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Zombie Tycoon 2 Hits Google Play for $9.99, Made Specifically for Nvidia Shield

Zombie Tycoon 2

In this recently released real-time strategy game called Zombie Tycoon 2, which was directly ported from the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, you must choose your side in the zombie apocalypse. There is the “apprentice-gone-rogue Orville Tycoon and his army of heavy-duty zombies – or – his revenge-hungry mentor, Professor Brainhov, and his rioting mass of twitchy brain-munchers.” Whichever side you do choose, you can bet that there will be plenty of brain eating going on. 

Given that this is a straight port from the PS Vita and PlayStation 3, only the NVIDIA SHIELD and other Android devices with a builtin controller will be able to play it. So, we’re sorry about that. Maybe that will change down the road.

If you own a SHIELD, go check it out!

Play Link ($9.99)

  • Guest

    Or you can get ppsspp and the first zombie tycoon runs very smooth for free on any phone

  • Chris

    nothing can beat the Walking dead. I have it on my iPad. wish they would bring it to android.

    • michael arazan

      Android or the play store has the official walking dead game free, or my name isn’t zombielove69

      • Chris

        I’m talking about the one from tel tale games.

  • Louie G

    Priced $9.98 too high.

    • ceejw

      It’s the same price as the Vita/PS3 version. I’m not sure why they would make it cheaper on the Shield, it’s the same game.

    • Valerie Rub

      i think this is normal price don’t hesitate.

  • Ian Smith

    wow, you guys have video ads popping up now??

    • Ryan Phelos

      Are you talking about the ads on Youtube?

      • qwert3y

        i think he is talking about video ads that appear at the bottom right of the page (at least for me)

        • AbbyZFresh

          I don’t see any ads.

          But then again i’m using AdBlock.

          • qwert3y

            So am I so I don’t know why I am seeing them

    • James

      Whether or not your talking about the youtube ads or the pop up ad on the bottom right is irrelevant. How entiled can you be?
      Do you get paid for the work you do? I bet so. They have a fine, unobtrusive ad pop-up! Thats it, there isnt banners everywhere. These guys deserve to make some money for their hardwork for our FREE news/entertainment.

    • EvanTheGamer

      The Droid-Life staffers gotta make money somehow!