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Chrome for Android and Chrome Beta Both Receive Updates Through Google Play

chrome android

Both the stable Chrome for Android and Chrome Beta applications for Android received updates yesterday. The updates aren’t completely major by any means, but the stable version of Chrome did receive some much needed Kit Kat support. Once updated, the mobile browser is compatible with printing right from your device, thanks to Android 4.4’s built-in cloud printing function. 

In addition, Google has enhanced the autofill feature in Chrome, which allows mobile shoppers to checkout even faster than before. Google also performed a long list of stability, performance, and security tweaks to make the app run more efficiently.

Chrome for Android:

  • Printing from Chrome on Android Kit Kat devices
  • Enhanced autofill for a faster checkout experience on sites supporting requestAutocomplete. Try it on betabrand.com/#rac
  • Stability, performance, and security updates

As for the Chrome Beta app, the changelog is mostly big fixes and other miscellaneous tweaks to increase performance. Nothing too special to note.

Go grab the updates from Google Play.

Play Links: Chrome | Chrome Beta

Via: Google [2]

  • nailbomb3

    Anyone have the apk for 31 stable? Can’t seem to pull it

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    Still waiting for someone to do something about the quick controls. It’s the only reason I’m still using the AOSP browser. That, and flash.

    • Gamblor77

      I am using the stock Galaxy Note 3 browser because Chrome always black screens on me. But quick controls on ANY browser would make my life 10x easier. My Galaxy S3 had quick controls and gesture zoom (thumb only) built into Google labs and now that it’s missing I’m going insane!!! Of all phones, I would expect the Note 3 to keep something like this to make it easier to navigate. Such a shame. Get it together Google or Samsung or any damn company that could include this!!!

  • Steve Swall

    Has Samsung announced when any of their devices will receive 4.4?

  • bozzykid

    Chrome 30 for Android supported printing in KitKat. I think Google made a mistake when they listed that for 31.

  • Ryuuie

    Um, what? There IS something special.

    The Chrome for Android app now has the ability to have websites as mini apps like the Beta did.

    The Chrome Beta for Android app no longer has this ability for whatever reason.

    • gtg465x

      This may spell the end of the Facebook app on my phone. No more background processes constantly running even though I have notifications and background updates turned off within the app.

      • Kieron Quinn

        I’m using Klyph as an alternative. Hate the FB app also

  • Qbancelli

    They both suk.
    Worst Google app ever!

    • j

      AOSP browser is much smoother and better performing on my GNex at least, and quick controls are grea. Chrome is slow, but I do like the fact that it syncs with my desktop.

      • morgan boyle

        dude, i use it on Gnex too, but only cause i use a 2+ year old phone. Chrome is far better on a modern phone.

        • Tim242

          It is slow as f**k on any phone

          • Booyah

            Not the Moto X. Chrome flies on my phone.

      • Eric R.

        I like the visual appearance of Chrome, but I had to delete it on my DNA because it drains the battery. I installed Next Browser, because it looks very similar and the HTC stock browser crashes all the time.

      • Bryan

        I had to stop using Chrome and use the stock browser on my razr maxx. Now that I upgraded to the Moto X, chrome runs really well. I’m not sure why it runs so much better on some devices and slow on others.

    • markgbe

      eww, aosp browser is so gross…… what is this, 2005?

      • Tim242

        You’re joking, right? It is much smoother than the mess that is Chrome.

        • pookietookie

          Agreed. I have to use my Gnex for another few weeks until my contract runs out. Chrome is mostly unusable on that. On my Nexus 5, it flies.

        • GentlemanScholar

          I have a GNex, Moto X and Nexus 5 and Chrome on the Moto X and Nexus 5 is definitely faster than the AOSP browser on the GNex. I’ve done direct side-by-side comparisons with all three. Is Chrome slow on your Note 3?

          • Tim242

            You’re comparing it to the Gnex, that’s not a fair comparison. I had to sideload the AOSP browser, as the Samsung and Chrome browsers left a lot to be desired.

          • GentlemanScholar

            Chrome is fast on the N5 and Moto X. I don’t have the AOSP browser on either of these phones, however. What phone are you running the AOSP browser on? I assume you’ve compared it to Chrome on whatever phone you’re running. Since Chrome is quite fast on the N5 and Moto X, I’m not sure that it could be significantly faster.

    • Tim242
      • Qbancelli

        Good looking!
        Working perfect, thanks.

      • mcilloni

        The AOSP browser is not updated anymore, and uses an obsolete versione of WebKit. Also on kitkat is chromium too lol

        • Tim242

          Even not being updated, it still runs much smoother and uses half the battery of Chrome.

          • mcilloni

            Because it is OLD? It’s like saying Windows xp on an Haswell processor is faster than 8.1 or that IE6 is lighter than 11.

            Also KitKat will definitely change its renderer with chromium, making using it instead of chrome pointless

          • Tim242

            Old? It is not missing a single feature that Chrome has. OEM’s still base their browsers off of it. You are just a silly fanboy.

          • mcilloni

            No, actually I am a firefox user and an engineer, and you are mistaking the features and the technology behind them. Stock browser on android <4.4 is still locked to an old WebKit version, is not updated via Play store for new engine releases and bugfixing.
            So I'm glad the old WebKit webView is dead and that Google has promised to find a way to bring it to play for keeping it updated

            Also please, don't compare it with the OEMS one, because a. OEMS (Samsung first) are awful with software and their choices have been repeatedly shown as bad and b. OEMs browser is not based on stock, stock,dolphin, uc, OEM browser are only skins for android WebView. Chrome and Firefox ships their own HTML layout engine and JS interpreter with them, so are true browsers on par with desktop ones.

          • Tim242

            I’m aware of everything you said. Those like Chrome and Firefox are resource hogs, laggy, and battery hogs.

          • mcilloni

            Not on high end devices and not on KitKat. Also get ready because new low end devices will ship in the future with KitKat and it’s chrome skinned webview. And I seriously doubt that Google hasn’t optimised it for the task KitKat has been made to do, that is killing Gingerbread.

    • mcilloni

      AOSP Browser is dead. WebKit and google have definitey broken and in kitkat webview is Also chromium so dolphin and all the rest are chrome too. Chrome since 26 or something is not bad anymore, on nexus 7 and 4 its good and fast. Really fast.

  • Travis

    Will we ever be able to Chromecast from the android app?

    • markgbe

      sure hope so, i would love this.

    • nexusplay

      I can’t turn on the data compression feature, it used to be there for me and now it isn’t. Is it there for you guys? How can I turn it on in the stable build?

    • Dan-O


      And one button access to bookmarks

      • h_f_m

        I keep all my bookmarks in the “Desktop” area so I can share them between my desktop and devices.. I find it annoying that the phone always makes me dive into the desktop section. I wish I could just delete the mobile and other stuff and have it default to the desktop.

        • coh303


  • jeff manning

    Still sucks

  • Adam Truelove

    Still waiting for the “significantly improves performance on devices with 1 GB of RAM or lower”. I don’t it will ever happen.

    • d-rock

      I think that’s going to end up being ART that does that for you in Kit Kat 😀

      • Flat_Stanley

        I never saw any source info for this, but I keep seeing people mention that Chrome is already built this way, using compiled native code.

        • mcilloni

          Yes, chrome is written in C++ on the same codebase of the desktop one. I don’t think ART will do anything exceptional on it.