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Motorola Confirms Android 4.4 Kit Kat Updates for DROID RAZR HD, MAXX HD, and RAZR M

razr maxx hd official1

When Android 4.4 Kit Kat was originally announced 3 weeks back, Motorola confirmed that the Moto X and new DROID family would all see the update fairly quickly. What we weren’t sure about was whether or not last year’s DROID family would see the same joy – that would be the DROID RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, and RAZR M. According to recently updated Motorola update support pages, all three will indeed see the update to Android 4.4.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.59.06 AM

All three pages now say that each device will see Android 4.4. No timeline has been given, but I wouldn’t expect to see it before all Moto X variants have been updated and then the ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini. Once those are free and clear, last year’s phones should be up. That’s speculation on my part, of course. No matter what, this is great news.

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Cheers Shelby andΒ Will P!

  • Z

    …still waiting…

  • tarun

    hi will motorola update its razr maxx xt910 in india to kitkat…………..

  • kevin o

    any time date for release for razr maxx Hd or a M?

  • Yash

    Hi guys ur happy but wat about razr maxx people will it get kitkat

  • Jeff Harvey

    I loved the Droid Maxx so much that I bought a Second one… One for business, one for personal. The phone is leaps and bounds better than the Razr HD I moved out of. Just have a h*ll of a time telling them apart! LOL Time for different colored cases…

  • Tyrone_83

    Didn’t they say the MAXX HD wasn’t going to updated and stay on 4.1.2? Now that it’s no longer in my possession I might just have to look on craigslist or some other site to buy it again. Or just either get the Nexus 5 or just wait to get the S5 next year.

  • So I’m guessing its coming out Christmas time?

  • ali jawad

    What about the first Droid RAZR (non-M, non-HD)??? Or is that now chopped liver?

  • justinc

    So once the updates hit we’ll be forced to use the god awful Maps v7. What a horrible downgrade that is.

  • Cynthia

    so RAZR M has kit kat update already?

  • Sad men

    Not for the razr i… I always have THE phone without update…

    • Suman Gandham

      Dude, you bought a phone with an Intel processor… from Motorola.

      Masochist much? :p

  • Ataurrahman Khakwani

    Will droid maxx be the droid maxx hd.?? If not then ii would go for it if yes then ii would wait for hd.

    • Ataurrahman Khakwani

      Plz reply me as fast as possible.

  • I have the Razr M and that phone is just pure garbage along with the others with only internal memory no SD card

    • David Toma

      The Razr M has an SD Card slot….

      • I’m talking about the other new phones I know the M has a SD slot but not the droid razr HD/MAXX PRO whatever the hell they’re called now, just 16gb internal storage that’s it. It’s just stupid not to add a SD slot because you’re limited like the iphone.

        • David Toma

          OH! Yeah. I have the same opinion about the Nexus phones. It makes absolutely no sense. I don’t want to use the cloud because I am almost always offline.

    • Scrotie McBoogerballs

      You’re on crack. The Razr M is a good phone, not top of the line but a damn good phone. If you have problems with it, you either got a dud or you’re an idiot!

      • no the phone is just slow the specs are horrible any phone that is designed for this era needs at least quad to 8 core with 2gb ram to function decently. THE GPU well there’s no gpu in the phone it’s simply garbage from the others.

        • evo34

          What are you trying to run on the damn thing? Also, why would you get a compact phone if you obviously are trying to run a ton of applications at top speed?

    • gallen408

      Huh? You’re a bit off base there buddy, I’ve got a 16 gb card in my Razr M and am loving it. I cant wait for 4.4.

      • I said other phones that don’t have SD cards not RAZR m. The m is just slow.

  • Tbone1151

    We’ve seen companies tout they’ll update certain phones only to fall by the wayside. Motorola or not, I’ll believe it when I see it…

  • teddyb

    I miss my Maxx HD.. No i have a Droid maxx.. Let’s go already!

  • Suman Gandham

    Just in case there are any XT925 owners out there… happy days πŸ˜€

  • What about the OG Razr? Kit Kat or no?

    • BillyBobBaggins

      Rumors say that yes, the OG, flip-phone RAZR will be getting KitKat!!!

  • bogy25

    Camera will still be crap even with Kit Kat πŸ™

  • Busko

    No love for the Bionic

    • jnt

      Isn’t the Bionic over 2 years old now? I would assume that no phone pre-2012 would get KitKat, and I would be surprised if many pre 2013 did honestly.

      • Busko

        it is, just wishful thinking. i’ll be happy w/ my JB.

        • BillyBobBaggins

          Same here on the wishful thinking for the Bionic. A small part of me was hoping that they’d ignore the 2-year support window just because all of the miserable pain they put us Bionic owners through.

          The phone is still pretty serviceable with JB although it does overheat when using PDANet hotspot, the digitizer gets messed up often, powers off randomly, and very slow to power up..

          Honestly would have upgraded to a new phone by now if Verizon wasn’t going to force me out of my unlimited… Now I’m just holding on until my Bionic explodes.

          • BillyBobBaggins

            But hey, what can you expect from the first dual-core + 4G LTE device on the market? Should have known that it was bound to have issues. New technology = new problems.

  • bored_guest

    My HD lives!!!!!!

  • Larry Bublitz

    Cool! I’ve got a Razr M in my desk drawer and pull it out from time to time– this will be great! (Though this will probably break the GSM carrier unlock, so I’ll need to wait for that as well.)

    • jnt

      Is the GSM carrier lock rom dependent? i.e. is it a hack or a legit unlock?

      • Larry Bublitz

        You have to change one byte in NVRAM from a 00 to a 01, then it works on Tmobile for me (H+ in the display and everything)….http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2166542

        • Larry Bublitz

          Darnit, I meant you change the byte from a 01 to a 00. I think that byte in the source code is labeled “Verizon is a Jerk” (set to Yes or No)

      • Larry Bublitz

        Some ROMs wipe out the byte and some don’t, so i had to do the mod after playing with ROMs sometimes. It’s just changing one byte of the phone’s memory, so it wasn’t hard in theory, just hard to remember how to play with the software tools to do it.

  • Tom Z

    Great! Now I don’t have to use a questionable ROM to get to 4.4. I was about ready to start seeking out a ROM, now I will wait for the official stable 4.4 on the Razr HD Maxx…

  • Got excited while reading the title until I realized it was the HD models….I guess JB is as far as my og Droid Razr will make it!

    • crackedup

      Motorola dropped that like a rock years ago! Haha

  • Dave

    While they’re light years away from Samsung’s market share, they seem to be trying very hard lately. Definitely aiming to satisfy a large group of the old Moto fan base. Good work.

    • NeedName

      certainly giving better support than the nexus line is getting. . . GSM gNex released about same time and no 4.4 love.

      gotta give it to Motorola. . . just might have to pick of the Moto G. . . just because.

      • vzwuser76

        You’re thinking of the non HD Razrs, which launched end of 2011/early 2012. The RAZR HDs launched end of 2012.

  • Tyler

    Well, I have dissed Moto for not updating the Razr HD family but I stand corrected. Props to you Moto for supporting these phones. I think you just kept me as a customer (assuming your next big battery phone doesn’t have capacitive buttons…).

  • sparty569

    What if I am already in a 4.4 ROM? CM11 and SlimKat have been running on my phone since the weekend. All I can see is a proper rom and not a port. I cant wait.

  • to lazy to get a username

    I will believe it when I see the Update incoming..Till then. NO

  • KRS_Won

    The biggest part that makes me happy about this is that my HD MAXX has an SD card. I was considering switching to the new Droid MAXX, but i travel a lot and having music and movies on a SD card make a difference.

    • Alan

      I had the maxx hd and just upgraded to the DROID max. The new max is way better, in a different class, by far the best phone I have owned, well worth the upgrade, so much better. . Super fast with no lag, much better battery life I travel a lot I and it easily lasts well over a day with no charge even through 5 hour flight of continuous use and use the gps to find he hotel and use the gps to go eat. Love the freedom from worrying about charging. Wifi 2.4 and 5ghz connection is way faster. Phone does not hot like the max hd did under heavy use. The moto max is way better then the ol’ maxx hd. Screen is awesome bright and bigger. Phone feels light. Camera is way better and much faster. Video is way better and slow motion video is way cool. Get the maxx it’s pure awesome, worth every penny.

      • Tovar Endwy

        Yup same here was going to get one but the lack of smartactions no sd or hdmi was a no no for me.

  • Ayyy


  • Josh Blaylock

    You forgot the Atrix HD…it’s getting 4.4 too

  • John Jenness

    Nice…very nice!

  • teevirus

    I have been griping about this for months on here. I will shut up and wait now.

    • Ayyy

      I know right! They better give us 4.4 or our next phone wasn’t gonna be a Moto!

  • rutgersjaffo

    What’s the deal with this site always wanting to spontaneously scroll itself to the top of the page all the time lately?

    • B!

      The same thing was happening to me on another forum when I was reading about the Motorola financing thing.

  • Matt Hoenig

    Finally! I’m so sick of these “tease updates”. No Verizon, I don’t want a new version of VZ navigator…

  • Samuel Ames

    Anyone else thinking that Verizon passed on Moto Maker at the beginning just to have 4.4 first?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’m thinking Verizon Made the Droids so similar so they would get updates for them quickly.

      • Samuel Ames

        Yeah, don’t want to go too far out of the box.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        My guess is that one of Motorola’s conditions for being Verizon’s exclusive Droid device partner was getting top priority for Android updates. Just speculation, but I’d say that would be a pretty fair trade for each of them.

  • kixofmyg0t

    My old MAXX HD is running 4.3 via XenonHD. This is great news!

  • MichaelFranz

    I still have a Razr HD hanging around. Anyone wanna buy it? πŸ™‚

    • HarleyGuy72

      Yep, how much? Also, what’s the condition of it?

      • MichaelFranz

        its rooted and unlocked. probably will not be able to get OTA unless a ROM is made, but it will run AOSP 4.4 once Dev’s port it. looking for $250. included original box, case, a charging cable. might throw in 32GB sd card since i do not think i need it. Phone is 16GB. Mint condition, few corner dings but nothing with the screen. Phone is soldi build

        • Justin W

          Hmm…. I loved the style of that Razr….

    • fd2blk78

      How much?

      • MichaelFranz

        See my other reply below.

  • turdbogls

    nice, my wife will be happy to know here Razr HD MAXX will be updated….

  • Sanchez19

    Well, I’ll be…

  • mustbepbs

    If my DROID DNA wasn’t getting CM11 officially, I’d jump ship to one of Moto’s phones. As it stands, my next phone will be Motorola if they keep this up.

    • TJWaterskier

      I jumped ship from the DNA to the Moto X VZW Dev… Haven’t looked back. There wasn’t official CM when I left but.. yeah.. KitKat haha

    • Dave

      Ditto here. Just need battery life to match my GN2 and a screen close to the same size.

  • Dorian Brooks

    Sonofab*tch!!!! I gave my RAZR M to my kid so I could get a DNA in April. Now Moto is announcing 4.4 for that mid ranger, while my high end HTC is STILL sitting on 4.1.1. I hate hashtags but #FML

    • mustbepbs

      S-OFF that DNA and you could be swimming in CM10.2 at the moment. It’s rock stable and it’s very sweet. We’ve got official CM support so CM11 is just around the corner. It’s already being worked on.

      • Dorian Brooks

        I did that with my DInc2, but I thought I read that Build 2.07.605.1 hadn’t gotten S-OFF yet.

        • Dominick White

          Check out Xda, they have S-off and a Alpha kitkat rom for the droid dna

          • Dorian Brooks

            I’m off to XDA then. See you guys later.

          • Dustin Newkirk

            KK for the DNA is smooth as hell. Doesn’t feel like an Alpha build at all.

  • David Moylan

    great news! now if my HD would only take updates…it wont take the last small one that came out πŸ™

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Call Motorola support, I’ve found them to be one of the more helpful CS teams I’ve had to deal with lately. Had a little niggle with updating my wife’s Moto X and they actually knew how to fix it.

    • Tom Z

      I’m having the same problem, but I was thinking it is because I’m Rooted and Un-locked. I may have also disable built-in apps. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. But, I will figure it out once the 4.4 starts rolling.

      • Tyler

        Well, you have to have stock recovery loaded back on for one thing. Secondly, you will have to unfreeze the Verizon bloat.

  • RedXander

    I confirmed for my friend that has a Razr M that he is getting 4.4 as well. Kind of cool that it’s jumping from 4.1 to 4.4. No timeline that I’ve seen but I’m liking the new Moto

    • MikeCiggy

      Liking the new Moto we are.

      • stabone

        I just got a Razr M a few weeks ago. I’m very happy.

    • j

      Just bought my mom a Razr M off swappa for xmas so she can ditch her og incredible and keep unlimited data. This is very good news.

  • Pierito

    Only a matter of time >=)



  • Mark

    WOOHOO!!! πŸ™‚

    • Pierito

      Your Avatar matches your comment perfectly lol

      • Mark

        hehe… Yipee kai ay! πŸ™‚

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Please, stay away from my mother.

          • Mark

            Happy trails, Hans! πŸ˜‰

          • Franklin Ramsey