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Moto G Shells and Flips Shells Now Available Starting at $14.99, Ship December 2

Motorola surprised us somewhat yesterday when they announced that their ultra-affordable phone, the Moto G, was now available in the U.S. as a GSM phone. Without a contract at $179 for the 8GB model, and $199 for the 16GB model, this might be the best deal in the mobile industry. Sure, the phone doesn’t have LTE, but most HSPA+ networks are plenty fast these days, just ask Nexus 4 owners how they’ve held up over the last year. 

To top off its striking price, the Moto G also carries a bit of the Moto X’s customization swagger by being able to utilize swappable back plates called Shells. There are 19 options altogether through Shells, Flip Shells (like a Samsung Flip Cover), and Grip Shells. As of this morning, the Shells ($14.99) and Flip Shells ($29.99) are now available with free shipping. The Grip Shells are not yet available.

If you choose to pick up a Moto G and a Shell or two, you are looking at color options that include turquoise, black, cherry, lemon lime, chalk, violet, and royal blue.

Before you get too invested in the price of the Moto G, remember that Motorola is hosting a mega-sale on Cyber Monday for the Moto X with MotoMaker. You can pick up their 2013 flagship for $350 without a contract. The Moto G might be the best overall value in the industry, by that Moto X deal is the best we have seen heading into this holiday shopping weekend.

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  • Derail Doax

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me? The pictures all show a pink Shell with no trace of a purple one in any of the piles, but in the color selection there’s Violet and no pink option. Nice.

    • Derail Doax

      Actually Me and my family member with this phone are both changing our minds on getting Flip Shells. They aren’t worth $25 the phone was only $200… 🙂 12.5% increase in the phones price…. No thanks. Time for a nice cheap eBay special.

  • Shane Redman

    That’s a solid commercial. anyone else peep the “guaranteed updates” claim

  • droidify

    I hope other OEM’s take note. I wish I could swap out this slimy disgusting back on my G2.

    • Adrynalyne

      Watching prOn eh?

  • XvierX

    I chuckled at the”see shells” button on the web page for the Moto G. Clearly Google’s sense of humor has carried over to Motorola.

  • With the Moto X only costing $350 on Monday, you’d be nuts to get this!

  • WCM3

    Why couldn’t they have done this with the Moto X? Would be nice to be able to switch out back colors.

    I kinda dig the flip shells.

    • You can buy replacement Moto X backs, but I believe they partially glued the factory backs to it. At least one reader has successfully swapped them, but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone heh.

      • WCM3

        Ha..i was actually reading about this on the ifixit site last week. I think they lost me when they said to heat up the “iOpener” and place on the back to loosen the glue. Ain’t nobody got time for dat..

        • Derail Doax

          Ain’t nobody got time for dat.. LOL!

      • Would be cool if Moto offered the ability to send your phone in for a new color scheme if you get tired of it or just want a new look. Sure, you’d be without your phone for a few days, but I bet there would be a market for it.

      • RedXander

        I just saw a feature for Motomaker that allows for a redesign within 14 days of original order (30 days in CA). Under this idea, I could definitely see a scenario where you could send your Moto X in to be re-configured for a modest cost. Would be fantastic if you could do this when wood backs come out.

  • EC8CH

    All this moto news just heightens the anticipation for the release of the wood backs.

    • WOOD!

      • EC8CH

        I know right!?!?!

        All this waiting is turning me into this guy:

    • sirmeili

      Unfortunately if it’s not here on Monday when they do the $150 off. I won’t be getting a wood back (no matter how much I want one). I just can’t turn a blind eye to the $150 off.

  • XboxOne

    If it has the same good feel on the back like on the Moto X then I’m sold.