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Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager Receives Update, Now Supports All Notifications

Galaxy Gear

Last week, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch received its first firmware update from Samsung. The update wasn’t anything too special, but now that the official Gear Manager application has been updated as well, the smartwatch just got a whole lot more useful. 

With the updated Manager, you can select to have full notifications from any app on your phone transferred to Galaxy Gear – no more Samsung telling you which apps’ notifications are compatible with Gear. You can choose your Hangouts, Gmail, WhatsApp, and anything else you might want. This is the way it should have been when first launched.

During our review, one of our factors in deciding that the Galaxy Gear wasn’t worth its price tag is the fact you were limited to what notifications you could receive and how much detail was included in them. For full details or mini-previews of notifications, you were limited to the stock Messaging app, Samsung’s email app, and a few others, but the experience was just poor. If the app wasn’t on Samsung’s select list, all you would see was an icon along with a message telling you to pull out your phone. A smartwatch is supposed to solve problems, not create new ones.

So, if you have Galaxy Gear, make sure are running the newest firmware and have downloaded the new Galaxy Gear Manager app from the Samsung App store and enjoy.

Samsung Apps Link

Via: SamMobile

  • pbolton70

    Has anyone in the US seen this update? I know the UK received it a couple weeks ago.

    • Toni F

      Finally got it over here in the U.S it makes the gear totally worth the price now, just wish we could send text response to hangouts, and chat on but I’ll settle for this update for the time being.

  • Munir Char

    It is not in the US yet. We’ll have to wait.

  • John

    I had to manually check for the update, but it was there.. The watch is so much more useful now. I live in Canada by the way.

    • Ronnie Bcool Roncancio

      How did you manually check for an update?

      • John

        I just opened the galaxy gear app. Clicked on Galaxy Gear connected, the selected software version, and then check for updates.

  • reactor4

    Not sure why this is, but NO ONE has mentioned the ability to see who’s calling you on your Gear. For people who use their phone’s for frequent voice communication this is a huge feature. No more reaching into your bag or pocket, just peak at your wrist. You can even answer the phone on your gear then switch the call to your Note 3. That’s a important function for many people

  • Paul

    After using this daily and recharging nightly for a year what does one do when the battery no longer holds a full charge? Recharge every 8 hours?

    • guest

      is it 2003????????? lithium ion batteries do not “remember” or lose its battery capabilities.

      • Paul

        You are joking right? Batteries do not lose their capabilities? So you are saying a battery will last forever? Good luck with that. All batteries fail eventually. With replaceable batteries you just pop in a new one. This is a little to expensive to just toss out when the battery fails. What does Samsung have to say about this?

        • dennis

          what does apple say when thiers die or motorola? Meh by the time the battery on this watch fails to perform you will have a new one unless you are poor.

  • wmsco1

    A hint add your Gmail account to email app came with the phone by selecting other. I did so and read about 25 emails no pictures seems to be a limit on words, but was more than enough for me.

  • Terrance Cox

    I Had not wore a watch in years . The gear is comfortable and reading on it is a breeze even at a glance.The camera takes nice pictures for a watch. For me notifications on the watch to able to read on the watch is what I use it most for.Unfortunately notifications still did not work after update! Me I am pleased with my watch it says I am a techie and worth every penny. I also trust Samsung to keep making it better.

    • DaRel

      “The camera takes nice pictures for a watch.” I bet you never thought you would ever say something like that 5 years ago.

  • Fusion0589

    I think some people fail to ascertain that this watch has only been out for ONE FULL MONTH. Cut it some slack and trust in Samsung to continue to make it a viable product. That’s what updates are for.

  • sundawg

    Will galaxy gear ever be able to control google play music? I pay the $10 monthly fee and like not having to take up space by just streaming my library to my phone.

    • n900mixalot

      Not sure what you’re talking about … I use mine to control Google music at the gym.


  • Justin Scarano

    ok so i looked at this update. The notifications only work if you “walk away then back to your phone” and not read them on your phone. Sort of out of bluetooth range. I did like the feature that lets you just pick up your phone and the notifications just open on your phone.

    • Jon

      I’m not following you???

  • RaptorOO7

    Ok, so where the hell are these updates for the USA Samsung?

    • will

      I haven’t got the updated yet did u ??

      • impossibleeverything

        I’ve yet to. FL.

        • impossibleeverything

          I mean… I got the manager update, just not the firmware update, which makes the manager update as useless as a nun’s twat.

    • reactor4

      Still waiting..

    • pbolton70

      I have not gotten the update to the firmware as well

  • De Nguyen

    Would love to have What’s App capability.
    Any body has a Jaybird Bluetooth X that able to transfer phone audio from the Gear to it?
    That option on my is greyed out.

  • dave

    New update breaks Exchange email notifications with message that email can’t be read on phone because of security issues. Work around is to set the exchange server to forward your exchange emails to you gmail account

    • Richard

      I have seen that also. Exchange notifications seem to be broken in the Note 3 update itself. The Android notifications on the phone no longer show the text of the email. And now neither does the Galaxy Gear – presumably reading the same state from the phone. Is this fixable? This was one of the best features before.

      • Richard

        BTW…every time I use the “reset Gear” option in the smart watch itself, it shows “installing firmware update” as if it had not been successful previously. Version in watch shows as …AMII . Gear Manager is 1.5.111304, Phone android version is 4.3, kernel oct 17 KST2013, Build …BMJ5.

        • jmdolphin

          quit resetting. when you reset it put the last firmware you receivied not the new one. use gear manager update check to check for updates for the firmware. when It is ready it will come.

    • Uriel

      Same here…sigh…seems like the “update” took my gear backwards. I still can’t read gmail notifications and now it broke the exchange email notifications. I hope this gets fixed soon. I have tried to research the problem but nothing out there yet.

      • dennis

        yeah everything I have tried to input for searching on when this will be fixed leads to crap. Thank god for sideloading at least I can still play actual games and read or have books read to me on the watch cause my main reason for spending the cash is now gone. And since update I have been having serious issues with making calls from my watch. It pops up with dailing then call ended with no call being made only seems to work when I open my case cover {the one with the smart window which btw sucks}.

  • sfasljkas

    Makes me even more anticipated for my future gear

  • jim

    Not interested in the watch, but the Note 3, now thats what I want, top phone out there bar none

  • tomn1ce

    Nice. Samsung now make it compatible with other devices (other then samsung made devices) and shave off %25-%50 and I may consider buying it.

    • John T. Wildman

      It’s called Galaxy gear for a reason. . Thought the name made it obvious which phones it will work with. $300 isn’t out of line for a watch.

      • Richard Kang

        Completely agree with you. I’m not sure why people think $300 is a lot. I mean my cheapest watch I think I have is $150-200 and all it does is tell time. This is awesome! and with these updates (still waiting), it’ll be money!

  • pbolton70

    OK so what version firmware is the watch suppose to be on now?

    • n900mixalot


    • wmsco1


    • pbolton70

      looks like mine is V700XXUAMII. How do I get the update. everytime I check from the manager it tells me the latest updates have already been installed

  • I think we can all agree that unless the Gear gets compatibility with all Android devices, 95% of DL readers don’t care about it.

  • Spanky

    How do I update to the latest firmware? It does not seem to be available to U.S. users.

    • sbw99

      I am confused too as mine hasn’t changed. My gear manager is no different from previous version after the update… what am i missing? also I didnt / don’t see how to update firmware in gear “says no update available”

      • wmsco1

        Firmware is for the note3. The Gmanager will update after. No mention of Verizon Update yet, other than the one for the speakers. USA update is lacking

        • RaptorOO7

          Shocker on that, as usual. If no update soon, I will simply return mine . . . again.

    • Jon

      You need to do a little bit of research. There are instructions on the XDA Developers forums for the Galaxy Gear.

      The US version has not been updated yet last I read. I think it’s the UK version that has the update already.

      The update involves updating the Samsung app on your phone, as well as a firmware update for the watch itself.

      Once both of these updates are done, you can then choose to get notifications from any or all of your apps that support notifications. There are screen shots and everything on the XDA forums.

      Also the update is supposed to improve Blue-tooth range and users are reporting that it helps smooth out the UI and make things feel snappier as well.

      Sounds like a solid update, and a damn shame they didn’t have this ready on day one.

      • RaptorOO7

        So we get squat as usual, no update and no word on an update.

    • RaptorOO7
  • donkeykong85

    I still dont really see how this is useful. Maybe when jogging or biking i could see my messages, otherwise the screen is small and i wont ever type on it.

    • wmsco1

      If it is important pull out your phone if not delete and go on simple.

  • crazed_z06

    Hmmm.. this thing could be interesting now

    • tomn1ce

      if it would support other phones other then samsungs it would be a lot better….

      • ki11ak3nn

        It also needs to be less expensive. I have a Note 3, but I’m not shelling out $300 for it. Give it to me @ $200 or under then I’ll be onboard.

        • Jon

          Agreed. If this was $200, I would already have one. I’m hoping for a sale soon, or else I might pick one up on craigslist.

  • Walter Partlo

    I think there is a mistake at the end of the first paragraph. Shouldn’t “the smartwatch just got a whole lot more useful.” be “the smartwatch just got moderately useful.” ? 😉

  • S9779

    I returned mine after about two weeks. I did like it but just could not justify the price. The number one issue I had with the watch was s voice. It just a total piece of crap. to me the biggest selling point of this watch vs other watches that just give you notifications was the ability to interact with your voice. They can ditch the camera as well since its useless and ugly.

  • imHOWIE

    Sounds like a good update. Once they get rid of the Samsung app store only requirement and allow it to work with other phones, it’ll actually be an appealing piece of hardware.

    • Droid Ronin

      still won’t fix the problem with the horrible battery life (for a watch) and the bulkiness of it.

      • crazed_z06

        It looks big in pictures, but I went to check it out at the store and it really is no bigger than modern 42mm Men’s watches. I was suprised.

      • Ej McCarty

        Mine lasts a couple of days. I really don’t see how you would run out of battery life in a day unless you are constantly on it, which in my opinion is kinda stupid. Check your notifications maybe answer a call or two and take some pictures and there is no reason it shouldn’t last a couple days. The most I used it one day I think I drained it to 50 %. I mean it has a really nice screen for a watch and does some cool stuff. Cut it some slack the battery life is more than accurate and it’s honestly not bulky at unless you’re wearing super tight long sleeve shirts. But I’m gonna guess that you wear baggy, non-form fitting clothes 🙂

      • David

        Mine lasted for days with heavy use.

      • Jon

        Every review I’ve seen it seems to last about a day and a half on battery. I don’t think that’s horrible. As long as I can make it from early morning to when I go to sleep and can charge it overnight, that’s perfectly fine with me.

        Would it be nice to not have to charge it for 3-4 days?….sure, but not at all a deal breaker as long as it easily last a solid day and a half.

        • bill-e

          I use my all the time in meetings, I’m in meetings almost all day every day. I’d say that my worst day was about 28% battery drain at 9pm but most days are around 20% a day.

        • reactor4

          Mine last all day easily..No idea where these short battery life claims are coming from

      • reactor4

        If you wear standard men’s watch you will not find it big.