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Verizon Moto X Soak Test is Ready, is Definitely Kit Kat (Updated: With Changelog)

moto x

You are probably struggling to believe this, but yes, the Verizon Moto X does indeed appear to be the first up for a Kit Kat update from Motorola. We first saw soak test invites go out last week for a new update for Big Red’s variant, with most of us assuming it would be Android 4.4 thanks to comments made by Motorola’s CEO during the Moto G announcement, who said it should arrive within a few weeks. In a forum post this morning to the private Motorola forum for soak tests, we get a confirmation on it actually being 4.4. Talk about a quick turn-around.  

moto x kit kat

The soak should arrive “sometime very soon.” Assuming the test goes well, the update should push to the masses shortly after, often times within a week.

Here is the changelog:

kit kat moto x

So now we’ve got Verizon as first to Android 4.3 on the Galaxy S4 and first to Android 4.4 on the Moto X. Is this a new Verizon?

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  • Sam Milton

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  • David Owens

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  • Kasey Hendrickson

    Anybody gotten the update yet?

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    So for BigRed users looking for Nexus, Moto X looks like the next best thing…

  • George264

    Ridiculous how the N4 and my N7 2013 has still not received KitKat

  • bvazkez

    No wonder the update hasn’t been pushed out yet, someone actually copied and pasted the (private) site page to get a scoop. Theres rumor that they might cancel the push now. Thanks

  • Richard Giordano

    cant wait for the new droids get the soak test next.

  • Annoyed

    Thanks to the lack of integrity of the “re-labelled guest” who earlier posted the soak change log the log was pulled from the site and this soak and the MFN itself has been put in serious jeopardy. If you can’t abide by the rules stay out. Don’t wreck it for everybody.

    • needa

      this isnt the first time the changelog has been posted.

  • ROB

    Make sure you initiate ART when the update is done. My battery life on my Nexus 5 is a lot better now.

  • i dont regret my choice to go with the HTC One and i love it, but this just makes me crazy jealous. ugh.

  • Seiga

    I don’t think this is the “new” Verizon so much as it is the culture changes in the phone manufacturer, especially with Motorola’s overhaul. A year ago, we didn’t have Google Play version phones for S4 and HTC One, or the massive Nexus devices. And a year ago, Motorola was their own company before Google bought them out. A lot has changed in the mobile industry, especially with Android that make these faster updates possible. Eventually, there may be a point where Google can push all software out at once to all Android supported devices. And that will say a lot since that will once and for all obliterate fragmentation.

  • jimt


  • lensgrabber

    Where are the GSM Dev Edition soak tests? I signed up for MFN but still nothing.

  • Is this the first non Nexus device with an official upgrade to Kit Kat?

    • BlackMaGiC1o0

      Apparently Soo

  • Aaron

    So is the X getting the google experience launcher since the change log says restyled status and navigation bars?

  • Mike

    Verizon has gotten plenty of android flavors first. It’s not really a new Verizon it’s Verizon walking away from a recent slump.

  • jimt

    That’s what Verizon wants you to think!

  • subiedude85

    My X should be in the mail tomorrow or the next day and this news has me counting the minutes till it’s arrival.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    This is AWESOME! Got my Moto X on Thursday and I’m happy with it. But could someone tell me with this update will the battery life get even better on the Moto X??

    • NickMotoX

      It should! Kit kat helps run more efficient and should give you even better battery life.

  • Bryan

    So happy I got a Verizon Moto X last week. This is good news!

  • Chase Chick

    So I wonder if they are going to integrate the stock Caller ID thing. I’ve already disabled that crapware called ID on my Moto X

    • tharealoc

      that ID crap is from verizon…it will most likely stay on the phone. Best thing to do is disable it before you accidentally enable the service. Rumor is that it will automatically start charging directly to your bill after the free period..

      • socarwolverine

        They’ve had that program before and it never automatically charged. It just goes away until you click the icon in the app drawer, then it ask you to pay.

  • Capt. Crunch

    So if i get a $300 Moto X from Republic wireless could I use it on T-Mobile?

    • tharealoc

      nope, republic is sprint based using cdma

  • jimt

    Verizon is trying to stop the flow of customers to other service providers by rushing this to Verizon users because they don’t have the Nexus 5. It is similar to what they did with the galaxy gear watch and GS4 update.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It’s Verizon’s fault they don’t have the Nexus 5. They have no one to blame but themselves.

      And besides, i don’t think they’ll lose that many customers because the Nexus 5 is not a phone targeted for the masses. It’s meant for a smaller market unlike the Moto X.

  • Droid4Life

    Looks like I have gotten over my spec sickness. I was all abroad the G2 train and even had it ordered until Verizon wouldn’t honor it and said I placed order too late for sale. Well now I have a Moto X on the way and even though it may not be spec beast, I like all the other factors about it. Anybody with an X that can assure me I made right decision and that it’s awesome???

    • Droid4Life


    • Bryan

      My wife has an S4 and I now have the Moto X. This is the best phone I have ever owned or used. You’ll love it.
      Like so many others have said, it feels great in the hand. It’s a pleasure to use and just works.

    • NickMotoX

      Once you use Active display and notifications you’ll never want another phone that doesn’t have it. At least that’s how I feel!

    • bd1212

      I came from a G2 and my Moto X blows it out of the water. You’re gonna love it.

  • richkoos

    Yea I haven’t even gotten 4.4 on my nexus 7 2013…

  • BodomSlayer

    It’d be a new Verizon if they let us upgrade before the 24 month mark.

  • Jason Kahn

    Wow, KitKat on the Moto X and my Nexus 7 hasn’t even gotten the OTA yet. What happened at Verizon, first they admit their network actually sucks in big cities, the they start turning updates around faster than the other carriers.

  • Booyabobby

    Hahahaha this must be a dream.

  • “I have your update”
    “No….that’s not true…..THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!”
    “Search your feelings you know them to be true.”