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Cyber Monday Deal: Tylt Vu Wireless Charger and Other Tylt Products are 50% Off With Coupon Code

Tylt, an accessory company largely know for its Tylt Vu wireless charger, is hosting a site-wide 50% off sale for Cyber Monday. The Tylt Vu is more than likely the accessory you’ll want to pick up (especially the new Nexus 5 owners in the building), thanks to its beautiful soft touch finish, variety of vibrant colors, and excellent viewing angle during charges, however, the rest of their accessories are of the highest quality too. 

For example, I picked up both their car charger and spare USB cable a few weeks back just to see the quality since I was in need of some new travel cables. To say that I was impressed by the quality in both is an understatement. Tylt seems to use high-end plastics with everything they make, plus it all looks great.

Outside of the Vu wireless chargers and cables, they also sell NFC tags, a charging backpack, portable Bluetooth speaker, cases, car mounts and more.

The Vu wireless charger typically runs $70, so if you take advantage of this deal, you are looking at top-of-the-line wireless charger for $35.

Use coupon code “50off_ty!t” during checkout.

Tylt Store

tylt vu deal

  • gooner13

    Anyone get an email with a new code? The old one inst working and supposedly they sent out new codes to those who signed up through email.

    • JSet12

      I never received an email for a new promo code. I wonder if this is a bait and switch scheme to get advertised by other websites.

      • psuturtle

        still have yet to see any communication from TYLT at all regarding the cyber monday fiasco (I submitted my email requesting 2 VU units). Based on a lot of the comments in here, I’m starting to doubt they will ever come through.

  • ScoobySnack

    How did I not see this until now. 🙁

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Don’t be surprised when it doesn’t show up until April, or that it wakes up your phone every 15 minutes all night long, turning on the screen and making the “I’m charging” noise.

    I have one of these from the Kickstarter, and to be honest between the horrible f**kup that was the product delivery and the actual functionality of the device itself, I would never recommend anyone buy anything from them.

  • Jim
  • gooner13

    This website is a joke. It’s saying I have chargers in my cart and this is the first time i have ever been on the site. Haha. Joke. I was in for 2, now I’m out for none.

  • Cowboydroid

    Amazing how no one else has manufactured a tilted Qi charger yet. So simple…yet so elusive.

  • BeejRich

    They’ve stopped the sale until furthernotice.

    • Alvin Brinson


      The cart is fixed, but the discount code has been cancelled.

      Lots of free advertising, and then bait and switch on potential buyers. Not cool at all unless they actually follow through on offering the sale to those who were unable to get it.

  • XvierX

    Ordered two this morning. One for work and one for the house.

  • Remze

    Am I the only one who manages to access the payment page, but then can’t get the “Place Order Now” button to do anything ?…

  • Anon

    keeps telling me my credit card billing address doesn’t match the one I’m telling them. Sounds like they seriously need some work on their website ordering.

    I wonder how many sales they lost today due to website issues.

    • Anon

      I had to actually space my credit card number out into groups. Would have been nice if the website mentioned that. Note to others.

  • FrankBoston

    works now!

  • Patrick Craig

    Still trying to purchase 2 of these things. Cart mysteriously adds items I never added in multiple colors. All I wanted was 2 black VUs i ended up with 6 black,2 blue, and 1 red in my cart. Cannot get past the shipping info page. Right after I enter the promo code it either deletes my whole cart or tells me there is an error on the page. Trying to buy one of these things is worse than trying to sign up for Obamacare.

  • Phil Hyde

    After 2 hours of trying to order, I’m giving up. Not worth it.

  • For $35 i’m willing to roll the dice with this charger. The angle is exactly what I’m looking in a charger that sits next to my bed. I use the Timely app for my alarm clock and don’t want to have to buy a kickstand case so I can see the time at night. (The Nexus 5 is too beautiful for a case)

    Fingers crossed they can fulfill the orders quickly. This should teach the company a nice little lesson in economics that at this price there is incredible demand for their product. I doubt they’re seeing this kind of order volume at the $70-90 price point.

    • Alvin Brinson

      A lot of would-be moguls would prefer to inflate per item profits at the expense of volume. If you can get volume, though, that’s where you should be. Costs come down as volume goes up, and then profit goes up.

  • dwm

    Finally made it all the way through the order process without the site crashing. 🙂

  • BeejRich

    I need…..

  • SDotNYC

    Definitely the worst Qi charger I’ve owned. They knowingly shipped these with a charging “bug” via kickstarter and we’re supposedly working on the issue. Their customer service is a joke, no response to emails, phone calls, or anything else. Just a heads up to you guys. I’ve tried my S3, S4, and N7(2013) and they all have an issue with this base.

    • mfr118

      See my rant above! Glad I’m not the only one that’s had problems with this joke of a company!

  • Anon

    I’d be buying right now if I could get into the site. Server can’t meet the load.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Ooh, I would love one of these…
    http://shop.tylt.com/ is down for maintenance. Unprecedented popularity??

  • Patrick Craig

    Website down for maintenance.

  • leDerp

    Busy store is busy

  • GJV

    Sweet, $35 for the privilege of slowing cooking my battery and slow charging. Not trolling; I want to like wireless charging, but the heat it generates is not good for your phone’s battery. And at 750ma (or is it 1000ma? specs are confusing on their site), definitely will see the dreaded “slow charging” icon on my G2.

    • Jeff

      Actually, I use one of these with my g2 and have no issues. It works great.

      • GJV

        I’m sure it works, but it’s still slowly roasting your battery in its own skin.

  • mfr118

    I made this comment on the Google+ post:

    They’re a cool charger when they work but as a company they suck. They screwed around with they’re “backers” when they did these on Kickstarter. For some reason stores were selling them months before any backers had seen one. If anyone is curious I still have all the emails from them. Plus not only is mine defective but they sent a ton out that were defective also. My Nexus 4 would charge fully then stop, drain the battery, then restart again. Now my Nexus 5 charges, stops at 80% and gets incredibly hot to the touch. Done using this charger and went back to a plug.

    • zurginator

      Yeah, the company itself is pretty bad. I was also one of the backers.

      • mfr118

        Yeah and to top it off I don’t think most of the backers still have received their Vu yet. I’ve emailed their customer service since I received mine about it being defective.

        On Oct. 21st I got: we are working on a firmware update. We will ship you a replacement once the update is complete.

        Then when I emailed again on Nov. 4th I got: The firmware update is still being implemented and we are hoping for the shipment this month. We will ship it to you as soon as they are ready.

        Nov 25th came and I received the email: They are still being worked on as there are several updates needed to be applied.

        November has come and gone and they said they would ship me out a replacement at the end of the month…guess what still no replacement. Tylt is a dead company to me.

        • zurginator

          I actually got mine last month, but the whole delay while available in-stores really pissed me off – not to mention that it’s actually now cheaper than what we backed it for in the first place.

          • mfr118

            Exactly! Kannyn MacRae should be ashamed how he and his company have treated its customers/backers. When I posted something in the comments section he sent me a direct message saying I needed to stop bashing his company for calling them out on their unfulfilled promises on delivery. He and his company are full of crap. And if he reads this I hope he realizes how many people are now turned off by them,

    • SDotNYC

      Doubt that it matters but I filed with the better business bureau and Im going for the Dept of Consumer affairs next. Maybe that’d be an option for you too.

  • bboyairwreck

    They’re site is struggling as much as the Moto X page right now. Grrrr. I WANT MY VU for my DROID MAXX!!

  • Mike

    Will the wireless charger work for the RAZR MAXX HD?

  • just bought. free shipping. total was $35

  • droidify

    How much is shipping to the US? It looks like I will have to go through the order process to see the shipping charges

  • Joe Cross

    Can’t even access the site now…. Wonderful.

  • Sam

    place order button doesn’t work. Two Computers and A nexus 5. Explorer and Chrome. Fail.

    • tehshift

      I’m having the same issue.

  • Razormike

    I was going to order one, but the shipping to the UK is $30 🙁

  • bunnybash

    The cheapest way for me to order the Tylt Vu is to order it in pairs, it seems the discount is capped at $100. Shipping is $30 to Australia though… but it seems shipping is capped at $30 for even up to 5 Vu’s. Think I will pass, as it is still around $50AU for one charger… I am more tempted by the Google Qi charger.

  • sski66

    Thanks for the tip, I just bought the red one for my N7, it feels really good getting a great deal, it’s hard to beat half off especially for an original kick ass product like this.


    Damnit, just got a red one

  • TheWhiteLotus

    Would this be good for a Nexus 7?

    • JRUIV


      • Eric Callahan

        Will it fit? It won’t fall off the slanted back since it’s so much bigger than a phone?

        • JRUIV

          it fits in landscape position only

      • tehshift

        Doesn’t the Nexus 7 require a 2amp charge, while this is only 1amp?

        • turdbogls

          no, that is just recommended. my 2013 N7 charges (albiet very slowly) on my Nokia charger and that is under 1A

  • Nick

    Would I need a special back cover for my Galaxy S3 if I got this, or would it work just putting it down on the charger without my silicone case on?

  • stang68

    The one negative with the Moto X…

  • Rafa

    Ordered one!! Dang, I also wanted the car dock for wireless charging mod, but it’s out of stock.

    • Futbolrunner

      How do you mod that NFC car dock for wireless charging?

      • Rafa

        Well, i wouldn’t know what to do with it until it arrived, but it looks easily hackable. I mean, it looks like you can take it apart and add a wireless charging circuit board.

        • Futbolrunner

          Ahh, gotcha. +1 on your avatar. Those were the good ol’ days..sigh.

  • sam_evans7

    Done! Hell yeah; thanks for the tip!