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Android Distribution Numbers for December: Jelly Bean Strong at 54.5%, Kit Kat on Only 1.1% of Devices

This evening, Google posted up the official Android distribution numbers. Last month, Jelly Bean creeped past the 50% mark, and this month, it seems that it hasn’t slowed down yet, now on 54.5% of devices up from 52.1%. As for the newest version of Android, Kit Kat (Android 4.4), it appears that it is currently on only 1.1% of devices, a somewhat dismal number, but there’s plenty of time for that number to grow.

Ice Cream Sandwich dropped to 18.6% from 19.8%, Gingerbread to 24.1% from 26.3%, and Honeycomb and Froyo are pretty much done for at this point.

Via: Android Developers
  • pat kerby

    I wish someone would smack Verizon, so my HTC One can get it’s upgrade!!!

  • 1.1%!!!! Man, I feel even more special now. Thanks Moto-Google 🙂

  • APH

    How are those with Moto X’s getting kitkat? I’m still waiting for the vzw ota update…

  • RyGuy

    isn’t it the case that kitkat is for even old devices? So aren’t they trying to bring both as many devices up to JB, and those that can’t even handle that, hope that people upgrade, and then have everyone on kitkat? sort of catch everyone up?

    • Cesar

      KitKat wasn’t made to be run on old devices, just on low powered devices. What I think Google meant with that is that they are making it easier to have budget phones run KitKat in the future than it is for current budget phones to run Jelly Bean.

    • Tojen1981

      I wouldn’t use the term old. Kitkat was built with the idea of being able to run on budget hardware(512mb, 1ghz dual core). No OEM is going back and spend time/resources to develop software for phones that have already been tossed aside.

      • rdm1776

        Yes, bad choice of words on my part. That’s exactly my meaning. But then why not just push it out everywhere?

  • patadepollo

    i’m the 1% too…kitkat on my s3 runs smoothly

  • Inquizitor

    Interesting that that huge 54.5% includes all 3 Jelly Bean variations. Gotta say, as much as I love Android, this fragmentation thing is a dumb problem to have. Not that it’s that big of a deal, but the fact that it’s still here and still an easy way to scare off developers makes it a huge deal. :

  • Michael Bell

    This is one thing I miss about iPhone, being on the same and most current version of the OS even if I had an older phone. What happened to that BS Android Alliance from years ago where Google made all the major manufacturers and carriers agree to timely Android updates? Epic fail.

    • AndySamberg

      It’s no mystery why there’s less fragmentation on iOS, There is ONE iPhone every year (with the exception of this year lol)

      • creed

        Very true, and even this year it’s the same phone, just a different she’ll.

        • Michael Bell

          Same phone? It has a new CPU, GPU, camera, touch ID and a better battery. How is that the same?

          • creed

            I meant the 5s and 5c are the same phone with a different shell

          • Michael Bell

            That’s an even worse statement. The 5c is plastic, the 5s is aluminum. The 5c uses a completely different CPU and GPU , the cameras are are different, and the battery is different. They They are completely different phones, only only thing similar is they they both run iOS. Do some research

          • MicroNix

            Does that same iOS run the same on all of the iPhones out there? No. So what good is it? The iPhone 4 still doesn’t have Siri and navigation even though it runs the same OS as the iPhone 5s? Talk about living in a lie. You might as well call the version of iOS on the iPhone 4 Froyo (hell, Froyo still had navigation and voice commands making it more capable than iOS on the iPhone 4) and the version on the iPhone 5s as Kitkat. Because capabilities are where its at, not a version number.

          • Michael Bell

            Seriously? The iPhone 4 is three years old. Please name me a three year old Android phone that’s bee updated to Jellybean. I’ll save you time, there are ZERO!

          • MicroNix

            And Gingerbread was released in 2010. With voice and navigation capabilities. Which is around the same time as the iPhone 4. Yet, the iphone 4 with “the latest OS” still doesn’t have those capabilities. And when will it finally get them? I’ll save you time, NEVER!

          • Michael Bell

            At least you can get ios7 on a three year old iPhone. Three year old Android phones were dumped over over a year ago thus screwing the user

          • MicroNix

            And what did that new iOS 7 get the 3 year old iPhone except all of the reported things like poor battery life and lag? And let’s be honest here.

  • Crom Tuise

    Kit Kat users are the 1% (anomynous) =P

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    This is why the moto g exist.

  • NorCalGuy

    Kk could have been in for a nice bump, thinking the moto Dev edition was the chance for people who want to keep rooting and keeping unlimited also all the people who just wanted a good phone at a good price with the moto makers. Kinda surprised Google let one of their companies behave like that, very unlike Google.

  • Richard Giordano

    My grandpa still rocking 2.1 on his droid eris

  • People actually still use Gingerbread devices? And I thought Gnex owners were bad.

    • Cesar

      Keep in mind, the majority of phone users don’t follow Android updates the way we do. They probably don’t know or don’t care about upgrading.

  • Johannes

    I think that’s a rather good debut of kitkat. Jelly bean and ICS numbers were much lower when they were released.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Just like Windows XP, why can’t Gingerbread freaking die already?

    • MicroNix

      Because just like XP, Gingerbread is “good enough” for the average consumer. There hasn’t been any earthshattering breakthroughs post-GB to make a phone a gotta-have. Sure there’s speed, fluidity and interface enhancements but when you cover that all up with the factory skins on 90% of the phones, what is there to see? People with GB can still run all the apps you can with Kit Kat. IMHO, the biggest breakthrough since GB phones is 2GB of RAM which has done the most to improve the experience.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I’m the 1% KitKat. Thank you Moto X and Nexus 7.

  • Guest

    CM 10.2 stable is live for S3

  • Liderc

    This continues to be the major problem for Android. Google should just buy everyone a Nexus 5 and get it over with. I swear it’d fix almost everything.

  • March McLaughlin

    I’m the 1%! (Moto X)

  • Zack Kolev

    In a semi-related note, I hear this between iPhone 4 owners all the time: “Have you upgraded to iOS7 yet? No? Good! DON’T!!”
    I chuckle every time. Especially considering how much Apple ripped on Android during their last keynote.

    • Ryan Stewart

      The same story when IOS6 ditched Google Maps.

  • amazing

  • jamaall

    Hopefully moto (and Verizon) help out more with kit Kat by updating the new droid very soon?

    • AbbyZFresh

      Droids won’t help out. How many people do you see with Droids compared to Galaxies.

      • jamaall

        Well I obviously own one. Not saying a ton of people own them but since Motorola updated the moto x so quickly, I would like them to honor the droids.

        • Scott Capodice

          The droids are not the ones they were looking for…trust me..I had the Bionic. Once the RAZR came out with almost the same internals…it got ICS way faster the Bionic. The Moto X is their favorite child right now. The droids are the ones they wish they didnt have to deal with..

  • Maxim∑

    Jellybean will be the new gingerbread in terms of OS share now I think

    • AbbyZFresh

      Doesn’t matter anyway. JellyBean isn’t far behind KitKat to the large extent GingerBread was to Ice Cream Sandwhich. Everyone with JellyBean will be fine, especially since most of Google’s services are now in the Play Store.

  • Tony G.

    there’s more people on froyo than kit kat. that’s sad.

    • Ryan Stewart

      And there are more people on Gingerbread than any other mobile OS. It happens. They have been updating the APIs so really being on Jelly Bean is going to get you a great phone.

      Hell, Gingerbread is magic for my mom. To her its bleeding edge tech and she is happy. She is happy and still increasing then user base.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Gingerbread is slow and laggy as hell. How does your mom deal with that?

        • Ryan Stewart

          It didn’t seem that bad at the time. And she is a 61 year old woman, its still magic to her compared to her old flip phone. Ignorance is bliss, if you havent owned a brand new beastly phone you dont know what laggy is. And it still navigates with voice, gets her emails, surfs the net, video chats, etc.

          This is the real growth market. Us geeks have already made our beds. Its our parents/grandparents, less wealthy, and the other non-techie people who will be getting new smartphones in the future. We no longer count since we are just replacing the one we had before.

  • Patrick Chapman

    I will help that Kit Kat number in 2 day!!

  • Samvelavich

    Hah, Honeycomb is at 0.1%

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I mean we all know this disparity will pretty much never change right?

  • Craig P


    • djdsf

      I am the 100% Nexus 7 and Note 3…

  • icyrock1

    I’m surprised Froyo is still there. What a blast from the past…

  • Capt. Crunch

    I’m just glad that Honeycomb and older versions of android are down to about 25%.

  • Chingiz Saidov

    KILL GINGERBREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Matty P

      That’s the holiday spirit!

    • S2556

      Its the windows XP of android

    • Eric R.

      If this is worldwide I dont see those numbers going down anytime soon

    • Scott Capodice

      I cant believe there’s more gingerbread devices than ICS…wow…people…get a new phone…hahaha!

      • michael arazan

        Just old people who got their first smart phone and don’t care to upgrade because their phone still work. Older generations hold on to anything until it breaks and then they replace it, like my step father rockin the Samsung illusion with gingerbread.

        • Cesar

          This, except it’s not necessarily old people. Just people who aren’t phone enthusiasts and don’t care about getting the newest software or hardware. As long as their phone works, they’re not interested in upgrading.

      • Cakefiend

        Why should I? I mean, I wouldn’t even need a new phone, I could get the manufacturer’s ICS or CyanogenMod 11 on this one, but GB works fine for me.

        166,668 hits for “Android 2.3” on Amazon today. it’s not going anywhere for a while.

      • scastro87

        Wonder how many phones that got ICS didn’t get JB. Probably most phones that got ICS got JB, but the GB phones will never be updated.