera with OIS is a great addition. No so hot on the rear buttons though

  • I have always wondered how an LG phone would do, I would want to see the LG skin. I would love to see it against my Moto X.

  • James Thomas

    Battery Life & Screen Size…and man, that bezel is sexy!!

  • Pratik Amin


  • bd1212

    Dat display

  • Setzer83

    This would be a nice way to get off verizon and onto Straight Talk!

  • Brent Ching

    I like the sleek look.

  • yasin alkowni

    custom roms it has

  • jtdfan

    Who doesn’t like free?

  • I’m not sure it’s my “favorite” feature… but I’d really like to see what the deal is with the rear buttons.

  • Travis

    perfect phone aside from plastic and locked bootloader (yes I know about loki)

  • The screen.

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    The Display is phenomenal!

  • Joe

    The screen size is awesome. Not to mention the rear key design

  • Curtis Black

    Good Moto X backup

  • M.J.

    Dat Display is insane

  • Eduardo stanley

    the knock on kind of intrigues me.

  • Josh Linn

    index finger operation sounds nifty

  • yummy

    That it will be mine

  • kenjh2

    I really like the Knock on feature. That is something that should be standard going forward.

  • Bill Anderson

    Comment left.

  • Josh Kruse

    GNex is dying…NEED NEW PHONE…

  • Wolfpack93

    the cost!

  • Josh White


  • Arturo Burciaga

    Dat camera and battery life

  • Chilly O

    I want….

  • Francis Scardino

    The display. It’s nothing short of stellar. Also appreciate the battery to keep that display lit till the wee hours of the morning.

  • feedhead

    I like the concept of the back buttons.

  • SkullOne

    That it isn’t on Verizon.

  • jessem1323

    My favorite is just the combination of the fantastic display, CPU, camera and battery.

  • TravisHannon

    i LOVE the OEM skin!!!

  • aculbreth

    Easily the awesome camera

  • mikesuds

    Battery and the fact that it’s not the Verizon version ๐Ÿ™‚

  • spaine_81

    I love that screen combined with the battery life = win/win

  • bb

    My favorite feature is that its gonna be free when I win it

  • Corey Morreale

    Screen size/battery

  • Brandon Lang

    That gorgeous screen

  • flayzeraynx

    I own htc one but somehow I am crawling for this phone as well.. being “technosexual” is so bad…

  • jjfightmaster

    The volume buttons would definitely take some getting used to!

  • S.

    Definitely the display.

  • Jason Chittenden

    Rear button and display

  • itยดs the better Nexus 5 in terms of hardware, itยดs only lacking in the software department but thatยดs nothing a custom ROM canยดt solve

  • Pet E. Bone

    Knocking to turn the display on is the best feature on this phone.

  • SomeGadgetGuy

    Gotta love that Qualcomm 800!

  • Sir Grinklestien

    all around design

  • Travis Knight

    The camera!

  • Alex Goings

    I am really curious about the back buttons!

  • Mitchell Toland Jr.

    Come on luckkk

  • Barry

    I’m an ass man, so the back-side buttons are pretty sweet.

  • jaredgreenwald

    Battery, hands down.

  • Ryan Darvish


  • Tony Culliton

    Amazing screen and battery life

  • Just buy the Google Play Edition LG G2…otherwise known as the Nexus 5.

    • Ian

      The only things they share are a manufacturer and processor. I’m amused that people still think they are clones.

  • ToddAwesome

    Daddy likes.

  • Edward Smith


  • James


  • Greg Morgan

    The Knock On to wake the phone is great

  • Mexigreek

    I would love to win so I can try out the phone.

  • brandon johnson


  • Teng Taing


  • Rich Robinson

    Amazing phone! Excellent battery life, screen size, camera, & speed!

  • Alex Farra


  • The display

  • DCX

    The camera. The camera! THE CAMERA!!!

  • I actually do like the buttons on the back, it is pretty interesting!

  • Zach

    The screen looks great.

  • Logan Jinks

    OIS has to be the best feature of G2

  • Simon Tucker

    That Battery life ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ryan

    unlocked bootloader

  • Aardvark99

    The back buttons.

  • Alex Mette

    Battery life

  • Zach B.

    dat display

  • Matt

    The screen is pretty awesome!

  • URABUS0924

    Love the large screen!

  • Rechie

    Specs. A good upgrade for my Note 2.

  • Ian

    IR blaster

  • besweeet

    PICK ME.

  • socarwolverine

    I’d like one.

  • jwildman16

    I would love this beast of a phone.

  • Kevin Rankin

    Optical Image Stabilization

  • azholio

    Dat bezel

  • Jason Crabtree

    My favorite feature of the LG G2 is that amazing camera.

  • Bill Slowey

    Display and Camera

  • Chris Hilbert


  • Joshu

    The battery

  • duurf

    The screen is amazing!

  • Brady

    Nice phone!

  • The best part is that it has the guts of my N5

  • BPStroh

    Back buttons FTW

  • Adam W


  • T S

    battery life. .. . .but that screen though. . . .

  • hyperbeatser

    fly like a G(2)

  • Josh Imig

    camera / battery

  • saundersadam

    Screen size is everything!

  • Colin Huber

    Edge to edge screen, man.

  • atlouiedog

    I love the screen.

  • go yankees