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Android 4.4 Kit Kat Now Rolling Out to Moto X on T-Mobile

moto x kit kat update verizon

Verizon Moto X owners, your time as the exclusive Kit Kat group is now over with. Motorola has announced that the T-Mobile variant of their 2013 flagship is receiving Android 4.4 as well.

No other notes were given, only that the update is rolling out. We’ve got a link to the release notes below.

To check, head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

Via:  Motorola [Release Notes]

  • Jason B

    The root checker in recovery reports “qe 1/1” after updating to KK (never rooted). Interesting. I wonder if Motorola disabled it completely. On JB 4.2.2 it was 0/0.

    • Chuck Kovac

      +1. Same thing with my Moto Maxx.

  • Jeremy Wray

    I say good, once everyone has it the root method can be released.

  • Chad

    From a VZW Moto X user: Prepare to fall out of love with your device. This update is complete garbage!! Lagging active notifications lock screen as well as the screen lighting up while driving every 5 seconds. But you never hear these guys on DL say anything other than how amazing it is. BS!! It adds almost nothing over 4.2.2. Head to xda n read for yourselves.

    • Jeremy Wray

      I still love mine, it does lag when unlocking but its very uncommon to happen but its only for a split second so it doesn’t really bother me, and once when i locked the phone the active screen was on but just showing the lockscreen clock on the bottom, like it was trying to day dream the clock. but it was once and unlocking and relocking it fixed the issue.

      I’m sure the lock screen issue will be fixed in the next update.

      • Chad

        I hope soon. I was loving this phone prior. Much more than the S4 I had before this one.

        • guest

          i have read this issue lot of places ..but i dont seem to have this issue at all strange ..i wonder if this gets fixed by just doing factory reset .(i did that that by the way after taking the update) ..

    • Jason B

      I don’t have this issue, but I am using ART rather than Dalvik.

      In the developer options, force GPU rendering (for 2D) was enabled, so I disabled it and it seemed to smooth things out a bit. The display driver doesn’t seem to respond well to being forced.

  • Ronny Carassco

    When on nexus4?

  • NexusMan

    Kellen, stop trying to cause dissension, Verizon, or otherwise, it’s still in the Moto X family. 🙂

  • jparker78

    Have an annoying bug on my Verizon Moto X and Kit Kat…exchange 2003 server and push notifications on the phone aren’t jiving. Emails aren’t being marked as read between outlook and phone and emails are syncing hours after they arrive. Not cool.

    • Jeremy Wray

      isnt there a bug for this known on the nexus 5? if so id believe its kit kat itself and not just the update on the moto x.

      • jparker78

        yeah it’s a Kit Kat bug but I was just trying to let users know

  • Adamania

    AT&T next!

  • edoggy

    Downloading now!

  • Scott

    Motorola’s on fire! I’m still in shock over the speed that they are rolling this out. Especially compared to the OG Droid days.

  • lgreg64

    I just love the new moto

  • Charlie

    I just checked for updates on my wife’s T-Mobile Moto X, and sure enough Kit Kat was waiting. Updating now!

  • sagisarius

    One thing holding me back from ditching my Nexus 4 and getting a Moto X was that I wanted to see how long the updates on the X really took. Since it turns out they’re faster than the Nexus… that kinds seals the deal.

  • Kevin B

    Jeez, you guys still aren’t up to date?! – Verizon Moto X users

    • Hah mean 😛

      • Mathayus_Beck

        All of us Moto X users are feeling smug about now

        • grandautotheft5

          why wouldn’t they? motorola has done a good job

          • Mathayus_Beck

            Please reread my statement

          • grandautotheft5

            i understand ur statement.. I am saying u have all the reasons to feel pride about

    • grandautotheft5


    • Jose Hernandez

      🙂 Trust me As a Verizon user, I was feeling like the minion going “Whaaaaat” and of course, downloaded.

  • Croq

    Nice. Maybe the S4 will follow soon.

    • Chris

      Maybe not!

    • turdbogls

      HA! good luck with that. you might get 4.3 by the end of the year though…so there’s that to look forward to.

      • Jeremy Wray

        Well they rushed everyone to 4.3 so they could sell more of the watches.

        I’d say don’t get used to a semi speedy update cycle.

        • turdbogls

          that is true….but 4.4 has nothing in it to bring money to the company…unless…..Galaxy Glass…coming exclusively to Galaxy S4 (and to most Galaxy devices with a super quick 4.4 update)

          • Jeremy Wray

            What is Galaxy Glass? I have not heard of such a thing coming from Samsung (not saying its not likely , im sure they have some sort of prototype but its likely at least a year or so out since to sell it would have to be comparable to Google Glass that has been in testing for years now with an open community of feedback).

            Thing is even if Samsung comes out with their own glass why would it need 4.4? They needed 4.3 because that was what allowed the new band for Bluetooth to work which was needed for the watch to work correctly.

    • B!

      Samsung’s known for following so you may be in luck.