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PSA: MotoMaker Moto X for Verizon is Still Available, Just Only With 32GB of Storage (Updated: 16GB is Back)

motomaker moto x  verizon

This morning, a number of you noticed that when checking out through the MotoMaker process, Verizon was no longer listed as a carrier option for the Moto X. Well, I should clarify that. You probably put together a 16GB Moto X and then tried to checkout, noticing that Big Red was left off of the list of available carriers. But that’s the thing, if you had chosen a 32GB Moto X, Verizon does indeed still show up, it’s only missing with the 16GB version that is missing. 

We don’t know if Motorola has sold out of 16GB Moto X variants for Verizon or if there is something else going on behind the scenes, but as of today, only the 32GB version of the Moto X on Big Red is available for MotoMaker magic.

We’ll avoid conspiracy theories for now and assume that they are low on stock.

The 32GB variant runs $149.99 on new 2-year contract.

Update:  Motorola just hit us up to confirm that the 16GB version for Verizon has now returned. Go get it.

  • Sean

    I was in the checkout process while buying a phone and it asked for my social security number. This is unnecessary, since the Verizon website sent my account number to the Moto Maker website. Still, all it should ask for to identify me back to Verizon Wireless is my Verizon Wireless account number, not my SSN. This is stupid and unnecessary. I don’t care if they say “it’s secure” and it only goes to Verizon; they shouldn’t be asking for it at all.

  • Droid4Life

    This phone is awesome! Don’t let the specs deter you peeps. I just received mine and I’m really enjoying the experience it provides.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    So has anyone been able to sideload the GEL on this bad boy? Also is there a method to get root on 4.4?

    • John Sanatar

      I have GEL running on mine. Much smoother than it was when I sideloaded it on 4.2.2.

      • TheDrunkenClam

        And all the voice features work (always listening)?
        Do you say “okay Google now” or “okay Google”.

        • Tyler

          I dont use GEL but this is how i would presume it works based on my experience. The “ok google now” phrase is the one that will activate touchless controls, if you have the search app open where its listening for ok google it will recognize that first and start listening like any other device (not with touchless controls).

        • John Sanatar

          I’ve changed my voice recognition for touchless controls to be Okay Google instead of Okay Google Now, so it launches touchless controls every time I say it. I can mess with my GFs MotoX later to see how it works in this situation.

        • Kelly

          Sideloading GEL on my Moto X made the phrase “OK Google” for Touchless Control–if I say “OK Google Now,” the phone considers the word “now” part of my search query. I didn’t do anything with retraining the phrase to make this happen, just happened as soon as I set GEL as my default launcher.

          • TheDrunkenClam

            This is exactly what I wanted to hear.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I used the upgrade on my dads line to get this phone which extended his contract. If I were to decide against this phone and return it, would it take the contract back to the original end date?

  • Nw_adventure

    What cases are people using for these Moto maker designed phones that DONT hide the design features ? I see the Griffin reveal or power support air jacket/grip as two of the better options. Out of the box this phone is slippery !

    • King Lo

      Moto offers a clear casing for it.

    • gokusimpson

      It was slippery out of the box but I think it got grippier after some use. I only have a screen protector on mine. Dropped it on my tile floor with only a tiny scratch on the plastic.

  • gpzbc

    Do any of the promo codes give us a discount on this? $150 + $30 upgrade fee makes this a little pricey for me.

  • srn

    My Moto x came very quickly when I ordered it last week. Actually a day early. However I ordered some accessories last Friday (using my $50 coupon) and they have still not shipped. Anybody else have any problems ordering things other than the Moto? (chose standard shipping since everything shows “in stock” but still no shippy – 😐 )

    • Silver Veloz

      My order still says not shipped also. Wonder why? My items are still in stock also. Maybe they got overwhelmed with all the $50 coupons.

      • ZeeX1

        I ordered one too 3 days ago, still no shipping. I talked to 5 different csr from Moto who dont know anything and just keeps apologizing. They ended up giving me a Moto Deck for free but nothing has shipped yet which is extremely frustratinggg!!

        • Silver Veloz

          I ordered on Nov 20th. Still not shipped. I will monitor over the weekend. If no change, I will be calling also.

  • JJ69Chev

    WIsh there was a promo code to get if for $50 Seeing my wife needs a new phone, and I missed the sale

  • Terrormaster

    Probably just low on stock. Keep in mind they had a big sale over the weekend which ended on Monday. I order my custom Verizon 16g Moto X just this past Monday. Hell $50 bucks (plus $10 Play Store credit if you share your design on Facebook or Google+) was a damn sweet deal. I’m not surprised if it’s out of stock.

    My concern right now is whether or not the low stock affected my order. I placed my order late in the afternoon. The website says estimated delivery is 11/22 which is tomorrow. My CC has been completely charged yet the moto site hasn’t updated my order status past Not Shipped. When I called they said it was still in assembly and that turn-around is six business days. Don’t mind a few extra days. Just found it odd that the website estimated a turn-around of FOUR business days. Low stock could very well explain it.

    If tomorrow passes and the status isn’t updated – THEN i’ll start to get concerned.

    • BuckNut23

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I ordered mine last Thursday, estimated delivery was Tuesday. I didn’t get the “It’s shipped” notification until close to midnight on Monday.

      • Aooga

        Let’s hope it’s the same for me. (or sooner)

    • Aooga

      I ordered on Sunday (late at night, so Monday), I got the email saying “We’re building it” on monday morning, then nothing after that. My estimated date is 11/22 as well. Let’s see if they can keep their promise. When I called they said this :”The 4 days is a promise, not a guarantee.” I had no clue what that meant, so I just thanked her and said bye.

      What I really don’t understand is how much time it really takes to assemble it. Are they assembling the entire phone from scratch, or are they just putting the colored back plate on?

      • Terrormaster

        I think the later is legally binding while the former isn’t.

        • Aooga

          Just to update you, they said there is a delay in all motomaker orders. They said it should be here by Dec. 1 since the 28th is a holiday. Extremely disappointing.

          • Terrormaster

            Hmmmm… I haven’t seen this reported anywhere (and I follow a LOT of tech blogs). I hope this is just a case of someone on the other end of the phone not knowing what the hell is going on (which I remember was the norm from Google during the original Nexus 7 launch – hopefully the moto support team is better). I’ve seen mention of people who ordered on Tuesday and have already gotten there’s. Just weird all around. For the record, my status still says not shipped with an estimated delivery of November 22, 2013.

          • Jason B

            My order said Not Shipped and it was at my front door, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

          • Aooga

            Yeah thats what I thought. My usual fedex delivery time has long passed and no phone. I think they might be right.

          • Aaron

            If that’s the case then that really blows. I have yet to receive a shipment notification and my delivery date is also 11-22.

        • Terrormaster

          Said Shipped this morning, got a tracking # and is on the truck for delivery. WOOT!

    • Tyler

      I ordered mine last week Monday night and it came on the expected date. On thursday they even emailed me saying they were having problems activating it with my account which i resolved. I got an email at around midnight on thursday with the Fedex tracking information stating that they were overnighting it and it would arrive on friday as it did. Just be patient it’s coming.

  • The turn-around for the custom Moto X’s has been very good. We ordered two on Tue of last week, and they arrived on Thu afternoon (the promised date was Saturday). I ordered a third this past Tuesday, and its on the delivery truck today. Very impressed, and happy that we have phones that are assembled in the U.S.A.

    • Terrormaster

      Better luck than me. I ordered mine Mon, site promised 4-day turn around (estimated delivery 11/22), customer support says 6-day turn around. CC charged and still as of this very moment in “Not Shipped” status.

      • e

        Ordered mine on Monday (11/18) at around 9 PM (effectively, 11/19), received an estimated delivery by 11/22, but I got a notice today that it would be delivered by 3 PM today (11/21). Looks like they overnighted it based on the order history. That’s amazing. Good for them.

        • Tyler

          They overnight them regardless.

  • hkklife

    Funny….first, 16Gb was enough for everyone not on AT&T. Now, the 16GB version may be phased out in order to push people to the higher-margin 32GB SKUs. Or perhaps Moto is clearing stock for Sarge’s 5.2″ Snapdragon 800-powered 1080P hero phone with 64GB!?!

    • socarwolverine

      Sarge’s phone would be a worthy replacement for my Droid Maxx.

      • hkklife

        Give me a Moto phone by the end of Q12014 with specs comparable to the G2 (at minimum) but with even more massive battery life and I’ll be ecstatic. Give it 64GB and a 5.5″ screen with virtual buttons and I’ll really be ecstatic.

        • AbbyZFresh

          Hard to believe people like you are still obsessed with specs and storage.

          • hkklife

            Hard to people like you are reading Droid-life instead of Appleinsider!

        • King Lo

          Yeah and it should cost $250 off contract and have a 4K screen and have bluetooth 6.2 (the super duper low energy version) and a camera that snaps pictures with my eyeballs.

  • 640k

    if they come out with a 64gb variant, i’ll be royally pissed.

  • 80am

    Waiting for wood backs!

    • WCM3

      Agreed. I’ve been looking forward to a wood backed moto x since their unveiling. I’m starting to lose my patience and might just skip the moto x altogether. 🙁

    • I’d like brushed aluminum!

      • jmsbwmn

        That would look great, so I gave you an up vote. However, you can ask Apple how well that worked out, since that’s how they made the OG iPhone. Google ‘Antennagate’.

    • EC8CH

      Really hoping they make these available before the end of the year.

    • Aaron

      So was I until I couldn’t wait any longer. I might have waited if they would at least give a time frame or something instead of just saying nothing. I gave in and made one on motomaker, I think I’m really going to like the combo I picked so no big deal.

      • NexusMan

        They said “soon,” 2 days ago. And they said before year’s end since the beginning…I’m hoping it arrives for Black Friday.

        • myrddinman

          I have 12 days left to be able to return my Moto X and get a wood variant, if they make them available. Like Aaron, I just couldn’t justify waiting any longer with no commitment to a time frame.

    • cobalt27

      Same. I can continue to tolerate my Galaxy Nexus, which I really only use sparingly for calls, texts, and music in the truck. All other media consumption is via my Nexus 7.

  • Ant


  • Aaron

    Glad I ordered mine on Sunday, don’t need 32 gigs of storage. As a tribute to the OG Droid and other older phones I’ve had I put “with Google” as the engraving on the back.

    • NexusMan

      That’s cool. When they first launched the enneagon on At&T, they blocked that

      • Aaron

        I was kind of surprised that it worked actually.

  • OG Droid

    Where the Fu%k is the woven white back?? Does anyone know when it will be available again?

    • sean carey

      ive seen it on there several times recently, including yesterday

      • OG Droid

        Are you serious!? I check all the time; at least once a day and it continues to state “Not Available”.

    • DE

      It’s out of stock due to the developer edition. It came back once with an expected delivery date in mid December. Then it went out of stock again.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I want one but I need it with a good discount since I’m doing a contact.